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Page added on April 16, 2017

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Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?

Public Policy

The insouciance of the Western world is extraordinary.

It is not only Americans who permit themselves to be brainwashed by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post, but also their counterparts in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, who rely on the war propaganda machine that poses as a media.

The Western “leaders,” that is, the puppets on the end of the strings pulled by the powerful private interest groups and the Deep State, are just as insouciant.

Trump and his counterparts in the American Empire must be unaware that they are provoking war with Russia and China, or else they are psychopaths.

A new White House Fool has replaced the old fool. The New Fool has sent his Secretary of State to Russia. For what? To deliver an ultimatum? To make more false accusations? To apologize for the lies?

Consider the audacity of Secretary of State Tillerson. He has spent the week prior to his visit to Moscow supporting incredible lies and false allegations that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons with Russia’s permission, which justified Washington’s unambigious war crime of a military attack on a country with which the US has not declared war. Less than 100 days in office, and Trump is already a war criminal along with the rest of his warmonger government.

The entire world knows this, but no one says it. Instead, Tillerson, who has been heavy with lies and threats has the confidence to go to Moscow to tell the Russians that they have to hand over Assad to the American Uni-Power.

Tillerson’s mission demonstrates the complete, total unreality of the world in which Washington lives. Try to imagine Tillerson’s arrogance. If you had been bad-mouthing and threatening strong, important people, would you feel comfortable going over to their house to have dinner with them? Does Tillerson think that now that Russia has largely freed Syrtia of US-supported ISIS, Russia is going to turn Syria over to Washington?

Is he going to tell Lavrov that he didn’t really mean all those nasty lies he told about Russia, but the zionist neoconservatives made him do it? That he is not really in charge, just a tool of the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

Is Tillerson going to apologize for White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s statement that Assad, Russia’s ally, is more evil than Hitler? 

Maybe Tillerson is going to ask for asylum and get on the winning side.

Stephen Cohen, one of the few remaining Americans knowledgeable about Russia, told the two CNN presstitutes and the warmonger Col. Leighton, one of the “experts” that the presstitutes roll out to pronounce the propaganda against Russia, that Russia was preparing for hot war. It seems to have gone over the heads of the CNN presstitutes and colonel. Whose payroll are they on?

The Russian leaders, who, unlike the Western liars, speak the truth, have said clearly that Russia will never again fight a war on her own territory. The Russians couldn’t put it more clearly. Provoke a war, and we will destroy you on your own territory.

When you watch the president and government in Washington, the European governments, especially the idiots in London, the Canadian and Australian governments, you can only marvel at the total stupidity of “Western leadership.” They are begging for the end of the world.

And the presstitutes are at work driving toward the end of life. Huge numbers of Western peoples are being prepared for their demise, and they are protected from the realization by their insouciance.

Washington is so arrogant and lost in its own hubris, that Washington does not understand that the years of clear as crystal lies about Russia and Russian intentions and deeds have convinced Russia that Washington is preparing the populations of the United States and Washington’s captive peoples in West and East Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan for a US pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia. Published US war plans against China have convinced China of the same.

If not for war, what else is the change in US war doctrine for? George W. Bush abandoned the stabilizing role of nuclear weapons by moving them from a retaliatory function to a nuclear first strike. Then he pulled out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty concluded by President Richard Nixon. Now we have US missile sites positioned on Russia’s borders. We tell the Russians the lie that the missiles are to prevent an Iranian nuclear ICBM strike against Europe. This lie is told, and accepted by the puppets in Europe, despite the known, incontestable fact that Iran has neither nukes nor ICBMs. But the Russians do not accept it. They know it is another Washington lie.

When Russia hears these flagrant, blatant, obvious lies, Russia understands that Washington intends a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.

China has reached the same conclusion.

So, here is the situation. Two countries with nuclear forces expect that the insane fools who rule the West are going to attack them with nuclear weapons. What are Russia and China doing? Are they begging for mercy?

No. They are preparing to destroy the evil West, a collection of liars and war criminals, the like of which the world has never previously experienced.

It is the US, the washed-up joke of a “uni-power” that after 16 years is still unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in Afghanistan, that needs to ask for mercy.

The reckless and irresponsible war talk in the US government and presstitute media and among NATO and Washington’s vassals must stop immediately. Life is in the balance.

Putin has shown amazing patience with Washington’s lies and provocations, but he cannot risk Russia by trusting Washington, whom no one can trust. Not the American people, not the Russian people, not any people.

By jumping on the Deep State’s propaganda wagon the liberal/progressive/left is complicit in the march toward Armageddon.

Paul Craig Roberts

21 Comments on "Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?"

  1. onlooker on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 7:22 am 

    Okay but all out nuclear war is a losing proposition for all humanity. Given that insanity reigns in Washington. All we humans can do now is have hope or pray if you wish. I have put down the popcorn, cause I am now conceding that in NY we are ground zero. Instantaneous obliteration, they’re are worse ways to go

  2. Cloggie on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 9:08 am 

    US dissident and former leftist-liberal Republican and member of the Reagan government, is pulling all the stops.

    Is he going to tell Lavrov that he didn’t really mean all those nasty lies he told about Russia, but the zionist neoconservatives made him do it? That he is not really in charge, just a tool of the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

    By jumping on the Deep State’s propaganda wagon the liberal/progressive/left is complicit in the march toward Armageddon.

    If you combine the statements made by mr Roberts, you have to conclude that the US deep state is “Anglo-Zionist”.

    Mr Roberts is clearly

    Yesterday watched this video of a conversation between the Dutch professor Karel van Wolferen and a Dutch-Hungarian journalist:
    (Dutch, no subs)

    Van Wolferen is not just anybody and has won notoriety in Anglosphere as the West’s premier expert on Japan:

    At [36:00] van Wolferen describes how under Cheney “neocons” were planted everywhere in government bodies.

    At [36:30] he discusses Ukraine, Victorya Nuland and her hubby Kagan, arguing for bombing Syria.

    At [37:03] van Wolferen says that “the Israel factor” is extremely important in US politics… “They are not all Jews”… [37:21] it has become a Jewish mafia (these neocons).

    Van Wolferen is a retired professor (from Amsterdam University) as well, so much is

    [part 1]

  3. Cloggie on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 9:09 am 

    What to make of this extremely uncomfortable topic? So the message of both Roberts as well as van Wolferen is that America is governed by a “Anglo-Zionist” neocon mafia (van Wolferen: “they are not all Jews”), that is willing to put at risk the continued existence of human life on this planet, because of the power lust of a small group of people, that wants to conquer the entire world for themselves and use the services of Americans to that aim. Right-wing Americans euphemistically call these wars “wars for Israel”, but the reality is that we are talking about world conquest here.

    One is reminded of what the great French writer Voltaire had to say about [cough] “neocons” with remarkable prescience:

    ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.”

    That moment is now.

    What to do about it?

    Remove them from power, there is no other way. The only people who can do that are Americans themselves.

    Wouldn’t be the first time in history.

    [part 2]

  4. Cloggie on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 9:10 am

    The problem is that Americans are a little naive.

    Even WASP elite member Roberts is extremely light in history when he says:

    Is Tillerson going to apologize for White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s statement that Assad, Russia’s ally, is more evil than Hitler?

    The reality is that the Austrian had come to the same conclusions as Roberts (and van Wolferen). The speech above is from 1933, when he rose to power, after fighting for a decade the Jewish led German communists about who was to rule Germany: nationalists or communists.

    The nationalists won, initially. But his Zionist opponents already dominated the US and Soviet governments, as well as the British war party around Churchill.

    When Trump will leave the building, assuming he manages to keep them somewhat at bay (a big if since the events of last week) in all likelihood the “Anglo-Zionist” Deep State will return to power.

    The only hope for humanity is that some “Heartland Hitler” rises up and declares Heartland independence, so Washington can no longer use the resources of America to continue its global conquest. It is unlikely that Washington would leave such a move unanswered –> Civil War 2.0.


    Regardless of what will happen, expect real (nuclear) Brinkmanship for the coming years, that could dwarf the Cuba Crisis.

    Anybody who worries about peak oil or climate change under the current geopolitical circumstances should get his head checked.


    [part 3]

  5. joe on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 9:25 am 

    Why wait? Finish what UBL started in 2001, sting the water buffallo and make him blame the elephant. Its so obvious. All the islamists have to do is stay fighting in the field just like the vietcong, if the US packs and goes home its victory to Islam. The US media machines will blame Russia and boom, its swords and horses! They beat the USSR in exactly the same way, but quicker with US help. The British and French at least packed up and went home, thus, they at least can say they left with honor, EMPIRES fall, there are no exceptions.

  6. Apneaman on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 4:57 pm 

    No matter which predicament you look at it’s endtimes for the humans. Given their violent history, nuke war is as likely as anything, but in the end it all comes down to the same thing – they destroyed the biosphere which gave them life and supported them. It’s what cancers do.

    No El Nino — But March of 2017 Was the Second Hottest Ever Recorded

    “According to today’s report from NASA’s global temperature monitor, March of 2017 was the second hottest such month recorded in the 137 year climate record.

    Temperatures for the month were 1.12 C hotter than NASA’s 20th Century baseline and 1.34 C hotter than 1880s averages. These warm temperatures likely represent a climate state not seen on Earth since at least the Eemian climate epoch of 115,000 years ago. They are also now in a range that is producing serious geophysical changes such as glacial melt, sea level rise, sea ice melt, more extreme weather, and declining ocean health.”

  7. onlooker on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:07 pm 

    they destroyed the biosphere which gave them life and supported them. It’s what cancers do.– And like cancer grew too many in number and self reliant on a Climate destabilizing energy source. Yes very clever we have been but not wise

  8. Apneaman on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:08 pm 

    Rain bombs keep falling

    Death toll from floods risen to 40, nearly 2 dozen missing

    “Published on Apr 15, 2017
    The death toll from floods in northwestern Iran has risen to forty one.
    The number of missing people has also risen to twenty two following heavy downpours across four provinces of West and East Azarbaijan, Kordestan and Zanjan. A large number of cars and houses have been damaged. The flash floods have caused over a dozen roads to close. Rescue teams have been dispatched to help with relief efforts. According to officials, some one hundred flood-hit residents have been sheltered in safe places. The Iranian meteorological Organization blamed unprecedented heavy rains for the heavy flooding. The leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution extended his condolences to the families of the victims. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on officials to immediately take care of the bereaved families and alleviate their pain.”

  9. Apneaman on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:09 pm 


    Soaring beyond 100: Early heat wave that bakes India is a sign of what’s to come

    Heat waves have set in early in northern India. They are expected to become more common with warming

  10. Apneaman on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:10 pm 

    Arctic meltdown: Sea and land ice are cracking up at a record pace
    The images from the Arctic ice death spiral are haunting. The impacts will be terrifying

  11. Apneaman on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:11 pm 

    There Was Nothing Normal About America’s Freakish Winter Weather

    A tornado in Massachusetts, wildfires in the Great Plains, and record snow in the Sierra Nevada. It’s been a weird winter.

  12. onlooker on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 5:12 pm 

    81F, right now here in NY. I think this summer will be a scorcher

  13. makati1 on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 9:53 pm 

    “It has become embarrassing to be an American.”

    “Violence for its own sake. That is what America has become. Indeed, violence is what America is. There is nothing else there. Violence is the heart of America.”

    “America’s lust for violence is now bringing the Washington morons up against people who can commit violence back: the Russians and Chinese, Iran and North Korea.”

    “Anyone who tells the truth is by definition against the United States of America.”

    “The answer is: Washington is a collection of morons, people stupid below the meaning of stupid. People so far outside of reality that they imagine that their hubris and arrogance elevates them above reality.”

    “When the first Satan 2 hits Washington, the greatest collection of morons in the world will cease to exist. The world will breathe a huge sigh of relief. Bring it on! Come on morons, eliminate yourselves! The rest of us cannot wait.”

    Well said, PCR. Well said.

  14. AFDF on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 11:34 am 

    PCR is a globalist shill and a neocon. He loves Russia of course as the rest of the Trump supporters. Russia is tiny compared to America. Russia is a homogeneous country which makes me think of the word “incompetence” when it comes to their armed forces. It’s the same for China.

    PCR loves war, just not war against his friends.

  15. AFDF on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 11:38 am 

    It’s not hard to find Russian lovers on the Internet. But it’s extremely difficult to find Russian lovers IRL moving to Russia. Snowden didn’t like it.

  16. bobinget on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 12:40 pm

    Trump sent two additional carrier groups to NK.

    Time to kiss your loved ones. Or, love your kissed ones.

  17. bobinget on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 1:11 pm 

    War uses a shitload of oil. Bodybags made of anything but heavy plastic leak terribly.

    China prepares;

  18. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 2:36 pm 

    Humans on the verge of causing Earth’s fastest climate change in 50m years

    “A new study published in Nature Communications looks at changes in solar activity and carbon dioxide levels over the past 420 million years. The authors found that on our current path, by mid-century humans will be causing the fastest climate change in approximately 50 million years, and if we burn all available fossil fuels, we’ll cause the fastest change in the entire 420 million year record.”

    No worries. All the “best and brightest” have a plan.

    Wealthy Trump Donors Attend Anti-Climate Change Conference

    The Deep State & Destabilized Climate

  19. Sissyfuss on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 2:46 pm 

    PCR, it has become embarrassing to be a human.

  20. bobinget on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 3:10 pm 

    It isn’t even ironic. The same people doing nothing about climate change because because AGW may harm a bottom line slowly. Whereas a few can all make a quick buck in a nuclear war. Either way we the people are totally fucked.

    One reason why racism is so dangerous;

    Ask yourself, would we drop nuclear weapons on Germany? Did General MacArthur want to A bomb N.Korea in the fifties.
    Were nuclear weapons use contemplated in Vietnam?

    Face it.Killing people wholesale who look different is easier.

  21. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Apr 2017 2:13 am 

    PCR is a globalist shill and a neocon.

    It looks like AFDF aspires to take over from Boat to become the local village idiot.

    Apparently he has neither a clue of what a globalist, nor what a neocon is.


    Globalism is the US counterpart of the Soviet aspirations:

    The entire world united under a single banner. For the Soviets the required egalitarian principle was central economic planning and economic egalitarianism. The entire world should be run by a single Supreme Soviet, hence their coat of arms, with zero reference to Russia.

    For the US the egalitarian principle used as a weapon to unite all the peoples of the world are “anti-racism” and “human rights”, “separation of religion and state”, principles that should apply for all. This US version of “communism” is promoted by the entire western leftist elite (currently Merkel has taken over from Obama as long as the globalist elite has a little “Trump problem” to carry on the globalist torch of “Open Society”). The elite can be described by term “Davos Man”. They only meet each other in expensive resorts and have zero links with the average population, that now needs to flee from the Davos elite into populism. The Davos Elite is backed by an inner internationalist circle (“Sanhedrin”), whose public face is George Soros.

    All the world’s non-western elites meanwhile know what Washington is up to. Putin is the main opponent of the Davos system, backed by a prudent Xi. Both Putin and Xi want to avoid major conflict with the West, but it remains to be seen if they can avoid conflict. Trump became president on an anti-globalist ticket, but is now under constant flak to cave in to the globalists.

    One reason why racism is so dangerous;

    Racism is a universal phenomena and simply means “a preference for your own kind” and doesn’t need to be sinister or genocidal. If you stick to the principle “one ethnicity/religion dominant per territory” you can avoid major trouble.

    Enter inveterate leftist Americans like bobinget, who f* it all up. They want to own the entire world and in order to achieve that they begin to demonize this “preference for your own kind”. Not because these American leftists are consumed by a majestic love for all loving creatures, no they just want it all for themselves and self-aggrandizement.

    Folks like bobinget will find out the hard way that even globalist-central and “nation of immigrants” USA won’t be able to live up to its own anti-racist principles and explode like an Islamist suicide bomber in a not too distant future:

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