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Page added on November 7, 2017

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Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Alternative Energy

assive amount of energy that can spill out into the universe.

The fusion of two bottom quarks will produce 138 megaelectronvolts (MeV), which is eight times more powerful than individual nuclear fusion events inside a hydrogen bomb.

Is There Reason To Worry About Threats From A Quark Bomb?

Researchers, however, said that this kind of quark fusion could not be used to make a powerful quark bomb.

“We suggest some experimental setups in which the highly exothermic nature of the fusion of two heavy-quark baryons might manifest itself. At present, however, the very short lifetimes of the heavy bottom and charm quarks preclude any practical applications of such reactions,” the researchers wrote in their study, which was published in the journal Nature on Nov. 2.

Hydrogen bomb explosions occur because of individual fusion reactions that need a large mass of particles, something that would not be possible when this involves heavy quarks since they only exist for a trillionth of a second before decaying into their lighter and less energetic versions known as up quarks.

Although it is possible to produce single fusion reactions of bottom quarks inside particle accelerators, scientists would not be able to assemble large enough mass of quarks to cause any damage out in the world. The researchers said that this means there’s nothing to worry about the threats of bottom quark bombs.

“A nuclear fusion that occurs in a reactor or a hydrogen bomb is a chain reaction in a mass of particles, creating a huge amount of energy,” said Marek Karliner, from Tel Aviv University. “This is not possible by melting heavy quarks, simply because the raw material cannot be accumulated in the melting process.”

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6 Comments on "Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 7th Nov 2017 8:48 am 

    But seems like another techno narcissistic wet dream.

  2. eric bieze on Tue, 7th Nov 2017 12:28 pm 

    I’ve read about this elsewhere. They weren’t going to say anything about this cause they where scared about this information being used to make a weapon. The fact that Quarks don’t live long enough makes them feel safe about telling the world.


    In 100 years( give or take a few decades ) or so we humans will figure it out ( I can hear Military heads yell for money for the research now ), so your great-grand kids won’t be able to sleep safe anymore.
    Til then keep lying to yourself.

  3. James Dixon on Tue, 7th Nov 2017 1:36 pm 

    Nothing beats the mutual annihilation of matter and antimatter. But containing antiparticles is the whole problem, just like with all fusion reactor designs…

  4. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 7th Nov 2017 5:21 pm 

    “just like with all fusion reactor designs…”

    Fusion is a constant, like the speed of light.
    No matter when observed, 1950 or 2017, it is always 20 years away.

  5. Iwillipunkudown on Tue, 7th Nov 2017 5:45 pm 

    No way. If you fuse a Bitcoin with etherium you will get an antimatter hooker.

  6. danilo escleto on Fri, 15th Dec 2017 5:53 pm 

    what happen to the E=MC2 of Albert Einstein

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