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Page added on December 19, 2016

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Kunstler: The Deep State Blues

Public Policy

Lest you wonder, not only did I not vote for Mr. Trump (or Hillary), but I relished heaping opprobrium on him during the election campaign. Just so you know, I’m not advocating for him, but I’m alarmed that the Deep State (the White House + the Intel Agency gang) now appears to be trying to hack the electoral college vote against him.

The headline deployed everywhere last week, “Russia Hacks Election,” was designed by the Deep State players to deviously lead the broadly dim public to think that Russia somehow interfered with the balloting process, which was not possible since voting machines are not hooked up to the internet. And then it was repeated endlessly by the cable news networks and the newspapers, under the number one rule of propaganda: that if you repeat something often enough, the public will swallow it.

This dishonest meme was also designed to distract the public from the substance of the emails disclosed by WikiLeaks — namely, the scamming and trickery of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the influence-peddling of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, which had her flirting with indictment last summer, and only reinforced her already-established public image as an unscrupulous person.

The New York Times especially worked the “Russia Hacks Election” story to a fare-the-well, saying in its Sunday edition:

The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that Moscow put its thumb on the scale for Mr. Trump through the release of hacked Democratic emails, which provided fodder for many of the most pernicious false attacks on Mrs. Clinton on social media.

False attacks? What, that Hillary’s cronies put the DNC’s “thumb on the scale” against Bernie Sanders? That Donna Brazille gave Hillary debate questions beforehand? That as Secretary of State Hillary gave more face-time to foreign supplicants based on their contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and expedited arms deals for especially big givers? That she collected millions in speaking fees for sucking up to Too-Big-To-Fail bankers? That The Times and The WashPo and CNN reporters were taking direction from Hillary’s PR operatives?

Consider, too, how the Deep State “Russia Hacks Election” meme was ramped up to top volume coincidentally the week before the electoral college vote, as a last-ditch effort was launched by the old-line media, the diehard Hillary partisans, and a bunch of Hollywood celebrities, to persuade electoral college delegates to switch their votes to deprive Trump of his election victory.

President Obama did his bit to amplify the message by coloring Russian President Vladimir Putin as being behind the so-called hacking because “not much happens in Russia without, you know, Vladimir Putin,” just like not much happened in old Puritan New England without the involvement of Old Scratch. So now we have an up-to-date Devil figure to stir the paranoid imaginations of an already divided and perturbed public.

Hillary and her supporters have vehemently asserted that “seventeen intelligence agencies” agree with the assessment that Russia hacked the election. It might be greater news to the American people to hear that there actually are seventeen such agencies out there. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama might explain exactly what they are beyond the CIA, the FBI, the DIA, the NSA, and DHS. Personally, I feel less secure knowing that there are so many additional surveillance services sifting through everybody’s digital debris trail.

There’s been some chagrin among more prudent observers that neither the various Intel gang chiefs, including James Clapper, overall Director of National Intelligence, nor the White House have provided a shred of evidence that WikiLeaks got the Hillary emails from the Russians. One might even suppose that we discovered the hack by hacking the Russians, perhaps even Mr. Putin’s personal iPhone — but, wait a minute… we don’t intrude on other nations’ business. We don’t use the internet to spy (!) on anybody.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Trump gets along with the Intel gang when (and if) he actually makes it into the oval office. It’s nice to think that he will fire a bunch of them, and then fire a bunch more, and maybe take a good hard look at these seventeen security and surveillance agencies and maybe shut a few of them down. In the meantime, their activity begins to look like the attempted coup d’état I warned about a few months ago.

Forgive me for changing the subject so briskly, but there was another front page piece in The New York Times on Sunday that kind of said it all about where that Old Gray Lady’s collective head is at these days. Behold this quote from the story What Women Really Think of Men:

As the country prepares to revert to white male rule, our common condition for all but eight of the last 240 years, we should think harder about why we assume so little of men, including ones we may be married to. Too many men don’t prove those expectations wrong, and are rewarded anyway with prizes like the presidency.


64 Comments on "Kunstler: The Deep State Blues"

  1. DerHundistlos on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 3:35 pm 

    @ Theedrich

    You speak the truth about Germany- the truth that nobody has the guts to recognize. There continues since the end of WW II an effort by certain groups to exterminate the Germanic people. Most of us know this truth deep down inside.

  2. Cloggie on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 4:15 pm 

    You speak the truth about Germany- the truth that nobody has the guts to recognize. There continues since the end of WW II an effort by certain groups to exterminate the Germanic people. Most of us know this truth deep down inside.

    Theedrich is not the only one who speaks out.
    And the Germans are not the only target.

    In fact, the European Americans today are cornered even more than the Germans.

    The voice of the US deep state, Paul Krugman:–amerikansk-politikk-er-galskap-1.11457779

    In August 2014 he says for Norwegian television (last minute video):

    A lot of the craziness comes from cultural/ethnic issues—rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then. The future is represented by Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, “but Ted Cruz of Texas is still out there.”

    Poor mr Krugman. He was right about a “very difficult and dangerous time” ahead. He instinctively felt that you can’t plan a passive genocide without expecting resistance.

    He was wrong about Ted Cruz though. At the last moment European-America could come up with a batter-ram, much more potent weapon than this Cruz cuck suck.

    Now the damage is done (for Krugman and his ilk). Next Trump will line up with Putin, who has a rich experience in dealing with Krugman types:

    First pretend, pat them on the back…

    …and next kick ‘m in a place where the sun doesn’t shine:


    Game, set and match Russian population.

    America is next, but it won’t be as easy.

    First we need to get rid of Merkel. Should be a piece of cake after yesterday. Look as I type with one eye to the Maybrit Illner talkshow on Jerry2-telly (ZDF) and love the desperation these folks emanate (“psycho therapy for Muslims”, snicker).

    Perhaps our Muslims buddies could give us another hand, you can never know in advance how lucky you are going to be.

    After regime change in Germany (and France) Trump, Putin and the Euro’s can make secret arrangements about what to do if things really go wrong in the US. Trump already announced he wants to see a vast increase in European defense effort. At the same time he will try to lower military expenditure at home. Why? Because he will trust both New Europe and Putin-Russia and will need both to rescue European-America from the NWO and the Krugmans, Sorosses and the rest of the globalist Mafia in case the latter would succeed in grabbing power back again and a likely uprising will occur. That’s the moment for Euro’s and Ruskies for some major fun.

    But these will be measures of last resort. There is a lot Trump can do at home:

    – nationalize the FED (that’s what JFK got killed)
    – start an independent 9/11 investigation
    – nationalize the media (in a later stage)
    – quietly promote secession of California, New York and other notorious blue states.

    Things don’t look so bleak after all. Life is getting interesting again, full with drama and adventure.

  3. JR on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 4:54 pm 

    I did not realize anybody was still publishing Kuntsler. I gave up on this clown years ago. Recyling headlies is as good as it gets, apparently. Wonder how much cash that generates? Maybe I should try it.

    Once again, I learned nothing. Now for another long absence from the Kunstler Kronicales.

  4. Truth Has A Liberal Bias on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 12:02 am 

    The FBI did a lot to undermine Clintons bid for Prez by announcing an investigation against her. That got her out of the way. Now the CIA is trying to get Trump out of the way with the Russia undermined Clinton Schtick.

    A spy coup?

  5. Apneaman on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 12:22 am 

    Fuck the germans. Should have finished those trouble makers off with fire storm carpet bombing back in 1944. Clog brain is under the some strange illusion that Americans give a flying fuck about the germans. 90% of Americans couldn’t find Germany on an unlabeled map and most of the alt right tards couldn’t find it on a labeled map. Clognob, ever see video of a Black Friday sale? That’s how Americans act towards each other. Think they give a fuck about germans and their strange grunting that passes for language? Fuck the germans.

  6. makati1 on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 12:41 am 

    Germans started two world wars. Let’s not give them a chance to start a 3rd.

  7. Theedrich on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 1:42 am 

    The Germans did not start two world wars.  The one man more responsible than any other for both world wars was Winston Ill-Church.  Reading a little non-Zionist history would help those under the delusion that America and England are pure as the wind-driven snow in that regard.

  8. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 3:37 am 

    Oh-la-la, the board’s two collapse butt buddies and master nihilists Friday and makati have found each other yet again and enlighten us about history. Or rather their anti-German resentment. Pass the popcorn.

    Germans started two world wars. Let’s not give them a chance to start a 3rd.

    Fascinating that makati, who admitted that he fled from his country to escape the coming civil war, which will break up his country, still has illusions about the omnipotence of Washington to “stop the Germans from starting WW3”. Not that the Germans have any intentions to do so.

    Did the Germans start WW1 and WW2?

    Actually not. If you want to answer the question of who started a war, you need to dig a little for who actually wanted that war to happen and who prepared for it. But Friday and makati, two pure products of the US empire, who wasted their lives sitting in front of the telly and with their thumbs in their mouths breathlessly followed what uncle Schmull had to tell them about WW1 and WW2 and how great and noble America was and how exceptionalist North-Americans were.


    So who were responsible for both world wars?

    WW1 was started by the British empire.
    WW2 was started by American Jewry.

    I’m not going to write yet another post with one meter screen length, just some pointers.

    In 1891, a secret society was founded by Cecil Rhodes that set itself the task to build a coalition with the aim to destroy Germany. The British were the masters of the 19th century, but 20 years after the unification of Germany (1871), the latter began to jostle British (and French) products from world markets. “Made in Germany” had a magical reputation… until today. Predictably the British (and French sidekicks) were not amused. The British and French set aside their 1000 year hostility and began their Entente Cordiale in 1904. Russia was added to that alliance in 1907. Now the gun was loaded and pointed towards Germany and the conspirators had to wait for the right occasion to carry out their insane plan. That moment came when hotheaded Serbs assasinated the Austrian crown prince. The intention of the Serbs was to steal large territories from the Austrian empire and set up a new country of their own, “South-Slavia” or “Yugoslavia”. After WW1 they would indeed succeed in their aim. Austria prepared itself for a punitative expedition against the Serbs. This was the moment London, Paris and Petersburg had been waiting for for seven years and they signaled each other that the time had come for war. Germany was allied with the Austrians. Russia began to mobilize under the pretext of coming to the aid of their Orthodox Serbian brothers, but the Germans knew that the mobilization was in reality directed against them. The German emperor asked the French if they would remain neutral in a conflict between Germany and Russia, but the French refused to answer that question (they wanted the German speaking territory Elzass-Lotharingen back). The Germans now knew they were going to be attacked from two sides. Next the Germans asked the British if at least they were going to be neutral. The sanctimonious British said that they would do everything in their power to stop a war, wrong-footing the Germans in thinking that at least the British would remain neutral. The German defense plan was to rapidly defeat the French first and the Russians next. But when the German army crossed Belgium, circumventing the Maginot Line, The British used that event as a pretext to come to the aid of the poor Belgians. And the British had their war, they aloned planned for since 1891. But hey, don’t believe me, I might be a neo-Nazi and you can’t be prudent enough these days. Believe your own (Anglo) people, who taught me about the intentions of the British deep state:

    That classic was recently updated by two Scottish historians, building on Carol Quigley:

    [part 1]

  9. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 3:37 am 

    But if you want to capture the truth of WW1 in a single quote, listen to what emperor Wilhelm wrote in his diary to learn the truth about WW1:

    ‘Frivolity and weakness are going to plunge the world into the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us… In this way the stupidity and clumsiness of our ally [Austria] is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accepted fact… The net has suddenly been closed over our heads, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved ourselves powerless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificent achievement, which even those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire.’

    The post is already getting too long, so regarding WW2 I refer only to the most decent person in the entire drama in the run-up to WW2: Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain was invited repeatedly by Roosevelt to visit him, but Chamberlain always declined, knowing that Roosevelt was up to no good and was keen to start a war in Europe, in which America and its giant oil-based economic would eventually intervene and take the joint over. If there was ever somebody who exactly understood what happened in 1939 and be honoust about it, than it was Chamberlain:

    That’s all you need to know about who really wanted WW2. WW2 was a war of conquest by the US and USSR, two Zionist run operations that had found each other in 1933 and agreed in destroying Europe.

    And if you want confirmation from an American, Tyler Kent, who was in London in 1939 as the righthand man of US ambassador Joseph Kennedy and who transribed all the secret and illegal communication between Churchill (behind the back of Chamberlain) and Roosevelt, just watch the BBC doc on youtube ” Robert Harris report on Tyler Kent for BBC Newsnight 1982 Part 1″ (and part 2), 25 minutes in total.

    The Soviet empire lasted 1991-1917= 74 years. Let’s assume that Pat Buchanan is right with his intuition that the US could be over by 2025, interestingly precisely coinciding with 8 years of Trump, assuming he has that much “stamina”. That would be 2025-1945=80 years. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the Jews can’t run a country, they can only destroy it, with egalitarian values, offering great appeal to natural born commies like Friday and makati. And that’s what happened with Soviet-Russia and will happen to the USofA: falling apart miserably.

    Never forget makati and Friday: Germany, that’s Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. The US, that’s Johnny Cash. And you only have to read the posts of both these nihilists or observe the mood of the folks visiting the Trump gatherings, to know that the days of the US empire are numbered. Which is good news for the entire world and even for Americans themselves. It is only bad news for uncle Schmull.


    [part 2]

  10. makati1 on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 5:30 am 

    Guys, Did I say they CAUSED the two world wars? Nope! I said they started them. But then, wars have been a way of life for Europe for at least two thousand years. And, they will see another major one before it is all over if they keep hitting the Russian bear with that big NATO stick. This one will end all wars, and all life.

  11. Apneaman on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 9:12 am 

    clogtard reminds me of a group of losers I heard of and met a few of when I lived in Georgia. “The sons of confederate Veterans” A group of over privileged white boys who spend enormous effort and time bitching about great granddads loss in a war 165 years ago. Only men with real easy lives have such incredible amounts of time and money to waste on such trivial tribalism. Some of em even dress up like great grandpa and go play solider all weekend….you know like the rest of us did when we were little boys? Before we grew up. Fuck the confederates and fuck the germans and fuck their glorifying hero whorshipping loser descendants.

  12. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 10:14 am 

    Fuck the germans. Should have finished those trouble makers off with fire storm carpet bombing back in 1944.

    Friday outs himself as the genocidal ape, that he accuses humanity of being, but he himself is the most extreme exponent.

    If you want to understand why Friday and makati are so extremely negative about the world and the future, it is not so much because these folks are geniuses, owning insights other people don’t have (although they like to think that), but rather a projection of their own personal depression and personal despair with their lives onto the world.

    Friday admitted he is a jailbird, although he never said why he was locked up. Not difficult to come up with an hypothesis once you have involuntarily come acquainted with his sex obsession. Even his nick refers to the perverted sex practice of strangling someone during intercourse and we are informed that he f* his sofa three times a day.

    Makati to his credit is not dirty, but a lonely old man, who cut off ties with his homeland and even his own family. He told tall tales about a survival farm for years on end, but not much seems to be happening on that front.

    Clog brain is under the some strange illusion that Americans give a flying fuck about the germans. 90% of Americans couldn’t find Germany on an unlabeled map and most of the alt right tards couldn’t find it on a labeled map. Clognob, ever see video of a Black Friday sale? That’s how Americans act towards each other. Think they give a fuck about germans and their strange grunting that passes for language? Fuck the germans.

    Where the hell did I give you the impressions that I think that most North-Americans care about Germans or anything else for that matter?

    When I visited Gothenburg-Sweden this summer, I followed the usual tourist program and made a canal tour in this (Dutch built) city. The tour guide said that by the turn of the century no less than 25% or one million Swedes had moved to the US to escape famine and economic depression.

    Now who do you think went to the US?

    Alfred Nobel?

    Of course not, they got the ancestors of boat. “Huddled masses”. People with little interest in education or art but mostly interested in materialism. The American Dream is about money and wealth only.

    The tragedy of the 20th century was that these huddled euro masses were unable to generate an elite that could withstand a very smart elite that had entered the US by the end of the 19th century, who took over banking and media from the WASPs, stole America’s purse (FED) in 1912, manipulated the US into WW1 in order to pay the British for Palestine (the later Israel) and by 1933 took over government and began to conspire with the USSR to use their American serfs to go out and conquer the world for the Self-Chosen (until November 2016).

    Yes there were smart Americans who observed what happened and warned America (read Henry Ford’s ‘infamous’ book or read the DesMoines speech by aviation hero Charles Lindbergh or listen to the radio speeches by Father Coughlin). But they already were in the defensive and could be easily destroyed by the media.

    The folks in America who still do think, like Pat Buchanan, Charles Murray, Paul Craig Roberts or Mark Weber and many others, all know that the old America is over. Destroyed by mass migration. America is rapidly underway of becoming a third world country. Even makati will admit that but in one breath deny that that has anything to do with the racial composition. America was built by people of European descent. But the folks who were intentionally brought into the country by the Self-Chosen from 1965 onwards, with no other intent than to be used as a new racial proletariate to carry out yet another 1917-Petersburg-style revolution in the future, this time on North-American soil… those folks are unable to maintain the standards of the original European settlers. Forget about space programs. Forget about universities, all becoming cultual-Marxist hell holes giving in to every wim BLM activists come up with next.
    Buchanan: suicide of a super power – Will America survive to 2025?

    This represents Friday’s and makati’s world view best, Dante’s Inferno:

    Fantasizing about a world that won’t materialize but more acurately describe’s the inner despair.

    Fuck the confederates and fuck the germans and fuck their glorifying hero whorshipping loser descendants.

    The Mongol-behind-his-Canadian-facade goes on with his genocidal anti-white hatred. I would pay attention to these Confederates if I were you. They have a lot of friends in Europe and Russia (700 million).

  13. DerHundistlos on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 2:29 pm 

    @ Cloggie

    Thank you for the history lesson regarding the causative factors for WW I & II. I copied and retained your summary. If your time permits, I would appreciate the expanded version you referenced. Hopefully you will read this message and will respond accordingly. I will return here a bit later. Thank you again.

  14. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Dec 2016 4:07 pm 


    Wed, 7th Dec 2016 10:44 am
    Dutch government not neutral:

    Secret link Churchill-Stalin (Maisky)
    Thu, 8th Dec 2016 10:20 am

    Architect WW2: William Bullitt
    Sat, 10th Dec 2016 11:34 am

    Norway campaign 1940
    Sun, 14th Aug 2016 9:31 am

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