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Page added on September 11, 2017

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Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11 thumbnail

Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals its embassy in Washington may have funded a “dry run” for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the claim employees and agents of the kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters.

Two years before the airliner attacks, the Saudi Embassy paid for two Saudi nationals, living undercover in the US as students, to fly from Phoenix to Washington “in a dry run for the 9/11 attacks,” alleges the amended complaint filed on behalf of the families of some 1,400 victims who died in the terrorist attacks 16 years ago.

The court filing provides new details that paint “a pattern of both financial and operational support” for the 9/11 conspiracy from official Saudi sources, lawyers for the plaintiffs say. In fact, the Saudi government may have been involved in underwriting the attacks from the earliest stages — including testing cockpit security.

“We’ve long asserted that there were longstanding and close relationships between al Qaeda and the religious components of the Saudi government,” said Sean Carter, the lead attorney for the 9/11 plaintiffs. “This is further evidence of that.”

Lawyers representing Saudi Arabia last month filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which may finally be headed toward trial now that Congress has cleared diplomatic-immunity hurdles. A Manhattan federal judge has asked the 9/11 plaintiffs, represented by lead law firm Cozen O’Connor, to respond to the motion by November.

Citing FBI documents, the complaint alleges that the Saudi students — Mohammed al-Qudhaeein and Hamdan al-Shalawi — were in fact members of “the Kingdom’s network of agents in the US,” and participated in the terrorist conspiracy.

They had trained at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan at the same time some of the hijackers were there. And while living in Arizona, they had regular contacts with a Saudi hijacker pilot and a senior al Qaeda leader from Saudi now incarcerated at Gitmo. At least one tried to re-enter the US a month before the attacks as a possible muscle hijacker but was denied admission because he appeared on a terrorist watch list.

Qudhaeein and Shalawi both worked for and received money from the Saudi government, with Qudhaeein employed at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Shalawi was also “a longtime employee of the Saudi government.” The pair were in “frequent contact” with Saudi officials while in the US, according to the filings.

During a November 1999 America West flight to Washington, Qudhaeein and Shalawi are reported to have tried multiple times to gain access to the cockpit of the plane in an attempt to test flight-deck security in advance of the hijackings.

‘The dry run reveals more of the fingerprints of the Saudi government.’

 – Kristen Breitweiser

“After they boarded the plane in Phoenix, they began asking the flight attendants technical questions about the flight that the flight attendants found suspicious,” according to a summary of the FBI case files.

“When the plane was in flight, al-Qudhaeein asked where the bathroom was; one of the flight attendants pointed him to the back of the plane,” it added. “Nevertheless, al-Qudhaeein went to the front of the plane and attempted on two occasions to enter the cockpit.”

The pilots were so spooked by the Saudi passengers and their aggressive behavior that they made an emergency landing in Ohio. On the ground there, police handcuffed them and took them into custody. Though the FBI later questioned them, it decided not to pursue prosecution.

But after the FBI discovered that a suspect in a counterterrorism investigation in Phoenix was driving Shalawi’s car, the bureau opened a counterterrorism case on Shalawi. Then, in November 2000, the FBI received reporting that Shalawi trained at terrorist camps in Afghanistan and had received explosives training to perform attacks on American targets. The bureau also suspected Qudhaeein was a Saudi intelligence agent, based on his frequent contact with Saudi officials.

More, investigators learned that the two Saudis traveled to Washington to attend a symposium hosted by the Saudi Embassy in collaboration with the Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America, which was chaired by the Saudi ambassador. Before being shut down for terrorist ties, IIASA employed the late al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as a lecturer. Awlaki ministered to some of the hijackers and helped them obtain housing and IDs.

The FBI also confirmed that Qudhaeein’s and Shalawi’s airline tickets for the pre-9/11 dry run were paid for by the Saudi Embassy.

“The dry run reveals more of the fingerprints of the Saudi government,” said Kristen Breitweiser, one of the New York plaintiffs, whose husband perished at the World Trade Center.

“These guys were Saudi government employees for years and were paid by the Saudi government,” she added. “In fact, the Saudi Embassy paid for their plane tickets for the dry run.”

After the Nov. 19, 1999, incident — which took place less than two months before the first hijackers entered the US — both Saudi men held posts as Saudi government employees at the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saudi Islamic University, the parent of IIASA — “a further indication of their longstanding ties to the Saudi government,” the 9/11 complaint states.

Carter said in an interview that the allegations that the Saudi Embassy sponsored a pre-9/11 dry run — along with charges of other Saudi involvement in the 9/11 plot, from California to Florida — are based on “nearly 5,000 pages of evidence submitted of record and incorporated by reference into the complaint.”

They include “every FBI report that we have been able to obtain,” though hundreds of thousands of pages of government documents related to Saudi terror funding remain secret.

Attempts to reach lawyers representing the Saudi government by phone and email were unsuccessful. However, in last month’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, they argued that the plaintiffs cannot prove the kingdom or its employees directly supported the hijackers.

NY Post

12 Comments on "Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11"

  1. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 5:12 am 

    Sorry NY Post, but…

    Most Americans Don’t Believe the Official Tale Of 9/11.

    Even the DailyMail, not really “anti-American”, gives a podium to “truthers” today:

  2. joe on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 5:24 am 

    Sadly nobody will ever acknowledge 9-11 truth. Because the truth is much more criminal and sinister. Neocons wanted a new pearl harbour, they got it. PNAC might have been the most sinister plot in history. The entire project to subdue the world with US military might and capitalism all started by targeting the American people into patriotic fury was supposed to secure 100 years of American imperial power. Instead its bankrupted the world and probobly ensured that Israel will never survive as a nation state.

  3. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 6:27 am 

    Sadly nobody will ever acknowledge 9-11 truth.

    Eventually the truth will come out, with everything:

    – JFK (Israeli hit job)
    – holocaust (invented)
    – Pearl Harbor, a setup from the beginning
    – Rudolf Hess (flew to Britain with peace offer and was murdered in Spandau by MI-6 after Gorbatchev wanted to release him as a goodwill gesture)
    – Kathyn Forest murder Polish officers (acknowledged by Russia half a century later)
    – General Patton, “suicided” on orders of (((Eisenhower))) after he began to like the vanquished Germans a little too much:
    – 9/11 CIA-Mossad inside job to create the excuse to invade the ME

  4. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 6:34 am 

    “suicided” should read “accidented”.

  5. Cloggie on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 9:16 am 

    Our king Willem-Alexander (“Willy”) visiting the Caribbean island of Sint-Maarten, that was probably most affected by Irma.

    Here he discusses the situation with local authorities. Scroll down for the pictures:

  6. Sissyfuss on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 9:30 am 

    When you sleep with dogs you get fleas. Our unholy alliance with the mongrel dogs of the house of Saud has cost us much more than their oil is worth. But I guess it’s just business, nothing personal.

  7. onlooker on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 10:37 am 

    I doubt it Sissy. We got the MIC a steady good customer, we got the precious black goo, that power modern industrial civilization at a discount. And we got to stir the environment of the ME with infeuding that allows us to use our ace in the deck, the Terrorism card. So, a pretty good deal all around for us and for the Sheiks.

  8. onlooker on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 10:54 am 

    Okay Clog, for the record I somewhat agree with your conspiracy truths. 911 being the obvious one, try as it might the US govt can never hide the truth of it being the mastermind of it. JFK, I am pretty certain it was a plot hatched from the highest levels. JFK, wished to abolish the Federal Reserve. It does not get higher that that. Many Jews did die but the whole concentration camp story is bogus. They were set up as slave labor for an unholy alliance between US corporations and Nazi Germany. Why? To put a halt to the growing menace of Communist Soviet Union. As for the rest no comment

  9. onlooker on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 11:12 am 

    Oh and as for Pearl Harbor. Yes before they bombed PH, the US had been provoking Japan for quite some and in fact they pretty much left Pearl Harbor an open target even while negotiating peace with the Japanese. Check this out about Carriers taken way precisely that Sunday.

  10. Dredd on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 11:20 am 

    The Germ Theory – of Government

  11. Boat on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 1:47 pm 


    The US was supplying China. Why? The Japanese had invaded China pre WWII. When Japan joined Germany, that’s when the US sanctions Japan. Later Japan attacked PH.

  12. Anonymouse1 on Mon, 11th Sep 2017 3:02 pm 

    That’s the amero-zionist empire for you. Always looking for *someone* to pin the blame on for its own criminal misdeeds. In this case, the uS regime has had no trouble at all throwing out this ‘The sauds did it’ story(Some of the empire’s most faithful lackeys no less). Deflecting blame, all while professing innocence, or even playing the victim card, is a time-honored tradition in washindum.

    Why the sauds? Well, because Russia is currently being blamed for invading Ukraine and Crimea, MH17, donald trump, and threatening to over-run Europe. I bet the uS would have liked to blame Russia for 9/11 too, but Russia’s blame-box was full when they tried. Strangely, the uS didn’t try to pin the blame on Iran, but Iran was being blamed for so much already, perhaps the uS felt Iran had enough blame on its plate as it was. Besides, the uS implied, that both Afghanistan and Iraq were somehow complicit in 9/11, and at the time, blaming their ‘saud’ puppets wasn’t needed.

    Confused yet? You should be. In the uS of manufactured reality, you can be forgiven if you find it hard to keep up with the ever-shifting, often whimsical ‘official’ narratives.

    Its more than likely the ‘sauds’ fully co-operated and assisted Israel and the uS with the 9/11 op, but they didn’t carry it out, much less plan or originate it. The sauds are nowhere near competent enough, or creative enough, to come up with a ‘9/11’ type operation, even if they wished to try. Besides, such operations are well above the ‘sauds’ pay-grade. The uS elites do recognize the utility of ‘useful idiots’ of course, and the sauds are idiots par excellence. In this case at least, the uS may have actually found a use for them. What one should never expect however, is for this endless blame-op to actually ever amount to anything other than a talking point in certain segments of the uS infotainment sphere.

    There are many in the uS, that (rightly) assign Israel blame for much of the uS’s, the Middle East’s, and worlds problems. What effect has pointing that out had on the uS actions and activities?

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