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Page added on September 27, 2014

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To Become Oil Barons, ISIS Has Sold To Neighbors And Enemies

Existing black-market structures have helped the Islamic State convert oil into cash – and their customers have included their ardent foes across borders in Turkey and Southern Iraq.


6 Comments on "To Become Oil Barons, ISIS Has Sold To Neighbors And Enemies"

  1. Plantagenet on Sat, 27th Sep 2014 6:23 pm 

    The coalition of the willing (2014 edition) has blasted the Caliphate’s refineries and oil infrastructure in Syria to smithereens. The Caliphate still controls some oilfields in northern Iraq, and presumably these haven’t been blown up by the COTW.2 because Obama wants to preserve them for the Kurds.

  2. Richard on Sun, 28th Sep 2014 8:31 am 

    It is such a waste to destroy this resource. All our goods are produced because of this source of energy, we all know that who are aware of the topic of energy security.

  3. dashster on Sun, 28th Sep 2014 10:23 am 

    The days of uprisings that the US doesn’t approve of are over. All they have to do is push buttons in Nevada and people die in Timbuktu.

  4. bobinget on Sun, 28th Sep 2014 12:23 pm 

    Richard: Note that ‘collation forces’ have only destroyed Syrian refinery capacity. I would advocate destroying Iraqi pipelines as well but we haven’t got to this stage YET. If we cut off all oil supplies it would be ‘game over’ for all sides. What fun is that?

    Just north of Baghdad is a huge refinery still operational despite the fact that its surrounded by IS
    but being operated by Iraqi govt. oil workers.

    After-all, if Iraq had no oil would the US be there in the first place?

  5. Davy on Sun, 28th Sep 2014 12:41 pm 

    There are plenty of ways of disrupting the oil business for ISIL without destroying much oil resources or capacity. It is precision strikes at key infrastructure components that do the job. They are not going to waste munitions or the resource. The US military is not stupid.

  6. Harquebus on Sun, 28th Sep 2014 4:49 pm 

    “The US military is not stupid.”
    Thanks Davy. It’s always good to start the week with good laugh.

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