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Page added on February 7, 2020

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Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion: The Time is Now

Alternative Energy

There are no limits to growth—that is the response we can all provide to Greta Thunberg and her controllers like Prince Charles and Michael Bloomberg. Lyndon LaRouche wrote the book, There Are No Limits to Growth! in 1983—that was 37 years ago. He was responding to the idea of “limits to growth”—that all of us were going to have to cut down our consumption, and eventually cut down our population—was being promoted.

Five and a half years ago, LaRouche elaborated his economic views in a rather short statement of principle, known as the “Four Laws.” (You’ve heard of the Ten Commandments that came down on a “tablet,” but I don’t know what operating system Moses used.) LaRouche came up with his Four Laws for economic revival, survival, and expansion. This starts with the return to Glass-Steagall: we separate commercial banking from investment banking. We create a national bank from which you can issue credit for great projects such as high-speed rail, fission power plants, and small modular fission reactors. LaRouche’s Fourth Law presents the idea of using a science-driver policy to drive the economy forward. Similar to the Manhattan Project, and the NASA Apollo project, LaRouche called for a crash program for a revival of the space program and fusion power—controlled thermonuclear power.

What is Nuclear Fusion?

The Universe has already shown us the way. The most abundant power source in the universe is thermonuclear fusion inside the stars. Our star, the Sun, is a perfect example. It has the advantage of having a huge mass, more than 300,000 times the mass of the Earth. At the core of the Sun, you have the conditions to fuse lighter elements like hydrogen into heavier elements like helium, releasing a huge amount of energy in the process. Since we don’t have such massive gravity available to us on Earth, we have to use different methods to achieve those pressures. We have had thermonuclear fusion on Earth for about 68 years, in the form of a thermonuclear (fusion) bomb.

The first device was tested in 1952; it was called “Mike.” It was about the size of this library, a huge device, and it was triggered by a smaller fission bomb. The yield on the fission bombs like the Hiroshima or Nagasaki bomb was in the range of 10-20 kilotons, or 20,000 tons of TNT-equivalent energy released. The first thermonuclear device tested released over 1,000 times that yield, so it was in the megatons, 10-megaton range. That is not a very efficient power plant—because it blows itself up when you use it! So, the goal since the ’50s has been to control the thermonuclear fusion so you can use it as a limitless power source.

The Road to Controlled Fusion Energy

There are two major methods of achieving fusion. While we have not achieved breakeven—more energy released than required to induce the fusion—as of January 2020, we are coming closer and closer. One physicist compared it to the idea that, “if you are climbing a mountain, you go up the mountain until you reach the summit.” Well, we’re about seven-tenths of the way up. We haven’t reached the summit yet. Pessimists keep repeating, “Well, because we haven’t done it, that means we’ll never achieve it.” It’s the repeated sour line, “Fusion is 30 years away, and it will always be 30 years away.”

Let’s look at two examples of what man has done in the past, the first one being man-powered flight. If you think back, man had been dreaming of flying like birds for thousands of years, but it was only 117 years ago that we first achieved powered flight. The Wright Brothers, think back: Where did they get their education? Where did they go to school? Where did they get their aeronautical engineering degree? They were mechanics and they had their own bicycle shop; they observed the flight of birds, and were able to figure it out. But the first engine that they used for powered flight had about 8 horsepower and produced about 90 pounds of thrust. The length of the first flight was about 212 feet. That’s less than the wingspan of your average big jumbo jet.

Think about what followed after that. Within 66 years, we went from flying the mere length of a football field, to landing on the Moon, almost 250,000 miles away. There were a lot of steps in between. Let’s look at one important step. Robert Goddard, from Massachusetts, figured out in the 1920s how to use liquid fuel, liquid oxygen and kerosene to power a rocket. His first major test was in 1926: The rocket lifted off and went up a total of 42 feet. Think of going 42 feet in the air in 1926, and then a mere 43 years later, we’re landing on the Moon. This demonstrates that once you make a breakthrough, you can have progress rapidly.

This January is also the 100th anniversary of an editorial from that so-called great scientific publication, The New York Times, published on January 13, 1920, ridiculing Goddard because Goddard had proposed to build a rocket that could reach the Moon and The New York Times, in its infinite wisdom, said that Goddard obviously did not know what the average high school student of physics knew, that for every action to get a reaction, you needed something to push on. They ridiculed Goddard because, obviously, you could not get the reaction in a vacuum like space. They only made a correction on July 17, 1969, the day after the Apollo 11 launch. So, while they may not have been right the first time, they do eventually correct the error of their ways.


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A technician works on a target positioner inside the National Ignition Facility (NIF) target chamber.

Two Major Approaches

I want to now go through the two major ways that we are reaching fusion, controlled thermonuclear fusion, in the United States and in the world today. The first one I want to touch on is what is going on at the National Ignition Facility, a part of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, out in the Bay Area near San Francisco. Figure 1 shows the target chamber. The outside is about three football fields in length, where you have a bank of lasers, 192 lasers, that are amplified hundreds of thousands, eventually millions of times; it starts out with the infrared wavelength and it will go all the way out to the ultraviolet. When they hit the chamber, you have the 192 laser beams converging on a small target.

This capsule is called the hohlraum (cavity, referring to its interior) where the lasers hit, and they hit the sides of the hohlraum, and produce x-rays that impinge on a small target about the size of an aspirin tablet at the center of the hohlraum, and the laser energy put into the target is over a million joules. A joule is equal to one watt of power lasting for one second. Let me give you an example. A superbolt of lightning produces about one million joules of energy.

So, you have a target, the size of an aspirin tablet, with two different isotopes of hydrogen: deuterium (one proton and one neutron), and tritium (one proton and two neutrons) brought up to high temperatures—close to 150 million degrees Centigrade, which is about ten times the temperature of the core of the Sun. You need sufficient density of the isotopes, and you need sufficient confinement time. Given those parameters, you can achieve fusion, and we have achieved fusion using this method. This machine at the National Ignition Facility, which is about ten years old, has been in operation for the last few years; it took about ten years to build.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
An inertial confinement fusion fuel microcapsule. It is two millimeters in diameter and contains a central reservoir of deuterium-tritium (D-T) gas mixture, a frozen D-T solid-fuel layer, and an outer ablator layer.

What we have not achieved yet is to get more energy out of the reaction than it took to trigger the reaction; so it hasn’t reached breakeven, or it hasn’t ignited the fuel so that the reaction becomes self-sustaining.

The other method of producing controlled thermonuclear fusion on Earth is to generate a plasma and control the plasma with magnetic fields. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. You have solid, liquid, gas, and then plasma, where the particles of a gas are moving so fast that the nucleus and the electrons orbiting the nucleus become separated; so you have positive ions and electrons, called a plasma, which is electrically charged and therefore can be controlled by a magnetic field.

The most famous device for doing that is called the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is being constructed now in southern France by a consortium of 35 nations. France, the European Union, the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and India all share in the cost of the ITER project. They probably need to recruit the North Koreans and the Iranians to help boost this along.

But it’s a combined effort, a worldwide effort, to produce an experimental device that will go beyond breakeven. The goal is that within five years from now, by 2025, to be able to power up this device using deuterium and tritium as the fuel, heat the fuel, and with 50 megawatts of input to achieve 500 megawatts of output, so a gain of ten, for at least ten minutes. That’s the goal of the experiment.

The Magnets

The type of magnets they use are not just your regular magnets, they’re superconducting magnets. In order to reduce the resistance from running a current through the wires, in which you then generate the magnetic field, they cool the wires to close to absolute zero or close to –460 degrees Fahrenheit or –270 degrees Centigrade, colder than deep space. If you cool the magnetic coils to that temperature, you can have an increased strength of your magnetic field, you can contain your plasma, you can heat the plasma and achieve fusion. This is being worked on: There are machines at Princeton, at General Atomics in San Diego, and in Europe there is the Joint European Torus (JET). The Chinese are building a new machine, so are the South Koreans. This has been worked on all over the world for the last 60 years.

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The National Ignition Facility. NIF is the world’s largest and highest-energy laser system and the nation’s largest scientific project.

Recently, at the National Ignition Facility, one of the physicists there, John Moody, suggested to his colleagues that to accelerate the ignition using lasers, why don’t we combine the idea of magnetic confinement of the target, with the use of lasers to heat and initiate the reaction.

It’s called “magnetized inertial confinement fusion.” If you have a coil around the hohlraum, you magnetize it by running current through it, and then you hit the hohlraum with lasers, and initiate the fusion reactions, heat the fuel elements in the tablet. With the magnetic field around this hohlraum, you will be able to contain the alpha particles (helium nuclei) that are generated by the fusion reaction.

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Conceptual diagrams of a NIF hohlraum fitted with a B-field (magnetic-field) coil.
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A coil-wrapped hohlraum target installed at the end of a NIF diagnostic instrument manipulator.

And again, just to review, if you have deuterium and tritium—deuterium with two nucleons (protons and neutrons) and tritium with three—if you were to use basic arithmetic you would expect to get five nucleons. But, in nuclear physics, 2 plus 3 does not equal 5. It equals a smaller amount, maybe 4.95. So what happens to that missing mass? Well, it was through the theoretical work of Einstein, and others who followed him, that the conversion between mass and energy was recognized as energy = mass times a constant, namely the speed of light squared, or e = mc2, which gives you a huge amount of energy for a small amount of mass conversion. We have seen that fusion involves a mass-to-energy conversion. So, if you can initiate that, containing it with magnetic fields increases the chance of reaching ignition. At Lawrence Livermore they are scheduling a series of experiments this coming summer to verify that.

So, if you think of all the work that’s gone on, even without major crash programs to fund it, we have gone up toward the summit. We have achieved fusion, but we haven’t achieved breakeven in any of these experiments—yet.

However, think back to powered flight. We took a major step, but it was a step of about 212 feet. If you think back to Goddard, we had the rocket, but it went up about four stories. You could have said then, “well, that’s not success,” but we built on those breakthroughs to achieve the aeronautics and the space program we have today.

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© ITER Organization,
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor site at the end of 2019.

International Collaboration

So think about LaRouche’s Fourth Law. If we were to collaborate like we’re doing with the ITER, and accelerate those programs, not only with the tokomak—the magnetic fusion—but also with laser fusion, then we could achieve breakthroughs. The French have a similar laser facility in France in which they have about half of the energy level of the U.S. National Ignition Facility, and they have achieved fusion, but again they haven’t reached breakeven. So, if we accelerate these programs and combine them with the use of what’s called high-temperature superconductors—there’s a team near MIT, of MIT graduates, near Cambridge, Massachusetts, that has designed a smaller magnetic confinement system using high-temperature superconductors—then we could achieve significant breakthroughs.

The idea is that you can reduce the size of your magnets, using high-temperature superconductors. “High temperature” does not mean room temperature; it means you are going from almost absolute zero to 77 degrees Kelvin (minus 320 Fahrenheit), which is pretty warm when you consider that if you could achieve superconductivity at that temperature, you can have the same effect as we’ve had previously, but only by reaching almost absolute zero. The less resistance in a magnet, the stronger the magnetic field. We’re talking about magnetic fields of five to ten tesla. Tesla, besides being a car, and a rocket company, is among other things, a unit of magnetic field strength.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A cut-away drawing of the ITER tokamak and plant systems.

To think about that kind of magnetic field, let’s look at the unit used for the Earth’s magnetic field, which is the gauss. The Earth’s magnetic field strength is about half a gauss. The magnets you may have on your refrigerator door are about fifty gauss. If you go to the hospital and get an MRI, it uses about 50,000 gauss. Ten thousand gauss is equal to one tesla in magnetic field strength units.

So, with these fusion devices, we are talking about huge magnetic fields. If you can shrink the size of the magnet, instead of having an experimental tokomak the size of a football stadium, you could reduce the device to about the size of a truck, a flatbed truck. That’s what they are attempting to do in Boston. There are about a dozen companies around the country that are implementing this idea of using smaller compact magnetic fusion devices to achieve what is being attempted with the large ITER. The one in Boston is being funded by the Italian oil company, Eni.

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Steve Jurvetson
Microwave Energy Injector for Commonwealth Fusion Systems.

So you have funding for these various smaller experimental compact magnetic fusion reactors. There are a couple of them in New Jersey around the Princeton satellite system. Lockheed Martin, the major defense contractor, is working on a system; in California, you have Tri-Alpha Energy; a company in Vancouver, Canada called General Fusion, which is working on a system in which they compress the gas and use magnetic fields to heat the gas. They are experimenting with that to get compact magnetic fusion going. There is a lot of work being done around the country and around the world. The idea is to accelerate it to a crash program, to do what happened with powered flight. What drove us from going just 212 feet in one flight, to crossing the Atlantic, crossing the Pacific, and going around the world? Well, you had something, which came out of World War I. It was actually created before the U.S. got into World War I. It was called the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA).

The Partnership

Before NACA, there were constant squabbles over patent rights. The U.S. government stepped in and created this advisory committee to help, not only to work out these patent disputes, but to promote the science of aeronautical engineering, aeronautical science, such as building wind tunnels. That was the beginning of what eventually became NASA. There was a role for the government in not only coordinating the breakthroughs, but you also had the flight contracts initially awarded by the U.S. Postal Service. Before there were passenger flights, the postal service started using airplanes to speed up mail distribution across the country. So, that was the government coordinating with private companies to promote development of a brand-new technology.

We can use similar methods: If you look at the Apollo project, the government didn’t build rockets, but coordinated the construction of the various components that eventually got us to the Moon. That’s the model that we could be using. LaRouche, in his Four Laws, shows how we can finance that type of breakthrough. You have to have the leadership to actually push for a real science driver. The dividends from actually funding these crash programs are quite impressive. Look at the spinoffs, the NASA projects, and the civilian nuclear power program, which was a spinoff of the Manhattan Project. We have that positive experience in our history.

President Donald Trump went back further than just a mere hundred years ago. He just gave a speech in Davos, and initially we weren’t even sure if he was going to go there, because the whole theme of Davos—from Greta Thunberg to Prince Charles and Mark Carney—is the idea that we have to reduce our carbon footprint. We have to stop dirtying up the air and water, that mankind is just a pollutant, which has to be controlled. What’s behind all that talk is population reduction.

LaRouche went back to the same period as Trump in his famous book, The Science of Christian Economy. It was written about ten years after the first book I showed you, There Are No Limits to Growth. The Science of Christian Economy was part of his prison writings. LaRouche was in prison from 1989 to January 1994, and he kept himself busy, by writing one book after another. You see what he chose for the cover of his book was the Duomo, the cathedral, in Florence, Italy.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy.

President Trump Echoes LaRouche

Just a week ago, President Trump went to Davos in the middle of this environmental suicide pact; he introduced the thought that a few hundred miles from the Davos Congress Centre in Switzerland, you have examples of what mankind has done, by looking up, instead of digging in the mud, by looking up to the stars. Trump touched on the cathedral in Florence; he said that the cathedral’s dome was not built in a day; the construction of this dome began in 1296, and it wasn’t completed until 140 years later. In between you had the Black Plague, wiping out whole villages in Europe. Add to that, that the people who initiated this project didn’t have any idea how they would actually build the dome.

They began construction nonetheless, and initially built an octagon base that went up to a certain height. But it was Filippo Brunelleschi who figured out how the dome could be constructed without using all the timber in the entire region around Florence as a supporting structure. He used the catenary principle to build this dome, and it was completed. Imagine the President of the United States using this image, and saying that instead of listening to the doomsayers or saying that we have reached the limits to growth and we have to cut back, left and right, that mankind is not governed by the doomsayers, but by the visionaries. While the people who began this project did not have an idea of how to actually complete it, just like today, we don’t have the exact method of how we’re going to achieve breakeven fusion, but we have a goal and we know what it’s going to take to get there.

This project, over 140 years, to build the largest dome in Europe, was the center of what Nicolas of Cusa organized as the Council of Florence, which was really the beginning of the Renaissance, the breakpoint from the Middle Ages into the modern era. If you look at the very top of the dome, the sphere at the very top of the cathedral was designed and constructed by Leonardo da Vinci and his collaborators. We can see that the whole of the European Renaissance gave us the science that allowed for a much greater capacity to feed and clothe a larger population, which led to the breakthroughs of Kepler and Leibniz, Riemann, and eventually Einstein and Planck.

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public domain
Visitors stand atop Brunelleschi’s dome.

The Renaissance as a Paradigm of Creativity

This European Renaissance is what we should use as our model, instead of the flagellants and the doomsayers that we have with the global warming fraud, which seems to still dominate the world of science. Speaking of the world of science, you may have heard that the minute-hand of the Doomsday Clock has been moved up closer to midnight. This was done recently by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which is now headed up by that “great scientist” Jerry Brown, better known as “Governor Moonbeam.” You have a pessimism that has taken over the scientific community. What’s taught in most colleges now, most universities, as “science” is rubbish; they no longer have civil engineering programs, you have “environmental science,” and the whole focus is how to reduce our carbon impact, our carbon footprints. Very little funding, just a small amount, is going towards breakthrough technology for the future.

So, for the President to use this Renaissance example, which LaRouche had used repeatedly over the last 30 to 40 years, shows you that our ability to get the Presidency—and nations like China and Russia and the real thinkers in Europe, Africa, and South America—to collaborate on these great projects, shows tremendous potential. He’s showing the way; he might not know how to complete the project, but he’s at least pointing you in the right direction. That gives us an idea that we too have a tradition, a Renaissance tradition. We merely have to look back just at the last hundred years, look back at the history of powered flight.

If you think about it today, every day almost 2 million people board an aircraft just in the United States. If you think back to the turn of the 19th into the 20th century, how many people thought we would achieve controlled, powered manned flight? If you think of the steps we took from powered flight to landing and walking on the Moon and returning safely, it was only a mere 66 years. And, think of how long it took to build the cathedral dome: 140 years. I’m sure that if we use the examples of the past, we can get to controlled thermonuclear fusion in the coming ten years, and we can actually beat the record of the building of the dome by a great number of years.

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    Maybe femtosecond lasers will be the technology that makes a difference. The fact that no one has built a fusion power plant to date, does not make it a pipe dream or a fantasy. A new technology could change everything.

    But fusion does suffer from a lot of practical problems. The fact that power density is likely to be low. And the fact that most of the energy is released as high energy neutrons that make everything radioactive. Not good qualities.

  3. Gaia on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 2:09 pm 

    If we can send a person to the Moon, we have the ability to evolve beyond our physical, mental, emotional and technological limits.

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    Any techno fix whose ultimate objective is to allow the continuation of human population growth is both self defeating and catastrophic. Degrowths first subject should be the 7.8 billion and growing human plague.

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    Even at a modest 1% growth rate – in less than 10,000 years the human population would be so large that EVERY ATOM IN THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE would have to be part of a human body.

    Are there limits to growth – there sure are and NO amount of technology would fix it.

    Why is a stable population level so terrifying to some people? That is the REAL question.

  6. makati1 on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 12:07 am 

    Capitalism depends on growth of the consuming population. No other reason. Greed.

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    “Capitalism depends on growth of the consuming population. No other reason. Greed.”

    AH, pretty lame comment makato1. Like in regards to what? Peace and total sharing are an option and they are found in much smaller populations. Capitalism is a product of a much bigger world where competitive cooperation is the name of the game. In a globalized world greed is inevitable but even greedy people cooperate in personal self-interest. Even peaceful sharing locals have to compete and cooperate with others. It is survival of the fittest at certain stages. The tribe and family are where the best of human nature can be demonstrated. The worst can be banished at this level. Not so at the global end. Grow up

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    Makato1’s Asia is sick and this will sicken the rest of the world in more ways than one. This oil decline will impact Russia, Iran, and Venezuela his cherished anti-American countries. Makato1 and cloggo are not having a good run with this virus. I have forecast just such a result. Instead of binary chauvinistic results of the cloggo and makato1 I talk about common decline. China will export a pathogen both human health and economic. LOL, something makato1 can be proud of.

    “Wishful Thinking” – OPEC Drastically Underestimates China Virus” Bloomberg

    The IEA has slashed its 1Q20 global oil demand forecast by 1.3 million barrels a day – three times as much as the revision made by OPEC. China’s own oil consumption is down sharply as factories stay closed and travel restrictions remain in place even after the extended Lunar New Year holiday comes to an end. Congestion on roads in major cities is far below normal levels. The chart below shows journey times in Shanghai, and other Chinese cities mirror that pattern. My colleagues at BloombergNEF estimate that China’s jet fuel use is now down by 240,000 barrels a day from pre-virus levels, with departures from Chinese airports down by around 80%. Empty Roads Roads in Shanghai remain empty even after the extended Lunar New Year holiday ends; the pattern is similar in other cities…That brings us back to concerns over just how bad the reverberations from Covid-19 will be. The China of 2020 is very different to that of 2003, and so today’s epidemic is likely to have a much bigger international impact than the SARS virus to which it is most often compared. For a start, China’s oil consumption now is more than twice what it was when SARS hit and last year the country accounted for more than three-quarters of the growth in global oil demand, according to the IEA. In the past 17 years, China has also become much more closely linked to the rest of the world economy. Chinese travelers accounted for about 20% of total spending on tourism in 2018, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, while China itself was the fourth most popular destination. The virus will effect both of those figures in 2020. The country has also become the center for producing and exporting both finished goods and components. “All the signs are that there has been a major dislocation in global supply chains,” according to Caroline Bain, chief commodities economist at Capital Economics. For some products, “it’s only going to get worse in February data…In that light, OPEC’s forecast that global oil demand will be cut by just 440,000 barrels a day in the first quarter and by 230,000 barrels a day over the year as a whole looks like wishful thinking on the part of producers. It is doing them no favors, though. A delay in reducing supplies will only make the cuts needed later even deeper.”

  9. REAL Green on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 6:48 am 

    With economics I start with the assumption we are in a decline process on all levels including human intelligence. The reason human intelligence is in decline is noise not the aggregate amount of knowledge that is actually exploding. The wisdom that comes with the proper use of knowledge is in decline. The planet is obviously in decline along with climate. The human economic side is in decline with excessive debt and unfunded liabilities. The human system side is in decline with overshoot and demographic decline. This demographic decline is actually not so bad but is very disruptive to the economic model of growth but beneficial in regards to a mild degrowth that is very much needed. By demographic decline I mean the increase in older populations.

    This means that dramatic economic change will happen by deterministic forces that are overwhelming. This is a process that is both human and planetary. It is abstract and physical. In this respect then economics where it becomes a positive force will be where decline is incorporated into the wisdom of decision making. Those places that recognized decline in decision making see it as a force that must be respected will relatively speaking do better than those places where growth and optimism are a force. This means techno-optimistic forces of both green and brown will be battling the forces of decline and suffer accordingly. Forces that embrace decline either unconsciously or as a matter of policy will be supported by the process.

    This then becomes a matter of how this powerful force can be harnessed. It likely is unattainable at the higher end of global policy and leadership. Can you imagine a president running on a platform of America is in Decline? No, instead we have the absurd Make America Great Again. Therefore, it is inevitable at the top abandonment, dysfunctional systems, and irrational policy will be dominant forces. Growth will still be there. Globalism is a powerful force. There is plenty of capital, resources, and human ingenuity. At this level all is not lost in decline. The places where decline can be harnessed is at the more local level. Small communities down to individuals can embrace decline and see a benefit. They can downsize in place with strategies that maintain dignity in austerity. This means more physical discomfort and less dopamine enjoyment of consumerism. It means potentially more spiritual satisfaction that comes with meaning and wisdom.

    The ways this decline in place can be realized are many and vary by local of place and relationships. Yet, they can revolve around a hybridization of the old ways abandoned by the paradigm of growth. This paradigm of growth produced enormous knowledge and products. These best things and practices can leverage and strengthen the old ways. The old ways revolve around localism and low carbon capture. The simple and the closer to natural cycles with seasonality, intermittency, and proper human scale. Triage is needed to distance delocalization of globalism, consumerism, and global movement.

    Most of all a psychological strength is required to navigate the status quo of growth-based globalism with an alternative life of localism. Use globalism to go local in other words. This is a very tricky but necessary discipline. It also faces the headwinds of what is economic. Localism has less profit but more resilience and sustainability. Build lifeboats based on a hybrid of the old adapted by the modern. Embrace hospice strategies that involve the psychology of a dualistic existentialism of living decline in a world dedicated to growth. The hospice is about acceptance of decline and possible collapse. Denial of death is central to growth-based capitalism. Leave it but leave it with a strategy that harness it to make the journey less painful.

  10. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 6:58 am 

    Chinese scientists working at US university invent new renewable electricity device, based on nano-technology and proteins.

    Yield: 0.35 Watt/m2


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    #BetterLeaveItToTheEuropeans# #lolcloggo#

    “15% of electricity from wind – too little to deliver EU’s Green Deal” renewable energy world

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    #BetterLeaveItToTheAmericans# #lolcloggo#

    “Good News: USA Had Largest CO2 Reduction In The World In 2019” clean technica

    “International Energy Agency: “The United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 on a country basis…US emissions are now down almost 1 Gt from their peak in the year 2000, the largest absolute decline by any country” — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) February 12, 2020”

  13. REAL Green on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 7:45 am 

    This is a nice pretty graph but woefully unrealistic. Let’s try cutting this down by 50% as well as the human footprint then you are getting closer to realistic.

    “Transitioning the World to 100% Renewable Energy — Part 2” clean technica

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    “Good News: USA Had Largest CO2 Reduction In The World In 2019”

    Oops, sorry cloggo we forgot to mention the two caveats in that artical:

    1: “as an entire economic bloc, the EU had a greater CO2 reduction”

    2: “(Editor’s note: There’s a lot of controversy about accounting on this topic, specifically related to methane emissions throughout the natural gas lifecycle.)”

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    LMFAO the troll is up. I knew I could get you out of bed. The above is juanPee doing Davy ID theft.

  17. Fact Checker on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 8:13 am 

    How depressed are you these days, juanPee? No muzzie jerk shit or your Richard Guenette. How about Kenz300 or Neb. Whatever happened to Boney Joe or Truth Buster? What about Father Sullivan? You are a miserable piece of shit, juanPee. But fun to toy with. It must suck getting your nose rubbed in your own behavior.

  18. JuanP on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 8:28 am 

    Wow, Davy sure educated Mak and I. Read this. I stand corrected!

    Covid-19 Pandemic: The Complacent Are Clueless

    The eventual price of substituting magical thinking and survivorship bias for actual evidence will be far higher than the complacent realize. Here’s a sampling of complacent assertions being made about the COVID-19 virus as if they were certitudes: It’s no worse than a bad cold. It’s less deadly than a normal flu. You can’t catch it unless you’re in sustained close contact with a carrier. Carriers are only contagious for 14 days. After that, you’re home free. A vaccine is just around the corner. The Chinese government has it under control. Only 2,000 people have died, it’s no big deal. The few cases in other countries are being managed, and it will soon disappear. The pandemic will fade away by April due to rising temperatures. China’s GDP will only take a 1% hit, and global growth will only drop 0.25%. Interestingly, there is no large-scale, credible data to support any of these claims. But the complacent are not just falling for false claims being passed off as “facts” rather than what they really are–magical thinking–they’re making a much larger error known as Survivorship Bias. The complacent are focusing on the few who have been tested for the virus, not the millions who haven’t been tested. The complacent are focusing on the accurate tests, not the many carriers who tested negative or the healthy people incorrectly tagged by false positive tests. The complacent are overlooking the fact that multiple tests are needed to confirm and even multiple tests can fail. The complacent are focusing on the few who went to the hospital to get tested and treated, not the multitudes who did not go to a doctor or hospital (for a variety of reasons). The complacent are focusing on the few carriers who have been forcibly hauled off by Chinese police and not the many who have wisely hidden away from prying eyes. The complacent are focusing on the few facilities with test kits, not on the multitude of clinics which do not have test kits. The complacent are focusing on the few who have been identified as carriers in other nations, not the asymptomatic carriers who have not been identified because 1) they have no symptoms and thus no reason to get tested and 2) they chose not to go to a doctor or hospital despite having symptoms. In effect, the complacent are focusing solely on the few carriers who are symptomatic and have been tested, not on the much larger number of asymptomatic carriers who have not been tested. The complacent are ignoring the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, and the impossibility of controlling a virus that can be spread by asymptomatic carriers for up to 24 days. The complacent are assuming 100% of all carriers outside China have come forward and been identified as carriers via tests, when the reality is asymptomatic carriers don’t even know they are infected and contagious. The complacent are assuming every healthcare facility in China has test kits in such abundance that they can test suspected carriers three times to confirm the diagnosis, when the reality is test kits are scarce and one test is not enough to make a reliable assessment. Carriers can test negative, positive and then negative. The complacent are assuming casual contact isn’t enough to catch the virus while a rising tide of cases confirm that brief, casual contact is enough to get the virus. The complacent are assuming 100% of symptomatic carriers will go to the hospital to be tested and treated, when an unknown but consequential number of symptomatic carriers are fearful of what will be done to them and their families by authorities, so they hide from prying neighbors and authorities. The complacent are assuming that asking people if they recently visited China or hosted a visitor from China will identify 100% of the asymptomatic carriers, when there is already proof that asymptomatic carriers have caught the virus from others: they did not visit China or have any known contact with anyone who came from China. They caught the virus from an intermediary who didn’t even know they were infected. The complacent are looking at cases and carriers that are known, not the cases and carriers which are unknown. Since asymptomatic carriers can spread the pathogen, the majority of carriers remain unknown. Since not every symptomatic carrier chooses to go to the hospital, many cases remain unknown. In sum, the complacent are clueless. The eventual price of substituting magical thinking and survivorship bias for actual evidence will be far higher than the complacent realize. Playing games with statistics and high finance will not limit the spread of the virus or limit its profound economic impact.

  19. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 8:32 am 

    This is for makato. Just to keep things fair and balanced. That’s REAL Important to us.

    “There’s a Virus Spreading in U.S. That’s Killed 10,000: The Flu” USA News

    “Folks fretting about the coronavirus are forgetting there’s another virus already running rampant in the United States, one that’s killed nearly 20 times as many people in this country alone. Influenza has already taken the lives of 10,000 Americans this season, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 19 million have caught the flu, and an estimated 180,000 became so ill they landed in the hospital. “Influenza is easier to pick up and there are far, far more cases,” said Dr. Alan Taege, an infectious disease physician at the Cleveland Clinic. “It’s already much larger than coronavirus has been so far in the whole world, in our own country alone.” It’s easy to forget the clear and present danger posed by influenza because it’s always there, sickening millions and killing thousands every year during flu season, said Dr. Bernard Camins, medical director for infection prevention at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. “Currently, we have high levels of influenza in the country, which started out really early this year, around Thanksgiving,” Camins said. “Pretty much the entire country has high levels of influenza-like illness right now.” The CDC predicts that at least 12,000 Americans will die from the flu in any given year. As many as 61,000 people died in the 2017-2018 flu season, and 45 million were infected.“

  20. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 9:14 am 

    We no what y’all are likely thinking. 45,000,000 is a bigger number then 73,000. Specially when theres likely about five times as many Chinamen than Amurikans.

    Forgive my stupidity. Geometry was never one of my stronger subjects.

  21. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 10:14 am 

    #BetterLeaveItToTheAmericans# #lolcloggo#

    “Good News: USA Had Largest CO2 Reduction In The World In 2019” clean technica

    “International Energy Agency: “The United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 on a country basis…US emissions are now down almost 1 Gt from their peak in the year 2000, the largest absolute decline by any country” — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) February 12, 2020”

    Our board’s deceiver intentionally left out an essential part of the article. Here is the full quote:

    The USA had the largest CO2 reduction in the world in 2019 on a country basis (as you can see above, as an entire economic bloc, the EU had a greater CO2 reduction).

    The reduction of EU+US offsets the growth of CO2 emissions of the rest of the planet.


    Emissions MT/year (2017):

    China…10.9 (1350 m)
    USA……5.1 (330 m)
    EU…….3.5 (500 m)

  22. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:04 am 

    Those numbers are misleading cloggo. Emissions should be the responsibility of the end user or consumer. 19.2 percent of Chinese manufactured export products are consumed in the US.

  23. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:11 am 

    Juan, we know the above Davy comments are from your lying ass. It is amazing how much of a coward you are. Why can’t you just debate Davy? Your widdle feelins got hurt so bad. What a pussy!

    These are JuanP not Davy:
    Davy said Those numbers are misleading cloggo. Emissions sho…

    Davy said We no what y’all are likely thinking. 45,000,000 i…

    Davy said This is for makato. Just to keep things fair and b…

  24. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:16 am 

    “Our board’s deceiver intentionally left out an essential part of the article. Here is the full quote: “The USA had the largest CO2 reduction in the world in 2019 on a country basis (as you can see above, as an entire economic bloc, the EU had a greater CO2 reduction).”

    Read my comment again Abbo:

    “International Energy Agency: “The United States saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019

    “on a country basis” …US emissions are now down almost 1 Gt from their peak in the year 2000, the largest absolute decline by any country” — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) February 12, 2020”

    Who is the deciever. I think you and juanPee take the prize!

  25. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:31 am 


  26. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:31 am 

    After the US economic meltdown that culminated in the 2008 global financial crisis, with the help of Asian manufactured products and REAL cheap labor, we are now a largely wholesale/retail economy. Thanks mainly to China we avoided total collapse. Blaming China for the emissions from the products we consume, is deceptive.

  27. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:38 am 

    If Trump Is Defeated and Refuses to Vacate the White House, He Can Become the WH Janitor and Do Chores?

  28. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:43 am 

    McConnell Gets $50,000 From Pharma After Blocking Bill to Lower Drug Prices

  29. Davy kicked juanPee's ass on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:18 pm 

    “Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:31 am”
    The above is a juanPee ID theft but I will answer it.

    “After the US economic meltdown that culminated in the 2008 global financial crisis, with the help of Asian manufactured products and REAL cheap labor, we are now a largely wholesale/retail economy.”

    Bullshit stupid, the US is still at the top as far as manufacturing and involved in global value chains throughout the world. The US is well diversified into retail, wholesale also. The US has the most efficient retail/wholesale economy in the world which makes for efficient business practices for the whole economy. The meltdown was a global event with all nations experiencing a housing price boom. It is just in the US where some of the worst concentrations of bad instruments converged.

    “Thanks mainly to China we avoided total collapse. Blaming China for the emissions from the products we consume, is deceptive.”

    Bullshit, it was a full court effort by China, the US and the rest of the world that saw the global economy through the crisis. China did the consuming and building the US supplied markets and financing. The US has done a lot of building too as well as Europe. The problem with binary low IQ mentalities like you, juanPee is you shape everything around a winner and loser. BTW, liar, where did I blame China for emissions? I didn’t stupid. China does not have to sell these products BTW. China emissions are now more than any other nation by far and much of that is for internal growth. They are still building coal fired plants at home and abroad.

    Try again dumb fuck

  30. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:24 pm 

    juanPee and makto1: “BUT BUT that can’t be they are allies and would never do that to one another” You stupid fucks are oblivious to what is happening in the real world. You are blind anti-American low IQ fools!

    “Russia Becomes First Country To Ban All Chinese From Entering” zero hedge

    “Update (1300ET): In a landmark decision, Russia has temporarily banned Chinese from entry as of Feb. 20, becoming the first country to ban all Chinese from entry in response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to Russian news agency TASS. This is only the latest step from Russia, which has already closed most entry points along its 4,200-kilometer border, suspended e-visas and work visas for Chinese nationals. Russia has already reported two cases of coronavirus – the only cases confirmed in the country so far – both involving Chinese nationals.”

  31. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:27 pm 

    Obama, the most corrupt President in US history and the Dimocrates love him!

    “Dershowitz Says Obama “Personally Asked” FBI To Investigate Someone For George Soros” zero hedge

    “Former President Barack Obama “personally asked” the FBI to investigate someone at the request of billionaire progressive George Soros, according to Harvard Law School professor emeritus, Alan Dershowitz. Speaking with Breitbart News Sunday, Dershowitz says he won’t reveal the name of the targeted individual, as it will be part of a forthcoming lawsuit. “President Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros, who was a close ally of his,” said Dershowitz. “We’ve seen this kind of White House influence on the Justice Department virtually in every Justice Department,” he added. “The difference is this president is much more overt about it. He tweets about it. President Obama whispered to the Justice Department about it.”

  32. juanPee please read on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:36 pm 

    “Coronavirus “Lab Leakage” Rumors Spreading” asia times

    “The Wuhan Institute of Virology, located in the provincial capital of Hubei, which is the ground zero of the contagion, has been thrust into the media spotlight by the allegation last week that it leaked “bio-hazardous agents.” Posts circulating on WeChat and Weibo claim that a researcher at the institute was the first to be infected by the novel coronavirus, now called Covid-19 by the World Health Organization. The female virologist and a graduate from the institute, referred to as “patient zero,” had never visited the city’s shambolic wet market – also known as the “zoo” – where a range of wild animals were sold. The market has been identified by the authorities as the most probable source of the deadly pathogen… Also, a paper that appeared in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet at the end of last month has lent credibility to speculation about the origins of the virus. The paper quoted seven doctors at Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital as saying that the first patient admitted on December 1 had “never been to the wet market,” nor had there been any epidemiological link between the first patient and subsequent infection cases, based on the data from the first 41 patients treated there. Furthermore, a note from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology is seen as a tacit admission that some kind of incident may have occurred at the Wuhan lab. On Saturday, the ministry issued a directive mandating more stringent handling of viruses and bioagents by all labs and research institutes. The document alluded to the slack oversight and management rampant at some facilities, and stressed that protection and decontamination must be beefed up now that more labs across the nation are intensifying their efforts to develop medicines to treat it and a vaccine to prevent it.”

  33. juanPee please read on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:40 pm 

    Makato1 says: Its nothing the flue is worse:

    “Supply Chain Chaos Unfolds At Major Chinese Ports As Frozen Meat Containers Pile Up” zero hedge

    “New evidence from Bloomberg reveals cracking global supply chains are fast emerging at major Chinese ports with thousands of containers of frozen meat piling up with nowhere to go. The Covid19 outbreak will remain a dominant issue for 1Q as supply chain shocks are being felt by multinationals on either side of the hemisphere. Sources told Bloomberg that containers of frozen pork, chicken, and beef (mostly from South America, Europe, and the US) are piling up at Tianjin, Shanghai, and Ningbo ports because of the lack of truck drivers and many transportation networks remain closed. Seaports in China are quickly running out of room to house the containers and cannot provide enough electricity points to keep existing containers cold. This has forced many vessels to be rerouted to other destinations.”

  34. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:42 pm 

    “BTW, liar, where did I blame China for emissions? I didn’t stupid.”

    “China emissions are now more than any other nation by far.”

    Oops, sorry y’all.
    I suppose that might of been a bit contradicting of me.

  35. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:48 pm 

    “Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival” tom luongo

    “It’s been obvious to me since he declared that Mike Bloomberg is not a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination. He is everything the Democratic base doesn’t want — white, billionaire, oligarch, Wall St. 0.000001%’er. Oh, and until just a couple of years ago, he was a Republican. Billionaires like Bloomberg change parties to where ever they see their money will go the farthest. Right now, that is the quickly fracturing Democrats, who are staring at a revolt to Bernie Sanders that doesn’t sit with Wall St. at all. It’s also obvious that Bloomberg is animated by personal animus towards Donald Trump that I suspect is as much about Mike’s ego as it is his desire to protect Wall St. from having any of its dirty laundry aired during a Trump 2nd term. Because with the failure to convict Trump in the Senate those that were behind that coup attempt are now uniquely exposed to his retribution. And that trail of tears for all involved leads right back up to Hillary Clinton’s poisoned garden of a 2016 presidential bid. With the Democratic presidential field a uniquely inept mix of the hopeless and insane Bloomberg using saturation advertising to buy himself wins in delegate-rich red states with weak Democratic parties like North Carolina, Florida and Texas is a good strategy, if he was interested in winning. But he’s not. He’s running to clear the field for Hillary.”

  36. Davy kicked juanPee's ass again on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:52 pm 

    Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 1:42 pm
    The above is a juanPee ID theft and here is my answer.

    “BTW, liar, where did I blame China for emissions? I didn’t stupid.” ““China emissions are now more than any other nation by far.”
    AH, low IQ idiot otherwise known as juanPee that is fact or is it not?

    “Oops, sorry y’all. I suppose that might of been a bit contradicting of me.”

    Dumb fuck, there is no contradiction there. I stated the facts. Is it true are not? Where did I blame China for emission above that comment stupid? I didn’t because that was you that said that. Besides “blame China for emissions??” What blame and why. That is your twisting of the truth. What you are doing is blaming China’s emission on the US.

  37. Call It for What It Is on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 2:01 pm 

    Davy is one filthy fuck. No wonder he loves playing king of the hill on some obscure web site.

    What a sick and twisted nutter of the worst order.

  38. Whining juanPee sock on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 3:53 pm 

    “Call It for What It Is on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 2:01 pm”

    The above is a stupid juanPee sock. Look below and see him whine about getting his ass kicked

    “Davy is one filthy fuck. No wonder he loves playing king of the hill on some obscure web site. What a sick and twisted nutter of the worst order.”

    juanPee, just leave me alone and you won’t get your ass kicked. I find no need to converse with you or talk about you. You disgust me and I would rather not have to deal with your dirty shit. As far as playing king of the hill you coined it. I have my foot on your throat, pussy. Go run along and place mindless stupid games somewhere else.

  39. REAL Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 4:04 pm 

    Whining davy sock on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 3:53 pm

    Translation: You guys keep neutering me non-stop, but all I can do about it is lash out and howl like a madman.

  40. juanPee projecting on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 4:12 pm 

    “Translation: You guys keep neutering me non-stop, but all I can do about it is lash out and howl like a madman.”

  41. makati1 on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 4:59 pm 

    If D.Davy (and his sock puppets) just went away, this site could return to an intelligent exchange of ideas and debate. However, again, money rules and the site owner obviously is profiting from the hits, so the shit keeps flowing. Amerika, the shit hole of the world.

    The US needs to be put down soon. Where is a “terrorist” when you need one? Anyone have the local US ISIS phone number? LOL

    A bit radical, but, the US is destroying everything it touches.

  42. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 6:06 pm 

    STFU maktato1, you are one of the main reasons this place is a mess with hate and resentment further more you contribute low IQ shit. You will be dead soon enough pushing 80. The virus might get you because you are in denial and are going to do something stupid and get sick. At your age it is over. We can be thankful you rarely are here except during your protected slot in the evening (US time) when I can’t moderate and neuter your lies and exaggerations. Tell us more about this virus how it isn’t anything? LMFAO. The friggin thing has China shut down and the old senile makato1 thinks the flu is worse. What a dumb fuck. The only one worse than you is the lunatic juanPee.

  43. makati1 on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 9:06 pm 

    Did I hit a nerve Davy? Aww! Well deserved pain and more to come.

    I blame YOU for the decline in quality of this discussion site. Only YOU. You started it many years ago with your arrogant bullying so it is a well deserved blame and pain.

    Hypocrisy and lying is your ‘modus operandi’ as it is most Amerikan’s. The pain coming to the US is well deserved and will be celebrated by the rest of the world. Soon, I hope. Pass the popcorn. The ‘US Collapse’ show is moving into the exciting phase.

    BTW: I’m enjoying ‘my age’ very much, thank you. You will never see 75 or enjoy ANY retirement in the police state. You are too late to the retirement trough. LOL

  44. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 9:22 pm 

    “The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.”
    – E.O. Wilson

  45. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 10:18 pm 

    “Did I hit a nerve Davy? Aww! Well deserved pain and more to come.”

    AH, what pain? You started your day with a Davy attack and I responded to your low IQ puke. Just another day on the PO forum with loser regulars that need to be moderated and neutered.

    “I blame YOU for the decline in quality of this discussion site. Only YOU. You started it many years ago with your arrogant bullying so it is a well deserved blame and pain.”

    Sure, you do makato1, you are not the type to take any responsibility. Way way back when I asked you to show a little self-restraint with the hate resentment that was directed directly at me you blew me off. Since then I have responded to most of your agenda where it is dishonest and exaggerated with rebuttals. That has made you very upset along with your other loser friends annoymouse and juanPee. I have asked both of you to ignore me and I will ignore you and you refuse. You and yours stupid juanPee buddy always bring up the arrogant bullying when you do it. In fact the three of you stalk me daily and are arrogant and cyber bullies. I have just turned it around on you and you dumb fucks hate that. The three of you live by double standards and I deny you the comfort in these standards. I hold you to them and you hate that.

    “Hypocrisy and lying is your ‘modus operandi’ as it is most Amerikan’s.”

    What a stupid statement, most Americans?? You are a really losing it over there in your third world jungle home.

    “ The pain coming to the US is well deserved and will be celebrated by the rest of the world. Soon, I hope. Pass the popcorn. The ‘US Collapse’ show is moving into the exciting phase.”

    See, there the hate and resentment is. You revel in it and it oozes from your grotesque orifices. IMA, the pain is in Asia currently. Can you spell boomerang

    “BTW: I’m enjoying ‘my age’ very much, thank you. You will never see 75 or enjoy ANY retirement in the police state. You are too late to the retirement trough. LOL”

    Sure, you are makato1 that must explain all the hate and resentment. Happy people generally are not full of hate like you and juanPee. makato1, why would I want to retire? I am not a lazy bum like you. I work and enjoy it. I produce things. All you do is sit at the beach and drink your beer and bitch.

  46. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 10:32 pm 

    “The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.”
    – E.O. Wilson

    Sounds nice but really not true picture. Humans are out of scale. It is simple as that. Humans have rich emotions some of which are primitive. Some institutions are medieval but many are amazing testaments to human intelligence. Many of them are small and unrecognized. Too often we see very large originations instead. Some technology is amazing but the real problem is with behavior in regards to technology. We embrace technology too easily.

  47. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:27 pm 

    Oops, sorry for getting all triggered and loosing our widdle temper again y’all. We really need to see the docter about our insane shit. rEAL Soon like.

  48. Davy on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:42 pm 

    E.O. Wilson

    “Wilson has been called “the father of sociobiology” and “the father of biodiversity” for his environmental advocacy, and his secular-humanist and deist ideas pertaining to religious and ethical matters. Among his greatest contributions to ecological theory is the theory of island biogeography, which he developed in collaboration with the mathematical ecologist Robert MacArthur. This theory served as the foundation of the field of conservation area design, as well as the unified neutral theory of biodiversity of Stephen Hubbell.”

    “Wilson is the Pellegrino University Research Professor, Emeritus in Entomology for the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, a lecturer at Duke University, and a Fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He is a Humanist Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism. He is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction (for On Human Nature in 1979, and The Ants in 1991) and a New York Times bestselling author for The Social Conquest of Earth, Letters to a Young Scientist, and The Meaning of Human Existence.”

    Wilsons a nobody compared to an exceptionalist lunatic schizophrenic like me.

  49. makati1 on Tue, 18th Feb 2020 11:49 pm 

    Happy people do not inhabit the internet 24/7/365 like you do Davy. We normal people have a real life outside PO.

    I worked for 50 years to live a life of ease in my retirement, unlike yourself who probably never worked an day in your life, if your 500 acre farm lies are to be believed, which few here do.

    BTW: How is your clown government managing the increasing coronavirus cases? I hear they just imported more from cruise ships riddled with the virus. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Then there is the regular flu that is killing thousands of Amerikans this year. How about that flooding south of you? A replete of 2019? Has the $70,000,000,000.00 drug problem decreased in the police state? How about the current Amerikan recession that is turning into a depression? Fun times ahead, Davy. Enjoy!

  50. Davy on Wed, 19th Feb 2020 5:05 am 

    “Happy people do not inhabit the internet 24/7/365 like you do Davy. We normal people have a real life outside PO.”

    Same worn out rebuttle that I am here 24/7. What does that have to do with happiness. LOL. Stupid. Prove I am here all day long. Oops. Leave out your friend juanPee ID theft.

    “I worked for 50 years to live a life of ease in my retirement, unlike yourself who probably never worked an day in your life, if your 500 acre farm lies are to be believed, which few here do.”

    Same worn out rebuttal. I work and my work is a passion and a lifestyle. I don’t plan on ever retiring. I call what I do semi-retired green prepping. Too bad you haven’t listened to my REAL Green

    “BTW: How is your clown government managing the increasing coronavirus cases? I hear they just imported more from cruise ships riddled with the virus. Stupid is as stupid does.”

    It coming here makato1 and I will face it. I expect it will be bad in some places especially the mega American cities. I don’t deny shit like you who is pretending Asia is going up and West down BS

    “Then there is the regular flu that is killing thousands of Amerikans this year.”

    No shit stupid but it is not shutting down economies. Get a grip on what a pandemic is. You are not very bright.

    “How about that flooding south of you? A replete of 2019? Has the $70,000,000,000.00 drug problem decreased in the police state?

    Big deal?? Flooding is a normal occurrence here. You should know that. $70 what ever number you came up with??? Are you drunk already?

    “ How about the current Amerikan recession that is turning into a depression?”

    LOL, not as bad as EU and Asia, makato1! We are going down to but so far following

    “Fun times ahead, Davy. Enjoy!”

    I am younger than you and green prepping. LOL. Drink yourself into a stupor and you will feel better. Talk to your family on Bookface and maybe you will not be so lonely! LOL. Stupid old man!!

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