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Page added on October 7, 2018

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BP: Energy transition

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BP invests in developing biogas projects and offtakes from carbon capture projects. BP is also actively involved in renewable power and fuel certificates markets to help businesses demonstrate the use of renewable energy. BP’s AA credit rating and risk management products can help developers who are seeking project financing.

North America

Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)

RINs are the currency of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) regulated by the EPA which mandates that obligated parties must blend a certain percentage of US fuels from renewable sources into petroleum gasoline and diesel.  Compliance is achieved by blending renewable fuels into transportation fuel, generating credits (called “Renewable Identification Numbers”, or RINs) to meet an EPA-specified Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO).

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

As part of our extensive portfolio, BP also offers renewable natural gas developers access to California Vehicle Fuel Providers. This access creates Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits which are sold to meet compliance obligations and reach voluntary GHG reduction targets. Suppliers who join the scheme may generate LCFS credits (representing a 1 tonne reduction in GHG emissions from the life cycle of fuel production). To encourage firms to innovate lower carbon technology, an auction reserve price is in place, which will increase annually in line with inflation.

Clean Energy biogas supply

In 2017, BP acquired the upstream portion of Clean Energy’s biogas business and signed a long-term supply contract with Clean Energy to support Clean’s continuing downstream biogas business. The deal enables both companies to accelerate the growth in biogas supply and help meet the growing demand of the natural gas vehicle fuel sector.

Under terms of the agreement, BP purchased Clean Energy’s existing biomethane production facilities, its share of two new facilities and its existing third party supply contracts for renewable natural gas. Clean Energy continues to have access to a secure and expanding supply to sell to the growing customer base of its  renewable natural gas fuel through a long-term supply contract with BP. Clean Energy will also be able to expand its customer base at its North American network of natural gas fuelling stations, allowing customers to take advantage of the ease and affordability of switching to a fuel that is both renewable and can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The biogas used is produced entirely from organic waste.  As a fuel for compressed natural gas vehicle fleets, including heavy-duty trucks, it is estimated to result in 70 percent lower GHG emissions than equivalent gasoline or diesel fuelled vehicles.

The business generates carbon credits known as RINs as well as LCFS Credits in California.  BP’s acquisition enables both BP and Clean Energy to accelerate growth in renewable natural gas supply and meet the growing demand of the natural gas vehicle sector. BP’s access to Clean’s fueling network will allow key developers to capture both RIN and LCFS income. BP’s offtake capability and strong balance sheet will help developers access project financing. Clean Energy will focus on expanding their network and working with fleet owners on converting their vehicles to environmentally friendly CNG or LNG fuel usage. BP is now one of the largest suppliers of renewable natural gas to the US & Canadian transportation sector, providing access through Clean Energy’s more than 500 CNG/LNG fuelling stations.

Aria Energy Joint Ventures

In December 2017, BP formed a joint venture with Aria Energy for the biogas production facilities acquired as part of the Clean Energy acquisition. Under the joint venture, Aria has responsibility for operations, maintenance and administration of the biomethane production facilities in Canton, Michigan, and North Shelby, Tennessee, and will continue development, engineering and construction of new facilities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Atlanta, Georgia. BP will provide marketing and distribution services for the facilities.


10 Comments on "BP: Energy transition"

  1. dave thompson on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 9:24 am 

    “BP: Energy transition” LOL

  2. Anonymouse1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 12:54 pm 

    Have you ever seen such bullshit? I mean, besides anything cloggraham and the exceptionaltard post that is.

    The above, is pure unrefined, corporate level bullshit. The GOOD stuff.

    ‘Low Carbon fuel’ (They do know they are talking diesel about and gas-o-leen, right? That stuff is DIRTY.
    ‘Renewable sources’ (whatever this is supposed to mean
    ‘Clean Energy’ See Renewable sources.
    ‘Biogas’ LoL. Might be a code word for fraked NG, or, tractor fuel derived from cowshit, or just plain bullshit, who knows?

    BP Cares*

    *(About its corporate green-washing)

  3. Davy on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 1:22 pm 

    “Have you ever seen such bullshit? I mean, besides anything”

    Most of your comments are as a matter fact. You rarely say anything of substance, anone1.

  4. Dredd on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 2:02 pm 

    “BP” = biggest polluter.

    Oilah Akbar ..

  5. Anontarded1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 2:57 pm 

    anontarded (pbuh, swt), why u bother supertard (pbuh, swt)? aswange (pbuh, swt) the tard doesnt bother u? he said some few dozens phils died of malaria. what wrong with this statement? what does this say about the state of health care in phils (lacking of supertards)?

  6. makati1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 7:39 pm 

    Anonnut… 70 dead from malaria per year in the Philippines.

    US causes of death annually:

    Heart disease: 635,260
    Cancer: 598,038
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 154,596
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 142,142
    Alzheimer’s disease: 116,103
    Diabetes: 80,058
    Influenza and pneumonia: 51,537
    Nephritis, nephrosis: 50,046

    What does that say about the most expensive deathcare in the world? America is Number One! LMAO

  7. Anontarded1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 9:08 pm 

    aswange (pbuh, swt), 71 deaths from malaria is too many and also suspect.
    supertards (pbuh, swt) has exactly zero malaria death.

    The reason being people don’t die from malaria.

    tallying malaria death is a sign of incompetence (due to lacking of supertards).

    you’re a high school drop out and I’m a tard and former paultard. i had a BA with concerntration in physics

  8. makati1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 10:22 pm 

    Anontarded1 , you one live brain cell must fell lonely.

  9. makati1 on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 10:23 pm 

    Correction: Anontarded1, you have zero live brain cells.

  10. Here we go again on Mon, 8th Oct 2018 8:46 am 

    What happened to Beyond Petroleum?
    Loved the film on the Deepwater Horizon with Kurt Russell…..can’t wait for their next diaster for another movie.

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