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Page added on December 31, 2015

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What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?

What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016? thumbnail

Each year more than one trillion dollars goes up in smoke. More accurately, it is stolen from the middle and working classes and shipped off to the one percent. I am talking about the massive yearly bill to maintain the US empire. Washington’s warmongers have sold the lie that the military budget has been gutted under President Obama, but even when the “Sequester” was in effect military spending continued to increase. Only the pace of increase was reduced, not actual spending.

None of this trillion dollars taken from us is spent to keep us safe, despite what politicians say. In fact, this great rip-off actually makes us less safe and more vulnerable to a terrorist attack thanks to resentment overseas at our interventions and to the blowback it produces.

The money is spent to maintain existing conflicts and to create new areas of conflict overseas that in turn feeds the demands for more military spending. It is an endless cycle of theft and deceit.

Billions were spent not long ago overthrowing an elected government in Ukraine and provoking Russia. A new Cold War is a bonanza for the military industrial complex, the pro-war think tanks, and the politicians. NATO is on the move in eastern Europe, placing heavy weapons right on Russia’s border and then blaming the Russians when they complain about the rising militarism. NATO military exercises on Russia’s border have increased and become more confrontational.

In the Middle East, more billions have been spent attempting to overthrow the secular government of Syria over the past five years. The big winners in this grand scheme have been the Islamist extremists, who are funded directly and indirectly by the US and its allies. NATO is planning to go back into Libya, an admission that its 2011 “liberation” of that country has been a disaster.

In Asia, the US empire challenges and provokes China, sending military ships and aircraft into territory China claims in the South China Sea. How much will they continue to escalate before China gets fed up?

The more money sent to the Pentagon and other parts of the Washington war apparatus, the more danger we are in.

Meanwhile, almost all of the presidential candidates promise more military spending and more war if they are elected. Did no one tell them we are broke and making enemies fast with our interventions? Do they think Fed-created money will really continue to fuel the US empire indefinitely?

What are the prospects for a u-turn toward peace and prosperity in 2016? We must be realistic. Presently the numbers are not on our side. But the good news is we do not need a majority to succeed in our fight for peace and liberty. We need only a dedicated and uncompromising critical mass to make great headway.

What can we do to work for peace in 2016? First we must tune out the lying propaganda served up by the US mainstream media. We must educate ourselves so that we can help educate others. We can be sure to tune in and support alternative sources of news and analysis like the Ron Paul Liberty Report,,, and many others. We can tell others about the wealth of truth available to those who seek and question. We must not compromise and never accept the lesser of two evils.

If the people demand peace, the politicians will follow. Let’s demand peace in 2016!

9 Comments on "What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?"

  1. makati1 on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 6:52 am 

    “What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?”

    About the same as that of the moon crashing into the earth. Zero.

    First, you have to educate the masses so they understand what you are saying, Then you have to pry them off their couches and do something. But that too has a zero chance of happening in 2016 or any other time.

    Why? Those who are on the government teat (50%+) don’t want to rock the boat. Another 10-15% don’t see anything wrong with their lives. They are the stock holders of the M.I.C. corporations. The rest are just lazy. Maybe 1% see what is happening and may be trying to change the country’s direction, but it is like trying to hold back the tides.

    It will take that 2X4 of reality to hit them between the eyes and drive them to their knees before they will see what has been done to them. Then it will be too late.

  2. bug on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 7:47 am 

    Somewhat silly article. When was the period of total peace? Tribes in Africa and the Middle East constantly battle, gangs in big cities today, always. Australopithicus was clubbing neighbors since before he climbed from the trees.
    Hell, before we arrived crows and hawks battled it out, it is in all creatures dna.

  3. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 8:44 am 

    The Chances for Peace in 2016= The Square Root of Fuck All

  4. paulo1 on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 8:47 am 

    You guys nailed it. I would imagine there will be a bigger conflict if the economy tanks.

  5. Dredd on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 9:20 am 

    What are the prospects for a u-turn toward peace and prosperity in 2016? We must be realistic

    It is a matter of how much peace.

    Like sea level change (The Extinction of Robust Sea Ports – 2).

  6. penury on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 9:37 am 

    The prospects for peace would be infintesimal except that I do not think they are that good.

  7. JuanP on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 12:34 pm 

    America has dug its own grave,

  8. onlooker on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 12:35 pm 

    I would say Juan that applies to the entire planet.

  9. JuanP on Thu, 31st Dec 2015 7:12 pm 

    Yes, onlooker, no doubt. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are all fucked.
    “What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?” The answer to that is there is absolutely no chance that next year will be more peaceful than this.

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