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Page added on December 23, 2013

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U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China thumbnail

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Head of Defense Export Control, Meir Shalit, resigned last week after the United States expressed anger over a decision he made to sell sensitive military equipment to China, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported on Sunday. At the time, Shalit did not provide a reason for his resignation.

Washington asserted that his authorization of the sale of a miniature cooling system for missiles was in direct violation of Israel’s preexisting obligations to the United States.

The conflict came as a result of differing interpretations of defense agreements between Israel and the U.S., according to the report. Israel claimed that the highly sensitive part was actually sold to a European company as part of a separate deal, but the Americans contended that the fact that it ultimately wound up in China is a breach of long-standing arrangements between Washington and Jerusalem.

Furthermore, there is fear among the Americans that this advanced technology has found its way from China to Iran.

About a month ago, according to Ma’ariv, American officials confronted Israel on the issue of how the part ended up in China. At this point, Shalit assumed full responsibility and said that he would resign. Over the past weekend while on a visit to the United States, Shalit personally apologized to American officials for authorizing the sale.

The cooling system is made by Ricor Systems, a worldwide leader in innovative cooler technology for the infrared, scientific instrumentation and semiconductor industries.

The past year has seen a significant boon in ties between Israel and China. The development of relations between the two countries was highlighted during a visit to Israel last week by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

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12 Comments on "U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China"

  1. Arthur on Mon, 23rd Dec 2013 10:09 pm 

    “It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.”

    Can’t exactly remember who said that again, maybe I will remember later.

    A similar thing happened after 9/11, when the ‘dancing Israelis’ fled to Israel after they were released on orders, ‘from above’, from the likes of Chertov and Alan Dershovitz.

    Another example was the transfer of nuclear knowledge from the US to the USSR.

  2. GregT on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 4:21 am 

    And who ever thought, that the centuries long plan was dead?

  3. Makati1 on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 5:37 am 

    Patience is a virtue held by almost everyone but Americas …

  4. Arthur on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 7:16 am 

    And then there is the Jonathan Pollard case:

  5. Arthur on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 7:23 am 

    In the past Israel also sold knowhow concerning one of the most prominent US military icons, the patriot missile, to China:

    So if the, ahem, neocons manage to bring the US into war with China, your kids are going to slaughtered by your own technology. It is the thought that counts.

  6. Arthur on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 7:36 am 

    And then there is the cases or Python and Arrow technologies:

    Come to think of it, this would not have happened if the US had remained a European colony rather than an Israeli:
    Additional advantages:
    – extremely low tax rates, albeit without representation
    – your kids are not send into wars abroad, certainly not world wars in Europe
    – your are not being called a racist on a daily basis
    – America would have remained white

    But I am sure that Bor can list a few advantages of being an Israeli colony. You have the microphone, Bor.

  7. Arthur on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 7:48 am 

    And then there is the issue of nuclear triggers:

    And not to forget these famous 2 trillion Pentagon $ that went missing in action, as announced by Rumsfeld 1 day before 9/11, that had disappeared under the loyal dedicated supervision of a Dov Zakheim. Not difficult to come up with a hypothesis where that money went to. Unfortunately we will never know what happened to that money, because Hani Hanjour steered his Boeing in exactly that spot of the Pentagon where 30 or so comptrollers had set up shop to investigate what had happened to those $2T.

    Or so the story goes.

    Please don’t forget to pay a visit to the holocaust museum in a village near you during the coming Christ… ummm I mean holidays.

  8. Bor on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 4:43 pm 

    Arthur Ibn Shahil Von Goebbels is very furious.

  9. Arthur on Tue, 24th Dec 2013 7:40 pm 

    Not really, it’s not European money. Just scoring points in an open, undefended goal. Your goal.

    But our forum Lazar Kaganovic has nothing to say against the many allegations, right? You sneer might work perhaps on say the HuffPo forum, but not here, where the laws of PC don’t work, for the simple reason that many expect that society is going to crash, so who cares about PC.

    Your reaction just shows your anger… and impotence to do anything about it.

    But tell me Bor, what do YOU think happened to the Pentagon $2T that went missing?

    Merry Christmas Bor! 🙂

  10. Frank Kling on Fri, 27th Dec 2013 12:35 pm 

    No, Arthur is spot on correct, Borg.

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