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Page added on March 27, 2016

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Paul Craig Roberts On The Real Likelihood Of Nuclear War

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration, shares his view that there is a real likelihood of a nuclear war breaking out. Below are the main points covered in this radio programme.

(click image for link to full interview)

Firstly there is the Wolfowitz doctrine, which basically makes it clear that the United States should prevent the rise of any state that could present sufficient power to threaten American unilateral action. Russia has risen and has displayed such power….This is the reason for the constant demonisation of Russia’s leader. We have the number one candidate for the democratic Nomination Hillary Clinton, who now compares the President of Russia with Hitler….So what has happened is that every American president during my lifetime, especially Nixon and Reagan worked to create trust between the two major nuclear powers. But beginning with Clinton, the trust that had been achieved was progressively destroyed.

When you destroy trust between nuclear powers you recreate the possibility of nuclear war, either by intent, or miscalculation. So this is a reckless and irresponsible act on the part of Washington….The information war that is going on now is to prepare the American population and NATO countries allies for military conflict with Russia. This is part of the preparation of that. We now have high level people in the US government and military who go to Congress and say that Russia is an existential threat. This is rubbish!…You have to remember that before the wars started in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, it was the constant demonisation of the leaders of the governments, against Gaddafi, Hussein. When you see these kinds of demonisation it fits a pattern.”

A hot war can come from a new cold war. Another factor is the American military industrial complex, with a turnover of a trillion dollars annually. Their entire revenues come from serving the war capability of US government. They have a huge interest in having a major enemy. They tried to make terrorists that enemy, but that is not serious enough, so this complex has great interest in recreating the Russian threat. From the neo conservative standpoint, they actually regard any country with an independent foreign policy to be a threat to the United States. So that part of the equation means that they can move the cold war into a hot war, it only takes a small amount of miscalculation. I don’t see how the Russian government can believe one word coming out of Washington.”

Some neocons say: what’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them? They have a theory that the US has sufficient superiority to win a strike against Russia. If the US cannot win against a few thousand Taliban, it will not be able to win  a possible conventional war against the Red Army, it will go nuclear rather lose…. A nuclear war cannot be won.”

The neoconservatives now have no competition, there is nobody out there apart from Washington wishing to take over the world… As long as the American vassal states that compromise the NATO accept it, they magnify the chance of a new massive war… Republican candidates are competing with each other to see who can treat Russia the most aggressively.”

SputnikNews’ John Harrison,

10 Comments on "Paul Craig Roberts On The Real Likelihood Of Nuclear War"

  1. penury on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 9:27 am 

    I may hate what PCR says buy, I can find no evidence to show he is wrong in any way. So I guess what I hate is that the efforts of the U.S. appear to be to cause war.

  2. Davy on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 9:50 am 

    Here is a black Swan PCR should consider but that would require a switch in point of view:

  3. Apneaman on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 1:43 pm 

    Happy Easter to the Jesus loving white folk of merica.

    Pushy Parents Storm Field at Easter Egg Hunt, Take Everything

  4. onlooker on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 1:50 pm 

    Just as Jesus envisioned us acting uh. NOT.

  5. Anonymous on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 3:49 pm 

    A bunch of already fat americants(adults), stealing candy from obese, or working on it, americant children.

    Imagine that…

  6. makati1 on Sun, 27th Mar 2016 7:50 pm 

    Evasion of the idea that we will likely have a nuclear war in the near future by switching the topic to easter eggs? LOL

    I, like some here, grew up in the age of “duck and cover” and basement bomb shelters. We know how close we were several times over the last 70 years. We also know that those days have returned with a vengeance and we are closer than ever, with bombs many multiples bigger than those of the 60s and no where on earth immune from their appearance.

    The Empire wants total control of ALL of the world’s resources. A few countries are standing in it’s way. You know who they are. The imperial leadership is insane and is pushing buttons all over the world to cause chaos and looking for an excuse to start WW3. America is cannibalizing it’s self to make this possible. Look around. Proof is everywhere.

    My current thought is that we will not get to 2020 without a real, shooting war in the developed countries, including the Us. We shall see.

    “Duck & Cover!”

  7. PracticalMaina on Mon, 28th Mar 2016 11:17 am 

    Makati, the good old days, when the US had leadership that would sacrifice for peace and security.
    You don’t mean a shooting war in the US do you? Unless it is civil or martial law I do not see it happening. the land will all be poisoned before china gets that desperate.

  8. goat2055 on Mon, 28th Mar 2016 1:33 pm 

    A 37 minute shooting war followed by … nothing.

  9. makati1 on Mon, 28th Mar 2016 9:41 pm 

    Practical, did I say China would be the enemy? Your government indoctrination is showing. I said the US would start it and nukes would end it. And yes, they may not land on the Us shores. That kind of war is almost history. The one you should worry about is the one where you get a few minutes warning to seek shelter. The new missiles can get from Moscow to LA or DC in 15 minutes. From subs off shore, even faster. It will likely be over in less than an hour. The ones who were vaporized will be the lucky ones.

    And it may be the US who launches the first strike in a suicide gamble that they can win. Insanity rules in DC today. No one wins in the next global war. No one.

    Pass the popcorn.

  10. Practicalmaina on Mon, 28th Mar 2016 11:23 pm 

    China is the only country I could ever see trying a conventional war, Russia would use proxy because they are competing for influence and don’t need land for ag, China will use economic and slowly buy and secure resourses everywhere.

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