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Page added on April 7, 2017

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Kunstler: Bombs Away!

Public Policy

Close your eyes, click your heels three times, and tell me if you actually know what the fuck is happening in Syria. There’s an awful lot about the poison gas attack that doesn’t add up for the casual observer. It was only a week ago that the US enunciated a new policy that we would be content for Bashar al Assad to remain in power presiding over the Syrian government — after years of grousing and threats against him. Apparently Trump Central had concluded that Assad was a better alternative than another failed state in the Middle East with no government at all.

That policy change was a yuge benefit for Assad since it removed any pretext for US subterfuge or “black box” mischief against him. He was rather busy fighting a civil war, after all. Against whom? A mash-up of Jihadi forces ranging from Isis (so-called), to al Qaeda and Jabhat al Nusra, its spinoff gang dedicated specifically against Assad personally. Assad’s relations with Isis were ambiguous and complex. Isis had used Syria as a staging area for its operations next door in Iraq. It was rumored that Assad purchased oil from Isis. Yet Isis had participated in actions against Assad. In any case, all of the Jihadis were Sunni, in opposition to Assad’s Iran-leaning regime. Assad himself belongs to the Alawite sect of Islam, a twig on the Shia branch. Syria as a whole is a majority Sunni population, so Assad and his father Hafez before him (President 1971 – 2000) have represented a minority (12 percent) in an era of inflamed Sunni-Shia passions.

Trusting that your are not additionally confused by all this, why would Assad choose this moment — only days after the US granted him a pass on remaining in power — to do the one thing guaranteed to bring the wrath of the US down him, namely, kill a lot of civilians, including women and children, with poison gas? Either Assad is inconceivably stupid or possibly the gas attack is not exactly what happened.

Russia has claimed that Assad’s air force attempted to bomb a “rebel” (al Qaeda? Al Nusra? Isis?) ammunition depot that apparently contained supplies of Sarin nerve gas. Neither the US government or the American media has presented any arguments to counter that hypothesis. The New York Times banged the war drum as loudly as possible in the days after the incident. And now, of course, Trump Central has fired $60 million worth of cruise missiles at Assad’s main air force base. Assad’s spokesmen denied responsibility for the attack and the Russians are still asking for conclusive evidence via the UN Security Council.

The current incident appears to be — or was engineered to be — a replay of the August 2013 gas incident that left President Barack Obama looking weak and indecisive for not carrying out retaliation against Assad “crossing a line in the sand” against human decency. And so you have Mr. Trump, who may feel now that he cannot afford to appear weak and indecisive — above all other considerations, including the truth about what really happened at Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib province of Syria. So he bombed an airport, after warning the Russians to remove their personnel from the vicinity. In the event that the world ever does learn what actually occurred at Khan Sheikhoun, and the truth turns out differently than the current narrative, Mr. Trump can say, “We only bombed some Syrian air force infrastructure… no biggie… no women and children harmed.”

The outstanding question remains: what might have possibly motivated Bashar al Assad to turn upside down a situation of great advantage to himself mere days after he achieved it? It will be interesting to see if a credible response emerges from the hall of mirrors that US policy has become.


29 Comments on "Kunstler: Bombs Away!"

  1. onlooker on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 6:39 pm
    Russian warship headed towards US Navy destroyers who launched Syria attack: Fox News
    Things are getting tense

  2. Cloggie on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 7:09 pm

    pictures from 6:20 strongly suggest staged sarin attack.

  3. Davy on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 7:11 pm 

    Onlooker this is not WWII this is the 21st century. This Russian warship is not going to do anything to a Navy destroyer. If something like a battle is going to happen it is going to be air, sea, and land shit and it will be big. This is a nonstory for people that don’t understand military capabilities.

  4. Anonymouse on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 7:16 pm 

    The short answer to JHK question re what possible motive or benefit the Syrian Gov’t has, had for what the uS accuses it of

    Wait for it, None. None whatsoever.

    This latest uS media-pysops has to rank as one of its most obvious and blatant false flags ops yet. Even more so than 2013. And that is saying something, all things considered.

  5. onlooker on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 7:33 pm 

    Yep, as false flags go, an obvious one
    Oh and Davy, not that WWIII is imminent but that things are getting interesting not necessarily in a good way

  6. Davy on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 7:47 pm 

    Unfortunately WWIII is back on the table but let see how the Tillerson meeting goes next week. This could lead to a breakthrough. The thing about this strike is it was not a big deal militarily. It was a statement. The Russians were told in advance. This is going to play out politically for the time being. Once planes are shot down, Russian bases bombed, and or ships sank then we need to get that uneasy WWIII feeling.

  7. Cloud9 on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 8:55 pm 

    We will know it’s here when the lights go out

  8. onlooker on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 9:42 pm 

    If the US had wanted to stop ALL FLIGHTS departing said base they would have at least…….


  9. Apneaman on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 9:49 pm 

    WTF no heaps of blame for the trans gendered folks today? I thought that .5% of the US population is supposed to be the root cause of every problem, not to mention the root of all evil? Poor old Kunt. Tough job being a social critic in the most retarded nation on the planet eh?

    “The Nation

    In a study of literacy among 20 ‘high income’ countries; US ranked 12th

    Illiteracy has become such a serious problem in our country that 44 million adults are now unable to read a simple story to their children

    50% of adults cannot read a book written at an eighth grade level

    45 million are functionally illiterate and read below a 5th grade level

    44% of the American adults do not read a book in a year

    6 out of 10 households do not buy a single book in a year”

  10. makati1 on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 10:13 pm 

    Careful, Ap, you’ll have the Ozark Redneck jumping all over your put down of his precious, piece of shit, war mongering, country. lol

  11. makati1 on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 10:15 pm 

    Onlooker, you assume that they have the capability to be so accurate. Only the Russians have proved that capability. Americans, not so much these last 30 years.

  12. Boat on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 10:55 pm 


    Yea, we all get to see the political mastermind Putin put his thinking block on. Gee just what do I do now. Will my missiles see those 20 stealth bombers? DoI really want to know if those f-35’s are as lousy as reported?

  13. AFDF on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 11:44 pm 

    Hello guys and Mr. Kunstler. I’m tired of doom, you get that? I am finished since Y2K.

    Listen, give me all your money, I’ll buy and hold like the sun will always come tomorrow and it will for eternity.

    Don’t lose your shirt. You’ve been warned.

  14. Sissyfuss on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 11:45 pm 

    “45 million are functionally illiterate and read below a 5th grade level.” Wait a minute, isn’t that the total you get when you add together Trump and his voting bloc?

  15. joe on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 12:21 am 

    All seems too good to be true. The satanic head choppers all but beaten, isis on the run, the US and Russia cooperating mosul falling, Assad picks this very moment to bomb a hospital with children in it? Whats the US gonna do? Send in the 101st? Build bases? This strike has allowed isis to operate against Palmyra once again and deir ezzor was days from liberation. This is nothing but an oil war. The kurds (us employees) are getting Raqqa, next they want Palmyra and Deir Ezzor. Who bombed the hospital in idlib? Who knows, there has been no investigation.
    Of course the real danger is being missed. Its only a matter of time until this type of war finds its way to Ukraine, Balkans, then onto new jihad battlefeilds of London and Stockholm, Paris and Berlin.

  16. Anonymouse on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 12:29 am 

    Even if that were a reasonably accurate statement sissy, what does that have to do with price of tea in China? ‘Trumps voting bloc’, do not control trump, the uSgov, or its overall policies( a permanent war state). They could all be Rhodes scholars, or sub-par morons, every single one. ‘Voters’ and ‘voting’ only matter(s) in the most superficial of ways in the empire.

    Put more directly, trumpf didn’t put his official seal-of-approval on the attack against Syria because his couch-bound, nascar-lov’n, deplorable ‘based’ demanded you know. The push for this came, came a little higher up the food chain than that….

  17. Cloggie on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 12:36 am 

    If you would see 300 random pictures of the US illiterates, even dummies like Sissy would conclude that these folks would be precisely NOT from the Trump voting block:

    You are such a lying lowlife, because you know this very well to be the case.

    It is depressing facts like this that will cause the white still majority to flee from the US mightmare. And we in Eurasia will help them manage to escape, because it will be in our interest to do so, to finally get rid of this former colony gone wild as overlord. And you Sissy will end up on the wrong side of the Apalachians. Perhaps you can start a climate debating club with other Trans-Apalachians like Anonymouse and Ghung. At least they can read and even write.

  18. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 2:22 am 

    Sissy, i think they are the libs, not the cons. The food stamp class, not the workers. Maybe they were counting the snowflakes who borrow to party for four years then live at home with no useful education or abilities. That is about 45 million, I think. We have some good examples of the illiterate right here on the PO board. lol

  19. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 2:40 am 

    Davy, this one’s for you: “There’s a word to describe a state with unlimited power over the private lives, spaces, choices, behaviors, communications and accounts of its citizens: totalitarian.” Does that sound familiar?

    “A limited government is concerned with proscribing the exploitation of citizens by elites and criminals. A Totalitarian State seeks control of everything–including what goes on in the bedrooms, living rooms and minds of its citizens.” Does that sound familiar?

    How does it feel living in a totalitarian country? Like China? North Chorea? Hitler’s Germany? Watch where you point that finger…. lol

  20. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 2:41 am 

    Davy, this one’s for you: “There’s a word to describe a state with unlimited power over the private lives, spaces, choices, behaviors, communications and accounts of its citizens: totalitarian.” Does that sound familiar?

    “A limited government is concerned with proscribing the exploitation of citizens by elites and criminals. A Totalitarian State seeks control of everything–including what goes on in the bedrooms, living rooms and minds of its citizens.” Does that sound familiar?

    How does it feel living in a totalitarian country? Like China? North Korea? Hitler’s Germany? Watch where you point that finger…. lol

  21. Cloggie on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 4:56 am 

    Did you feel the quake, makati?

    Apparently Manila is still standing.

  22. Davy on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 6:01 am 

    makati, I thought you ignored my comments. I think you’re full of shit. LOL. I have told you many times we are not far off from being civil with each other if you would moderate your extremism. I am not sure that is possible because you have emotional issues.

  23. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 7:42 am 

    Cloggie, I didn’t notice it. There are quakes here all the time, but I have only noticed a few of them. The buildings here are designed for major shaking. l

  24. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 7:45 am 

    Davy, you moderate yours and I will consider moderating mine, but as long as you are ignorant of the rest of the world being equal to, or better then, the U$, there is no middle ground. I will keep pointing out the U$ failures and listing why I am here and not there.

  25. makati1 on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 7:56 am 

    BTW: There were 14,421 magnitude 4+ earthquakes around the world in 2016

    The Philippines has had about five so far in 2017.

  26. Davy on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 8:38 am 

    Makati, good try. I have seen more of this world than you have and I have a better education. Your extent of international experience is a few holiday trips to Japan and Thailand. Currently you are stuck in the middle of 20Mil people. There is little freedom of movement in such a densely populated place especially on your tiny stipend. No wonder you are so wacked out over the US. You are isolated and that causes confusion and paranoia.

  27. Northwest Resident on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 1:02 pm 

    Relax guys. This attack is most likely nothing more than a ruse to drive up the price of oil and to give all the heads of state something to pontificate about. Nobody got hurt. The airport is still functional. Russia and frackers and oil exporters everywhere are all snickering and trying to keep their elation from showing. This is all just drama for the masses with the REAL reasons and motivations well concealed, as usual.

  28. Wildbourgman on Sat, 8th Apr 2017 1:59 pm 

    “WTF no heaps of blame for the trans gendered folks today?”

    Sure we had a president for 8 years that thought it was necessary to involve the White House in deciding who goes in what bathroom when the big items like Syria was not properly dealt with.

  29. TheNationalist on Sun, 9th Apr 2017 9:10 pm 

    Trump supporters are upset with the never ending war and the “progressives” cheer his Clinton like behaviour? Now that is bloody weird.
    Russia must be wondering what drugs are causing this crazy behavior.
    It’s odd how the US military is always first to protect the peasants from so called “the weapons of the mass destruction.” Obviously all those other countries like Brazil , France or India etc which could act like this and don’t just dont care about the poor peasants?

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