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Page added on November 21, 2020

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The harm caused by the climate crisis has become undeniable – and terrifying. The floods, storms and raging fires, and the death and displacement they bring, have contributed to a global upwelling of concern and demands on governments to take action. But this has led to new behaviour by the fossil fuels lobby that will undermine efforts to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown if not rigorously challenged.

When people experience the frightening reality of a warming world, they are resistant to Big Oil’s previous tactics of denying that climate change is happening or pretending its impacts will be negligible. But rather than shift their huge investment power to renewable energy and take the financial hit from admitting that the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves are unburnable, companies such as Shell and BP have adopted a different approach: greenwashing. In efforts to continue with business-as-usual operations and keep on drilling and mining, fossil fuel companies are ramping up their use of public relations to paint a green veneer over their destructive practices. They try to portray themselves as caring, responsible corporate citizens, while continuing to mine, drill, burn and spill.

Ramped-up rhetoric

If someone is making money from oil, coal or gas but tries to persuade us that they are on our side on the climate crisis, and they’ve got a way to tackle it without stopping burning fossil fuels – that is greenwash. From fossil fuels industry get-togethers to oil company reports, the industry is ramping up its rhetoric about being part of the solution. ‘International Petroleum Week’ earlier this year portrayed itself as ‘Delivering a low-carbon future’, while the ‘Oil and Money’ conference in 2019 claimed to offer ‘Strategies for the energy transition’.

Of course, if the oil industry was putting its huge resources into the transition away from high-carbon energy that would be welcome, but that’s not what’s happening. While oil majors demand credit for plans to rein in some of their more grotesquely polluting and carbon intensive practices, such as failing to deal with methane leaks, they refuse to take the essential steps of stopping exploration for new reserves of fossil fuels and rapidly ending extraction.

Shell, whose 2019 annual report was unashamedly titled ‘Energy for a better future’, proposes to reduce emissions from its products by just 65 per cent by 2050, while BP, despite all the publicity around its support for net-zero by 2050, will commit to only a 50 per cent reduction. The reason Big Oil expects its emissions to remain so high, of course, is that it has no plans to stop selling fossil fuels and is instead leveraging net-zero targets as a smokescreen. It hopes to retain its social licence by paying lip service to tackling climate change, while continuing to profit from causing the crisis.

Another key tactic is to try to persuade regulators and the public that continued fossil fuel burning is acceptable due to technological advancements that can remove emissions from the atmosphere, whether via carbon capture and storage (CCS) or using ‘negative emissions technologies’ such as direct air capture. However, capturing CO2 from the air is hugely expensive and unproven at scale. Using CCS on fossil fuels, especially given the availability of cleaner, cheaper alternatives, doesn’t make sense on climate or economic grounds.

Dangerously deceptive

As clean, renewable energy sources plummet in price, and the impacts of climate change escalate, it’s clear that fossil fuels’ days are numbered. Greenwashing can’t change this, but it can buy more time for profiteering by Big Oil. By claiming to be part of the solution, fossil fuel companies hope both to delay the stringent emissions limits that would send their value crashing down and dodge the public anger that is rightly directed at them for decades of deceit and delay.

Greenwashing aims not only to position destructive extraction as climate-friendly, but to maintain fossil fuel companies’ social licence to operate. Public relations teams produce slick messaging for traditional media, along with targeted social media content that allows major polluters to push their deceptive attempts to shape the climate narrative to huge audiences. Research by InfluenceMap uncovered tens of millions spent on social media advertising by the five largest publicly-traded fossil fuel corporations (ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP and Total). But these five oil companies’ investment choices show where their priorities really lie: their most recent forecast capital spending was $110 billion on oil and gas, and just $3.6 billion on lower-carbon projects.

By co-opting the language of climate action to provide a smokescreen for continuing fossil-fuelled profits, the industry hopes to create confusion about what climate-friendly policies actually look like, which it can use to delay decarbonisation. But Big Oil’s strategy to protect profits is costing the lives of people and the safety of communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis

Not falling for the spin

Fossil fuel companies are wealthy and hold political power via well resourced lobbying networks, but they also depend on their social licence to operate. It’s no coincidence that their splurging on greenwash in recent years follows a huge surge in climate activism and new climate commitments from governments.

But the climate movement isn’t falling for the spin, with escalating protests at oil industry events and oil-sponsored spaces. This has led to cultural institutions, including the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Galleries Scotland, cutting sponsorship ties with BP. There has also been a crucial pushback against misleading advertising in which oil majors imply that they are renewables companies, with BP forced to pull an ad campaign following a legal complaint by activist lawyers Client Earth. It’s also important to show public support for the clean, cheap renewable energy sources that are already up and running, and which disprove the claims from Big Oil that we can’t manage without their polluting products.

But most of all, we need to remember what the industry’s greenwash attempts to hide: its business causes a huge burden of human suffering, which falls most heavily on those who are already disadvantaged. Cleaner, cheaper alternatives are not only already available but rapidly dropping in price. With the world waking up to the urgent need for climate action, and fossil fuels unable to compete on safety, efficiency or cost, greenwashing is the only sales strategy left.

Alethea Warrington is a campaigner with the climate action charity Possible

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36 Comments on "Greenwash"

  1. Gaia on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 6:41 pm 

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  2. Gaia on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 6:42 pm 

    plastics are the worst form of pollution.

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  4. Gaia on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 6:54 pm 

    JuanP is a prick

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  6. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:10 pm 

    “Trump overwhelmingly carried non-college-educated white voters (67 percent). The New York Times observed: “Statistically, whether or not American voters had college degrees was by far the most significant predictor of where the 2020 tide of additional turnout was highest, and who won it. This metric is a stand-in for socioeconomic status — closely following patterns of higher income. ”

    White and clueless is not an excuse.
    You can’t be that stupid– raciest and stupid?

  7. JuanP on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:18 pm 

    If I were a Democrat I would be completely ashamed!

    BREAKING Video: Young Internet Sleuth Reveals Evidence Showing Over 23K PA Ballots Were Filled Out and Returned Before They Were Ever Mailed To Voters (and MORE)

    “On November 11, Petr Svab of the Epoch Times wrote about the improbability of more than 10,000 ballots being returned in the state of Pennsylvania on a date that precedes the date they were sent. The article, as one would expect, was completely ignored by the Democratic Party mainstream media. From 100 Percent Fed Up – Here’s something else that didn’t receive any traction in the media, the investigative work of a young citizen journalist, known as “Greg On The Right,” may have provided the single biggest piece of evidence to date that Pennsylvania’s elections were anything but free and fair. In a 3-part video series, the young man, known as “Greg on The Right,” first posted his explosive video from the website on Tik Tok, where curiously, it was removed. Greg promptly posted his video to Twitter, where he has a little over 5.6K followers. In his first of a 3-part series of videos, Greg explains that he could only review about one-third of the data set related to the mail-in ballots on the website. The following information’s straight from the website and has almost 3.1 million entries. I exported all that information into an Excel sheet, but I was cut off at about 1 million rows, so keep in mind, we’re working with one-third of the whole data set. So, the first thing I did was to create a column to see if any ballots were mailed out by the government the same day that they were received, filled out, through the mail, by the voter. It turns out, about 11,000 were filled out by the voter and returned back to the government the same day the government mailed them out to the voter. I then created a column to see if there and there were any applications that were approved by the government, mailed out by the government, received by the voter, and then filled out by the voter and mailed back to the government on the same day. And there were 8,205 cases of that. And lastly, I created a column to see if there were any ballots that were received through the mail, filled out before they were even mailed out and received by the government. There were 7,403 cases of that. Greg explains: “This data comes straight from,” Greg explains. On this page, we have the total amount of ballots that the Pennsylvania government sent out through the mail. Here on the left, we have the year the voter was born, the county name that they reside in, their registered party, the congressional district, and the application type. This page shows the amount of ballots that were mailed out by the Pennsylvania government but were never returned. This page shows the amount of ballots that were mailed out by the government and received and filled out by the voter on the same day. This page shows the amount of mail-in ballots that were approved, mailed out and received, and filled by the voter on the same day. This page shows the amount that were returned and filled out by the voter before they were even mailed out! And lastly, this page shows the amount of mail-in ballots that were returned by the voter, but never mailed out to the voter! In this video, Greg gives viewers an up-close and easy to understand example of how in what can only be described as “impossible,” a ballot was mailed out by a voter two days before the PA government ever mailed the ballot out. On the same day that Greg posted his videos to Twitter, he received a message from the Knox Tea Party informing him that the dataset from the November 2020 election has been removed from the PA government website. According to Greg, who spoke to 100 Percent Fed Up today, the data appears to have been moved, and the state of PA requires anyone who wants to see the data, to pay $20 for the privilege. We cannot confirm if the data on the website has been amended since Greg first videotaped his findings or if the dataset he’s provided remains the same.”

  8. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:27 pm 

    Biden’s popular vote lead over Trump stretches to more than 6m
    (President-elect currently has 79,823,827 votes as he continues to rack up the highest number of votes in US history)

    He los the first election by 2.9 million votes, but this is ridiculous.

  9. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:44 pm 

    It don’t matter.

    The so called ‘climate movement’ is a fucking joke along with the cunt ‘environmental movement’ that spawned it.

    Biggest failed social movement in history.

    It is interesting in one regard & that’s the denial that’s been generated from both ends of the monkey political spectrum.

    Consevatards have lived in rage & fear for 32 years – “OMG!!they coming to steal our fossil fuel freedumb”. The climate movement did not stop even 1 fucking barrel of oil from being extracted, refined & consumed. The data, extraction & emissions, is crystal clear on that, yet millions of retard conservatives got whipped into a frenzy, year after year by the likes of Limbaugh. Y’all got worked up over NOTHING & looked dumber.

    On the flip side you get ever more hypocritical blame & denial from libtards – denying that they have not changed. If tens of millions of climate movement warriors had cut their energy/consumption by a modest 20% it would have stuck out like a sore thumb in that 32 years of data, extraction & emissions, but the opposite happened every fucking year – MOAR. Almost none of these talkers have walked the walk.

    Again, I’m the only one telling the truth.

    Truth is y’all is fucked fucked fucked.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:53 pm 

    Bubbling methane craters and super seeps – is this the worrying new face of the undersea Arctic?

    Bubbling methane craters and super seeps – is this the worrying new face of the undersea Arctic?
    By Valeria Sukhova, Olga Gertcyk
    19 November 2020

    Video and pictures from latest research mission show gas release in the Laptev and the East Siberian seas.

    A team of 69 scientists from ten countries documented bubble clouds rising from a depth of around 300 metres (985ft) along a 150km (93 mile) undersea slope in the Laptev Sea, and confirmed high methane concentrations by hundreds of onboard chemical analysis. Picture: TPU

    Scientists have shared the first results of a trip to the world’s largest deposit of subsea permafrost and shallow methane hydrates.

    Fields of methane discharge continue to grow all along the East Siberian Arctic Ocean Shelf, with concentration of atmospheric methane above the fields reaching 16-32ppm (parts per million).

    This is up to 15 times above the planetary average of 1.85ppm.

    The preliminary results are from this year’s only international scientific expedition to the eastern Arctic.

    Methane bubbling in the Eastern Arctic, video from this autumn international expedition to the Laptev and to the East Siberian Sea

    A team of 69 scientists from ten countries documented bubble clouds rising from a depth of around 300 metres (985ft) along a 150km (93 mile) undersea slope in the Laptev Sea, and confirmed high methane concentrations by hundreds of onboard chemical analysis.

    A second discovery is pockmarks and craters sunk deep in shelf sediments of both the Laptev and East Siberian seas, actively venting bubbles and strong methane signals.

    ‘All previously discovered fields of methane discharge showed an increase to various degrees, now we need to figure out exactly how much they grew,’ said the head of the expedition Professor Igor Semiletov.

    ‘One of the new discoveries was a field of sea bottom craters in the shallow part of the Laptev Sea, some of them 30 metres (98 ft) in diameter.

    ‘They look like holes in the permafrost and, as our studies showed, they were formed by massive methane discharge.

    ‘Also two more powerful seeps emitting methane through iceberg furrows were discovered in the East Siberian Sea.

  11. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 7:56 pm 

    “The fact that millions of people share the same vices does not make these vices virtues, the fact that they share so many errors does not make the errors to be truths, and the fact that millions of people share the same forms of mental pathology does not make these people sane.”


  12. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 8:27 pm 

    Greenland’s largest glaciers nearing rates of melt expected in ‘worst-case scenario’

    Greenland’s three biggest glaciers added the equivalent of around 8mm to global sea levels from 1880 to 2012, study says

    “The Greenland ice sheet is a mass of frozen freshwater sitting on the island of Greenland that is around 1.7m square kilometres in size. This is about three times the size of Texas.

    As a result of climbing air and ocean temperatures, the ice sheet is losing mass each year. The loss of mass from Greenland’s glaciers is, in turn, causing sea levels to rise.”

  13. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 8:30 pm 

    Wildfires – The Arctic Amplification Feedback Cycle

    “While climate change is increasing the ground temperature in Arctic regions and contributing to the frequency of wildfires, the damage caused by wildfires may in turn cause compounding effects that will continue to drive climate change. As Arctic forests and soils succumb to wildfires, the carbon sequestered within them is released into the atmosphere, contributing to increased atmospheric carbon and an increased greenhouse effect. Additionally, if trees are killed or altered due to a wildfire event, photosynthetic activity may decrease. This change in plant life may hinder the carbon sequestering capability of the land for years following a fire event, leading to less atmospheric carbon being absorbed into the land. High concentrations of carbon in the atmosphere are known to trap heat and be a strong driver of climate change, which will only contribute to further wildfires.”

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  15. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 8:59 pm 

    JuanP – “If I were a Democrat I would be completely ashamed!”

    Is it a habit of yours to be ashamed for others behaviour simply because you share some abstract/fictional tribal affiliation?

    Habit’s the wrong word – mindless slave is more like it.

    Do you need group approval for all your emotions or is it just shame?

    What happens if you get a boner without prior approval? Will the herd leader tell you to beat it?

  16. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 9:11 pm 

    The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

    Big Green
    From SourceWatch
    Jump to: navigation, search

    Big Green and other monikers such as ‘The Group of Ten’ and ‘Gang Green’ are terms that have been used often critically to describe the biggest environmental organizations in the United States. These are heavily-staffed, well-funded non-profit corporations each with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars a year, offices in Washington, DC and other major cities, highly paid executive directors, and a staff of lobbyists, analysts and marketers. Big Green environmental groups together raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year, most of it contributed by non-profit foundations and individual donors. Many of the Big Green groups partner with corporations and have representatives of major corporations on their boards of directors. With the exception of the Sierra Club, these groups have no meaningful accountability to the thousands of individual small donors who constitute their marketing lists and who are labeled ‘members.’

    Environmental activists and authors including Sharon Beder [1] Mark Dowie [2], Michael Dreiling, Christine MacDonald, Peter Montague [3], Brian Tokar [4], John Stauber and others whose articles and interviews are listed below have for decades criticized Big Green for soaking up the majority of the hundreds of millions of US dollars raised and spent each year on environmental activism, education and lobbying; raised for often abandoning or undercutting grassroots environmental struggles for fundamental change; and for often selling out the environment and the grassroots movement through business partnerships and agreements with compromising politicians.

    Corporate PR experts such as Peter Sandman, Ron Duchin of the Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin firm and E. Bruce Harrison have over the decades advised their clients on ways to divide and conquer environmental activists by finding common ground with business-oriented Big Green groups

    Author and activist Jeffrey St. Clair of CounterPunch is one of Big Green’s leading critics. In 2007 he wrote, “The Group of Ten (aka: Gang Green) now manifest all the intensity of an insurance cartel… National environmental policies are now engineered by an Axis of Acronyms: EDF, NRDC, WWF: groups without voting memberships and little responsibility to the wider environmental movement. They are the undisputed mandarins of technotalk and lobbyist logic, who gave us the ecological oxymorons of our time: ‘pollution credits,’ ‘re-created wetlands,’ ‘sustainable development.’ In their relativistic milieu, everything can be traded off or dealt away. For them, the tag-end remains of the native ecosystems on our public lands are endlessly divisible and every loss can be recast as a hard-won victory in the advertising copy of their fundraising propaganda.” [5]

  17. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 9:27 pm 

    The gatekeepers job is to whisper sweet nothings in your ear while power continues to fuck you & yours. You & yours don’t count.
    You & yours have already been sacrificed on the alter of profit.

    “The upcoming 26th COP (Conference of the Parties) to be held November 2021 in Glasgow is on the docket for scientists and bureaucrats, as well as big moneyed interests, to knock heads in a formal setting to discuss the state of the planet. If all goes according to plan, like past COPs, powerful economic interests will sabotage what would otherwise be a rather dim forecast of a planet in various stages of collapse, some terminal.

    We’ve seen this act (COP) repeat over and over, ever since COP1 in Berlin in 1995, as each successive COP-ending-ceremony finds the Parties congratulating each other, slaps on the back, for one more successful climate conference of 20,000-30,000 able-bodied professionals wiped-out from overconsumption of Beluga caviar and Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, but subsequently carbon emissions increase the following year, and every following year thereafter. What’s to congratulate?

    More to the point, the annualized CO2 emissions rate is +60% since COP1, not decreasing, not going down, not once. After 25 years of the same identical pattern, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the take-home-work from all 25 COPs mysteriously turns into the antithesis of the mission statement of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

    There is no plan B. There never was. Musical chairs to your bitter end.

    Billionaire apocalypse bunkers

  18. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 9:31 pm 

    “There has been a news report from climate scientists working in the Arctic right now, about their observation of the release of methane gas from frozen deposits on the sea floor. That is a process which, if confirmed as true, is likely to continue and worsen, and lead to rapid heating of the atmosphere at rates not seen since pre-historic mass extinction events. Which, if confirmed as true, means the collapse of societies will occur sooner and harsher than I, and many others, have anticipated. It would also mean we might be struggling to survive as a species in the decades ahead.

    Truly, this is a harrowing situation and piece of news. If true, it means we could reconsider everything in our lives, like some people do when they receive a terminal diagnosis. If not necessarily true, or not necessarily as bad as some scientists conclude, it nevertheless means we can consider what if it is true, a bit like when people are awaiting results from a scan or biopsy. “

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 9:33 pm 

    Earth barreling toward ‘Hothouse’ state not seen in 50 million years, epic new climate record shows

    By Brandon Specktor – Senior Writer September 10, 2020

    Record goes back to the dinosaur extinction.

  20. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 11:05 pm 

    Arctic Sea Ice Volume/Thickness – Animations

  21. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 21st Nov 2020 11:31 pm 

    Fuck all the environmentalists & solutions (false) types.

    Fuck their scapegoating.

    Fuck their moralizing & guilt tripping.

    Fuck their ‘it’s not too late’ lies (it’s too late).

    Fuck anyone who says it could have been different – only the timing & only by accident.

    Fuck those who say ‘nature bats last’ then try & guilt parents for making babies – the ultimate in nature batting last. Human population = 7,827,080,300. Nature laughs in their puny faces.

    Fuck climate deniers – not their fault. I just hate em, so fuck em!

  22. YouDeserveItRetard on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 2:17 am 

    Listen to this fucking retard for UN.

    G20, all fucking loser that have no clue what is going on. What are about to lose the supply chain, potable water, electrical grid, and this is what going on at G20. I cannot care anymore about anything. I want to see everything burn down.

  23. YouDeserverItUglyCunt on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 2:47 am 

    Listen to the worthless stinky cunt. Carbon neutral by 2050. Stupid ugly garbage whore, we are going to dead by the end of 2022.

    I did the right thnig by sitting on my ass and keeping my ideas for myself. We need to let everything burn to ground and let people kill politicians and bitch like her. There is way too much stupid people for me.

    Jump to 7:50 for 2050 carbon neutral

  24. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 3:02 am 

    “The so called ‘climate movement’ is a fucking joke along with the cunt ‘environmental movement’ that spawned it.”

    No worries, the way US society is “developing”, soon very little fossil fuel will be burned.

  25. VousMeritezDeMourirMesTabarncles on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 3:53 am 

    Ostie que je ne suis plus capable de les entendre parler, ces osties de tabarnacles d’élites à merder, câlisse que je ne suis plus capable, vous méritez de mourir mes tabarnacles de câlisse:

  26. Davy on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 7:01 am 

    You’re a fucking joke too nedernazi, along with the cunt ‘Juanppeee’, that spawned you stupid fuck faces.

  27. zero juan on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 7:31 am 

    LMFAO, flushed a troll. I love when the Ppeee shows his cards. He is such a dumbfuck

    Davy said You’re a fucking joke too nedernazi, along w…

  28. cloggies ladder on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 7:40 am 

    “European Leader Predicts COVID Hell Will Trigger Monumental “Populist”
    Summit dot com

    Finland’s leftist Prime Minister Sanna Marin has warned that lockdowns and other restrictive COVID measures will trigger a huge ‘populist backlash’ against governments and politicians in Europe. Speaking with the Financial Times, Marin predicted that draconian restrictions “will cause protests more and more, and it’s a breeding ground for populist movements across Europe.” “When you’re closing an economy and people’s workplaces, it will cause political instability. Populists come with easy answers to difficult problems, but their solutions are rarely the right ones,” she added. The Prime Minister’s solution? Globalist integration, obviously. Marin wants a EU wide coordinated strategy to deal with the pandemic, touting her country’s own ‘robust test and trace regime,’ which has seen over half the population submit to a tracking app, as well as ‘targeted restrictions,’ such as quarantining and testing almost all people coming into the country from Europe. The Prime Minister, who is yet to face second wave of the virus in her country, touted increased testing, contact tracing, and joint EU rules on travelling. Marin argued that the EU must make a “conscious decision that we want to get the virus under control. I haven’t seen the decision made together that we want to suppress the virus as much as possible.” “The situation will get even more difficult if we don’t implement a common strategy together,” Marin added. “I think that the situation might get even worse and people might get even more tired. The situation has got worse in the autumn. People often want to find someone to blame and often the easiest ones to blame are the governments and politicians,” Marin said, predicting more uprising in response to restrictions. Anti-lockdown protests are already raging across Europe, with angry citizens taking to the streets in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and beyond: According to reliable sources, elements of Antifa rushed to the scene of the Anti-New Normal Totalitarianism protest in Berlin today, hoping to hold the “Corona Deniers” down, so that the cops could hose them real good, but they were just a little too late. — Consent Factory “Thanks for the picture Majd Abboud, not hundreds, not thousand, but ten’s of thousands protested in Berlin today and it’s only the beginning of something big… — vanessa beeley November 19, 2020 Berlin, Berlin, das wird Folgen haben… November 18, 2020 Protesters across France took to the streets after a law called the Global Security Bill was passed, which outlawed taking photos of police that could be used to expose an officer’s identity. — November 19, 2020 BOLOGNA, ITALY: The conscience of a country’s population standing against their politicians speaks through this woman who says her life has been destroyed by lockdowns & has nothing to eat or to feed her 3 year old child — Robin Monotti Graziade October 29, 2020 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA: Anti-Covid restrictions & anti-government protests despite a ban on public gatherings, on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution of 1989 & the student demonstration against Nazi occupation of 1939: — Robin Monotti Graziadei November 18, 2020 DENMARK: 9 days of protests over a new law that “would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated. People who refuse the above can be coerced through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist.”— Robin Monotti Graziadei November 14, 2020

  29. YouCanAllDieStupidPoliticians on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 10:01 am 

    FUcking shit brown diversity, fucking useless locusts. They are in every Whites nations polluting Whites nation with their ugliness.
    So fed up having to look at them and live with them . Another example from UK, this pathetic short man with narrow shoulder is not a man, it is manlet with feminine body language manners. So fed up with that shit also, I am so fed and with these feminine man. I present you this really masculine man (it is a sarcasm) Rishi Sunak.

    COVID-19: Chancellor says there will be no return to austerity

    This is a masculine man, the old man:

  30. TheSolutionIsObvious on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 10:38 am 

    Just fucking kill the migrants, It will never stop otherwise. I think it obvious no,

    Spain: Canary Islanders express concern over govt handling of migrant surge

  31. HaveItYourWayFucktard on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 11:28 am 

    Another piece of shit feminine man. No real man with a normal testosterone level fuck a 65 old grand mama.

    Another example, MarCONroni, this pathetic short man with narrow shoulder is not a man, it is manlet with feminine body language and manners. So fed up with that shit also, I am so fed and with these feminine man.

    France: Macron calls on G20 to guarantee “universal access” to COVID vaccine

  32. zero juan on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 11:54 am 

    JuanP bullshit:

    HaveItYourWayFucktard said Another piece of shit feminine man. No real man wi…

    Davy said If were gonna do that Board, we’re gonna nee…

    TheSolutionIsObvious said Just fucking kill the migrants, It will never stop…

    Board moderator said It’s critical we start cooking the Zionist J…

    Code Orange! Covid 20 sharts! said I have been sharting with covid since dawn! My god…

    Supertard el Greco said Supertard has the sharts!

  33. The REAL zero juan on Sun, 22nd Nov 2020 12:28 pm 

    Quit stealing my ID Davy.


  34. WomemAreStupidChildenLookAtFreeland on Mon, 23rd Nov 2020 11:46 am 

    Hello starvinglion. I made a bunch of comments on the weekend on this page.

  35. Nothingness on Mon, 23rd Nov 2020 6:10 pm 

    Ignorance is bliss.

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