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Page added on April 22, 2015

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Saudi Prince Promises Bentleys to Pilots as Civilian Death Toll Mounts in Yemen

Saudi Prince Promises Bentleys to Pilots as Civilian Death Toll Mounts in Yemen thumbnail
As Saudi officials announced the country has ceased its bombing campaign against the Houthis in Yemen, a Saudi prince promised to give pilots free expensive luxury cars.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is the Saudi King Abdullah’s nephew. He has a $300 million stake in the social media company Twitter and is reportedly worth nearly $40 billion.

“To recognize the one hundred participating Saudi pilots I am pleased to present them with 100 Bentley cars,” bin Talal said in a tweet.

The Saudi bombing campaign, dubbed Decisive Storm, commenced on March 26 against Shia Houthis. So far, the raids have killed nearly a thousand Yemenis and wounded 3,487.

The United Nations expressed alarm six days into the bombing campaign as the civilian death toll climbed.

U.N. human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein was shocked after the Saudis bombed a refugee camp near the Houthi stronghold of Saada in northern Yemen.

Earlier this week the Obama administration tried to limit the scope of the bombing campaign after an attack on Sana, the capitol, killed nearly 50 people.

The U.S. has participated in the bombing that has created a humanitarian crisis by offering intelligence and logistical support.

On Tuesday the Saudis announced they would halt the month-long bombing. They said the campaign had achieved its objectives.


6 Comments on "Saudi Prince Promises Bentleys to Pilots as Civilian Death Toll Mounts in Yemen"

  1. Plantagenet on Wed, 22nd Apr 2015 1:14 pm 

    Are those new-fangled electric Bentleys or the old fashioned 5 mpg luxury gasoline powered Bentleys?

  2. Tom on Wed, 22nd Apr 2015 9:11 pm 

    Will some of these be donated to Sunni suicide bombers working the Syria campaign? Going out in style.

  3. trickydick on Wed, 22nd Apr 2015 10:55 pm 

    It’s just not as easy to start a world war as it used to be. Maybe Hillary can get it done.

  4. Sugar Seam on Thu, 23rd Apr 2015 12:30 am 

    will horrid u.s.-saudi links ever be examined by the mainstream western “liberal” press? how about hollywood? we’re still waiting for some brave soul to risk his life and tell the tale for the masses to absorb.

  5. Perk Earl on Thu, 23rd Apr 2015 1:08 am 

    You know there’s a lot of nervous multi-billionaires when they start handing out Bentley’s out of insecurity of the prospect of losing BAU to rebellion.

  6. Hugh Culliton on Thu, 23rd Apr 2015 4:55 pm 

    When rounds (or SAMs) are buzzing or cracking past one’s ears, Bentley’s aren’t much of a comfort unless you can use them for cover. Rapidly closing in on the House of Saud, is the day when bobbles and trinkets will no longer buy them the loyalty of a large number of rather pissed off people. Indeed, the waning oil field production will only speed that day closer. My grandpa has some bush up north of Bancroft for sale, maybe the King’s looking for a ‘getaway’?

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