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Page added on August 14, 2017

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Kunstler: Smoke and Fire

Public Policy

Cue the corn pone Nazis. Enter, stage left. Well, what did you expect?

With the various authorities in this culture incessantly applying “white privilege” noogies to the public’s skull, sooner or later they were sure to provoke a lizard-brain response from the more limbic-oriented low orders of honkeydom. Of course, you couldn’t stage-manage a more stupidly arrant provocative act in the State of Virginia, guaranteed to bring out the raging yahoos, than threatening to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee.

There’s a depressingly tragic overtone to this whole affair that suggests the arc of history itself is driving this story — a dark animus in the national soul struggling to resolve its contradictions. And the Charlottesville incident, which left a woman dead and many others badly injured from a car-ramming, has the flavor of a “first shot” in a new civil war.

The echo civil rights campaign of the moment — a strange brew of Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” (anti-fascist), latest-wave feminism, illegal immigrant sanctuary politics, and LGBTQQ agitation — emanates from the college campuses and creeps through the culture-at-large like a miasma, poisoning group against group, in an orgy of victimization claims of the sort that inevitably lead to violence. This is how tribal and religious wars start in primitive societies.

There is also a funk of phoniness about this campaign that should alert the higher centers of judgment in the brain. The Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, MO, that kicked off the BLM movement was never a convincing case of injustice, but has been widely regarded as if it was, despite state and federal inquiries (under Obama’s DOJ), that concluded otherwise. The figment of “white privilege” is not responsible for the extraordinary black-on-black homicide rates in Chicago and Baltimore or the black teen flash mobs in malls around the country. What is suspiciously at the bottom of it all is the spectacular failure of the original civil rights campaign of the 1960s to alter the structures of poverty in black America, as well as the grinding guilt among white Democratic Progressives over the failures of their own well-intentioned policies — converted perversely into racial self-flagellation.

The latest iteration of feminism comes out of campuses that have been largely taken over by female Boomer pedagogues, especially the non-STEM departments, and is now fait accompli, so that the grievances still pouring out seem manufactured and hysterical. It also has a strong odor of simple misandry, and the whole package of ideology is wrapped in impenetrable grad school jargon designed to give it an intellectual sheen that is unearned and dishonest. The grim fact is that sooner or later even some intelligent men might notice this, and get pissed off about it.

The “Antifa” movement would be funny if it wasn’t itself prone to violence, since it espouses exactly the same kind of despotism against free thought that it pretends to fight against. It wants to shut down and stamp out debate in the public arena and trample over principles that make it uncomfortable, for instance, the First Amendment asserting the right to free speech. It makes a mockery of the battle cry for “diversity” (diversity only for Antifa-approved ideas). That so many current college students subscribe to the movement ought to make thoughtful people very uneasy about the politics of the coming generation. In their black battle garb and masks, they resemble the very fascist mobs of the 1930s that the name “Antifa” supposedly evokes as its enemy.

The illegal immigrant sanctuary movement is just plain insane, starting with the refusal by officials to even make a distinction between citizens and non-citizens. There is every reason to think that mayors of “sanctuary cities” and administrators on “sanctuary campuses” should be prosecuted under federal law. It has reached such a pitch in California, where state college deans are shepherding “undocumented” students into special programs, that they are sure to provoke the cutoff of funds and perhaps the destruction of their own institutions. The movement is the very essence of lawlessness and a disgrace to the supposedly thinking class.

The LGBTQQ movement, an offshoot of Feminism 3.0, seeks to erase biology itself as applied to human mammalian sexuality, at the same time that it wants to create new special social and political entitlements — based on various categories of sexual desire that they insist are biologically-driven, such as the urge of a man to equip himself via surgery to behave like a woman. The movement has now gone so far as to try to shame people who place themselves in the original biological categories (“cis-gender,” another grad school metaphysical jargon clot), and especially heterosexual men. Everybody else gets brownie points for being “cutting edge.” One really has to wonder how long this nonsense goes on before it provokes a reaction among the biology-literate.

If we’re entering a new civil war, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is the product solely of extreme right-wing yahooism. These Nazi and KKK bozos are rising up because the thinking-enabled people of the center have been too cowardly to stand up against the rising tide of idiocy festering at both ends of the spectrum, and particularly on the Left with its direct wiring to the policy-making centers of American life, dictating how people must think and act, and what they should care about.

What we can’t really tell yet is whether these battles will remain joined and even escalate after the financial clusterfuck that the nation is sleepwalking into, or if the financial crisis will overwhelm them like a tsunami and leave all the stupid, tattered battle flags washed up on a lonely beach.



61 Comments on "Kunstler: Smoke and Fire"

  1. Cloggie on Thu, 17th Aug 2017 11:05 am 

    Yet another large-scale attack against the public, now in Barcelona:


  2. paultard on Thu, 17th Aug 2017 11:48 am 


    this should energize nazis allowing us to kill both extremes.

    i have no economic or energy plan. i only want women to fight their way out of poverty.

    it could be the end of cars and more business for the govt. i was at the motor vehicle registry and busines is brisk.

    The govt was selling nothing but rights. if you had prior traffic convictions, your right are bought by thousands of bucks.

    if the old white woman (non-jewish) says it’s for safety reason, it’s for safety reason.

    if the mayor removes statues for safety reason, it’s for that reason.

    you fight, you lose.

  3. Cloggie on Sat, 19th Aug 2017 7:36 am 

    i only want women to fight their way out of poverty.

    Sure commie-tard, so you can stay in bed and sniff your own farts like an American equivalent of Oblomov. This way you are never “conquer Siberia” as you have repeatedly said you will.

    if the mayor removes statues for safety reason, it’s for that reason

    No, it is because he is at war with achieving part of European-America.

    Old war horse Pat Buchanan on “America’s Second Civil War”:

    Back to the real world:

    Self-described “Bannon the Barbarian” returns to Breitbart to keep the war against the establishment going. Apparently he has no hard feelings against Trump or vice versa.

  4. Cloggie on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 3:40 am 

    US Capitol building. A target-rich environment for BLM/Antifa:

    It is only a matter of time until these statues will be replaced by ones of MLK, Meathead, dr. Huxtable, Oprah Winfrey.

    Whites need not apply. They abdicated.

  5. Cloggie on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 9:30 am 

    Pew Global Putin-Trump popularity contest:

    And the winner is… Putin!

    The only countries in continental Eurasia where Trump trumps is of course the cradle of Anglosphere Holland and Poland (always keen on preventing the Fourth German-Russian division) and for some reason still thinks that America will come to their aid (the last time they were indeed used as a pretext to get WW2 started but after the war were handed over to the loving care of Stalin)

    Me, the Gaullist, voted for Putin.

  6. Apneaman on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 12:01 pm 

    clog, Putin just loves you all white altright fanboys… useful idiots. No longer useful.

    Driven from US shores, neo-Nazi website finds no haven in Russia either
    models of thought

    Kremlin watchdog Roskomnadzors’ decision to shut down The Daily Stormer hate site underscores the very one-sided nature of the ‘alt-right’s’ love affair with Russia.

  7. Apneaman on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 12:11 pm 

    clog, we all know you have been angry your whole life being one of those Dutch hunger babies and all, but it don’t mean you get to rewrite history and it’s not very nice trying to shove your bitterness down everyone’s throat the same way those Nazi cocks were shoved down your moms throat so she could get the needed nutrition to keep you from perishing in her womb. I bet daddy chipped in with a few blow jobs here and there and turned in a few true Dutch patriots to the SS as well.

  8. Cloggie on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 12:31 pm 

    Yeah TalmudTurd, and now I am supposed to be sorry? Soviet-Russia and Nazism that wasn’t a happy combination. But have no illusions about Putin-Russia, they are not on your side:

    They got rid of the Talmud-Maffia (you) as early as of 1939. Americans can only dream of that.

    And then there is poor old Trotsky, the butcher of Russia, icepicked in Mexico (graphic):


    The European-Americans have potentially the entire horror scenario still ahead of them. I mean your tribe opening the borders in 1965 for mass immigration from the third world…

    … had of course a purpose, namely to import a new (third world) proletariat you can and intend to use against your hated and naive white Americans. That moment will arrive directly after you manage to get rid of Trump.

    But tell me ApneaTalmudTurk, how many white Americans do you plan to murder this time with your Antifa and BLM mob? You think you can top the tens of millions you did in the USSR?

    You do realize that the situation has thoroughly changed since 1917, with the internet and stuff? First time a tragedy, second time a farce.

  9. Cloggie on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 12:34 pm

    The whole world knows, except the Americans. For them it is a “conspiracy theory”. Americans don’t do that.

  10. Apneaman on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 9:52 pm 

    clog are you screaming and is your face beet red as you are typing your ????????…whatever. You need to take a breath old man. I don’t have a clue as to what the hell you are going on about and accusing me of this time. Pretty much everything. Apparently I must be some kinda time traveler though, since I am responsible for the Russian revolution and BLM and antifatass. What’s next clog? Are you going to accuse me of torturing people during the Spanish inquisition?

  11. Apneaman on Sun, 20th Aug 2017 10:04 pm 

    Trump needs to lighten up on the immigration. The cost of my bags of California spinach has gone up. I can’t live without my California spinach drenched in Kraft 3 cheese ranch. I gots ta have it baby.

    California Crops Rot as Immigration Crackdown Creates Farmworker Shortage

    Farmers Struggle to Find Labor, Threatening Americans’ Food Supply and Prices

    Farmers’ Crops Are Rotting in the Fields Thanks To Trump

    Even better would be transgender fruit and vegetable picking illegal workers.


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