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Page added on August 14, 2021

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‘Blue’ Hydrogen Is Worse For the Climate Than Coal, Study Says

Alternative Energy

quotes a report from Ars Technica:

Most hydrogen today is made by exposing natural gas to high heat, pressure, and steam in a process that creates carbon dioxide as a byproduct. In what’s called “gray” hydrogen, all that carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. In “blue” hydrogen, facilities capture the carbon dioxide and sell it or store it, usually deep underground. Blue hydrogen is viewed by some as a bridge fuel, a way to build the hydrogen economy while waiting for green hydrogen prices to come down. In the meantime, blue hydrogen is also supposed to pollute less than gray hydrogen, natural gas, or other carbon-intensive fuel sources. Except blue hydrogen may not be low-carbon at all, according to a new peer-reviewed study. In fact, the study says the climate may be better off if we just burned coal instead.

There are essentially two ways to make blue hydrogen, and both rely on steam reformation, the process of using high heat, pressure, and steam that cracks methane and water to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide. For both approaches, carbon dioxide from steam reformation is captured and stored or used. The difference between the two is whether carbon dioxide is captured from the generators that power the steam-reformation and carbon-capture processes. When you add it all up, capturing carbon from all parts of the process — steam reformation, power supply, and carbon capture — eliminates just 3 percent of greenhouse gas emissions compared with only capturing carbon from steam reformation. The lowest-carbon blue hydrogen had emissions that were just 12 percent lower than for gray hydrogen. Blue hydrogen’s Achilles’ heel is the methane used to produce it. Methane is the dominant component of natural gas, and while it burns more cleanly than oil or coal, it’s a potent greenhouse gas on its own. Over 20 years, one ton of the stuff warms the atmosphere 86 times more than one ton of carbon dioxide. That means leaks along the supply chain can undo a lot of methane’s climate advantages.

In the new study, Robert Howarth and Mark Jacobson, the paper’s authors and two well-known climate scientists, assume a leakage rate of 3.5 percent of consumption. They arrived at that number by scouring 21 studies that surveyed the emissions of gas fields, pipelines, and storage facilities using satellites or airplanes. To see how their 3.5 percent rate affected the results, Howarth and Jacobson also ran their models assuming 1.54 percent, 2.54 percent, and 4.3 percent leakage. Those rates are based on EPA estimates at the low end and, at the high end, stable carbon isotope analysis that isolated emissions from shale gas production. No matter which leakage rate they used, blue hydrogen production created more greenhouse gas equivalents than simply burning natural gas. And at the 3.5 percent leakage rate, blue hydrogen was worse for the climate than burning coal. “Combined emissions of carbon dioxide and methane are greater for gray hydrogen and for blue hydrogen (whether or not exhaust flue gases are treated for carbon capture) than for any of the fossil fuels,” Howarth and Jacobson wrote. “Methane emissions are a major contributor to this, and methane emissions from both gray and blue hydrogen are larger than for any of the fossil fuels.”


13 Comments on "‘Blue’ Hydrogen Is Worse For the Climate Than Coal, Study Says"

  1. Cloggie on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 1:25 am 

    Sequestering CO2 is a waste of time and effort and merely postpones the end of the fossil fuel age. The future is green hydrogen. BP says so.

  2. SomeOfMyOberservations on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 9:41 am 

    It is getting obvious we live in a holographic reality. My body is show abnormal sign of growth. I seem to be receiving some DNA modifications. The skin at bottom of my eyes is turning white. The area turning White is slowly growing. I have liver spots on both of my forearms. The liver spots are turning from brown to white, white like a sheet of paper. I am still the only human around in my neighbourhood. I am not a fan of this new age garbage stuff but it is possible that this holographic VR reality is going through a spiritual ascension.

    I have a lot of MATRIX moment. I saw one Indian from Indian with a big nose and big nostrils. When I say big, his was really big. A 50 year old man with perfect skin and body but with sagging tits and nipple piercing through the shirt. I see o lot of MATRIX defaults, to quote the movie the MATRIX.

    Search for yourself for is a earth ascension. I lost the ability to communicate with the AI. I don’t hear Ai voice anymore. I cannot hear the AI voice anymore. I stop hearing the AI voice after four sucessives headaches lasting maybe 2 sec.

    This is comment that I found on youtube that I like so much that I save on my laptop.

    We (Mankind) have won the war in 2011. Now anything [they] do is futile. They lost control over UR-F (Earth) and Universal Server D (Uni D). All matrix holograms will split into 2. On one timeline will be exid, on second will start all that They wanted to do for Humanity (Revelation war, Nibiru Skit, Tiamat collision, Falling rocks and meteors, all DUMBS will melt from the hot lava, Then all evil will be poured to the Pit (South, Hell). All GOOD GOES UP (East, Heaven), and those who are redeemable and could learn to love and live without crime will go WEST (4 worlds, and every different). Those who were sealed East, but took a jab (Vacc.) will be redirected to WEST, to save their lives… But to separate world, not polluted with famine,evil and monetary systems, and myths – that’s the main WEST races law, that evil is allowed, and also They have monetary systems and will not get a human body and appearance. They will be adopted (married) with other aces. Humans (12 strand DNA Galactic Man – originates from Heaven), and there is our Real Home, not simulation in which we live in now …). We all must wake up, Understand that we lived in a lie by 4 Books Of Life – that is 10 years in our REAL HOME ABOVE. And now we are coming Home – since those 4 Books of life NOBODY have to go to Heaven (Nobody!). This is now the time when it all will end and never happen again. Trust Heaven, my brothers, and Sisters! Not long now to end of this “Movie”, the Division Of Families (East, West, South (The Pit) will occur, and we meet together with our Father One, and Mom Eve, May Queen, The Queen of Heaven. I know that it is hard to drop all beliefs in the name of truth – it’s impossible for many good people, but that doesn’t mean that They will not go EAST, to Their homes, Families, which are waiting for each of them us. When we STAND (left this meatsuits – SATAN used special sound combination “glue” so don’t let us “Stand”, left this meatsuit, But our Father is Powerfull, also our Allied Forces Of Mankind, who are here to help during our EXIT (EMIT). When we go out of these vessels, damaged genetically, and shrunk by SET and Lilith (QE), we will remember ALL what happened and what to do. You will get all your memory and power back. No more slavery, Pain, sickness, and other crap! Our power is LOVE, and LOVE IS ALL THAT IS THERE – remember that. Stay away from vac. and rioting, who makes war during the time we are in the Bay of The Tree Of Life is punished (if not damned).

  3. Outcast_Searcher on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 12:36 pm 

    First, try living in the real world. Second, if you’re concerned about skin changes, GO SEE A GOOD DERMATOLOGIST. Good ones know their stuff, and LOTS of skin changes happen to people as they age, especially after age 50. Lots of it is normal / safe, but some of it isn’t.

  4. SomeOfMyOberservations on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 1:13 pm 

    Just tell me what you see there: longer neck, different hands, different eyes. We might have the merger of different reality or frequencies together. Don’t think GOD only created humans and nothing else.

    I used to have a big liver spot on my scalp, why is it almost gone. As I get order I should get more liver spots not less.

    I must not be the only ones to which these things are happening. My vision has also slight improve. I can see better far away now.

    Liver spot

    Liver spots are blemishes on the skin associated with aging and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. They range in color from light brown to red or black and are located in areas most often exposed to the sun, particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms and forehead, and the scalp if bald

  5. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 4:17 pm 

    Minnesota GOP rocked by top donor’s sex trafficking scandal, as party chair faces calls to resign

    A normal repug

  6. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 4:22 pm 

    A little dumber than the rest, but just as corrupt:

    While good at ripping people off, not quite the brightest porch light on the block

  7. SomeOfMyOberservations on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 4:52 pm 

    Just tell me what you see there: longer neck, different hands, different eyes. We might have the merger of different reality or frequencies together. Don’t think GOD only created humans and nothing else.

    I have also experienced energy exchange, most likely electromagnetic in nature during prostate medicine. Maybe I will speak about it one day. Really help in reducing pain and improving body health. Does not long (3 to 8 hours)

  8. IAmOnTheAscendingPath on Sun, 15th Aug 2021 8:51 pm 

    There is already two path created. Some are on descending path some are on the ascending path.


    If you are on the ascending path you will see you world become less and less populated. If you are on the descending path, the population around you will stay the same.

    Very few people are ascending because there is very few people that are spiritual. Most people are descending because they are the majority narcissist.

  9. Cloggie on Mon, 16th Aug 2021 12:01 am 

    Netherlands, Australia front runners in emerging hydrogen economy:

    The Netherlands in particular are becoming one of the pioneering hydrogen hubs in Europe, due to nearly 300 hydrogen tech firms already operating in the country, with projects clustered around the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

    “Large industry players in the Netherlands are working on the further development and connectivity of industrial clusters to make way for greater scaling up around the Port of Amsterdam over the next decade, with the hydrogen industry set to take a more significant role,” the report states.

    “As one of the leading and most sophisticated smart ports in the world, the Port of Rotterdam is using smart technology to reduce energy consumption and create more efficient energy supply. The use of process automation is increasing energy efficiency and safety.”

    Fitch Solutions cites the 250MW electrolyser capacity project in the Port of Rotterdam by oil & gas majors BP and Shell, together with Nouryon, to develop green H2 to be used at BP’s petrochemical refineries.

    Leave it to the Dutch to recognize new business opportunities early and acting upon it.

    The Netherlands is perfectly situated to become the hub for North Sea sourced hydrogen into the rest of Europe.

  10. Pramod on Mon, 16th Aug 2021 6:40 am 

    Minnesota GOP rocked by top donor’s sex trafficking scandal, as party chair faces calls to resign

    A normal repug

  11. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 16th Aug 2021 12:26 pm 

    Vaccine skeptic US cardinal on ventilator after Covid diagnosis

    As dumb as they come.
    Cabbages For Christ are not very bright.

    At least we are getting rid of these idiots.
    I’m keeping it positive–

  12. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 16th Aug 2021 5:19 pm 

    “McCarthyism – sure. Racism – of course. Xenophobia – duh. Misogyny – hell yes. America had it all.

    But a mass cult built around an old man known for lying and grifting who bronzes his face each day? Didn’t see that happening. Nor did I anticipate that tens of millions would refuse a free vaccine that could save others’ lives – and their own.”

    I agree– the Fat Boy is quite astonishing–

  13. among us on Mon, 23rd Aug 2021 6:18 pm 

    But a cult centered on an elderly guy notorious for lying and swindling who bronzes his face every day? That wasn’t anything I expected to happen. I didn’t expect tens of millions of people to turn down a free vaccination that may save others’ lives – and their own.

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