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News from February 2004

THE Saudi Arabian Oil Miracle

THE Saudi Arabian Oil Miracle thumbnail

Focusing on Saudi Arabia, Simmons said all of its super giant oil fields were now

Lazy guide to net culture: Feeling peaky

Lazy guide to net culture: Feeling peaky thumbnail

If only they had waited they could have listed in this guide to peakoil websites.

An adviser to the Bush administration on energy matters, Matthew Simmons, has described the problem of cheap oil running out (known as “peak oil”) as “the world’s biggest serious question”.

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@Pauladrien I wouldn't bet. We have been expecting #PeakOil since the 1970s. Anyway, let's stay tuned.

Trump wants to go to WAR with #Venezuela. Not because he gives a shit about Venezuelans but, because it is an oil nation. Trump's about control of oil - stealing it even. He has said it over and over. He is mad the US didn't take all of Iraq's. #peakoil #Saudi #Putin #Alaska

@jeremyscahill love the coverage of Venezuela you’re doing but will you do a podcast w/ @richardheinberg to discuss in more depth the critical value of oil - #peakoil in our lives? Thanks.