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Page added on November 30, 2015

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Russia has ‘more proof’ ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if it’s true

Russia has ‘more proof’ ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if it’s true thumbnail

Russia has received additional intelligence confirming that oil from deposits controlled by Islamic State is moved through Turkey on an industrial scale, said Vladimir Putin. President Recep Erdogan said he will resign if this is confirmed.

Moscow has grounds to suspect that the Su-24 was downed by Turkish jets on November 24 to secure illegal oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey, he said speaking on the sidelines of the climate change summit in Paris on Monday.

At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on industrial scale,” he said.

We have every reason to believe that the decision to down our plane was guided by a desire to ensure security of this oil’s delivery routes to ports where they are shipped in tankers,” Putin said.

Speaking in Paris on Monday, President Recep Erdogan said that he will leave office if there is proof of Turkey’s cooperation with IS.

“We are not that dishonest as to buy oil from terrorists. If it is proven that we have, in fact, done so, I will leave office. If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll consider [it],” he said, as quoted by TASS.

The countries from which Turkey buys oil are “well known,” said Erdogan.

He called on Russia to comment on the US’ recent black-listing of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the World Chess Federation President, accusing him of “materially assisting and acting for or on behalf of the Government of Syria.” Erdogan alleged Ilyumzhinov had been dealing with Islamic State oil.

Terrorists have been abusing the visa-free regime between Russia and Turkey to move freely, the Russian leader said adding that Ankara failed to address the issue after Russia raised it.

We have been asking [Ankara] for a long time to pay attention” to the threat posed by some terrorists active in separate regions of Russia, including the northern Caucuses, that have been “emerging on Turkish territory,” Putin said.

Moscow has asked Ankara to “stop this practice,” he added, but pointed out that “we have traced some located on the territory of the Turkish Republic and living in regions guarded by special security services and police that have used the visa-free regime to return to our territory, where we continue to fight them,” he added.

Answering a question as to whether Moscow wants to form a broad based anti-terrorist coalition, Putin said Russia has always supported this initiative, “but this cannot be done while someone continues to use several terrorist organizations to reach their immediate goals.”

Putin admitted that he was personally saddened by the deterioration of relations with Turkey. He explained that “problems do exist and they emerged a long time ago and we have been trying to resolve them in dialogue with our Turkish partners.

Putin said he has heard Ankara’s claims that it was not Erdogan who made the decision to down the Russian jet. However, he stressed that for Russia “it doesn’t really matter” which official made the decision.

As a result of this criminal campaign our two soldiers died – a crew commander and a marine, who was part of the rescue team of the [Su-24] crew,” he said, adding that Turkey’s actions had been “a huge mistake.”

Russo-Turkish relations have deteriorated in the wake of the downing of Russia’s Su-24 by Turkish jets over Syria on November 24. Russia imposed a package of economic sanctions against Turkey last Thursday, which included banning several Turkish organizations and the import of certain goods, as well as cancelling the visa-free regime for Turkish citizens travelling to Russia starting next year.

Speaking on the sidelines of the summit, Erdogan said that Ankara will act “patiently, not emotionally” before imposing any counter-measures.

Meanwhile, ahead of the summit, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated that Ankara will not apologize “for doing our duty.

Putin and Erdogan were hoped to meet at the environmental summit taking place in Paris, but Putin said that no meeting was held on Monday.


19 Comments on "Russia has ‘more proof’ ISIS oil routed through Turkey, Erdogan says he’ll resign if it’s true"

  1. makati1 on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 7:59 pm 

    If the oil filled trucks enter Turkey and leave empty, how much proof do you need? After all, by now Erdogan and his family has made enough off of the deal to live comfortable anywhere in the world.

  2. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 9:53 pm 

    Not only does Putin have the Intel but so do the Yanks. When US special forces raided the compound of ISIS oil chief Abu Sayyaf they also gathered numerous hard drives and flash drives that detail the ISIS-Turkish oil deal. Interestingly the Yanks didn’t want to discuss the Intel. Good on Putin for outing the Turks as a bunch of terrorist accomplices.

  3. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 9:59 pm 

    It’s Erdogan’s own family business BMZ Ltd that hauls the oil from ISIS production facilities to BMZ owned tankers at port in Turkey.

    Turkey should be expelled from NATO

  4. GregT on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 10:21 pm 

    “Turkey should be expelled from NATO”

    NATO should be expelled from the ME.

  5. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:21 pm 

    Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’

  6. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:24 pm 

    US National Endowment for Democracy labeled ‘undesirable’ group under new law

    “Prosecutors have recognized NED’s activities in Russia as undesirable and undermining national security after the US NGO spent millions on attempts to question the legitimacy of Russian elections and tarnish the prestige of military service.”

  7. apneaman on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:44 pm 

    Russia arms Su-34s with air-to-air missiles in Syria for 1st time

  8. makati1 on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 12:43 am 

    Getting interesting isn’t it? LOL

  9. GregT on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 1:16 am 

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    You made a good choice BillT.

  10. theedrich on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 3:37 am 

    Since Turkland has consistently denied having genocided Armenians in World War I, why should anyone expect its current potentates to admit the country’s criminal participation in ISIL oil operations?

  11. Anonymous on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 5:33 am 

    Russia is right to pass laws against these US proxy organizations. The NED and its fellow ‘orgs’ are basically sanitized versions of the CIA covert ops dept. You know, the one tasked with overthrowing and or destabilizing gov’ts the US regime does not like. Groups like ‘Freedom Fries’ sorry, Freedom HOUSE, NED, USAid etc, all basically do more or less openly, things the CIA used to do covertly in times past.

    As for that ape Erdogan resigning, he should start packing his suitcase. Russia already showed the UN aerial and satellite photos of endless streams of tanker trucks heading into turkey. I suppose Erdo, could always claim the trucks were filled with fig newtons, Syrian refugees, or desert sand.

    Of course, Im sure Erdos standard of ‘proof’ would have to be tankers with ‘ISIS’ oil on the side and a photo with Erdo personally handing a balaclava clad ‘ISIS’ oil truck driver a suitcase full of US dollars. Im pretty sure unless one produced that, he will insist his job is safe……

  12. Davy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 6:30 am 

    Turkey is in charge of this situation. They have 77MIL people and the real estate right in the middle of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Turkey could put an end to the US and Russia’s involvement in the ME. That may bring some bad things to Turkey but they are in charge. They have a large and potent military ranked number 10 by There economy is ranked 18th in GDP. They are the power in this conflict and they must be dealt with and with respect by both Russia and the US.

    The US knows what is going on and they know they can’t force Turkey to do anything. Look at the invasion of Iraq when Turkey refused the second front. Whether that was a ruse to confuse the Iraq’s, or denial because of the US balking at some kind of money bribe, my point is Turkey will not be told what to do. The Turks were in charge of their real estate.

    As for the pro-Russians and anti-Americans WTF, you guys are in your usual “lala” world. Putin is the most corrupt man on earth. DC may be the most corrupt group but Putin is a thief and a killer. Russia is a mafia state. The US is a government run by corrupted oligarchs. Russia and the US are corrupted to the core and you focks are bitching about what Erdogan is doing. I am fucking laughing all over the floor. Turkey has a right to do what the fock they want to do and pay the price. Everyone else is doing it in the ME why can’t Turkey?

    The only way this conflict will be solved is by diplomacy. A country with a border that can support an asymmetric military force will always win. Just look at the US and Pakistan in Afghanistan. The Taliban will be maintained as long as Pakistan wants them there. Syria is a destroyed country. Assad is a shell filled by Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah. Assad is just a puppet.

    The US is more and more irrelevant but will always be a force. The US will become even less a force if Turkey will’s it. The US position in the ME is tenuous because it can’t stay at the level it is there without Turkey. Iraq is not stable enough to ensure a US presence. The Kurds are surrounded and not a permanent base for the US if Iraq and Turkey do not allow it.

    Russia is not in the strength everyone here thinks they are. Putin is in a huge gamble and must end this military operation relatively soon. Russia cannot endure a long conflict. Oil may be going lower. The Russian economy is a mess. The Russian military is being pushed to its limits in multiple locations. This whole deal revolves around Turkey. Putin is a grand master chess player and he is making some good moves but he is not in charge. He is only a player.

    All players here are dirty Russia included. Assad and Russia created the ground work over decades for a civil war. The US did its usual destructive meddling. The rest of the ME powers have done their dirty work. Every single power in the ME is culpable for this human tragedy except the civilians who are the cannon fodder. All the dirty players involved will have to agree to some kind of settlement or there will be nothing left of the Middle East in the end including oil.

  13. rockman on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 7:44 am 

    mak – “If the oil filled trucks enter Turkey and leave empty”. Not just tanker trucks: there have been reports of numerous tankers loaded onto ships at the Turk port which the govt controls. One might try to make a lame excuse that they didn’t see the many thousands of loads of oil moved through the country in tank trucks but how do you not see a huge ship loading oil in your own port facilities?

  14. penury on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 11:28 am 

    Davy, I appreciate your view, however I question some of the intel which you appear to be relying on. Perhaps you might consider that the intel released by .gov is just as reliable as the figures from the BLS.

  15. Davy on Tue, 1st Dec 2015 11:42 am 

    Pen, as is pretty apparent I am talking out my ass with opinions based upon watching this story unfold since i was in college. I guess my most critical point is this, this is Turkey’s fight more than anyone. Assad is a shell. The rest are meddling frankly where they don’t belong especially the US. The US destroyed this region we should be backing off into the background. That’s all so if you have good Intel update me. BTW I read everyone except Bots like Kenz.

  16. JuanP on Wed, 2nd Dec 2015 12:03 pm 

    Russia continues record oil output,

  17. JuanP on Wed, 2nd Dec 2015 12:05 pm 

    Moscow may halt Turkish Stream pipeline,

  18. Boat on Wed, 2nd Dec 2015 3:45 pm 

    GregT on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 10:21 pm
    “Turkey should be expelled from NATO”
    NATO should be expelled from the ME.

    LOL at that one. Like someone has the power to expel NATO? To bad your so chart handicapped or you might discover the the actual military equipment behind NATO. Did you know that Greece who we all feel so bad about has a bigger military budget than Iran? Tell me GregT, are you a Shiite?

  19. makati1 on Thu, 3rd Dec 2015 2:29 am 

    Boat, actually, any member of NATO can expel it. Why? Because, the first one to do so will start a rush for the exits and NATO will cease to exist.

    When the SHTF, a lot of these ‘organizations’ will vanish in a heartbeat. No money to pay for them.

    Some European countries are already questioning whether it pays to be a member or not. They see a war with nuclear Russia if the current BS continues much longer. Then what? The US will not be immune or safe either. Those nukes travel at 12,000 Mph.

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