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Page added on March 17, 2017

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Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem.

Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem. thumbnail

Facing a bread shortage that is spawning massive lines and souring the national mood, the Venezuelan government is responding this week by detaining bakers and seizing establishments.

In a press release, the National Superintendent for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights said it had charged four people and temporarily seized two bakeries as the socialist administration accused bakers of being part of a broad “economic war” aimed at destabilizing the country.

In a statement, the government said the bakers had been selling underweight bread and were using price-regulated flour to illegally make specialty items, like sweet rolls and croissants.

The government said bakeries are only allowed to produce French bread and white loaves, or pan canilla, with government-imported flour. However, in a tweet on Thursday, price control czar William Contreras said only 90 percent of baked goods had to be price-controlled products.

Two bakeries were also seized for 90 days for breaking a number of rules, including selling overpriced bread.Juan Crespo, the president of the Industrial Flour Union called Sintra-Harina, which represents 9,000 bakeries nationwide, said the government’s heavy hand isn’t going to solve the problem.


“The government isn’t importing enough wheat,” he said. “If you don’t have wheat, you don’t have flour, and if you don’t have flour, you don’t have bread.”

He said the country needs four, 30-ton boats of wheat every month to cover basic demand.

The notion that bread could become an issue in Venezuela is one more indictment of an economic system gone bust. The country boasts the world’s largest oil reserves but it has to import just about everything else. Facing a cash crunch, the government has dramatically cut back imports, sparking shortages, massive lines and fueling triple-digit inflation.

Earlier this week, President Nicolás Maduro launched “Plan 700” against what he called a “bread war,” ordering officials to do spot checks of bakeries nationwide. In the plan, the government said it would not allow people to stand in line for bread but it’s unclear how it might enforce the order.

“The government is doing everything in its power to end the bread lines,” Crespo said, “but they’re looking at the whole thing backwards.”

Crespo said he’d been in touch with several union members in Caracas and that most said they’d passed the inspection by simply opening their pantries.

“The bakeries are showing the authorities that they have no bread inventory,” he said. “The government has to see the reality.”

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19 Comments on "Venezuela has a bread shortage. The government has decided bakers are the problem."

  1. penury on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 10:21 am 

    The nice thing about being in charge is “when you screw up” there are always others to blame.

  2. GregT on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 12:14 pm 

    It’s the bankers who are the problem, not the bakers.

  3. Anonymous on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 1:04 pm 

    Look at the source. Us propaganda. Allegedly two bakeries in a country under attack by various forms forms of low level warfare by guess who?, the…United snakes, had some sort of issue with the government there. The details and circumstances and context of this earth shattering event, are likely not being reported anywhere near accurately either.

    Stop the presses. Two bakeries, oh noes. What does MH propose the uS ‘do’ about it I wonder? Send in the marines to make venezuela safe for ‘big bread’?

  4. Hello on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 2:55 pm 


    I KNEW IT.

    I was wondering how long it will take for the first idiot (mak or anon et al) to show up with claiming this to be the US’s fault.

    Oh you guys are priceless for retardedness.

  5. ________________________________________ on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 4:33 pm 

    Learn something new everyday. bakers produce wheat and mint money. Modern day Jesuses

  6. peakyeast on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 4:47 pm 

    Local overpopulation in action is what it is. “High tech” has partly failed – not even due to a real problem, but a human mental artifact.

    Otherwise they could easily feed themselves from what nature produces by itself.

  7. newfie on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 5:11 pm 

    Socialism in action.

  8. Dave Thompson on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 6:06 pm 

    Global corporate monetary and industrial repression since the US got upset at Hugo Chavez.

  9. Go Speed Racer on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 6:33 pm 

    The problems of the formerly middle class,
    It’s not the bansters after all,
    it’s the bakesters.
    Ha, so you don’t have enough bread,
    obviously the answer is to put all the
    bakers into prison. Then you will have lots
    of bread.

    Isn’t this sounding like the child’s fable?
    It was the little red hen.
    Who will grind the wheat for the bread?
    Not I said the dog, not I said the duck.

    Who will eat all this yummy fresh baked bread?
    I will said the dog, I will said the duck.
    And the hen said, phuck every one of you
    deadbeat liberal Hillary voters,I did all the
    work and will eat it all myself. And the hen
    ate all the bread, but the duck and the dog
    applied for SNAP cards to get bread without
    working. And they spent their welfare
    checks on legalized pot.

  10. makati1 on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 7:07 pm 

    Hello, keep showing your ignorance/denial of reality. Denial of the Empire’s hand in most of the ills of the current world may allow you to sleep at night, but reality is going to hit you in the face with that big 2X4 soon. Have you noticed the chaos in the $tates these days? Welcome to the 3rd world.

  11. makati1 on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 7:08 pm 

    Very good, GSR! lol

  12. Go Speed Racer on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 7:29 pm 

    Hi Makita, United Snakes is getting crazy.
    Way more homeless people in tents,
    frantic ex-middle-class bankrupted by a
    kidney stone.
    Sneering Mitt Romney type of rich white
    folks in Cadilllac Escalades.
    Stupid retards who park their Greyhound
    bus on a railroad track full of passengers.
    Twisted 11 year olds with video games
    and cellphones, but could never build
    a treehouse, can’t pound a single nail.
    Housing fraud is back.

    You can have a 75 inch flat screen,
    but you cannot have a friend worth
    inviting to dinner. Whole country
    is wrecked. Trump is perfect president
    for a ruined America.

  13. Sissyfuss on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 8:02 pm 

    Dave T, what happened to “shut it down?” People too busy with consuming large quantities?

  14. Dave Thompson on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 8:25 pm 

    LOL Sissyfuss if only it would catch on. I decided to keep a low profile they are watching me.

  15. Anonymous on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 9:41 pm 

    Its the War on Croissants, and the uS snake dept and langley wont rest until the venezuelan people have been liberated from tryanny of goverment mandated bread. Goverment should’nt be picking white bread and french bread. Let the ‘market’ decide.

    We can be sure, no level of the uS government has ever gone after bakers in the homeland.

    Or maybe they have?


    That baker embezzled that money fair and square, who is uS gov to say otherwise?

  16. dooma on Sat, 18th Mar 2017 6:22 pm 

    I wonder if the KSA are paying particular attention to this problem?

  17. Hello on Sun, 19th Mar 2017 12:06 pm 

    mak: but reality is going to hit you in the face with that big 2X4 soon

    Come on now mak. Don’t tell me in your hate of all american you still use inch for your lumber needs. BTW, isn’t cardboard and sheet metal the prefered building material in your 3rd world hole?

  18. drwater on Sun, 19th Mar 2017 4:37 pm 

    Next up –

    “Let them eat cake!”

    We all know what happens after that. Watch for the Venezuelan version of the French Revolution.

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