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Page added on March 20, 2017

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Kunstler: Full Speed Ahead for Murphy’s Law

Public Policy

You might not know it, given all the ambient noise of the moment, but beyond the torments of news and propaganda there is still something called the nation. It’s more than just a political compact. Until not long ago it was also a culture, an agreed-upon set of values, practices, and customs that amounted to an identity: I’m an American. If you canvassed the crowd in Yankee Stadium one summer afternoon in 1947, I imagine each person would answer that way rather than saying I’m a wounded war veteran, I’m a WASP, I’m an oppressed housewife, I’m a negro, I’m Italian, I’m a Jew, I’m a union member, I’m a communist, I’m queer, I’m a rape victim….

These days, the hardships of history are shattering the nation and our response politically has been to take refuge in a matrix of rackets. Most of these rackets are economic, because it’s the essence of racketeering to extract the greatest benefit possible from the object of your racket at the least cost to the racketeer. In plain English, it’s an organized way of getting something for nothing. The identity politics of our time is another form of racketeering — extracting current maximum benefits on claims of mistreatment, often bygone, specious, or only imagined.

And so one of the truly existential questions of the moment is whether we’ll continue to be a nation, even geographically, and a lot of sentient observers aren’t too sure. Apparently we’re not too sure we even want to be. This is why the campaign slogan of Hillary Clinton, “Stronger Together,” rang so false when the Democratic Party worked so diligently in 2016 to construct separate identity fortifications and then declared culture war on the dwindling majority outside the ramparts. And you’re surprised that Donald Trump won the election?

Trump won by making promises that he’ll never be able to keep under the current circumstances. The main promise was to restore the standard of living enjoyed in bygone decades by former industrial workers and clerks. His promise was based on a misunderstanding of history: the notion that the industrial organization of daily life was a permanent part of the human condition. You could detect by the early 21st century that this was not so anymore. That was exactly why we tried to replace it with an economy of rackets. When there’s nothing left, a lot of people are going to try to get something for nothing, because there’s nothing else to do.

Hence, the financialization of the economy. In the 1950s, finance made up about five percent of the economy. It’s mission then was pretty simple and straightforward: to manage the accumulated wealth of the nation (capital) and then allocate it to those who proposed to generate greater wealth via new productive activities, mostly industrial, ad infinitum. It turned out that ad infinitum doesn’t work in a world of finite resources — but the ride had been so intoxicating that we couldn’t bring ourselves to believe it, and still can’t.

With industry expiring, or moving elsewhere (also temporarily), we inflated finance to nearly 40 percent of the economy. The new financialization was, in effect, setting a matrix of rackets in motion. What had worked as capital management before was allowed to mutate into various forms of swindling and fraud — such as the bundling of dishonestly acquired mortgages into giant bonds and then selling them to pension funds desperate for “yield,” or the orgy of merger and acquisition in health care that turned hospitals into cash registers, or the revenue streams on derivative “plays” that amounted to bets with no possibility of ever being paid off, or the three-card-monte games of interest rate arbitrage played by central banks and their “primary dealer” concubines.

Some of what I’ve listed above may be incomprehensible to the blog reader, and that is because these rackets were crafted to be opaque and recondite. The rackets continue without regulation or prosecution because there is an unstated appreciation in government, and in the corporate board rooms, that it’s all we’ve got left. What remains of the accustomed standard of living in America is supported by wishing and fakery and all that is now coming to a climax as we steam full speed ahead into Murphy’s law: if something can go wrong, it will.

When all of America comes to realize that President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, it will make last November’s national nervous breakdown look like a momentary case of the vapors. What can wrong awaits in markets, banks, currencies, and the immense dark pools of counterparty obligations that amount to black holes where notions of value are sucked out of the universe. There is so much that can go wrong. And then it will. And then maybe that will prompt us back to consider  being a nation again.


65 Comments on "Kunstler: Full Speed Ahead for Murphy’s Law"

  1. onlooker on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 10:09 am 

    Kunstler rightly points that debt and rackets have served to mask the profound dysfunction of especially Western Economies. And they also allowed a very small cadre of well connected and wealthy entities and people to make out like bandits. These frauds have further weakened the already weak fundamentals. Consequently, our societies are ticking time bombs ready to join the already failed third world countries in a world wide Depression amid a rapidly deteriorating environment. So in accord with Murphy , pretty much everything that can go wrong will as world wide civilization descends ,declines and finally collapses

  2. Cloggie on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 10:16 am 

    And then it will. And then maybe that will prompt us back to consider being a nation again.

    Forget about it mr Kunstler. After 1965 and decades of planned mass immigration since from the third world, there never will be an American nation like in 1947 again.

    Your earlier intuition of that fictitious seceded “Foxfire Republic” in your novel “A history of the future” will probably much closer to the truth eventually. In November 2016, for the first time in 100 years, white America revolted successfully against the establishment, or more accurately against the deep state, that unelected body that could do with America what it wanted, until your despised Donald I don’t need your money Trump managed to break into the system and hijacked the white electorate, by promising them what THEY wanted to hear and not the deep state. The latter is now foaming at the mouth via its MSM in total despair and has to witness its own demise. With every month that Trump will manage to hold on to power, the chances of the old guard to ever return to power diminishes.

    And so one of the truly existential questions of the moment is whether we’ll continue to be a nation, even geographically, and a lot of sentient observers aren’t too sure.

    You just said it. The century old kosher NWO project is dead in the water. In a decade or so China will be the global top dog and Washington will never manage to frame China and/or Russia in a global power structure run by them. That means that “exceptionalism” is dead and that America will have to reinvent itself again and pursue more modest objectives.

    Enter alt-right. The political left may still own the MSM, the growing political right has the internet. In my own country Holland there are still pundits who celebrate that “populist” Geert Wilders didn’t win the general elections, but saner analysts have to admit that the election constituted a vast move to the right, with most prominent feature the total collapse of “multicult central” Labour (PvdA). It is the same everywhere: Russia, America and now Europe. The One World ideology is out and will become ever more out with every passing year. The West on a popular level has abandoned political correctness, the essential foundation of the planned NWO, that project that has now been abandoned. Won’t be long until white America will be looking for the exits of old America.

  3. joe on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 11:06 am 

    Fed interest rates now sit at a paltry 1% for the best performing developed economy and -0.4% for deposit rates in the EU alongside continued monthly state bond purchases and budgetary austerity (no help from Brexit there). So basically if and when the US raises rates, that will be a boon to the weak Euro (pity those VWs are toxic poison now) but it will end the EU project as Germany seeks to keep things exactly as they are. Sadly things wont stay as they are. Germany will have to pay for the hole the UK is going make and they will have to pay more for NATO if Turkey decides to go with the Russian if Caliph Erdogan gets crowned. The US will look to the Pacific for glory in this century, Europe is done. Le Pen doesnt even have to get elected, the results of 50 years of liberal capitalism and multiculturalism does not need much analysis, it was at a Paris airport last week. The results are austerity and religious violence, so much for socialism. Identity it turns out is as temporary as any other thing. My greatgradad fought for a thing called the British Empire of which 1/4 of the global land mass was subject, my grandkids may be just simple English folks with a Republic of Scotland to the north and a Republic of Wales to the west. The case for a split of the US into unions based on the East and West coasts is there, obviously the East coast could win massively if they cut loose many of the ‘sand-masses’ to its west and kept trade with Canada and Mexico. Money, not wishes or desire will rule the day, just money and nothing else. So for all the big talk of ‘no way it wont happen’ Im sorry to tell you, yes it can. If you would have told me 17 years ago that the US would struggle to defeat two third world countries and lose in another and that Russia would rise up and openly challenge the west after 19 maniacs slammed airliners into the worlds biggest banks/financial centre and that the biggest monetary disaster was created by pumping cash into a system that has nowhere to put it, I would have said you were mad. Now the prospect of pretending things are better while we try to explain why people wont 6se more oil or buy more houses like in 2004. They wont tell you that for most people, not much has changed since the Great Recession.

  4. Ghung on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 11:28 am 

    George Mobus has posted his Spring equinox commentary.

  5. JuanP on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 12:00 pm 

    “Trump won by making promises that he’ll never be able to keep under the current circumstances.” Kunstler should really stop whining about Trump. All politicians win by making promises they don’t keep. Picking on Trump for this is intellectually dishonest.

    Things have been getting worse since before I was born and they will keep getting worse for the rest of my life and long after I am dead. Get a Vasectomy now!

  6. Cloud9 on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 12:05 pm 

    We had two competing mimes in the past election. On the one side, the FSA offered the browning and Islamificiation of America coupled with the promise of unlimited free stuff to be handed out to the browns, the blacks and the gender confused forever. Included in this mime was the assumption that Ray Bradbury’s world would be realized and with replicators and unlimited energy coming out of warp cores, we would finally join the federation of planets. Paradise would be achieved occupied by forever young hotties in every imaginable color and sexual persuasion.
    Competing with that grand illusion was the realization that the rust belt was real. People not transfixed by the illusion could see that our bridges were crumbling, our roads were full of pot holes and our damns were cracked. People who took time to look could see that our heavy industry had been sold off as scrap metal. Along came Trump with a different mime, Make America Great Again.
    The Democratic Party represents black, brown, Islamic and Queer America. It is anti-white and socialist to the core. Its dream state is a top down pyramid with the one percent made up of party Apparatchiks.
    The Republican Party represents the Corporatocracy. It too is willing to embrace blacks, browns, Muslims and queers in its quest the last ounce of profit wrung out of the last transaction. Its dream state is a top down pyramid controlled by the top one percent money men holding all the world’s wealth and all the world’s resource in its collective corporate hands. Taken to its extreme, the corporatocracy devolves into a monopoly, a single massive organism that winds up eating itself.
    There is little in either of these two mimes for white Middle America. The Republicans have risen in local, state and national politics because there is nowhere else for Middle America to go. Middle America is watching the RINOs as they reveal themselves one by one. Their obstruction is giving Trump an out as his agenda is derailed by Republican insiders.
    Collapse is inevitable. Unsustainable debt, depleting resources, the end of economic growth is being confronted by a growing third world population. If we look to the left for solutions we can see how this is playing out in Venezuela. There, bread shortages are dealt with by arresting bakers. This is a product of magical thinking. In a world of replicators and unlimited energy there should be no bread shortages. Clearly the people who handle the bread are at fault.
    Trump at least has some experience in failed businesses. Having dealt with collapse in the past and successfully navigated through the process, he is less likely to resort to magical thinking. America may return to the 1950’s again. I remember them. We had no air conditioning. The family had one car and there were a lot less people.

  7. Cloggie on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 12:14 pm 

    “French Presidential Race: Marine LePen Far Ahead of Rivals in Secret Polling” (34%)

    “As French Election Nears, Le Pen Targets Voters Her Party Once Repelled”

    Trump comes to France.

  8. GregT on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 12:30 pm 

    “Trump comes to France.”

    Scary times for France too then, apparently. C’est la vie.

  9. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 12:55 pm 

    Cloud9, the “gender benders” make up .5% of the US population. How can so few people’s “life style” cause so much trouble? It can’t. Y’all are looking to blame anyone and everyone for your monumental failings. See y’all was only ever on top because of a series’s of flukes anyway – 90% of the native population was wiped out by disease carrying white men, not superior technology, culture or intellect and even then it took 400 years. It was the French who gave the Americans their independence – they won the the war. Their ships men and materials. Finally the fluke of geology – all that oil just sitting there. With out those 3 pieces of sheer luck America would have remained an ignorant agricultural backwater. All luck eventually runs out and then you are exposed for what you are. Fucking losers with no one to blame but yourselves. If it was me, I’d be ashamed to even bring it up lest someone point out the obvious.

  10. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:00 pm 

    Stop Playing the Blame Game

    1. If something has gone wrong (or is not the way it should be), then someone other than myself must be identified and blamed for causing the situation.

    2. This person/s’ malfeasance diminishes the respect he/she deserves as a person.

    3. So, it is permissible (and only fitting) to treat this person/s in ways he/she deserves to be treated such as ignoring, name-calling, and in extreme cases, physical assault.

    4. I must not accept any significant degree of responsibility for the situation inasmuch as to do so would be to admit that I am myself also diminished as a person, and therefore deserving of the same disapprobation and negative treatment.

  11. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:13 pm 


  12. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:13 pm 

    Comes around goes around

  13. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:14 pm

  14. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:16 pm

  15. Apneaman on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:23 pm 

    “Today, for the mass of humanity, science and technology embody ‘miracle, mystery, and authority’. Science promises that the most ancient human fantasies will at last be realized. Sickness and ageing will be abolished; scarcity and poverty will be no more; the species will become immortal. Like Christianity in the past, the modern cult of science lives on the hope of miracles. But to think that science can transform the human lot is to believe in magic. Time retorts to the illusions of humanism with the reality: frail, deranged, undelivered humanity. Even as it enables poverty to be diminished and sickness to be alleviated, science will be used to refine tyranny and perfect the art of war.”
    ― John N. Gray, Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals

  16. Cloggie on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 1:56 pm 

    Scary times for France too then, apparently. C’est la vie.

    The mistake I made with you was that you seeing through The Agenda would automatically imply that you would oppose it.

    That was a mistake.

    It is the same story as with Carol Quigley and Robert Stinnett: they expose the WW1 and Pearl Harbor agenda resp. … and nevertheless support it and admire its cunning.

    I tended to overestimate the loyalty of Anglos towards their European roots. One century of Anglo-Zionism has wiped almost everything out.

    Good luck reinventing yourself at the end of the age of exceptionalism.

  17. DerHundistlos on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 2:01 pm 

    @ Ape

    Thoughtful and dissecting response to Cloud. The Cloud envisions, “America returning to the 1950s again”. Translate: My tribe returns to power and privilege IF only we can rid ourselves of the, “Queers, Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows”

    “Y’all are looking to blame anyone and everyone for your monumental failings” except themselves of course.

  18. GregT on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 2:50 pm 

    “The mistake I made with you was that you seeing through The Agenda would automatically imply that you would oppose it.”

    What does scary times for France have to do with my opposition? Like I said before Cloggie, the time to do anything about mankind’s growing number of predicaments was at least three decades ago. The genie is already out of the bottle, and nothing that anybody says or does is going to put it back in again. 7.4 billion people, and growing at a rate of 80 million people per year, on a planet that could reasonably sustain about 1 billion, max. (when it was still healthy)

    At this conjecture, civil unrest, violence, bloodshed, and war, will only add more problems on top of existing predicaments, and will not solve a thing. Too little, too late.

  19. Boat on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 3:58 pm 


    You’re right about little sentiment for the o’l country. We like to think of us as independent. We also like to separate our pride of country from pride of government. Your right that Trump drove a wedge with a burning issue called immigration. But in a jobs context, not a racist context. Trumps approval rating is down to 37 percent. Many of us think both major parties always wanted more employees than jobs. That’s where he got the votes for the win.

  20. Boat on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 4:12 pm 


    The genie eh. What if climate change takes out a couple billion over decades. What if there is no huge collaspe. Maybe it’s just your doomer spirit that must have man made war on top of climate diasters. One thing for sure, the events will cause major change and humans will to survive will require changes. If humans spend their resources on adapting there is no way to know how many can survive with tv and ac.

  21. Chic with a Dic on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 6:22 pm 

    I’m gonna slap Cloggie up the side of the head with 9 inches of black limp dick.
    Once the cops go on strike the fat lazy old whites will be a cake walk for the younger and stronger immigrants from Asia and Africa.

  22. Theedrich on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 7:32 pm 

    The Demonic Party loves to demonize.  To be sure, false accusation has been used for millennia to justify unprovoked onslaughts on those seen as prey.  Besmirching victims has always been a favorite sport of aggressors.  And only the victor gets to write the history books.  Modern mainstream media makes deliberately false accusation much more effective than ever before in the long history of this technique.  Even the Mohammedans can use it, employing their chief idol, Allah, as their unimpeachable authority.  But today this approach is reaching new levels of danger.  The Demonics are casting Russia in the role of villain as an indirect way of attacking President Trump as that country’s accomplice.  They use propaganda warfare and libel as politics by other means.

    Meanwhile, other means of destroying or weakening targets, personal or national, grow more powerful by the day.  Even tiny North Korea could use internet hacking to cause serious damage to Sony, a large American company, and such hacking has become a new means of theft and undermining everywhere and at all levels.  The idea that only adversaries of America would use such means in laughable.  The U.S. spies on every other nation possible, as well as on its own citizens.  All, while denying it, of course.

    But the automation of war goes far beyond mere hacking.  In late February of 2017, U.S. military forces, using all kinds of deadly technology, attacked a position in Yemen, a small, poverty-stricken country wich has never attacked us, and killed many civilians besides the designated military targets.  In the process, a single American soldier was killed.  Several weeks later, that one man was posthumously lionized before the entire Congress as an example of greatness, courage and all things noble, and much sympathy expressed for his understandably sorrow-filled, surviving wife.  The soldier’s death was honored by all and sundry in the Congress and vicariously by millions watching on TV across the nation.  Nary a mention was made of the many innocent civilian wretches who were slaughtered by that man and his teammates in the execution of the mission, planned under the previous administration and carried out under the new one.  The issue of the mass killing of innocents simply never came up.

    As autonomous killing machines (e.g., self-directing drones and other robots which can kill indiscriminately, based on pre-programmed computer algorithms and without human guidance) advance in sophistication and lethality, it will be increasingly easier to justify wiping out whole populations.  Because they can be demonized posthumously, and the politicians get more deaths for the tax dollar.  After all, long ago Prez Harry Truman, “hero” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, showed the way.

  23. makati1 on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 7:41 pm 

    I love America, the idea.

    I hate America, the reality.

    Kind of sums it up, I think.

  24. Cloud9 on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 8:35 pm 

    Sorry Der, I’m not white. Just making an observation.

  25. makati1 on Mon, 20th Mar 2017 8:57 pm 

    Cloud9, I agree with your last paragraph about Trump. He did not get where he is by stupidity. If that were so, most Americans would be billionaires. But he is bucking a very big organization in his attempts to set things right (pardon the pun). I am not expecting miracles there.

    I too enjoyed growing up in the 50s. A wonderful time in America. But, I do not see them coming back, ever. Not even Trump can pull off that miracle for so many reasons. I will be happy if we can just survive with a bit of pleasure and a minimum of pain.

    You and I know what it is like to not have all the techie toys and ‘conveniences’ of modern life. We can live without them and probably will, soon. I feel sorry for those who live plugged into an electronic world that will disappear when the electric goes off. THAT is also in our future. A lot of pain coming.

  26. Dooma on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 12:44 am 

    When the lenders turn to sub prime auto loans who is to blame for the stupidity of living beyond their means? Credit and salespeople are quite seductive but surely the consumer has to wear some of the blame for living beyond their means.

    It is one thing to run a ponzi scheme but you need a sucker for it work. People selling products nowadays are selling credit and are making far less on the initial sale.

    The Western world is addicted to easy finance and where there are addicts there are dealers.

  27. Dooma on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 12:55 am 

    Theedrich, the most repulsive part of the theatrics of the poor war widow was when she looked skyward as if to affirm that the US was doing what Jesus would do.

  28. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 3:24 am 

    A Vietnamese American, like many Asians relatively sympathetic towards the American whites, describes the fate of white America, meaning the fate of America, centered around Atlanta:

    How bad can the South be if blacks from all parts of the country are moving there? Often referred to as the capital of Black America, Atlanta has many thriving black businesses

    Nice to know these folks have a capital already for their future country.

    After eight years of our first black or, rather, biracial president, the country is riven by racial divisions, with the media looking everywhere for evidence of white racism only. Everybody else is a victim, for they’re all penned together, most racistly, as “people of color.”

    This of course leads to the question: “who owns the media that is waging non-stop war against the whites”? Answer the question and you know who owns America and who uses the “coloreds” as a weapon against the whites. A certain notorious Austrian would have little trouble identifying these owners.

    America will likely blow itself up before it manages to drag the rest of the white race in Eurasia with it into the abyss. You do not need to be an expert on America, reading the doomer posters here, who live in the middle of it, suffices.

  29. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 3:39 am 

    The first of three presidential debates in France:

    The mood was very aggressive.

    Three candidates matter only:

    – Marine le Pen, the nationalist
    – François Fillon, the conservative republican
    – Emmanuel Macron, the last minute “independent” neo-liberal candidate, a former Rothschildt banker, obviously supported by the MSM and French = US = Zionist run deep state.

    The European MSM, like der Spiegel (essentially propaganda outlets for the US colonizer) praise Macron into high heaven:

    Both nationalist le Pen and traditional Gaullist Fillon are anti-Anglo and pro-Russia, but Fillon had the best chances of winning in the 2nd round, so he needed to be destroyed by a perfectly timed anti-corruption probe against him.

    The establishment bets that it will be le Pen against Macron in the second round and that the System candidate will prevail yet again through media propaganda and demonizing the unwanted candidate.

  30. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 7:32 am 

    May Day, May Day.

    America is in turmoil and so is Europe, now that the British population wrong-footed its own elite and decided to leave the Great White World. PM May will officially initiate Brexit coming Wednesday.

    There is a secret EU paper that prescribes how to deal with the British.


    – Forget about free access to European markets. That can only be had in case of additionally free traffic of employees, capital and services. London hates that.

    – The UK needs to fulfill its past obligations to the tune of 60 billion.

    – The EU wants that 3 million citizens (cheap Eastern European labor) can remain in Britain and keep their jobs. In return The British can keep their 1 million British in continental Europe (mostly pensionada’s).

    Nobody expects this is going to be easy; likely will the full two years be needed to undo 44 years of membership.

    Now that the British are leaving, the EU army can become reality. Earlier this month the EU decided that the Euro-Pentagon will be located in Brussels:

    This fits hands in glove with Trump’s demand that Europe needs to pay much more for its own defense. So far the British managed to block a EU-army, as they want to see that America remains in control. But the British are leaving so they no longer have a say.

  31. Hello on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 7:36 am 

    Clog, I forget.

    Why does the certain Austrian want to destroy whites?

  32. Cloud9 on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 8:05 am 

    Ap as far as gender benders are concerned if they make up less than half a percent of the population then why are we creating all the fuss over high school bathrooms? The answer is simple. Identity politics divides and distracts the public. It’s the same old process that was used to keep the Black and White sharecroppers at each other’s throats. While the White man was afraid the Black man was going to steal his daughter, and the Black man was afraid the White man was going to kill him, they continued to work shoulder to shoulder in the new slavery making the boss man richer and richer. They never looked at the bogus script they were paid in or questioned the prices at the company store. They focused on their differences; distracted and weakened their condition never changed. Identity politics serves the power brokers.
    As far as accidents are concerned, we are all the product of accidents. Of the thousands of little tadpoles that were making the mad dash, only one of them got lucky enough to make it to your mother’s egg, and bingo here you are.
    I personally have no control over my local city council, my county commissioners, my state representatives or my congressman. I vote in every election and encourage everyone I know to do the same. But I assure you, President Kennedy did not pull me into the oval office to consult with him on the war in Vietnam. No Senator has ever pulled me aside and asked, Cloud what do you think we should do? Therefore, I do not take responsibility for any of the good or bad decisions made by my government over the last half century. Like everyone else, I am pulled along with the tides of the times. Do you think the people of Dresden were responsible for starting WW II? Do you think the bomber crews that burned that city to ground had a choice? All of the participants were caught up in a process over which they had no control.
    Now, back to the point. What we are witnessing is a change in social order. There is no question that there are racial and ethnic components involved in what is happening. But I think the larger component involves the divide that exists between urban and rural. The mega cities dominate the economic and political landscape. What we saw in this last election when you look at the election on a county by county basis is that the cities are the centers of power for the Democrats. The rural counties overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Had it not been for the Electoral College system, the cities would have overwhelmed the counties and their respective states.
    As energy bleeds out of the system, it is going to become more difficult to maintain the level of complexity required to sustain these huge population centers. This ongoing devolution is going to weaken the Democratic strong holds. The labor unions, government workers excluded, are starting to back Trump. The chief of police in Detroit has told the local populace to arm themselves. Detroit is depopulating. That process will continue as people flee failed economic systems. As economic systems fail, political systems fail.
    What comes next is anybody’s guess, but the United States has a template for shared political power. As the federal government weakens, state governments will become more autonomous.

  33. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 9:13 am 

    Why does the certain Austrian want to destroy whites?

    Where did I say that? I said that a certain Austrian would have no trouble identifying who wants to destroy white America. The same people who wanted to impose communism in Germany and failed initially. But they already had imposed communism in Russia and by 1933 conquered the US government and additionally could count on the good services of Churchill in Britain. The three of them (Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill) secretly conspired together to destroy Germany and en passant divide the European loot between them.

    That is now all going to be undone, now that Russia has been liberated from communism and has an uncomfortable neighbor of 1350 million to the South. Additionally there are a lot of European Americans in the Heartland who have enough of Washington and want a white ethno-state.

    What’s not to like from a European perspective. And exactly on the right moment did the British anti-Europeans volunteer to leave the European world, enabling the creation of a European army. We have a white population base of 440 million (EU minus Britain) and potentially 220 million Eastern Europeans (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), nuclear armed to the teeth. We have EADS, nukes and no Navy, useless anyway and a drain on resources in an age of hyper-sonic missiles and small tactical nukes.

    Strategy: don’t antagonize America and wait for the devolution to begin as a result of shifting demographics and then repeat the stunt of 1776 [*] and present yourself as the European patronage of the insurgents. Objective: get rid of Anglo-Zionism and replace it with “continental Europeanism”.


    [*] The Dutch ensured via clandestine deliveries via St. Eustatius that every American insurgent had a Dutch gun…

    … and finally French troops to finish off the British colonial overlord, that had pissed of the French a few years earlier by kicking them out of America completely:

  34. Hello on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 9:21 am 

    Clog, I misread your earlier statement, and did not ask the questions I actually wanted to ask. I try again.

    What is the goal of whoever is in charge (jews? bankers? communist? illuminate?) and why?

  35. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 9:36 am 

    What is the goal of whoever is in charge (jews? bankers? communist? illuminate?) and why?

    One World in the hands of Self-Chosen (all three you mention, no idea what an illuminate is other than a light bulb), without nations and borders and with all races mixed.

    Has been called off in November 2016.

    Politically destroying the Merkel and Hollande US vassal regimes is next and replace the EU with a right-wing Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation (“Europe of the Fatherlands”).

  36. Hello on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 9:46 am 

    >> One World in the hands of Self-Chosen

    But why? And according to you they have been running the show for the West since a long time. Why would you risk your kingdom just to control a swampland called 3rd world?

  37. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 10:34 am 

    But why? And according to you they have been running the show for the West since a long time. Why would you risk your kingdom just to control a swampland called 3rd world?

    They miscalculated, they didn’t see Putin coming and underestimated China. By 1999 they owned Russia via these “oligarchs” and the meteoric rise of China had yet to begin. They thought they could conquer the world even with a weakened US.

    By the end of the 1990’s the US deep state kosher neocons began to plot for a New American Century and organized 9/11 as a pretext to invade countries at will and add them to their NWO empire.

    By 2000 Putin the NWO-killer appeared on the scene, nota bene installed by a kosher oligarch (Berezovsky, who a few years ago committed suicide, probably out of embarrassment) and kicked all these oligarchs out, who next fled to Britain and Israel.

    By 2004 the optimistic PNAC picture had changed drastically. Putin showed his true colors and had teamed up with Schroeder and Chiraq and the Gaullist ideal of Paris-Berlin-Moscow was within reach, with Iraq turning into a quagmire.

    By 2005 the German disaster called Angela Merkel replaced the US-hater Schroeder and Putin began to understand that he needed to team up with China (SCO-BRICS) as a safety precaution, because his Paris-Berlin-Moscow strategy was in tatters, thanks to Merkel. That was in hindsight a smart move and Putin had to sit out 12 years of Merkel (until the end of this year and perhaps longer), since Merkel does everything the US deep state demands of her, including dragging in 1.5 million Islamic testosterone bombs.

  38. GregT on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 12:30 pm 

    An Israeli Lobby in China?

    There is a growing pro-Israeli advocacy within China.

    The creation of SWU-China follows years of tentative public diplomacy and engagement that started around 2009, and in which China has increasingly been identified by the SWU leadership “as a country in which we can make a difference,” according to SWU’s Director Michael Dickson. He saw the SWU playing a major role in combating “misinformation in the Chinese media about Israel” and “Islamic anti-Israel propaganda on university campuses.” This would be accomplished, according to Ayala Sherman-Oren, the SWU-Asia director, by “utilizing social media, university programs, and networking events” that would serve “to connect and cultivate relationships between Israel’s and Asia’s business professionals and social leaders” – effectively, “the next generation of the Chinese leadership.”

    By 2010, however, advocacy efforts had become far more pronounced, and had given way to the formation of a dedicated NGO called the Sino-Israel Global Network and Academic Leadership (SIGNAL), created in 2011 to help create “a broad-based academic framework that will foster long-term alliances between Israel and China.”

    One should also not forget the “ideological” affiliations with the likes of Henry Kissinger, Bernard Lewis, and a slew of former Israeli Ministry of Defense officials and Mossad heads, some of whom espouse “hawkish” and in certain cases “pro-settlement” views.

  39. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 3:16 pm 

    There is a growing pro-Israeli advocacy within China.

    Unsurprisingly considering the theft and sales of US military technology to China by Israel.

    American Jews did pass nuclear secrets to the USSR after the war, resulting in the Soviet bomb.

    How did Henry Ford put it again?

  40. peakyeast on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 3:30 pm 

    @Cloggie: Re china: I look forward to watching the documentary by John Pilger…

  41. makati1 on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 5:40 pm 

    peaky, I wouldn’t worry about Pilger’s idea. I’m not interested in watching his propaganda. More BS from the imperial propaganda machine via a university. There will be NO war with China, in my estimation. The US is NOT going to commit financial and military suicide. Reality is that the Dragon has the Eagle by the balls, and the Eagle knows it. So does the Dragon.

    Look at the stuff you own and see where it came from. IF it says China, Taiwan, S.Korea, India, it, or parts of it, came from China. Even stuff supposedly made in the U$ has Chinese parts. How many multi-nationals have their major factories in China or one of the above? How much of the U$ National Debt does China hold? Last time I looked it was over $1,000,000,000,000.00. And what would that do to the U$ financial system if it was dumped all at one time? The Crash would be heard on the moon. Not to mention that China has a military that can keep anyone from their shores and missiles that will reach all of the U$ bases in Asia including Guam. Nuclear tipped, if necessary.

    If the U$ goes to war with China, it will be the end of humanity. The nukes will fly and Russia will come in on China’s side. Perhaps if we have reached such levels of insanity, we deserve our fate. So be it.

  42. Cloggie on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 3:28 am 

    Pilger needs to make a documentary every now and then, to keep his chimney smoking.

    There is no way the US can defeat China. They couldn’t even defeat North-Vietnam. Not even with the help of South-Vietnam.

    The US may be dominant at sea, China is countering that fact with an over-land New Silk Road strategy of pipe-lines and rail tracks.

    And as long as the US is a threat, Russia will side with China (but not a minute longer).
    Appeal to Europe from Russian youth to include Russia into Europe. And that is what is going to happen.

  43. Cloggie on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 4:01 am

    Most Russians believe Europe should send migrants home after war ends.

    Russia does not see itself as a “nation of immigrants” either, unlike Anglosphere. That’s why Russia will be a valuable member of European civilization in the near future. But not before we have excluded the possibility of a last minute American-Chinese alliance, the wet dream of the US deep state:

    And the way to achieve that is to exploit the fact that there are quite a few European-Americans who want to live “European lives” as well, rather than demographically drown in the third world, the aim of the US deep state.

  44. Cloggie on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:51 am 

    Thierry Baudet, the new Dutch populist, but a lot smarter and sophisticated than Geert Wilders. He won two parliament seats last week. Difference with Wilders:

    – he does not get his money from US neocons
    – he is green-right and takes climate change serious
    – wants to close the borders from 3rd world migration
    – he is pro-Russia

    Baudet playing decent Chopin after [0:43].

  45. Cloggie on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:56 am 

    “Don’t spend your money on women and booze and next ask NW-Europe for help.”

    It came out in the open that mr Euro Jeroen Dijsselbloem had said about the EU garlic zone (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece):

    “During the crisis of the euro, the countries of the North have shown solidarity with the countries affected by the crisis. As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. [But] you also have obligations. You can not spend all the money on drinks and women and then ask for help.

    The “garlic zone” demanded apologies. Dijsselbloem refused. Good man:

  46. Davy on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:18 am 

    “There is no way the US can defeat China. They couldn’t even defeat North-Vietnam. Not even with the help of South-Vietnam.”

    Better than Europe that can’t find its way out of a wet paper bag since WW1. Screw your history revisions blaming and complaining your problems on the rest of the world. Even IF your rants were true it is your stupid Euro impotence that allowed your villains to do what they did to Europe in WWI and WWII. Europe is a sad reflection on political failure. The Euro Union is the final one.

    We could have won the war Clog but that would have meant destroying the entire country. It is a matter of nationalism. The same is true in Iraq. The same is true for the US and the USSR in Afghanistan. We have the means to destroy these countries. They are almost destroyed anyway. The same is true with the Middle East with Yemen and Syria.

  47. Davy on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:30 am 

    “The Kagans Are Back; Wars To Follow”

    “The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency.”

    “Back pontificating on prominent op-ed pages, the Family Kagan now is pushing for an expanded U.S. military invasion of Syria and baiting Republicans for not joining more enthusiastically in the anti-Russian witch hunt over Moscow’s alleged help in electing Donald Trump.”

    “In a Washington Post op-ed on March 7, Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century and a key architect of the Iraq War, jabbed at Republicans for serving as “Russia’s accomplices after the fact” by not investigating more aggressively.”

    “Then, Frederick Kagan, director of the Critical Threats Project at the neocon American Enterprise Institute, and his wife, Kimberly Kagan, president of her own think tank, Institute for the Study of War, touted the idea of a bigger U.S. invasion of Syria in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on March 15.”

    “Yet, as much standing as the Kagans retain in Official Washington’s world of think tanks and op-ed placements, they remain mostly outside the new Trump-era power centers looking in, although they seem to have detected a door being forced open.”

  48. Davy on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:40 am 

    Have you notices this site no longer post PCR articles? LOL. This is a democratic legacy:

    “Paul Craig Roberts Exposes “The Conspiracy Against President Trump”

    “The Republicans, for the most part, were interested to know how security leaks targeted at Trump Republicans came from meetings at which only the CIA Director, NSA Director, and FBI director were present. Of course, they did not get an answer, which shows how powerless congressional oversight committees are. Comey repeatedly said that he could not tell the committee anything, because it would confirm that a press leak was true. But, he said, speaking generally and of no specific leak, most leaks come from “someone who heard something” and passes it on to the media, which also explains the inaccuracy of some leaks. In other words, don’t blame us.”

    “What the Democrats tried to do yesterday was to criminalize everyone who works for better relations between the US and Russia. To be for peace between the nuclear powers is to be a Russian agent and to be put on a list. The Democrats insisted that Russia was an enemy out to get us, and the Democrats had no difficulty getting Comey and Rogers, both Obama appointees, to agree.”

    “Americans need to understand that the political competition between the Democrats and Republicans is over which party gets to collect the money for being the whore for the One Percent. Traditionally, the party in the White House gets most of the money, so that is where both parties want to be.”

    “Trump doesn’t fire Comey and Rogers, because he cannot fire them. If he fires them, the Democrats and presstitutes will explain the firings as proof that Trump is a Russian agent and is covering up his treason by removing those investigating it.”

    “People in the West need to understand that if the news they receive bears on the interests of the US military/security complex, the news is scripted by the CIA. The CIA serves its interests, not the interests of the American people or the interests of peace.”

  49. Cloggie on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 7:14 am 

    We could have won the war Clog but that would have meant destroying the entire country.

    Technically yes, but nuking North-Vietnam into submission would have made the US the pariah of the world. In reality that option did not exist. The costs in terms of loss of “moral high ground” were higher than the gain of defeating communists in tiny Vietnam.

    Better than Europe that can’t find its way out of a wet paper bag since WW1. Screw your history revisions blaming and complaining your problems on the rest of the world. Even IF your rants were true it is your stupid Euro impotence that allowed your villains to do what they did to Europe in WWI and WWII. Europe is a sad reflection on political failure. The Euro Union is the final one.

    We’ll see about that how impotent Europe really is. You are the first to admit that the US empire is over. The question is “who is going to fill the power vacuum”? Oh wait, we are all going to die from climate change or something.

    Until 1945 “impotent Europe” had colonized the most of the world; Vietnam and the rest of Indo-China for instance was a French colony between 1887-1954. These days of European colonialism are not going to return. It will be sufficient if we manage to keep the third world out and team up with Russia and parts of North-America.

    And were do I “complain”? I just tell it as I see it is. I “blame” my own Dutch government as well that they were not neutral vis a vis Germany, but let themselves being talked by Churchill into an anti-German attitude and allow overpass to British and French troops over Dutch soil to attack Germant in its industrial heart the Ruhr area, the real reason why Germany invaded Holland (and France).

    There are no morals in geopolitics, just opportunities for conquest or expanding spheres of influence. At the end of the Middle Ages Europe had the means to dominate everybody else… and they did.

    In 1933 America had a giant oil-based economy, dwarfing everybody else (29% global GDP) and decided to bring in the harvest, euphemistically termed “The American Century”:

    In order to achieve US global dominance (until today) they secretly teamed up with the USSR in 1933 to get the job done in 1945, symbolically in Torgau-Germany

    Even IF your rants were true it is your stupid Euro impotence that allowed your villains to do what they did to Europe in WWI and WWII.

    The true villains were Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, in bed since 1933-1934, who conspired to destroy the European dominated global status quo and take Europe’s place. Neither Hitler nor Chamberlain wanted an all out European war. It was Churchill who managed to put Europe on a war path, for US-Jewish interests only, in whose pay he was. And Stalin.

    You know what really intrigues me about you Davy? Whose side you are going to chose. And who “your people” really are. And this is not a theoretical question as you are not going to be saved by “peak oil” or “climate change” as a face-saving smoke screen, behind which the demise of the US empire can be hidden. Before we all will be cooked by run-away climate change (if that ever happens in the first place) we are going to witness the standoff in North-America first between globalist and nationalist forces. A confrontation that will break the country apart.

    And like in 1776, “impotent Europe” will be the last hope for those Americans who want to live in liberty rather than in a USSR on North-American soil, organised by the Soros mob and enforced by their BLM and white commie goons.

    The roles between Europe and America have long been reversed on a strategic level. Dream on about American power and European impotence. Like the USSR, the US empire will be short-lived. Jews can’t build long-lasting empires like Romans or Europeans, they can only destroy societies with their egalitarian ideologies.

    The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy

    Oh my, ze noble Jews are back, with a America shall be sent into a war against ze evil Russians just because ze Jews say so and the Americans are owned by ze Jews!

    (Until they don’t)

  50. Davy on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 7:20 am 

    Clog, I am not going to read your Euro blame complain rants. Same shit different day. Europe failed in your rants and with (REAL) history. I don’t buy mainstream history of WWII. We know there was more to it but you are off the deep end in the other direction. Europe is a failure militarily. Your armies are ineffective and untested. You will never be a new Empire you want to be. Your union of nations will fail because secretly you guys can’t stand each other and this is worse than the race culture divide in the US. Your vision is a failure clog. Join the friggen human race and see we are all sliding off the cliff now and together.

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