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Page added on June 10, 2018

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China delivers first batch of crucial parts to int’l fusion power project

Alternative Energy

China has completed the first batch of magnet supports, a key component for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project, or ITER. On Saturday, these devices made their debut in the city of Zunyi in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.

“Magnets are necessary for the project. We need strong support working in a severe environment with a very strong magnetic field and very low temperature. The design and manufacturing of such supports are very difficult,” Luo Delong, director of ITER China Domestic Agency, told CGTN.

These sophisticated devices have been developed by the Southwestern Institute of Physics located in Chengdu City. After eight years’ efforts, they are ready for delivery to the project’s headquarters in France before long.

The magnet supports, the first basic components to be installed in the plant, will support the overall tokamak gravity load of 10,000 tons and withstand the unprecedented large electromagnetic loads experienced by the magnets.

The first batch of magnet supports, consisting of different modes, designed and manufactured by China, will be delivered soon to the  ITER project’s headquarters in France. /CGTN Photo

“The completion of this batch of products is a milestone. It means that we have made technical breakthroughs, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to deliver the remaining magnet supports on time,” said Liu Yong, president of the institute.

Jointly funded by the EU, US, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and India, ITER is the largest international scientific cooperation project in the world. It is committed to exploring the commercial use of fusion power to make the world’s power supply sustainable. On completion, the fusion reactor is supposed to generate electricity in a process similar to the nuclear fusion that powers the sun.

ITER is the largest international scientific cooperation project in the world, with its members including the EU, US, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea and India. /CGTN Photo

“Fusion is a very stable process, the only thing you need is water. Meanwhile, it’s safe, the risk is very low compared with fission,” said Cornelis Beemsterboer, a senior engineer of ITER.

As a country with large energy consumption, China joined the ambitious scheme in 2006. Over the past decade, China has played an active role in terms of both funding and cultivation of research experts.

“Making such products (magnet supports) maybe unbelievable a few years ago. But you can see that during these years, China has made great improvements by working together (with us) and finally made it,” said Beemsterboer.

An employee works to manufacture related products to be delivered to the project’s headquarters in France. /Photo via ITER China Domestic Agency

Among the 140 procurement packages, China undertakes 18 of them, covering most of the crucial parts of the project. In January, China started to ship four vapor suppression tanks, each weighing about 100 tons, to France, which arrived at the destination in April.

According to ITER’s plan, the first operational test is scheduled for the year of 2025, while the full operation is slated for 2035.


22 Comments on "China delivers first batch of crucial parts to int’l fusion power project"

  1. LetStupidCanadaDie on Sun, 10th Jun 2018 8:07 pm 

    As always Canada is not part of it. Canada the land of losers and mentally retarded. Canada the land of loser that cannot build anything or accomplish anything.

    Canada the land that loves destroying men ingenuity and initiative by promoting women right above and beyond everything else and making any male behavior such as initiative a crime.

  2. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Jun 2018 9:45 pm 

    Break even on energy used?
    Please, it will be 20 years away– like in 1950, or 2018.

  3. Anonymouse1 on Sun, 10th Jun 2018 10:04 pm 

    In this articles own words….

    “It (ITER) is committed to exploring the commercial use of fusion power to make the world’s power supply sustainable.

    Couple things.

    Nuclear FISSION, is not, nor will it ever be, a commercial success. Good luck trying to make fusion (power) commercially viable.

    Nuclear fusion, even if it did exist as its proponents perpetually hope for, would do not a damn thing to make power generation ‘sustainable’. Not financially, not technically. If anything, it would do the exact opposite.

    In a couple decades the world will have spent nearly a full century ‘exploring’ the practical application of fusion power (lol), with nothing to show for it. Well, ok, maybe some well have some new data on the esoteric properties of plasma physics and a lot of very specialized niche equipment only applicable and useful for fusion research laying around, and such, but that’s about it.

    That said, no reason for China, or anyone else with money to burn, not to get a piece of the pie.

  4. Ghung on Sun, 10th Jun 2018 11:02 pm 

    Twelve years, $15+ billion, and they haven’t even installed the reactor foundation supports yet?


  5. JuanP on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 12:04 am 

    ITER is irrefutable proof of human stupidity. Technology won’t solve the problems we created using technology. I wish we could all go back to the Stone Age. I know life was more physically challenging then, but I have no doubt that it was more rewarding, too.

  6. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 1:20 am 

    I’m not sure if it is desirable to have fusion to work. But many around here dismiss the possibility too easy.

    Meanwhile a stone throw from where I live:

    On Wednesday 21 March 2018, the research facility Magnum-PSI at DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) set a new world record for longest exposure of a material to the harsh plasma conditions in future fusion reactors. Magnum-PSI exposed tungsten wall components to the equivalent of a full year of high power fusion operations in the future ITER reactor, 50 times more than the previous record. The exposure took only 18 hours to complete and shows Magnum-PSI’s unique capability to investigate how materials hold up under a sizeable part of their lifetime in ITER.

    This is just an example of the steady progress that is being made all around the world.

    Eventually, discharges lasted up to 6 s, reaching an injected energy of 4 MJ, which is twice the limit originally agreed for the limiter configuration employed during the first operational campaign.

  7. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 1:55 am 

    Canada burned down the White House.

    In 1812.

  8. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 1:59 am 

    You could get wayyyyy more energy
    from a medium-sized tire fire,
    than you’ll ever get out of ITER.

    and the stupid EPA put out the tire fire. morons.

  9. Anonymouse1 on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 3:06 am 

    Damn big gubmint nanny state liberals and their damn fire hoses eh GSR? And if anyone would have let that fire burn itself out, no matter how long it took, it would be texASS.

    But no, the nanny do-godders had to come along with there fire extinguishers and put out that pilot T2E (Tire-to-Energy) co-generation power plant just when things were warming up.

  10. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 5:40 am 

    I once saw a gigantic dumpster fire
    at 2AM going South on I-5 and pulled over
    the pickup truck to take a look see.

    It was a damn big dumpster and the whole
    thing was glowing orange. Gigantic rooster
    tail of black smoke billowing into the
    night sky. Could see it in the moonlight.

    Enjoying watching it burn baby burn.

    It was a carpet & floor company lots of
    glues and solvents.

    Along comes the goddam fire company,
    shooting it with water to put the fire
    in the dumpster out.

    And it took one hell of a lot of water.
    For quite a while, shooting that water
    into there it didn’t make any difference.
    I’m just saying when the whole giant
    dumpster is orange hot, that’s saying something.

    For waht reason they put it out?
    Why? Dumb idea.
    You will then have a gigantic pile of
    water-soaked toxic sludge.

    If they had just let it burn baby burn,
    not only woudl we get to enjoy all that
    black smoke, but the dumpster would emerge
    clean as a whistle, probably shoot with
    a coat of paint and keep using it. OR
    take it to the scrap yard, but at least it
    would be clean metal.

    The fire department settles into dumb
    habits because, well, they aren’t very smart. They see fire, they shoot a
    hose at it.

    But that wouldn’t actually be the correct
    choice, in at least some situations.

    Same for tire fires. Let it burn baby burn.

    Black smoke good for America, makes America
    Great Again.

    Example. See this steam engine belching
    out black smoke.

    So when we had the steam engine and the
    black smoke, America was Great.

    Logically, therefore,
    Black smoke makes America Great Again.
    Lobby your local fire department to
    NOT put out backyard sofa and tire fires.

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 3:13 pm 

    GSR, when in your life did this all-encompassing, nay, consuming fascination with sofas and tires beging?

    Curious minds like to know.

  12. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 4:13 pm 

    It all began when I gave a great big bag of plastic garbage to somebody and said “you could get rid of this
    by tossing onto that bonfire”. And that person actually
    did so! Cool, get to enjoy the results without doing
    the deed. The toxic cloud of black smoke hugged the ground and sent the yard party attendees running in
    all directions so they wouldn’t choke on the acrid fumes.

    This was such a fun spectacle that, similar to drug addiction, it had to be repeated over and over,
    AND at progressively higher dosages.
    At this point, it’s necessary to stack at least 2 sofas, with 3 tires on top, of it just doesn’t satisfy.

    AND there has to be some neighbors nearby who will yell over the fence about the clouds of smoke, to
    complete the satisfying experience.

    Now fast forward to the modern scene, with energy
    shortages, oil depletion, and stupid moronic ideas
    like a 10,000 ton copper fusion reactor, that will never
    produce enough energy to light a Christmas bulb.

    What’s the result? S2E or Sofa’s to Energy. This is
    also known as garbage incineration facilities.
    We should build hundreds of such facilities AND world
    wide, to stop plastic garbage from killing the ocean
    wildlife. And we can do this now that Trump is
    President and anything goes.

    And to think it all started with one bag of trash on
    just one bonfire.

    Hope your having a tulip kind of day, in Holland
    and Clogster best wishes from the land of
    fat idiots who elect Trump to be their leader.

    I did like the part where trump tells that Angela Merkel
    and her ISIS immigrants to go to hell at G7.
    Wasn’t that the cool part ???

  13. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 5:28 pm 

    Thanks for taking the time for your elaborate answer GSR. I did indeed have a “tulip kind of day”, meaning yet another day off, otherwise I never get rid of my paid 30 vacation days per year. Went to the forest and ran my old standard route of 6660m in 35 minutes. Last year my best time was 60 minutes. So that is almost twice as fast. You could say I have my mid-life crises late in life 🙂

    Regarding the G7… I do support Trump 100%. He is right that trade should be balanced. Merkel admited yesterday in a German talk show that Trump wanted Putin back in the G8 “in the interest of world peace”, proving that Trump is honest and still the same as the one during the campaign.

    I hope Trump and Putin meet each other soon and make a big show out of it, like with 1000 sofas on the Red Square or something.

    Best wishes to the US.

  14. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 5:37 pm 

    Oh almost forgot:

    Fuck Robert de Niro!

  15. MASTERMIND on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 5:54 pm 


    Average tariff rates charged by G-7 nations:

    USA: 1.6%
    EU: 1.6%
    UK: 1.6%
    Italy: 1.6%
    Germany: 1.6%
    France: 1.6%
    Japan: 1.4%
    Canada: 0.8%

    Source: World Bank

    Trade is balanced you fucking moron..You will believe anything an authoritarian tells you…No questioning, no common sense,..You are dumb as a brick..

  16. MASTERMIND on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 5:58 pm 


    what are you going to do when the oil apocalypse hits soon? Putin won’t be able to save you? LOL

    I hope you are sodomized and eaten..

  17. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 7:29 pm 

    Hi Clogster,
    Even in the middle of the battle, it’s difficult
    to tell what are the two sides.

    It seems like Hillary represents some sort of
    elitist super-rich club of wealthy liberal leftists.

    Also known as limousine liberals. They care only
    about amassing power and having the gold and
    the jewels kept shiny in their royal palace, sitting
    on their thrones with a crown on their head.

    The Hillary limousine liberals also have a hatred of
    Russia and Putin. It seems manufactured and
    unnecessary form of hostility.

    Trump is the other side, he is not part of their club.
    As the ordinary folks don’t like the limousine
    liberals, they are happy to let Trump do his thing,
    whatever that is. It seems like Trump might be a shill
    of the Russian Government, but since Hillary is an
    ugly old bitch, why should I care?

    So Trump keeps going, like a battle tank.

  18. Boat on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 7:30 pm 


    Take a breath and repeat. The US trade balance with the world is negative 556 billion. Now go do a study.

    The US has like 40 million foreign born immigrants. In a world of population overshoot 0 is a better goal. Do a study.

  19. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 7:32 pm 

    Yeah Robert De Niro seems to be
    excessively liberal. He is missing the
    big picture. No matter what his politics,
    he is better off, to not discuss it.
    That way more people like him and
    his movies sell better.

    Taylor Swift understands this, she doesn’t
    talk politics to her fan base.

    As she is my girlfriend, I am very proud of
    her discipline in that area.

    All Robert De Niro will do,
    is shrink his fan base. Foolish.

  20. MASTERMIND on Mon, 11th Jun 2018 7:41 pm 


    Almost half of our fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or children of Google for example..Sorry you white trash are the ones who need to be deported..

  21. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Jun 2018 1:47 pm 

    “Trade is balanced Clogmeister, sir”

    No it isn’t, you fokking moron.

    Last year, the EU had a $151 billion trade surplus with the U.S. China ran a $376 billion trade surplus with the U.S., the largest in history. The world sold the US $796 billion more in goods than the US sold to the world.

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