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Page added on January 31, 2014

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Fusion: Update on the International ITER Project

According to Brig. General Stephen Cheney, CEO of the American Security Project, “The science is proven, the engineering is not.”

That is how Wednesday, January 29, 2014’s ASP hosted event “Fusion: Update on the International ITER Project” was introduced. ITER is an international fusion research and engineering project which combines the resources and intellect of China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, United States, and the European Union. Fusion is the process that powers the Sun and allows for all life to exist. Scientists are currently seeking to harvest this incredible power according to the presentation by Dr. Ned Sauthoff.

Dr. Sauthoff, US ITER Project Director, gave an overview of the process of nuclear fusion, the history of man’s quest to exploit nuclear physics, and detailed ITER’s current project and construction of a test reactor in Cadarache, France.

He began the presentation with the sun, the source of inspiration for nuclear fusion. The sun is rich with hydrogen, including deuterium and tritium isotopes, the fuel for fission. It has a large quantity of energy, which is necessary for fusion to overcome natural repelling forces between hydrogen atoms. The sun also has a very strong gravitational field, which prevent the matter and reactants from escaping a contained area and allows for the energy produced from one reaction to power more perpetually. It is this last aspect, confining the products and preventing energy from radiating away as waste, which has perplexed scientists. ITER hopes to solve this problem through a tokamak, a device which creates a super strong magnetic field, replicating how matter is restrained by the sun’s gravity.

Magnetic confinement fusion has not yet reached breakeven point (that is, producing more energy than it uses). Fusion would have exceeded the breakeven point already, according to Dr. Sauthoff, if not for the lack of funding during the 1990s.


The Central Solenoid, the machinery which creates magnetic field. Photo courtesy of


The Cooling Water System. Photo courtesy of

When fully developed, ITER expects to create 500 megawatts of energy from fusion energy, ten times the amount of the 50 megawatts needed to initiate fusion, and many times more efficient than other energy sources.

Dr. Sauthoff emphasized that fusion is a clean power source and does not produce radioactive waste nor can a fusion reactor “meltdown,” two of the biggest drawbacks often associated with nuclear power. In addition, it requires relatively little sources of fuel: “Whereas you have a hundred coal train cars pull up to a power plant every day, with fusion, you would need only two pounds of fuel to create the same amount of energy.”

The United States’ two biggest contributions to the ITER project are the Central Solenoid, a gigantic magnet that will control the plasma in the reactor, and the Cooling Water System which will cool the immense temperatures reached inside the reactor before it can affect external instruments. Additionally, the United States is contributing to the diagnostics system, because the US is a leader in controlling, measuring, and researching plasma.

Diplomatic representatives in attendance from the EU, Japan, China, India, and France expressed their country’s continued commitment and dedication to the project.

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15 Comments on "Fusion: Update on the International ITER Project"

  1. meld on Fri, 31st Jan 2014 12:22 pm 

    What a giggle

  2. Makati1 on Fri, 31st Jan 2014 1:14 pm 

    Pure fantasy!

  3. J-Gav on Fri, 31st Jan 2014 3:47 pm 

    Brain-cell meltdown.

  4. Northwest Resident on Fri, 31st Jan 2014 5:34 pm 

    meld — Makati1 — J-Gav: It looks like you guys just refuse to accept the reality that an advanced space alien civilization has come to our rescue, and are currently teaching our top scientists how to develop and harness fusion energy. How could you possibly be so naïve?

  5. Bob Owens on Sat, 1st Feb 2014 1:12 am 

    We would be producing power now from Fusion if only we had more funding!

  6. DC on Sat, 1st Feb 2014 4:17 am 

    Are people *still* repeating this shit like this?

    Q/Dr. Sauthoff emphasized that fusion is a clean power source and does not produce radioactive waste nor can a fusion reactor “meltdown,” two of the biggest drawbacks often associated with nuclear power. In addition, it requires relatively little sources of fuel:

    What is this guy a doctor of? Phrenology? Fusion power would produce plenty of radioactive waste. In fact, Fusion waste would still be lethal for ‘only’ 10-20,000 years or so.Also, fusion requires plenty of fuel, perhaps not the same outrageous tonnages as fission does, but the energy, effort, time and money required to process feedstocks into fuel that a fusion power could actually utilize-would hardly be trivial either.

    If fusion ever became ‘doable’ it would likely require a fission nuclear station,(or two) just to kickstart a fusion reaction, is my guess.

    That website is another US militarist global nonthinking tank. Hardly a source anyone should pay any attention to.

  7. Arthur on Sat, 1st Feb 2014 9:27 am 

    According to Brig. General Stephen Cheney, CEO of the American Security Project, “The science is proven, the engineering is not.”

    Indeed, the sun is living proof that fusion works. And I would not exclude that in some remote future it could work on earth. But we are running out of time and can’t bet the continuation of our civilization on a technology that does not exist. Meanwhile this is now reality in many Bavarian towns…

    … no longer just in Wilpoldsried. This DOES work and if it works in Bavaria, it can work in any western town and later elsewhere. Scarce resources should channeled to this. Fusion had it’s chance for 60 years and blew it. Cut the crap.

  8. GregT on Sat, 1st Feb 2014 6:16 pm 

    I think people are somewhat missing the point here. Even if it were possible, what would fusion do to solve our current dilemmas? Overpopulation, resource depletion, food and water crises, species extinction, etc., all would be exacerbated by any attempts at further continuation of BAU. We need more energy sources like we need cancer.

  9. John N on Mon, 3rd Feb 2014 10:41 pm 

    Cheap power can do anything. Once you can power separation of seawater to potable, you can feed billions easily.

    You can also power manufacturing and recycling cheaply, and supply anything at all.

    This is called post-scarcity, and is the promise of fusion power.

    As for the “we could have had fusion 20 years ago” comment, yes that’s fantasy. But the reality is that we spend internationally less than $5 billion a year on fusion research. Compare that with drilling budgets from Exxon /Mobil, etc.

  10. PirateRo on Tue, 4th Feb 2014 4:32 pm 

    These are seriously poor attempts to social engineering.

    The fact is we need more and BETTER sources of power aside from fossil. What you see here are attempts to stem the progress of man for purposes of turning cheap coin.

    The fact is energy is entirely too important and fundamental a market to allow profit-taking like before. It needs to be produced so cheaply it is not worth monitoring. We need vast new fields of fusion reactors producing gigawatts of power for everyone so that we can get on with the business of living our lives instead of simply being a cog in someone else’s machine.

    Onward and upwards.

  11. Donald Jasby on Fri, 7th Feb 2014 12:31 am 

    Solar fusion and manmade fusion are different animals.

    Solar fusion uses the proton-proton reaction and produces harmless deuterium (and energy that emerges from the sun mainly as electromagnetic including visible light).

    Manmade fusion uses the deuterium-tritium reaction and produces mainly high-energy neutrons. These neutrons gradually destroy the containment structure while creating masses of radioactive material.

    If you really want fusion-based electricity, go to the nearest Home Depot and pay $500 for solar panels and an inverter that you can set up in your backyard. That’s as close as anybody will ever come.

  12. save the future of mankind now! on Sun, 9th Feb 2014 6:38 am 

    It’s sound lunatic a few years back that the atmosphere is changing because of the burning of fossil fuel, this is the only available technology to replace fossil fuels that poisoned our air in a massive scale, so please the make the engineering of this science a reality. So that polluting smoke stacks of power plants, refineries and nuclear meltdown and global warming a thing of the past.

  13. afshar badrloo on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 9:12 am 


  14. Stan Sandu on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 1:27 am 

    Stan Sandu
    The FIRST controlled thermonuclear REACTOR type ENOCH -PACAL, after the UNIFIED LAW!
    Bernard Bigot -Director General of ITER, in March 15, 2018 says: ”We have not a long-term option, for energy. If we do not find an option, we will have big problems.I am almost 70 years, I will not live to see the benefits of the fusion, but we*ll you get there. It is my duty to bring together some of the large chain parts delivery”. Thus, January 30, 2019 ITER Council renewed the mandate of the ITER director general until 2025.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 10, 2019 calls for international cooperation in the domain of thermonuclear fusion energy to unleash the potential of humanity because it is impossible and useless to try to stop human progress. Mechanical engineering Professor Eugen Schuster, an expert in nuclear fusion plasma control in 2019 says: ”..nuclear fusion reactors do not produce energy. Experiment on tokamaks sites worldwide are focused on the study of plasma physics”.
    Christian Hill Head of atomic and molecular data to IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency) said: ”that obtaining a high temperature in a reactor is one of the conditions for the fusion to take place. At temperatures of millions of degrees matter exists only as a plasma to be limited by a magnetic field not to damage the walls of the reactor, otherwise candidate materials for use in fusion reactors are tungsten, berillium and steel”.
    At FISSION – large chemical elements we divide, and items arising are lighter than when they were together. This difference in weight is converted into energy. At FUSION – light chemical elements come together, and when united are lighter and can extract the difference in weight, as well as energy. It follows that it actually a matter is of concentrated energy. We consider the magnetic field usually just energy. But in fact, a magnetic field is all the time a matter with other properties – an ethereal matter, which may constitute a boundary between a plasma with millions degrees and solid wall of the thermonuclear chamber.
    After the mode of organisation of the ITER, each participating nation has access to all data and all the technologies involved, without having to pay royalties on patents. Thus the ITER is a scientific and technological experiment with the opportunity to learn how to cooperate and develop project manajement with other cultures. Controlled nuclear fusion and plasma physics currently operates in more than 50 countries to demonstrate the scientific feasibility of fusion as an energy source.
    After approximately 200 installations type: tokamaks; with laser, and many other models are built in the last 60 years, NONE product the fusion and think it will not the model ITER being in construction. I understand it can achive an operating installation: after the model of the operation of the Sun; after the description given by Patriarch Enoch in the his Book; and after the sketch of the device for production and emission of the flow of electromagnetic field, sketch which it find in the bottom of the scheme printed on the tombal stone of the King Pacal from Palenque- Mexic.
    For learning and understanding comercial thermonuclear fusion phenomenon that directly produce the electricity, it can, as in the same ITER space: land and buildings, including construction tokamak mount, can be installed and thermonuclear controlled reactor type ENOCH -PACAL, having at hand all utilities: electricity, cryogenics, vacuum systems, equipment of control and monitoring, and more others.
    In the Book of Enoch chapter 68, the patriarch Enoch being in a heavenly ship, the Angels also show: ”the camps of the stars and all the lights”, these 6350 years ago, and Enoch says: ”and I Enoch was in the heaven and there I saw in the core of that light, something like a HOUSE raised from slabs of ICE( thermonuclear combustion chamber), and among the pieces of ice were LIVE FIRE – FLAMES ( electromagnetic field fluxes of the magnetic trap). And my spirit saw a CIRCLE of FIRE that surrounds the house, from the four corners of it to fire those living rivers that surrounded the house”.
    The notions of ”FIRE”, streams of live fire, flames, circle of fire burning in the four corners and climbing as streams of live fire, or flaming fire live, all these relate to bundles of the electromagnetic field flux of the magnetic trap, which around and get back in thermonuclear combustion chamber, to spatialized plasma and go out again through the central part. In the heavenly ship Enoch believes the his it show a divine vision, and he describe without knowing what he describes, – a controlled thermonuclear reactor, with spherical chamber of thermonuclear combustion.
    I understand that him Enoch was shown only at the top part of the thermonuclear combustion chamber, whose principal axis was vertical namely: 1). The core of light is the center of the combustion chamber; 2). The carcase of the chamber, seem made of slabs of ice, for the installation work to -270 degrees Celsius; 3).In inside sparkled and moved languages flaming fire alive, that is flows electromagnetic of the magnetic trap which tighten and turn plasma into combustion chamber; 4).A CIRCLE of FIRE surrounding with fire, circle formed from electromagnetic flux of the magnetic trap, and at the four corners of the circle of fire are lifted up to the top of the chamber by entering in the device for producing and transmitting, the flux becoming stronger and entering again into the combustion chamber, and forming the continuous circulation of the magnetic trap.
    Two spherical halves joined in the midle ( maximum diameter), form the spherical chamber of thermonuclear combustion. I think so that will look the first installation controlled thermonuclear reactor, and sould call it Reactor thermonuclear controlled ENOCH -PACAL model! This as a standard model for future power plants that will give us electrical current for all our domestic and industrial installations.
    In a video ”Anty- GRAVITY PROJECT” of Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer, published on October 27, 2018, the man explained that he managed to alter magnetic field of the coil with intervening components: a permanent magnet and some dielectrics. After he managed to modify the electrical permitivity and magnetc permeability around of the coil and thus the magnetic field around coil it turned in electromagnetic field, which is able to move further into space as radiation, to cancel the radiation of gravitational attraction.
    He deserves the Nobel Prize for two reason: 1). Demonstrate that a stream of electromagnetic field can propagate in space as a reactive propulsion force showing possible operating reactive electromagnetic motor; as the scheme is printed on the tomb stone of Pacal from Palenque- Mexico and 2). This reactive electromagnetic motor which converts the magnetic field in the electromagnetic field, is the best device for producing a magnetic trap interior, which spatialized, to press and to confine the plasma thermonuclear, the facility ITER = international thermonuclear experimental reactor with spherical chamber, as described in the book of Enoch chapter 68.

  15. Stan Sandu on Sat, 28th Dec 2019 1:28 am 

    Stan Sandu
    A short autobiography, to give you the confidence that in this life, up to 77 years old, in 2019, I have managed to accumulate a good general culture, to know and understand things in the seen and unseen world. I was born on October 10, 1943, in a family of peasants, neither rich nor poor, that is, with a house, with birds and animals in the yard, with a garden, with trees and a few hectares of field work. I did the primary school classes 1 … 4 in the village Lacu-Sarat near Braila, grades 5 … 7 in the commune of Chiscani, then the professional school for 3 years as a laminator worker in the city of Braila. The 4 high school classes 8 … 11 I did in the evening, I did a year and a half army.
    I started working at the factory at 18 years and worked until I was 60 years. I did 6 years faculty in the evening at the specialty of the Technology Construction of Machines , and in the last 30 years until retirement in 2002 I worked as a technological engineer. Since 1967, I have been pursuing scientific research and scientific research in the world regarding the construction possibilities of a controlled thermonuclear reactor and I understood things as a participant in the research activities.
    So what I’m telling you are things that almost 100 percent have been proven and researched. Because of this I have been drafting a project for the controlled thermonuclear reactor since the 1970s, I even submitted it as an invention in 1969, and in 1971 it was rejected. But over time I have improved it as a project, but after 2010, after taking a 3-year Theology course, I discovered that the scheme of the controlled thermonuclear reactor project corresponds to the description of Patriarch Enoch in the “Book of Enoch” ”Chapter 68. And the device for producing and propagating a strong electromagnetic flux, indispensable for the creation and operation of the magnetic trap in the reactor, coincides with the diagram on the tombstone of Pacal from Palenque-Mexico.
    I understand that the projects of controlled thermonuclear reactor proposed and realized in the world during the last 60 years of type: tokamak, stelerator, laser and many other types, have nothing to do with the working model of the Sun, and analyzing their constructive problems. and of the operating technology, we understand that these so-called controlled fusion reactors are worse than nuclear fission reactors, and let’s see some very difficult problems.
    1). The internal surface of the nuclear combustion chamber in a Tokamak or a stelator is directly exposed to millions of degrees plasma, that is to the flux of radiation and heat that melts and erodes the internal surface of the combustion chamber, which must be replaced by more. many times during the life of the reactor. But this internal surface of the combustion chamber is also linked to the lithium blanket (tritium breeder), which, though, must be irradiated with neutrons from the plasma. This results in the irradiation of all components, their deterioration, and their maintenance and replacement must be done with robots by manipulating them from a distance.
    2). Tritium is radioactive, the half-life is 12.3 years, and the lithium blanket must be one meter thick. Tritium is difficult to maintain, can penetrate concrete, rubber and some types of steel. It turns out that deuterium-tritium technology is not good, and the power plant would work INTERMITENTLY, and it is difficult to protect against radiation: coils that produce the magnetic field, diagnostic and control equipment, humans and the environment. So far, the technology of tritium production has been made only by computer modeling without experimental data.
    3) .The superconducting magnets are INEFFICIENT allowing the fusion plasma instability. The superconducting coils produce a magnetic field only around the coil, and the distance to the thermonuclear plasma area is about 1.5 meters, due to the thickness of the vacuum vessel, due to the lithium blanket of one meter thick (lithium blanket) and plus the coil housing that produces the magnetic field. The only reasonable RECIPIENT for a plasma with millions of degrees is an electromagnetic field in continuous circulation stratified and interwoven as a rigid and mobile wall. Let us not forget that the Sun has a strong electromagnetic trap, that otherwise the solar radiation from the nuclear fusion of the Sun would have spread throughout the solar system and the Sun would have gone out.
    4). Plasma neutrons degrade the structures, and molten lithium is at risk of fire and explosion. Bombardment with fusion neutrons removes atoms from their structural positions, making them radioactive and weakening the structure that must be replaced periodically and “buried” for several decades. Biological screening is also required when the reactor is not running. Remote handling equipment and robots are required. There will be extended downtime for repairs, even minor repairs.
    5). At the fission reactors 500 people are hired in four weekly shifts (permanently), and at a fusion reactor 1000 people should be employed. The harsh realities of thermonuclear fusion with such installations and technologies: tokamak, stellerator and laser deny the praise of fusion supporters with: unlimited, clean, safe and cheap energy!
    6). Plasma fusion combines three parameters: temperature, particle density and time, which at certain values start the reaction and self-maintain, and in the case of the tokamak or the stellerator, respectively, the particle density is extremely low. If we don’t have particle density, we don’t have a magnetic trap, then we don’t have nuclear fusion. We must not forget that even in a hydrogen bomb, there is first a fission reaction produced by a small atomic bomb to heat the hydrogen bomb’s contents to the temperature required for fusion and at the same time provide the required particle density. So in our controlled fusion, we must ensure the strictly necessary: temperature, concentration and duration.
    There are many SCIENTIFIC and TECHNICAL OBSTACLES! The sun works easily because it has good technology and a powerful electromagnetic trap. All studies show that the stars are composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium (92% hydrogen and 7.8% helium). And the surface temperatures of the observed stars decrease with the decrease of the solar mass, some reaching 2900 Kelvin degrees. Which shows that at a smaller fusion reactor with a spherical combustion chamber the fusion temperature will be lower.
    There are too many orders and many coincidences in the workings of the stars, that we must believe that the stars are created and overseen as artificial bodies of God with His angels and His extraterrestrial people, as the Patriarch Enoch tells us in his book. Current fusion facilities are just projects that cannot be connected to the mains to provide electricity. These installations have only worked for a second or a little longer, while a fusion power station must operate continuously all the time!
    In order to make it less difficult to make a compatible fusion reactor, we must really understand what MATERIAL and ENERGY is, what is the MAGNETIC FIELD and the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD, so that we can re-engineer an appropriate magnetic trap, without modeling on the computer with data. theoretical. We must understand that nuclear fusion is not just a source of heat, but that it TRANSFORMS a part of the mass into a certain form of energy, according to the relation in which the Energy (E) equals the mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light at square.
    But be careful! Missing mass as a result of fusion, we say that it is transformed into energy, which is in fact the ELECTRIC ETER, also a material mass with other characteristics, with energy particles many thousands times smaller than electrons. We collect these particles of electric ether with the electric generators and they hand us the domestic and industrial electrical equipment.
    These particles of electric ether, if they bond to one another, can form a portion of a magnetic field, respectively a bond between certain particles. And with this electric and magnetic ether, certain actions can be performed. Because of this, magnetic fields can be transformed into electromagnetic fields that can move in space, and which in between can space thermonuclear plasma, which is not yet a completely decomposed matter.
    The condensed ether particles form the seen matter: protons, neutrons and electrons, which in turn when they form a visible body no longer manifest their electric field or magnetic field as in the component ether particles. The path to a fusion power plant is through the reaction of the proton-proton and deuterium-deuterium respectively.

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