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Page added on September 30, 2014

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ISIS Reportedly Moving In On Baghdad

ISIS is reportedly closing in on Baghdad. This is the claim being made by the vicar of Iraq’s only Anglican Church. According to him, the Islamic militant group is only about one mile away from the Iraqi capital.

Airstrikes against ISIS targets were supposed to stop the group from taking Baghdad. But, the advance by ISIS toward Baghdad shows that the group isn’t weakening despite U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq.

ISIS executed 300 Iraqi soldiers last week during their march toward the Iraqi capital and attempted to break into a prison in northern Baghdad.

ABC’s Cheri Preston joins us from London.

Newstalk Florida

10 Comments on "ISIS Reportedly Moving In On Baghdad"

  1. Davy on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 8:04 am 

    Geeze, is this propaganda for boots on the ground? ISIL will have fun looting the outskirts of Baghdad at most but look at what it took for the US military to move on Baghdad and it never really controlled it. This is more poor cheese doddle tabloid that makes me sick to my stomach. Are we not trying to rise above the DC Wall Street mafia propaganda with the fundamental changes happening to our global system? Instead we are joining the mud wrestling troop.

  2. bobinget on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 8:46 am 

    I’m guessing this move on Baghdad is a distraction.
    The ‘real’ battles are taking place on the Turkish border at this hour.

    this dispatch is 18 hours old. If your interested check
    BBC twitter feeds.

  3. Plantagenet on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 9:55 am 

    Obama just admitted that he ignored the intelligence about the growth of IS over the last two years. However it seems to have his attention now.

  4. theedrich on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 2:49 pm 

    The root culture of America is a kind of generalized Protestantism which, as opposed to Catholicism, views the Bible alone as its foundation.  (Catholicism, originating in ancient Greece and incorporating a distillate of the Greek mystery religions, views not just the Bible but also ecclesiastical tradition as its main pillars, a view which conferred immense and abusable power on it in the Middle Ages.)  Without any authoritative interpretation, the Bible has thus become a grab-bag out of which absolutely any rabbit can be, and has been, pulled.  Want to kill millions of civilians of your own race in civil or world wars?  The Bible assures you that such social justice is the will of God.  Want to quash freedom of speech in the name of political correctness?  It’s authorized by the Bible.  Want to extract money from the taxpayers for alleged aid to failed states and their dictators?  The Bible says you need to help the poor.  Want to jettison the Constitution and make government a tool for tyrants?  The Bible is all for the divine right of kings.  And so forth.

    Comes now a different tradition based on another “holy” book:  the religion of “Submission.”  The politics of that cult resemble a mountain of live spaghetti.  The purest form of it, however, rejects the materialism of the West in favor of medieval serfdom and bare subsistence.  Instead of atomized, disconnected and barren individuals suspended in space and “free” to do anything their impulses move them to as in the modern West, Mohammedanism dictates the primacy of the prolific family.  The “good wife” (one of four allowed) bears ten or eleven children.  The family is interwoven with the clan, and the clan with the tribe.  Brutality, not sensitiveness, is the norm.  Slavery is a social given.  And given that the future belongs to those who show up for it, it is a good bet that the West will eventually be dominated by a caliphate.

    The divinities which steer the American government fantasize that our high military technology will overcome this mentality.  Since the U.S. has proven that might makes right in dominating other Western countries and Japan, it is convinced that the same policy will work in the Levant and North Africa.  There is little recognition that the blood and treasure wasted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria has only worsened the situation in those countries, or that our insanity there has debilitated our own country, which is now sinking into a narcotic swamp of its own.  The idiots savants who run our regime and its bureacracies neither know nor care about this trajectory.  Their Enlightenment mentality includes the conviction that White “racism” is the worst of all possible evils, so our coming submergence in a sea of darkness will be just fine.  It all puts a smile on the face of the POTUS.

  5. Perk Earl on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 2:56 pm 

    “But, the advance by ISIS toward Baghdad shows that the group isn’t weakening despite U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq.”

    Since when does complete airpower superiority fail to stop advancing troops in a desolate land? We’ve got smart bombs, cluster bombs, 10,000 pound bombs, so what’s the problem?

    Why not pound them from the air with falsified bills like the one I recently received from a hospital without an explanation for what procedure it was being billed for, to the tune of $16,291. At some point they would probably wave a white flag that says “We’ll stop advancing, just stop dropping bills!”

  6. Speculawyer on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 3:56 pm 

    Yeah, good luck on that, ISIL. No matter how incompetent the Iraqi military is, ISIL will not be able to take over Baghdad. Too many Shia militia.

  7. trickydick on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 5:00 pm 

    As far as I am concerned, ISIS can HAVE Iraq. All of it. This is pure propaganda. F’ this crap! Beheadings…? STILL don’t care. I won’t mention the obvious source of this crap.

    If these two radio geeks care, let THEM enlist and go conduct ‘air raids’ on ‘targets’ of ’embedded terrorists’. Uughh this makes me want to puke.

  8. Welch on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 8:07 pm 

    More blood for empire. American leaders never learn. They are the problem, not the solution.

  9. PrestonSturges on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 9:00 pm 

    Don’t worry I’m sure this time around all the Romney boys will enlist.

  10. GregT on Wed, 1st Oct 2014 8:10 am 

    See Davy’s first post above……

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