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Page added on May 25, 2010

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China Plans World’s Largest Dam in Tibet

China is well known for its massive projects from ancient to modern times and is now planning the world’s largest dam in Tibet. This newly planned megastructure will be larger than the gargantuan Three Gorges Dam, recently completed. That dam holds enough water to slightly change the spin of the Earth.

Tibet is a mountainous area and home to mightly rivers, some flowing into China and some southwards into India and Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra is the target of this latest hydroelectric scheme. The river in Tibet is known as the Tsangpo.

While the official Chinese government neither confirms nor denies the overall plans for the area, it is reputed that a total of 28 dams are planned for the Brahmaputra.

Tibet’s resources will be converted into economic advantage,” Yan Zhiyong, the general manager of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group, told China Energy News earlier this year. “The major technical constraints on damming the Yarlung Tsampo have been overcome.” He declined the Guardian’s request for an interview, saying the subject was too sensitive.Guardian


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