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Page added on May 19, 2017

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Kunstler: A Monster Eating the Nation

Public Policy

Is there any question now that the Deep State is preparing to expel President Donald Trump from the body politic like a necrotic organ? The Golden Golem of Greatness has floundered pretty badly on the job, it’s true, but his mighty adversaries in the highly politicized federal agencies want him to fail spectacularly, and fast, and they have a lot of help from the NY Times / WashPo / CNN axis of hysteria, as well as such slippery swamp creatures as Lindsey Graham.

There are more problematic layers in this matter than in a Moldavian wedding cake. America has been functionally ungovernable for quite a while, well before Trump arrived on the scene. His predecessor managed to misdirect the nation’s attention from the cumulative dysfunction with sheer charm and supernatural placidity — NoDrama Obama. But there were a few important things he could have accomplished as chief exec, such as directing his attorney general to prosecute Wall Street crime (or fire the attorney general and replace him with someone willing to do the job). He could have broken up the giant TBTF banks. He could have aggressively sponsored legislation to overcome the Citizens United SOTUS decision (unlimited corporate money in politics) by redefining corporate “citizenship.” Stuff like that. But he let it slide, and the nation slid with him down a greasy chute of political collapse.

Which we find embodied in Trump, a sort of tragicomic figure who manages to compound all of his weaknesses of character with a childish impulsiveness that scares folks. It is debatable whether he has simply been rendered incompetent by the afflictions heaped on by his adversaries, or if he is just plain incompetent in, say, the 25th Amendment way. I think we’ll find out soon enough, because impeachment is a very long and arduous path out of this dark place.

The most curious feature of the current crisis, of course, is the idiotic Russia story that has been the fulcrum for levering Trump out of the White House. This was especially funny the past week with the episode involving Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Ambassador Kislyak conferring with Trump in the White House about aviation security around the Middle East. The media and the Lindsey Graham wing of the Deep State acted as if Trump had entertained Focalor and Vepar, the Dukes of Hell, in the oval office.

Why do you suppose nations employ foreign ministers and ambassadors, if not to conduct conversations at the highest level with other national leaders? And might these conversations include matters of great sensitivity, that is, classified information? If you doubt that then you have no understanding of geopolitics or history.

The General Mike Flynn story is especially a crack-up. Did he accept a twenty thousand dollar speaking fee from the Russian news outlet RT in his interlude as a private citizen? How does that compare to the millions sucked in by the Clinton Foundation in pay-to-play deal when Madame was secretary of state? Or her six-figure speeches to Goldman Sachs and their ilk. Are private citizens forbidden to accept speaking fees or consulting fees from countries that we are not at war with? I’d like to know how many other alumni of the Bill Clinton, Bush-II and Obama admins have hired themselves out on this basis. Scores and scores, I would bet.

Trump’s adversaries might not get any traction on the Russia story, but they may enrage the rogue elephant Trump enough in the process that he will appear sufficiently incompetent to run him over with the 25th Amendment, and I think that is the plan for now. Of course, there are some jokers in the deck. A really striking one is the story of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich last July. He was shot in the back on the street outside his apartment one night by persons as yet unknown, and twelve days later over 40,000 DNC emails landed at Wikileaks. His laptop is reportedly in the possession of the DC cops — if it hasn’t been dumped in the Potomac. I’m generally allergic to conspiracy theories, but this looks like an especially ugly story, which might ultimately be clarified if-or-when Julian Assange of Wikileaks ever divulges the source of that data dump. Anyway, the new Special Counsel at the DOJ, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, may have to venture down that dark trail.

One way or another, though, the Deep State is determined to drive Trump from office. In the final rounds of this struggle, Trump might conceivably undertake a sudden swamp-draining operation: the firing of a great many politicized Intelligence Community officers, especially the ones legally culpable for leaking classified information to media — another area that Mr. Mueller could also shine a light on. The colossal security apparatus of this country — especially the fairly new giant NSA — has become a monster eating America. Somebody needs to literally cut it down to size. Perhaps that’s the Deep State’s main motive in moving heaven and earth to dump Trump.

When they do, of course, they are libel to foment an insurrection every bit as ugly as the dust-up that followed the shelling of Fort Sumter. Trump, whatever you think of him — and I’ve never been a fan, to put it mildly — was elected for a reason: the ongoing economic collapse of the nation, and the suffering of a public without incomes or purposeful employment. That part of the common weal is liable to completely whirl down the drain later this year in something like a currency crisis or a depressionary market meltdown engineered by yet another Deep State player, the Federal Reserve. That and the ejection of Trump could coincide with disastrous results.


23 Comments on "Kunstler: A Monster Eating the Nation"

  1. Cloggie on Fri, 19th May 2017 2:57 pm 

    All of a sudden everybody and his mother are talking about this mysterious “deep state”:

    But nobody is very specific about how to precisely define the “deep state”. Kunstler doesn’t either, although he gives hints: NYT, WaPo, CNN, Lindsey Graham.

    Here the West’s premier Japan expert Karel van Wolferen who, now that he is a retired professor, is a little more open about subjects normal professors (normal=who still work):

    (Dutch language, no subs)

    He also remains vague but is certain that “Wallstreet” is strongly linked to the “deep state”.

    According to the New Yorker there is no deep state:

    I would naughtily like to add that most “New Yorkers” don’t like to admit that such an institutions exists.

    Perhaps we need the revelations of a black congressman to lift the veil:

  2. Anonymouse on Fri, 19th May 2017 5:15 pm 

    The swamp will never stop trying to drain ‘president’ hairpiece, no matter how many wars he starts, or tries to. Nor does it matter how much funding he manages to re-direct from health and education to the uS armed farces, or how many of the uS’s flimsy environmental protections, such as they are, that he rolls back. He could do all that, and more, and the knives will never be put away. Of course, none of this means trump is suited for the ‘job’, such as it is,, or that the (many) criticizes of him are w/o merit. Most are, some are not, like the ridiculous ‘Russia’ connection the uS media just cant stfu about. Five months in a uS ‘media’ have not manage to presented even one article of proof to support their hysterical Russia-did-it allegations. This complete lack of proof, substance, motive(On Russia or trumps part), for any of CNNs, or the Jew York times endless claims on the matter, has not slowed any of them down one iota. If anything, they seem to be doubling down on this non-story. Conclude from that, what you will….

    But trumpy should really not take any of this too personally, the deep snakes would have been all over, say, Jill Stein had she managed to win as well. Trumps ‘crime’, such as it is, is that the symbolic office of ‘president’ is seen as the exclusive domain of the corporate state and its backers. Its not a ‘public’ office in the traditional sense of the word. trumps real crime, is simply that he is not Shillary clinton. The deep snakes would be attacking any other would-be president just as vigorously, had some other ‘outsider’ managed to win in the manner trump did.

    trump is used to bullying, brow beating, and generally getting his way his way within the narrow confines of his corporate holdings. But he has zero experience in dealing with the entrenched rulers of the amerikan empire. These guys got the uS into WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the cold war, assassinated Kennedy, staged 9/11, built up the IMF, WB, NATO and other tools of amero-zionst control. Trump has nothing on them, and very few friends. They control the fed, hollywood, the CIA, Mossad, the banks, the media, and they ALL want trumps head on a platter. Again, its not really about trump himself, they are out for blood because he tossed a wrench into the well-rehearsed plan to install shillarys miserable and corrupt ass on the white-house throne.

    He wont be forgiven for that one, no matter what he does or says, anytime soon.(ie never).

  3. joe on Fri, 19th May 2017 5:43 pm 

    The answer will be RUSSIA DID IT and we must spill their all blood to wash ourselves clean of sin with it.

  4. makati1 on Fri, 19th May 2017 6:37 pm 

    The “Great Leveling” continues. The One World Government people are taking down the countries that are above the norm. Japan is almost there. Europe is well in it’s way and the U$ is gaining speed down the ladder.

    The “average” per capita income for the world is about $10,000/year. Are you prepared?

  5. Apneaman on Fri, 19th May 2017 6:50 pm 

    Americans Are Paying $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt

    Student loan defaults are a bonanza for the debt collection industry

  6. Cloggie on Fri, 19th May 2017 7:28 pm 

    the ejection of Trump could coincide with disastrous results.

    …means CW2.

    USA = Donbass XXL

  7. JuanP on Fri, 19th May 2017 7:33 pm 

    The simple fact that people like Trump, the Clintons, Obama, and W are allowed to run for president is a very clear sign that the American political system is broken. This ship is going down and it will probably sink most, if not all, of the world in the process. Juan says “Things will keep getting worse no matter what.” I am so glad I never had kids.

  8. Apneaman on Fri, 19th May 2017 8:50 pm 

    In Next Decades, Frequency of Coastal Flooding Will Double Globally

    Unavoidable monster

  9. Kevin Cobley on Fri, 19th May 2017 9:57 pm 

    The whole idea of “Presidents” is just plain dumbass. In Australia the Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament (Congress) after the election is won. It’s very easy to get rid of a fruitcake when your leader is found to be a fruitcake, a ballot is called for the Prime Minister is booted. No long and tedious impeachments or forced resignations, just a very quick boot. In the last 10 years we have had 3 Prime Ministers booted by an internal ballot and another about to be booted.
    It’s politics and the modern tendency for people with mental illnesses, Psychopaths, Compulsives, Bipolar disorders and Delusional disorders pursuing political careers.
    The size of the US Congress is too small, and adequate number of members is a requirement for democracy to properly exist.
    Get rid of Presidents step 1, establish a political system similar to the UK,
    Australia and NZ.
    I would suggest a size of one congressman for every 200,000 people (1600 members) and electorates of 1 Million (320 electorates) with 5 elected members in each electorate proportionate to vote numbers. Proportional voting allows all political persuasions to have a say. Boundaries required to be even and approximately circular, no parson’s noses allowed.
    Attending the Polling both to be compulsory it’s the very foundation of democracy, everybody votes. Money no longer has to be expended to get people to vote. If you don’t like any of the candidates you make your vote invalid by leaving it blank or placing lines through all the names, it’s not compulsory to actually vote for anybody.
    Congress Membership size is very important, it’s a lot harder to bribe large numbers of people, with large numbers of people it’s a lot harder to keep mouths shut, if bribes or some form of misconduct is attempted a bigmouth will always leak.

  10. Cloggie on Fri, 19th May 2017 11:31 pm 

    “He wont be forgiven for that one, no matter what he does or says, anytime soon.(ie never).”

    Mouse made a complete U-turn and finally has to admit that Trump is NOT deep state/establishment. Better late than never.

  11. Anonymouse on Fri, 19th May 2017 11:42 pm 

    No retard, nothing had changed, except your even more delusional than usual. Ive never maintained anything other than trump was an outsider and an unwelcome one at that. Nor have I ever said anything to the effect he was ‘deep state’, again, thats only you, editing reality to try to make it fit your little narratives, a feature with you, not a bug.

  12. Go Speed Racer on Sat, 20th May 2017 3:29 am 

    If they impeach Trump, the rusty pickup truck,
    gun rack, skoal and beer crowd, is going to
    be mighty unhappy and start shooting guns in the air.

  13. forbin on Sat, 20th May 2017 3:40 am 

    nice post Kevin but I suspect nobody in power in the US of A actually wants change – and the citizens don’t care much either

    I think thats the main problem


  14. Cloggie on Sat, 20th May 2017 5:04 am 

    Anonymous lies: Ive never maintained anything other than trump was an outsider and an unwelcome one at that. Nor have I ever said anything to the effect he was ‘deep state’, again, thats only you, editing reality to try to make it fit your little narratives, a feature with you, not a bug.

    The Learned Elder of Louis Farrakhan has constantly made fun of that “zionist shill” Jones was putting his hopes too high with Trump, because at the end of the day Trump was nothing but American political BAU and a representative of US corporate interests and that Trump was not a threat to the US establishment:

    You just know zio-shill jones is phoney as a three dollar bill when he comes up with stories like this one. trump isn’t even the official figurehead of the corporate war-state yet, and apparently, he’ single-handedly slain the globalist dragon jones claims upsets him so much.

    Now even anonymous has to admit that the US deep state as evidenced by their MSM propaganda outlets see in Trump a mortal threat. Anonymous is not very smart, but eventually the truth will penetrate even his thick skull.

    Trump can’t be a Putin, because Putin had the advantage that the (kosher) Soviet deep state had been gradually removed between 1938 and the seventies (they all went to Israel, UK or US). So Putin could begin his nation building effort with a clean slate so to speak.

    Trump doesn’t have that luxury. The only thing he can do is (involuntarily) initiate the break-up of the US empire.

    WW3 could begin in the South China Sea, but will end on North-American soil, where foreign troops will intervene in CW2, between (implicit white) Constitutionalists and the commie “anti-racists” and separate them, creating new states on North-American soil.

  15. Davy on Sat, 20th May 2017 5:57 am 

    We have endless talk about the US deep state as if it is something unique and alone. The reality is the deep state has an even deeper state that is a corrupted global system of a globally hijacked quasi liberal democracy defending and supporting a destructive techno based market capitalism. Even the US deep state is subservient and beholden to this destructive and mechanized higher power. All nations have their deep state apparatus that comes to this table of doom.

  16. Cloggie on Sat, 20th May 2017 6:43 am 

    We have endless talk about the US deep state as if it is something unique and alone.

    It is absolutely unique in that the US for 100 years now is conquered/dominated by an ethnic group that is deeply hostile to the interests of its own white majority population and seeks to wipe it out through mass immigration and race-mixing propaganda.

    1933-Germany and later Soviet-Russia removed this “deep state” from its midst. The US hasn’t, not yet and it will take a WW3 to get that job done.

    All nations have their deep state apparatus that comes to this table of doom.

    It is true that every nation has a small inner circle that calls the shots in that nation. In my Holland for instance, a trade unionist Jan Mertens mentioned the subject in a 1968-speech and this elite would be referred to as the “200 van Mertens” ever since:

    But the point is, the elite was 100% Dutch (at least in 1968) and advanced the interests of the Netherlands as a whole.

    But after 1945 and certainly after 1968, the consequences of being a member of the US empire made itself gradually felt, both in the US as well as in its European colony. And the vehicle to carry out a mental colonization and brain-washing were the MSM/Hollywood. That influence is a deliberate program, designed by the US deep state and is unique in world history.

  17. Davy on Sat, 20th May 2017 7:15 am 

    Clog, please, reducing everything to race and an ephemeral “deep state” conspiracy is lazy. Yes, there are race issues in the US but not your elaborate ones. Yes, there is a deep state in the US but not the force conspiracy wonks here dive into with gusto.

    Clog, I think you are so focused on the US and its end as a crutch to hide behind. You are hiding behind your own unhappy ending going on in Europe. Of all the major powers it is likely Europe with its unsustainable union will fall apart first. This may not be a collapse but it will be a balkanization with dysfunction that will be a prelude to collapse of globalism because Europe is too big to fail part of globalism.

    You like to bring up China as a counterweight and a rising phoenix because you need a super hero to dash the Americans. So the destruction of the US and the rise of China allows you to focus on the Paris Berlin Moscow fantasy of a new confederation of the willing to garner a future based on a higher white civilization of techno achievements.

    All you are doing is wishfully speculating on everything. Everything you talk about is either embellished history with a speculative future. You understanding and presentation of alternative energy issues is fantastic but the rest is a joke. Instead of living in the here and now of a collapse process you are trying to leap right over that into a future of fiction using a fiction of the past to support this fictional future. Sure the facts are here and there in your fiction but anyone with half a brain can see right through it. When this fiction starts to congeal get back to me and I will listen in the mean time I am going to shoot holes in your clogism like I do makatism. Both of you talk up yourselves and down others. At least you have class and manners.

  18. Cloggie on Sat, 20th May 2017 7:31 am 

    Clog, please, reducing everything to race and an ephemeral “deep state” conspiracy is lazy.

    Study a little on what happened in Yugoslavia, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Egypt to name a few (and that’s only the last 25 years) to arrive at the conclusion that you can’t ignore race/ethnicity/religion, no matter how much representatives of the US deep state claim that you can.

    You like to bring up China as a counterweight and a rising phoenix because you need a super hero to dash the Americans

    I see China as a great geopolitical threat that needs to be countered, not as a “super hero”.

    Americans in contrast are my brothers, younger brothers to be

    Clog, I think you are so focused on the US and its end as a crutch to hide behind. You are hiding behind your own unhappy ending going on in Europe

    What ending? The only thing that will end is a life style aimed at programming your iPhone.

    So the destruction of the US and the rise of China allows you to focus on the Paris Berlin Moscow fantas

    It is perfectly OK to ignore the ramblings of anonymous poster like me (anonymous not to the but it should give you reason to pause that the great statesman Putin has the same ideas. As well as did Charles de Gaulle.

    All you are doing is wishfully speculating on everything. Everything you talk about is either embellished history with a speculative future.

    Everything related to the future is per definition speculative. Only in hindsight we will know who was closest to the truth. Your idea is that “everything will collapse”, without being to specific about collapse, other than that everybody will be living like you in some doomstead, sadly raking in a vegetable garden all day. That’s too pessimistic.

  19. Davy on Sat, 20th May 2017 7:51 am 

    Clog, civilizations collapse and most species go extinct. This is undeniable history and science. Do you deny that? You want to be specific on techno optimistic future but can’t because that is reaching beyond science. It is more akin to religion. There is no way to be specific on collapse because the risks are dispersed everywhere meaning there are multiple sources and scenarios to play out. You are getting inaccurate here which you do when you get emotional with this:

    “living like you in some doomstead, sadly raking in a vegetable garden all day. That’s too pessimistic.”

    This is simply not true I talk by my examples but tell others they will have to find their own solutions to their own small little world of predicaments. My solutions are particular to the Ozarks of Missouri in a small rural animal husbandry environment. You are in a mega urban region of tight complexity. Your solutions are different and related to your predicaments not mine. Notice I said solutions and predicaments together. What I mean is your coming to acknowledge and find meaning in your predicaments with life actions that embrace the dangers ahead because of these predicaments. I in no way say others should necessarily live as I do.

  20. Cloggie on Sat, 20th May 2017 9:58 am 

    President Donald Trump left the US to be among more friendly people for a change. For that purpose it could have been any non-US/EU country, but KSA it is:

    Melanie Trump, who matures handsomely, with a waistband the size of a chastity belt (to be on the safe side?), has left her burka at home. To reward this courage, the sheikhs shake her hand, against custom.

    In picture 14 we see both Jared Kushner as well as Steve Bannon; the former looks more upbeat, probably in line with his position in the power hierarchy.

  21. TheNationalist on Sat, 20th May 2017 10:50 am 

    The zionist bastards are upset with Trump again. Oh what a surprise ! The brainwashed multicult enablers support these attacks on Trump. All related perhaps?
    It’s very entertaining, on a side issue our ‘defence’ force has just docked its two largest and newest ships after the engines and systems failed. No doubt the contractors involved could not care less as the ships are all bought and paid for. Its like a mini F35 project or a mini military industrial complex like the yanks have.
    This is all a great distraction from the net neutrality rulings that have been going on in the last few days.
    Oh well, back to the programming.

  22. Apneaman on Sat, 20th May 2017 6:59 pm 

    From commie dreams.

    Global Study Shows Americans Dying from Preventable Causes at Shocking Rates

    ‘Having a strong economy does not guarantee good healthcare’

    “The new research demonstrates that despite the fact that the U.S. has the largest economy in the world, healthcare for many of its residents is woefully inadequate. The U.S. was tied with Estonia and Montenegro, far below other wealthy nations such as Norway, Canada, and Australia, in the study’s ranking of 195 countries.

    “America’s ranking is an embarrassment, especially considering the U.S. spends more than $9,000 per person on healthcare annually, more than any other country,”

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