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Page added on October 28, 2015

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How the New World Order “Globalists” Are Dividing Americans

How the New World Order “Globalists” Are Dividing Americans thumbnail

How can a people who have struggled long years under oppression throw off their oppressors and establish a free society? The problems are immense, but their solution lies in the education and enlightenment of the people and the emergence of a spirit that will serve as a foundation for independence and self-government. – Thomas Jefferson

After utilizing the geopolitics lens to dissect how globalists have been fulfilling their New World Order tyranny through a pervasive divide and conquer strategy applied globally, this second instalment examines how they’re regularly using that same proven formula domestically to divide Americans socio-culturally in any number of fragmented ways. Ample evidence shows how the elite has used its oligarch-controlled mainstream media to spread lies and propaganda in order to shape public opinion through nonstop false flag incidents and nonstop feed of false narrative disinformation. For a very long time this divide and conquer MO on the domestic front has been among the feds’ favorite tools of manipulation in their mighty arsenal to effectively polarize Americans into turning against themselves.

 The robber baron bankster himself J.P. Morgan commented after the Great Depression:

When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of [crony] capitalism to govern the world.  By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us.

Three quarters of a century later when the 2008 housing bubble crisis exploded 5 million homes were lost by hapless Americans fraudulently tricked by devious criminal banksters (that not more than one ever served any jail time over), the mega-rich crime boss’ prophetic words take on even greater significance.

 As a purposely orchestrated tag team, the US militarized police state and mainstream media take hoodwinking turns straight out of the Hegelian dialectic playbook when the DC crime cabal 1) creates a crisis, 2) imposes its “solution” that 3) then tightens its tyrannical noose. Among the most obvious examples of how the elite is attempting to divide America is harnessing both the power of police state brutality (trained in antiterrorism by Israeli apartheid oppressors) and power of its media to prey selectively upon Americans to shape public opinion and intentionally stir up racial tensions.

Mainstream media typically looks the other way not even covering black on white crime yet when it’s reversed, MSM invariably enflames the racial divide by endlessly exploiting a number of high profile murder cases when white males kill black males. Then when black protestors clash with largely white police forces, Obama regularly sends his favorite race card advisor Al Sharpton onto the scene to bombastically stir the melting pot to a turbulent boil.

After another innocent black life is lost, angry African Americans are more than justified taking to their city streets to exercise their First Amendment right to protest. But then as in Ferguson and Baltimore, enter globalist mercenary agitators shipped in to further stir up yet more civil unrest, deliberately delivering only more license to kill for the police terrorizing black communities across the nation. The media’s biased policy of sensationalizing white murder of blacks is designed to fan the flames of racial hatred of race-baited African Americans, eliciting their violent reaction.

 Meanwhile, the press regularly reinforces the notion of white guilt. Immediately following the Charleston shootings earlier this year, Salon was tweeting “White America must answer for the Charleston church massacre.” It’s reached absurd extremes – AmeriCorps volunteers are encouraged to wear white guilt bracelets to cope with their white privilege and colleges across the country are offering courses in White Guilt 101. Wikipedia defines white guilt as “individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by whites both historically and currently.” And for decades now mainstream media’s carried the white guilt torch.

 That said, racism still looms large in polarized America today. Blacks continue to be daily victims of racial profiling, suspected of committing a crime in stores or getting pulled over while simply driving down any street USA based solely on their skin color. Black church burnings have reached an epidemic level with a half dozen in the St. Louis area alone this month torched to the ground. And the gross inequality of the racist American judicial system that arrests, convicts, punishes with longer sentences and executes far more African Americans than any other ethnic group adds more concrete evidence that racism is still raging and dividing Americans.

With US citizens of color making up the majority of the US prison population despite comprising just 12% of the nation’s total population, 2.2 million Americans are currently incarcerated, accounting for over 25% of the world’s total prison population. As the world’s worst human rights violator for locking up its own citizens, the US dwarfs all other nations on earth including the most populous nation China despite representing only 5% of the world population. With one in three black men going to prison, African American males are six times more likely than whites and 2.5 times more likely than Hispanic males to end up behind bars. From these startling facts alone one might arguably conclude that the feds have launched an all-out war against darker-skinned Americans who happened to be poor.

Just coming to light this year are the hidden black hole prisons springing up around the land of the not so free where police in places like Chicago are suddenly picking up targeted citizens who then disappear without rights for an undefined length of time. Families and attorneys never even learn of their whereabouts. These selected detainees are treated much like Guantanamo prisoners interrogated and often tortured.

Journalist Will Potter recently disclosed another Pandora’s Box inside the US prison system writing about secret black holes existing within two federal prisons called Communications Management Units (CMU’s). He visited the one inside Marion Federal Prison in Illinois, the other is located in Terre Haute, Indiana. High profile political prisoners are being victimized under the worst kind of inhumane conditions. Most of these inmates are Muslims although the feds are also sending environmental activists convicted of terrorist crimes to them as well. Potter maintains that those incarcerated at CMU’s are transferred there because of their race, religion and political beliefs. This is totalitarian America’s gulag answer for political activists deemed enemies of the state.

In recent years America’s militarized police state appears to have declared open season on unarmed black Americans, cold-bloodedly gunning them down in alarming numbers, overtly sending the message that black lives don’t matter. Of course regardless of skin color, US cops suited and armed for combat are known to kill anybody who happens to wander into their combat zone at the wrong time. But an inordinate percentage of their K-I-A’s are African American. Law enforcement has conveniently not kept close track for obvious reasons. But by all accounts, trigger happy police are far more apt to pull the trigger on blacks than on either whites or Hispanics.

In response to this growing epidemic that some would say borders on inner city purging, the antiracist activist group Black Lives Matter sprang up across America in efforts to curb the spreading violence. When protests in Canada and America were joined in solidarity by demonstrations in the UK over increasing state sponsored police terrorism, the feds and media tag team immediately began attempting to criminalize Black Lives Matter, calling it a hate group responsible for the murder of white police officers and placing it under intensive surveillance by the US intelligence community.

In spite of another New York City police officer killed in the line of duty this week, records show that for every NYPD officer killed, New York’s “finest” are murdering four unarmed New Yorkers over a fifteen year stretch from 1999 to 2014 with 10 of those years not one officer being killed. Regardless of how media distorts and twists reality to turn Black Lives Matter into an easy scapegoat, the national average of unarmed American citizens being gunned down by militant police to police deaths far exceeds the NYC ratio of four to one.

 Acclaimed Canadian professor-author-philosopher John McMurtry stated in a recent interview:

I have travelled alone with only backpack possession through the world, and have found no state in which police forces are more habituated to violent bullying, more likely to draw a gun, more discriminatory against the dispossessed, and more arbitrarily vicious in normal behavior. The US now leads the globe in an underlying civil war of the rich against the poor.

  Of course America has a longstanding pattern of racial targeting. This latest oppression harkens back to J. Edgar’s FBI harassment, infiltration and murder of Black Panther Party members back in the sixties and early seventies. Both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were also placed under constant surveillance right up till their assassinations which have both been linked to federal law enforcement. In addition to targeting high profile African American activists, FBI’s COINTELPRO (1956-1971) singled out a number of other groups deemed potential enemies of the state as well. Members of the American Indian Movement and anti-Vietnam War protesters like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) were both infiltrated and targeted for continual harassment as well.

 Shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack, FDR’s executive order rounded up 120,000 innocent US citizens who happened to be Japanese, shamefully placing them in prison camps for the remainder of the war. And before those atrocities came centuries of genocide against Native Americans and enslavement against Africans and their descendants.

 Thus, the US government has a long checkered past history of racism, persecution, torture, imprisonment and mass murder of US citizens perceived by the tyrannical state as either threats or expendables to be exploited and/or willfully destroyed. From the very start this divide and conquer and exterminate strategy by the ruling elite has been operationalized throughout American history.

 The Justice Department’s refusal to hold militant white police officers accountable for the murder of so many defenseless black Americans only demonstrates the criminally racist policies coming out of the first African American president’s administration. Sadly, when both white cops and legally protected “stand-your-ground” white civilians (as in the Trayvon Martin case) get away with murder, their lack of accountability has only increased the number of blacks being murdered. Right after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the Martin case, The Daily Mail’s headline reported “white people who kill black people in ‘Stand Your Ground’ states are 354% more likely to be cleared of murder.”

Since the embattled civil rights of the fifties and sixties were fought and attained by courageous African Americans (joined by a few white supporters), overall during the ensuing decades the people themselves in white and black America have come together making some significant strides toward overcoming the formidable racial barriers that historically divide this nation. In most places in the US today you commonly see white and black couples together, and in fact a thorough mixing of all the races is visible in the world’s biggest melting pot nation. Pew Research Center studying marriages that were formed in 2010 found that 15% were interracial, twice the rate in 1980. The most obvious indication of racial intermarriage is the tangible result produced – America’s younger population is clearly becoming tanner in complexion and it’s definitely neither from tanning salons nor sun worship.

 Yet if you listen to the media talking heads like predatory sharks feeding off the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore by hyping up this violent cycle of oppression, often enough even defending police state aggression, you’d think that we’re on the verge of race wars in America. The authorities’ decision in both cases to unleash more oppressive police state retaliation against protestors clearly reflects a widespread, highly coordinated, top down federal policy confirming America’s growing tyranny specifically intended to escalate yet more civil and racial unrest, protest, rioting and violence. Between Washington and its MSM propaganda department, a divisive agenda to instigate race wars in America seems a fair and logical conclusion.

 Among the countless false flags in recent years, no more is one so obvious in revealing the feds’ sinister agenda to trigger race wars than the alleged Charleston South Carolina shooting at the AME Church in June. Obama’s $29 mil hush money payoff rushed through within a couple days after the incident to victims’ families and their flattened, unemotional, highly suspect responses during on camera interviews immediately after losing their loved ones; the Sunday sermon at the very crime scene where just a couple days earlier nine African Americans were allegedly shot dead; the tampered photo where a white supremacist patch worn by the suspect was photoshopped as a thinly disguised “badge of honor” afterthought; the unveiling that the suspect had lots of recent African American friends on Facebook and others from his past who unanimously corroborated he never showed signs of racism; Hillary’s Charleston visit just in time for the feds’ live action civil unrest training timed perfectly with the shooting followed by her and Barack’s “gun control” mantra played out like a B for badly scripted movie. This list of unbelievable anomalies points to another federalized false flag makeover calculated to foment racial divide in America.

 Of course the incident’s timing put into high gear the Confederacy rebel flag controversy feeding off raw emotions further designed to create black and white division. June’s dog wagging, in-our-face false flag was also timed perfectly on the very same day so as to take heat off US Congress being bribed with over a million globalist dollars to vote giving dictator Obama his TPP fast track. All too obvious was it an overt ploy to racially divide the nation while sneaking through one giant step closer towards the globalist agenda for one world government.

  An overtly oppressive pattern was also observed in 2011 during the feds’ nationalized police state offensive to use law enforcement to brutally extinguish the Occupy movement in the US. As is typical, the massively militant nationwide assault was preceded by mainstream media’s incessant attack portraying the protestors as criminal rapists, dirty, unkempt slackers, troublemaking anarchists, and ridiculed clueless lost souls dirtying up the public landscape and parks where they had no business occupying. MSM had a field day swaying and turning the American public against the movement prior to the Gestapos moving in to “clean up” the mess they left on municipal property. Once again, the one-two punch of media and police state acting in synchronized fascist tyranny.

 The bottom line reality that lay just beneath all that negatively spun, surface propaganda is that no fascist dictatorship will permit a growing population of dissidence directly confronting the oppressors and their one-sided, highly rigged, corrosively corrupt, grossly unjust and broken debtor slave system responsible for so much theft, death and destruction in the world. In actuality the Occupy movement was a grassroots uprising that was beginning to take hold and spread internationally aimed directly at the ruling elite and the globalists never felt so threatened. So they unleashed their MSM and fascist foot soldiers armed with internationally outlawed tear gas and bully clubs to violently quell the uprising before it gained any more global momentum. The oppression used in America was matched worldwide with the same iron fisted crackdown in Hong Kong and elsewhere around the world. The globalists won another battle in their war against humanity.

 By its very nature, no totalitarian police state tolerates either dissidence or truth and resorts to violent crackdown criminalizing those vowing to exercise free speech. The dangerous game in twenty-first century America under Obama’s Homeland Insecurity is to label any group or individual it chooses as terrorists and with blatant disregard of our constitutional liberties, locks us up and/or assassinates us. Thanks to such draconian unconstitutional laws as the Patriot Act and 2012’s NDAA, just like in prewar Nazi Germany, US citizens can be taken away in the middle of the night by US military raiding our homes without warrant, arrest us without charge, and detain us without trial, legal representation or due process for an indefinite period of time.

  The feds’ response in America repeatedly confirms that our government no longer complies with US rule of law explicitly guaranteed by our Constitution. The treasonous Obama regime has proven over and over again that it refuses to uphold our sacred First Amendment rights of free speech, peaceful assembly and protest. Subsequently since 9/11, domestic US human rights violations have soared dramatically in recent years, revealing a sinister federal agenda to intentionally induce rising levels of civil unrest, chaos, violence and widespread crises in order to then justify its thinly veiled excuse to ultimately declare martialized Obama law. And through our supreme dictator’s unprecedented number of notoriously unconstitutional executive orders, possibly the next false flag may be the one that fulfills his militarized tyrannical wet dream in the land of the enslaved. For decades the federal government has been methodically planning and willfully inciting increasing levels of civil unrest, chaos and citizen revolt amidst long planned false flag crises ultimately leading us to martial law and potentially to America’s second civil war.

 At the same time and certainly not by accident, the feds also made the calculated decision a couple decades ago to systematically militarize law enforcement with overkill weaponry and armed combat mechanization, reflecting an agenda to destroy the US by bringing their years of counterinsurgency wars from abroad home to the streets of America. And even if the massive unprecedented Jade Helm military exercise conducted in nine states for three months over the summer didn’t result in martial law as many in the alternative media feared, Jade Helm proved both a psyops and beta test for prolonged military occupation on US soil that does bring America one giant steppingstone closer to martial law. When every non-military, non-law enforcement federal agency – the National Weather Service, US Postal Service, Social Security Administration, Fish and Wildlife Department, USDA and the IRS – are all buying up billions of rounds of hollow point bullets, it can only mean one thing. It confirms Americans’ worst nightmare, that their own government has a demonic agenda to kill its fellow Americans, widening the deep chasm growing between the authoritarian security state and its fearing-for-their-lives citizens. And as time passes, the cold hard reality appears only to be mounting.

 Through this polarizing, extremely sobering process, a diabolical plan to willfully turn US citizens against each other has been co-designed to create a dangerously toxic culture of growing distrust, fear and paranoia while simultaneously increasing authoritarian tyranny and control. The feds’ wars of terror brought demonstrably home to roost has splintered Americans into two disparate, conflicting camps. As a result, a fear-driven, obedient, brainwashed, dumbed down and docile citizenry of sheeple that simply do what their told, following the governing authority’s methodical conditioning, brainwashing and programmed social engineering accompanied by pressured demands toward hyper-vigilance bordering on paranoia, believing that increasing numbers of their fellow Americans are subversively lurking nearby as their homegrown terrorist enemy. They listen to MSM marginalize and demonize the patriots as tin foil conspiracy nuts, entrenched in their denial that their own government could possibly be their own worst enemy. Of course this camp is held in line by the globalists’ army of henchmen, the government enforcers, be they politicians, military, law enforcement and the millions from the military industrial complex.

 As darkness descends on the end days of Amerika as a once great nation, scare tactics are being relentlessly propagated to purposely drive a wedge between the American people. A concerted federal effort’s been made to enlist US citizens to join Homeland Security and Obama’s so called civilian national security force of neo-Nazis (just like in prewar Germany) working hand-in-hand with law enforcement and dozens of DHS-funded state and municipal fusion centers acting as informants turning in their fellow neighbors for any suspected “unlawful” activities.

 Meanwhile, all military veterans (particularly those fresh off terror war battlefields) along with a growing camp of Americans justifiably concerned and upset over their oppressive, overreaching government invading their privacy and running roughshod over their cherished lost constitutional rights and civil liberties, all political activists and dissenters, all gun owners determined to exercise their Second Amendment rights, all fundamentalist Christians, all anti-abortion advocates, all Tea Party members, all tax activists, all home-schoolers, illegal aliens, or anyone else perceived to look or act different or strange like they don’t belong, all these groups are insidiously being lumped together as the emerging domestic terrorist enemy, designated as enemy belligerents, enemy sympathizers, and enemies of the state. Increasingly ominous is the fact that such a large segment of the American population’s every move is being electronically tracked and monitored on growing watch lists in the feds’ crosshairs as the next targeted enemy for harassment, persecution, impending imprisonment and potential elimination.

  Despite more Americans every day recognizing that their federal government is neither out to protect them nor represent their interests but only to subjugate, control, enslave, imprison and potentially murder them, the globalists/feds’ divide and conquer brainwashing agenda feebly counteracts by aggressively ramping up its greasily-oiled, ticking time-bomb fakery machine. This year more than ever the frequency of mass shootings in America is off the charts, seemingly taking place every other week, complete with some of the same crisis actors showing up in incident after incident with just too many enormous sized holes in the official narrative to avoid exposure as yet another flimsily disguised, staged false flag event.

 Following on the heels of the Charleston false flag, the shooting of US military personnel at the Chattanooga sites by another Islamic extremist adds more salt to the familiar wounds afflicting Moslems worldwide, not unlike January’s Hebdo false flag attack in Paris. The globalists’ and feds’ agenda is all too obvious, create racial and religious conflict and divide designed to lead to more hate crimes while with each passing incident increasing pressures are brought to bear calling louder and louder for tighter gun control. Meanwhile 23 are dead from another US bomb wiping out an Afghan hospital. The only gun control needed for humanity’s sake is Empire’s gun control.

  The media’s also busily hyping danger at every turn like there’s no tomorrow. Recently an FBI sting operation was reported by a number of mainstream media outlets purporting the FBI successfully uncovered an ISIS plot to purchase nukes. It turns out that it was just another fear mongering lie being hyped up by MSM. The elite knows that a population living in daily fear, confusion and ignorance is far more easily controlled than one that is educated and informed about the sinister plots and plans that their totalitarian police state government has in store for them.

  That’s another reason why if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is passed, internet censorship will threaten to cut off the flow of all accurate information and news to the public. This is exactly what the globalists want and intend, complete and absolute control so that only lies and disinformation are disseminated to the spoon-fed misinformed masses. Where all this tyranny and oppression is leading us is fairly obvious. Martial law will mean no more internet access to the truth, criminalization of gun ownership as Obama’s agenda to ratify the already passed UN treaty banning small arms, giving teeth behind the feds’ enforced gun confiscation. The screws are tightening with each passing week’s unfolding events.

The present migration crisis in Europe parallels the building crisis that’s been brewing here in the United States from an unprotected border with Mexico for nearly seven years under Obama’s watch. US Immigration has been a favorite globalist wedge issue dividing the nation racially and ethnically. Illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America have historically been used as scapegoats. Latin American migrant workers do the hard labor in the Agra-industry illegally exploiting them that few Americans would be willing to do themselves. But Obama’s amnesty policy has increased tensions amongst a fragmented American population. Again, be aware that it’s by globalist design that their puppet Obama has allowed an open border policy while bombing nations in the Middle East and North Africa that’s driven the mass migration to a head in the West. The globalists are behind the policies that intentionally create the crises specifically designed to divide and turn citizens in North America and Europe against illegal immigrants.

Ever since the Vietnam War and Nixon declaring his war on drugs, the US foreign policy towards Latin American nations as well as other nations at war like Afghanistan has actively engaged in covert criminal partnership with corrupt national governments and controlling powerful drug cartels. Starting with Reagan’s Iran Contra scandal, George Bush senior, both his sons, Bill Clinton and Obama have all played active roles employing CIA drug pushers in the ever-thriving multibillion dollar international drug smuggling industry whereby the federal government continues bilking enormous profits trafficking dangerous drugs into the US, literally destroying millions of American lives and further devastating US inner city populations that’s skyrocketed incarceration rates (over half a million) especially amongst African Americans. The war on drugs has given rise to the privatized prison industrial complex in America that’s mushroomed into an enormous slave labor industry reaping obscenely high $5 billion profits for corrupt human rights violators operating with little oversight all at taxpayer and inmate slave expense. The politics of America’s drug war in large part also created a welfare state that further divides Americans across both racial and class lines.

 America’s addiction to both legal drugs through Big Pharma and alcohol as well as illegal drugs have destroyed millions of American families as casualties of the globalist drug war and yet more victims of the divide and conquer. Meanwhile through the years, their criminal central banking cabal has busily laundered dirty money linked to funding CIA-Black Operations actively pursuing the Empire of Chaos’ global destabilization agenda.

  Another wedge vehicle being driven home to divide us are recent laws cropping up across the nation that appear to be anti-family. Apparently thought police at both the national and state levels of government are pushing a militant LGBT agenda to absurd, divisive heights, in effect driving a wedge between both gay and straight populations. The public education agenda is derisively teaching openly gay lifestyle choices in schools to children from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. There are laws in California that allow a student 12 or older to be taken off campus without parental permission to reeducation centers where they are “reeducated,” instilled with politically correct brainwashing of proper LGBT orientation and attitude.

  Sounds very much like Hillary’s “fun camps” to reeducate adults who aren’t quite lapping up her official politically correct adult programming agenda. It’s one thing to uphold antidiscrimination laws protecting Americans of all persuasions and lifestyles which are obviously important, but it’s another to aggressively indoctrinate and brainwash youth [or adults] about individual sexual preference and alternative lifestyle choices especially at such young impressionable ages. This appears to be yet another nationalized ploy to dictate another divisive wedge between people rather than inclusively bring them together. It also is a longtime subversively globalist agenda to weaken the family bond and family structure.

The traditional nuclear family unit containing a father, mother and child(ren), now a minority in America, has also come under national assault, forced to taking a disfavored backseat to the statist propaganda and oppressive policies. Parents’ rights to teach their children their own individual values, their sense of morality and spiritual/religious convictions have increasingly been undermined and usurped by rigid statist PC dogma. As a licensed therapist for many years in Los Angeles, I can personally attest to the notorious abuses of overzealous authoritarian child protection services overstepping its rightful bounds by destroying families, unjustifiably yanking kids out of their family homes, inflicting children in their care and custody with lifelong trauma and abuse, misplacing children in unsafe home environments (be they with biological family, foster care, group home or residential care). A thoroughly overburdened, broken system that’s been set up to protect children is too often only abusing and re-victimizing them as part of a national assault on the American family.

 The father of American education John Dewey was a New World Order advocate from way back. His pro-communist ideology promoting the idea of collectivism and “progressive” views on education that have permeated US public education over this past century have never been more fully embedded than they are today. In April 1972 Harvard med school professor Chester Pierce from the education and psychiatry faculty made the following statement strongly reflecting Dewey’s NWO bias in a keynote address at the Association for Childhood Education International:

Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being. It’s up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international child of the future.

 Spoken like a truly indoctrinated internationalist, what Pierce had in mind for his global child of the future is a brainwashed youth devoid of any religion, any sense of national patriotism and loyalty toward his parents. Indeed all rank and file NWO ghouls have long viewed love of the Constitution and US national sovereignty, love of family and love of God as their three biggest barriers keeping them from their totalitarian panacea. Too many educational professionals maintain a negative, condescending attitude toward parents believing that their conditioning of their child is either unhealthy or grossly inadequate and it is the responsibility and indeed the right of the educational system to properly instill the correct values, moral code and appropriate beliefs so that the child optimizes his chance of becoming a healthy, productive, functioning adult, i.e., a good little statist citizen robot who does exactly what he or she is told, no questions asked.

Collectivism is inherently taught as the standard education model in today’s Common Core, the mandated national program in America’s public education system. It preaches the priority of group goals and group mind over the individual. One’s worth is measured more by what he or she brings into the group than any individual accomplishment. It’s another example of programmed dogma de-emphasizing the importance and value of both individuality as well as individual families. The current educational system stifles creativity but instead simply prepares young people to fit in as mere cogs in the larger wheel, conforming, compliant robots incapable of discriminative, critical thinking that questions or challenges the spoon-fed dogma of the day. No wonder American student test scores in a myriad of subjects are now falling near bottom of the international barrel compared to peers from other countries – all part of the dumbing down process that’s sadly become the American way of life.

The same mind control programming through mass media effects are perpetuated to confuse, conflict and pit women against men and men against women. In the media there’s a common depiction of the weak, emasculated white male who becomes the empowered woman’s idiot patsy. This negative stereotype of men being projected all over the airwaves is designed to blur and confuse boundaries and roles while increasing the battle of the sexes raging with rising rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in America, especially within military ranks and college campuses. Look at the violent, damaging messages over the last quarter century saturating popular modern music in the form of much of the hip hop and rap, often referring to women as “bitches” and “hoes,” mere sexual object-trophies to be used and abused. Conversely, healthy gender role models are relatively rare in both families as well as the mass media.

Then there’s the overplayed stereotype of the irascibly senile grandparent sending a reinforcing message that makes it easier in our youth-worshipping culture to discard aging grandpa or grandma into the trash bin of nursing homes to die rather than treat the elderly with respect, compassion and care within an extended family setting. Recently passed euthanasia laws in states across the country make it easier to pull the plug on life, especially when the aging are deemed burdensome, feeble, useless eaters already suffering frequently from chronic pain anyway. As the economy and family structure come under increasing levels of stress, elderly and fiduciary abuse has been on the rise. Current annual estimates are that 2.5 to 3 million elderly or up to 10% are being abused in the US. But these numbers fail to take into account the many cases that go unreported.

As globalists engage in social engineering programming of the masses through powerful nonstop 24/7 media effects, their diabolical design manifests through subtle and not so subtle messages geared to insidiously separate, divide, conflict, dumb down and otherwise cause lasting rifts, walls and wedges between a highly fractured America that out of ignorance allows globalists to further manipulate, divide and conquer us on the way to their NWO promise land.

Speaking of dumbed down, George W. Bush’s black and white thinking uttered in his simpleton mantra “you’re either with us or against us” has never been more evident. His vowed intolerance warning Americans against “wild conspiracy theories” that quickly morphed into the truth movement is yet another illustration of divide and conquer, dismissing any and all critics of gov.corps’ official false narrative as deranged, tin foiled hat wearing, paranoid fringe elements never to be taken seriously. The well-paid shills, the PR propagandists, think tank scientists and so called experts endlessly paraded before MSM cameras peddling their doublespeak talking point lies are more sleight of hand distraction to keep the public forever in the dark, cluelessly ignorant, dumbed down, confused, fearful and globally misinformed.

The ruling elite has consolidated its power into six-owned mega-media corporations controlling over 90% of all news and information outflow to the global masses. Likewise, the globalist-owned big three newspapers, the Washington Post, the New York Times and LA Times of course serve the same deceptive function. By engaging in mind control through vacuous forms of endless entertainment, preoccupying, addicting, programming, brainwashing, titillating, numbing, desensitizing, and distracting the masses with false lies, propaganda, superficial filler fluff, big sports and celebrity worship ad nauseam that purposely alter the hardwiring of the human brain, the truth of the elite’s sinister agenda largely remains hidden from public awareness and consciousness. This too is the modern techno-application of the divide and conquer recipe for gaining and maintaining absolute control since mass media effects carry an enormous sway and impact over huge segments of the captivated world population audience, effectively dividing and conquering them from ever generating a united, well organized, powerful grassroots movement to openly challenge and actively oppose the systematic unfoldment of NWO tyranny and authoritarian control. Ultimately this sleight of hand of the dumbing down, disempowering process keeps the sheeple from ever fully realizing the evil destruction being willfully perpetrated against them.

Another one of their divide and conquer ploys working against us for a very long time is America’s highly corrupt, two party political system. The illusion of Democrats being substantively different from Republicans is entrenched in US politics. Yet the uninterrupted evildoing from the Bush to the Obama regime was seamlessly carried out from one Republican administration to a Democratic one. That’s because they both represent the same puppet masters who own them. These days especially elected representatives from the two parties clearly do not operate in the interests of their voting constituents but instead succumb to the big money special interests of the globalists pouring billions into their bribed coffers to effectively own them too.

Politicians spew rhetoric on issues that elicit strong emotional reactions such as religion, gay marriage and abortion. Yet these hot button topics are at best secondary, diversionary sideshow sleights of hand, keeping us away from the real issues that hide the pervasive theft and unfairness of the status quo crony capitalism corruption or how our lives are so dominated by an elitist handful of psychopathic despots. Any thoughts or political debate that veer away from this elite corporatist ideology is taboo and subject to blackout censorship. As long as so many blind Americans continue blaming the opposing political party or those inflammatory secondary issues as the main cause of America’s problems, the globalists have the dumbed down idiots right where they want them, just as J.P. Morgan boasted so long ago. It’s the classic divide and conquering that’s allowed globalists to use distraction to conceal their willful destruction of the planet with complete impunity.

The same deceptive ploy is involved with labeling people based on the so called political left or political right, liberal-conservative, progressive-reactionary, hawk-dove, libertarian, anarchist, socialist, communist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, American, Russian, they’re all designed as well-worn tools for the elite to pigeonhole and marginalize us on the way to divide and conquer. The globalists possess a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and distraction at their disposal, all geared to erect dividing walls for the purpose of inciting conflict wedges so the globalist masters can consolidate stricter control over us. Their hidden agenda is powerfully pervasive and unless we can consciously step outside the conventional lens by which we so automatically filter, judge and separate ourselves into factionalized, warring camps, we are all doomed to be the perpetually weakened victims of their absolute criminal totalitarian control.

Throughout his lifetime Thomas Jefferson was suspicious of potential abuse and tyranny that could come from a federal government inadequately kept in check by the very checks and balances system he so meticulously crafted:

     Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental acts of the day. But a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers [administrations]; too plainly proves a deliberate systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Before they slip us all into their shackles, it’s time to come together as one formidable unified force to take action, arming ourselves with the truth and then spreading the power of that truth as far as it’ll take us. In the end evil will not defeat truth, honesty and justice.

Virtually everything globalists and their governing ponds do is focused on one aspect or another of the divide and conquer formula to their NWO endgame. The focus of this examination has been on their goal of dividing us into weaker parts fighting amongst ourselves lending itself heavily to their powerful advantage. However, lest we forget that the elite is armed with unlimited weapons in their mighty arsenal expressly used to conquer and destroy us. And they’ve a plethora of methods at their disposal making us sick and die through both their hard and soft kill means.

Toxic levels of industrial fluoride dumped into our water supply and laced in our toothpaste, mercury and other poisonous metals and impurities specially concocted for vaccine delivery, raining down of heavy metals with their daily dose of geo-engineered chemtrails, killer Fukushima radiation levels bombarding us by air and water contaminating our entire food chain… then all our lives we’ve been inhaling heavily polluted air and ingesting GMO/chemically processed/Monsanto soaked/nutrient starved dead food poisoning, living under chronic stress that’s killing us as we work longer hours on less wages making it near impossible to make ends meet with a 95% devalued dollar after a century of being robbed blind and preyed upon by the parasitic Federal Reserve globalists. If the elite’s slow death attack isn’t eugenically getting the job done for them, in an instant they can exercise their final solution option a mere nuke push button away. One way or the other, they’ve rigged the deck so not one of us gets out of here alive.

But until we don’t, prior to our being conked and conquered to death, along with the truth we still do have a few options of our own to fight back with. Truth and knowledge represent the very power that they’re most afraid of. When they are hit with the truth, they are knocked back, cowering the way a vampire reacts to daylight or worse, a stake being driven through its heart.

With the light of truth let us drive our power of truth straight through their heartless hearts. As an empowered, informed and courageously committed solidarity of world citizenry acting together as one, we can go a long ways toward liberating ourselves from their yoke of oppression. Right now we still outnumber them 7 billion to their ponerologically impaired handful. They are incapable of caring or loving others. We real humans do have a decided advantage in that department. So armed with the power of both truth and love guided from above that they can never take away from us, while we still have the numbers overwhelmingly in our favor, it’s time to fight back through civil disobedience accompanied by wise selection of where our hard-earned dollars go. Together undivided and unconquered, we still can prevail. After all, good in the end always conquers evil.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer.

Global Research

46 Comments on "How the New World Order “Globalists” Are Dividing Americans"

  1. Hello on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 7:25 pm 

    Blaming someone else for your own problems feels great.

    Damn you globalist, damn you to hell.

  2. Davy on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 7:30 pm

    The website describes itself as an “independent research and media organization.” Globalresearch considers itself to be a reliable “alternative news” source serving as a major repository of a broad range of “news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media” (such as the New World Order). Its politico-economic stance is strongly anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-militarist, “internationalist but anti-globalization.”
    [edit]What it really is

    Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, Global Research mostly consists of polemicists, many of whom accept (and use) conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and propaganda. The prevalent conspiracist strand relates to global power-elites (primarily governments and corporations) and their New World Order.[4] Specific featured conspiracy theories include those addressing 9/11,[5] vaccines,[6] genetic modification,[7] Zionism,[8][9] HAARP,[10] global warming denialism,[11][12] Bosnian genocide denialism[13] chemtrails,[14] and David Kelly.[15]
    Globalresearch contributors are happy to source information from anyone who seems vaguely aligned with their ideology; during the 2011 Libyan civil war the site was an apologist for Muammar al-Gaddafi,[16] reproducing his propaganda and painting him as a paragon of a modern leader. In the 2014 Ukrainian crisis the site is taking the standard “anti-globalisation” stance against the Western side and falling into the ranks of imperial Russian propaganda instead.
    Globalresearch also has published numerous articles written by contributors to New Eastern Outlook, a Moscow-based Russian Government propaganda site. It has published the same articles on the same day as Oriental Review, a Moscow-based site that is also almost certainly a Russian Government site.
    It’s no surprise then that the site has long become a magnet for radicals, fringe figures and whacko elements from the left in general.

  3. makati1 on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 7:43 pm 

    A long version of: “Divide and Conquer” with a bit of unicorn hugging at the end.

    That the Police State inmates don’t notice what is being done to themselves is obvious. They are too busy pointing the finger at the other guy and denying that America is going down faster than the rest of the world. So much to lose, and they don’t seem to give a damn as long as their 60 inch TV has 300 channels of fluff and the beer is cold. Don’t look behind the curtain. It will ruin your day.

  4. GregT on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 9:40 pm of one of the few sites that mostly has it right. The rational wiki that you have linked to above Davy, is exactly what BC and myself were recently discussing. The same stuff that Arthur used to bring up all of the time.

    DR. Paul Craig Roberts is one of the few that are willing to stand up to the oligarchy and the US MIC. He should be considered to be a true American patriot. Instead the masses keep cheering for those that are bringing their own country to ruins. Divide and conquer to a T. Mak is absolutely correct on this one, the inmates don’t notice what is being done to themselves at all. The indoctrination and the propaganda have been a great success. Sad to see such a great country being brought to ruin.

  5. makati1 on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 9:46 pm 

    An article worth your time, I think…

    “Mass Migration of all Species”

    Take a good look at the map shown in the article. Canada, YOU are the target for the country to your south.

  6. apneaman on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:09 pm 

    Davy, rationalwiki is just some guys opinion. It’s not an

  7. GregT on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:09 pm 

    That’s kind of a no brainer Mak. The subject has been discussed repeatedly amongst the scientific community for well over a decade. Problem is, climate change is already causing more problems up here in the great white north, than previously expected. The sad truth of the matter is, there might not be anywhere for any of us to go, Americans and Canadians included.

  8. apneaman on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:10 pm 

    intergalactic authority.

  9. GregT on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:19 pm 

    9/11 Conspiracy theory.

    New world order? Conspiracy theory.

    Vaccines? Conspiracy theory.

    GMOs? Conspiracy theory.

    Zionism? Conspiracy theory.

    HAARP? Conspiracy theory.

    Overthrowing Muammar al-Gaddafi and destabilizing Libya? Conspiracy theory.

    US state department involvement in the Ukrainian coup? Conspiracy theory.

    Anybody who thinks for themselves? Radicals, fringe figures and whacko elements from the left in general.

  10. apneaman on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:36 pm 

    mak, apes in the Northern hemisphere will be the first to go. Oh and take a look at the map and try and guess where the Chinese will head. Anyone with a basic understanding of the physics knows that if you want to survive a little longer you need to be in the Southern hemisphere. You don’t see any of the 1%ers building bugouts in northern Canada or Alaska do you? New Zealand, South Australia, Patagonia. What do think is going to happen Mak? Are the people of Walmart going to waddle up here on foot and take over? Look at a map of Vietnam and Iraq and think of all the trouble the military had there, now look at a map of Canada and ask yourself how many resources it would take to take and hold it. Ever been on the Canadian prairie in winter? Up north? I have. It was so cold we had to stop rigging with wire rope slings because the steel was brittle and all the machinery has to be left running 24/7 or it’s finished. Some will come no doubt, but they will just be swapping burial sites. Starve at home or starve here….if they don’t starve on the way.

  11. GregT on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 10:43 pm 

    “now look at a map of Canada and ask yourself how many resources it would take to take and hold it.”

    Never mind that, we have jet airplanes, a submarine, caribou, and igloos. I’ll bet there isn’t even a comprehensive strategy against well defended igloos.

  12. GregT on Wed, 28th Oct 2015 11:00 pm 

    I might add, even caves have proven impossible to defeat.

  13. Davy on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 6:35 am 

    Greg I did not say Global Research didn’t have some things right. My point is they are little better than the porn on the other side that we routinely bash here as flag waiving or global status quo mainstream media. The Key is to put your boots on and wade through the shit to find good data that hints at the truth. There is an awful lot of shit on Global Research site. Some like Mak routinely reference them and we know why because Mak is pure agenda without fairness or balance. I equate Mak to Forbes anti-matter in the agenda world hence pure unadulterated agenda. The same is true of Mak he posts some good info but he destroys his legitimacy with agenda and excessive bias. I posted the rationalwiki only to highlight this point in regards to Global Research. I am sure rationalwiki is biased.

  14. Davy on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 6:44 am 

    Ape Man you know as well as I the only reason Canada has the high standard of living it does is because of its geographic and cultural similarity to the US. The US could live without Canada it would be a huge shock but the same is not true of Canada. The US is vital to Canada just as the US is vital to California or Texas. If the US collapses as many here including many Canadians would love to see Canada is SOL economically.

    The other issue of migration is very unfortunate for Canada. If the US collapses or is NUK’d and in effect destroyed millions of Americans will be in Canada in short order. It is the most logical avenue for so many. Especially for the cat in Montreal from all the east coasters. BC will be overrun by west coaster’s much the same. Canada future is a US future. You guys don’t have enough guns and ammo to keep this from happening. I am sorry to say that and I know you guys hate to hear that but that’s what the facts point to.

  15. paulo1 on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 9:40 am 

    We’ll see, Davy. Maybe we’ll ask Putin to help us out? China will still buy our resources. I think the US needs to start thinking and playing nice with the world while they still have a few friends. You get more flies with honey…..

    In a disaster, any disaster, the US can and will be able to count on Canada as its first and foremost line of support. Right now, that is a given. Best to keep it that way for all our sakes.

  16. Davy on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 10:01 am 

    If the U.S. Gets Nuk’d Paulo there will be no China and Russia. Maybe you could ask Mexico for help.

  17. apneaman on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 10:48 am 

    No Davy, The reason is because it is huge, has only 33 million and is/was jammed packed full of natural resources. There is no other way that so few people could afford to build out that much infrastructure over such a huge area. Having a huge customer next door made it all the more easier – very convenient. It’s not like other countries do not want to buy resources. Essentially what I’m hearing from you is if things were not the way they were then they would be different. Sure. If the moon weren’t where it was things would be different too.

    If there is a crash, like a real collapse, then only a small fraction of folks will be going anywhere. All them Syrian refugees did not exactly walk to Germany you know. There is no one alive in N America who was not indoctrinated, psychologically and physically, into car culture. Fat, lazy, sick and stupid are not going to survive – what’s that 70 -80%. Look at all the MENA refugees that drowned or were rescued, feed, housed, bused, put on trains and given medical care. How many would have made it without all the help from modernity and rich EU countries? Look at all the people from South America to Mexico who have died trying to get to the US. How many nameless bodies are lying in the deserts of the US southwest? They take trains and buses up to the US/Mexican border and only attempt walk the rest. Same thing will happen there – no trains = no aliens. If you read the history, Sea Peoples to the ME, Barbarians to Rome, Saxons and Vikings to England, these migrations took upwards of centuries. How will the great American migration to Canada work? Will the fat families load up their RV’s with guns N ammo and just pop into Quick Trip every couple of hundred miles for snacks and gas? No, only the very fit and young are going to survive such journeys on foot and no one is going anywhere as long as the the JIT system is still running and when that goes, it’s a whole new world. One with way less people within a couple of months. I suspect that once it reaches that point, anyone who makes it up here is going to say….where is everyone?

  18. Davy on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 11:23 am 

    Ape man look at your map. Most of your big population centers are near the boarder. You can lay your “all Americans are fat, lazy, stupid, and whatever else but I assure you Canada is easy to get into. And it won’t be tough to take it from the fat, lazy, stupid Canadians when we out number you. I know the thought of Americans from all stripes and colors descending on your country must be awful but that is the shit. As far as things being different the U.S. should have taken Canada way back when we kicked the British asses out in our war of independence.

  19. apneaman on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 11:34 am 

    Davy you are a middle aged baby.

  20. GregT on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 11:38 am 

    “You guys don’t have enough guns and ammo to keep this from happening.”

    It all depends on what runs out first. Oil, or a hospitable climate. IMO the smart ones, like you Davy, have already made the move and are making preparations. There’s a bit more involved here than going for a drive, or a long walk, as I am sure that you can attest to. And besides, if current trends continue, much of Canada will be no better off then the US. The smart money is on the southern hemisphere, at least for a while……….

    When shit gets bad, borders and nation states will become irrelevant. As they always should have been.

  21. apneaman on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 11:47 am 

    Davy they already tried to take Canada a few times, but it did not work out the way they planned, just like most US military misadventures when people fight back. Still confusing the reality with the Hollywood and school textbook version of history?

    A Record of Unparalleled Failure

    “So here are five straightforward lessons — none acceptable in what passes for discussion and debate in this country — that could be drawn from that last half century of every kind of American warfare:

    1. No matter how you define American-style war or its goals, it doesn’t work. Ever.

    2. No matter how you pose the problems of our world, it doesn’t solve them. Never.

    3. No matter how often you cite the use of military force to “stabilize” or “protect” or “liberate” countries or regions, it is a destabilizing force.

    4. No matter how regularly you praise the American way of war and its “warriors,” the U.S. military is incapable of winning its wars.

    5. No matter how often American presidents claim that the U.S. military is “the finest fighting force in history,” the evidence is in: it isn’t.

    And here’s a bonus lesson: if as a polity we were to take these five no-brainers to heart and stop fighting endless wars, which drain us of national treasure, we would also have a long-term solution to the Veterans Administration health-care crisis. It’s not the sort of thing said in our world, but the VA is in a crisis of financing and caregiving that, in the present context, cannot be solved, no matter whom you hire or fire. The only long-term solution would be to stop fighting losing wars that the American people will pay for decades into the future, as the cost in broken bodies and broken lives is translated into medical care and dumped on the VA.”,_a_record_of_unparalleled_failure/

    Thank goodness for the French treasury, French military experts, French soldiers, The French Navy and other European military men who hated the British and came to America and made it all happen otherwise you would not have gotten independence at that time. Similar to the Space race and the 1400 Nazi scientists who made that happen.

  22. GregT on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 11:48 am 

    “Most of your big population centers are near the boarder.”

    Coincidentally, most of the accessible border crossings are also near big population centres. The very places that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near in a collapse scenario, unless you have lots of food and ammo, and enjoy chaos.

  23. Davy on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 12:03 pm 

    Ape man, are you uptight? Just poking you.

  24. antaris on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 12:04 pm 

    It won’t take much to cause chaos and the grass is not greener on the other side. If things break down few will survive.

  25. GregT on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 12:07 pm 

    If the US collapses as many here including many Canadians would love to see Canada is SOL economically.

    When oil becomes problematic, modern economics will no longer be the issue. I don’t think that very many people anywhere are looking forward to that day. This isn’t a competition Davy. We’re all going down. Some countries will fair better than others. Those countries that are still major oil exporters, with populations that are accustomed to living much lower standards of living, will not be affected as much.

  26. antaris on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 12:14 pm 

    For a bit of sick entertainment it would be interesting to get a lawn chair and sit across from a gas station. For the US drop the price 60 cents per gallon and Canada 15 cents per litre. It might be a good idea to have some cops close, to keep the show from getting out of hand.

  27. GregT on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 12:24 pm 

    “For a bit of sick entertainment it would be interesting to get a lawn chair and sit across from a gas station.”

    Liken to the sick entertainment of watching all the people running out onto the sand as the ocean receded, minutes before the tsunami came ashore. Many people don’t have very good situational awareness, or common sense. Just like in the case of the recent pullback in gasoline prices, most think this is a good thing. It isn’t.

  28. apneaman on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 1:10 pm 

    Davy, no worries now. Apparently everything is going to be awesome, yet again. Top people said so.

    Paris climate deal to ignite a $90 trillion energy revolution
    The old fossil order is on borrowed time as China and even India join the drive for dramatic cuts in CO2 emissions

  29. theedrich on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 4:19 pm 

    Hagopian’s piece is largely rambling nonsense, but the following was new to me:

    It’s reached absurd extremes — AmeriCorps volunteers are encouraged to wear white guilt bracelets to cope with their white privilege and colleges across the country are offering courses in White Guilt 101.

    The Masters of the Universe are doing everything in their power to wipe out the White race through genosuicide.  Everywhere, academia, the various intelligentsias, and political elites are now pulling out all the stops, with Merkel in Germany leading the European berserkers by importing 800,000 parasitic swarthies, and Ø & Co. in America now inviting in 200,000 of them.

    All of this racial suicide, of course, is being committed under the guise of “compassion.”  But the dictators of the respective realms are themselves merciless and utterly ruthless.  “Compassion” and religion are used merely as pretexts for suppressing and destroying their political enemies — i.e., the few who want their race and culture to stay alive.  The stringpullers are, as every politically awake persons knows, the global oligarchs who intend to subject the entire planet to their own whims.  The realities of climate change, overpopulation and global pollution mean nothing to them — but are useful for agitating the delusional masses to support the oligarchal megalomania.  After all, the White mushrooms must “do something” — that “something” being to give their Masters more power.

    Hagopian is correct is saying that the government-driven divisiveness is aimed at gaining more power.  Unfortunately, he does not see the ultimate result of this psychosis:  the end of all higher life on earth.

  30. apneaman on Thu, 29th Oct 2015 4:56 pm 

    The White race is a bunch of decadent mongrels – too much Neanderthal blood. How fucking stupid do they have to be to produce retards who base their worldview on the writings of a commie traitor dyke atheist novelist?

    You know who rules? Whatever elite can convince their population they are the chosen ones. If you can do that then there is an endless stream of cannon fodder for conquest. The ones with the most sheep win. Evolution selects for docility. Evolution selects for overpopulation.

    theedrich, how does it feel to go through life as a terrified little bitch? Hagopian is a brainwashed retard and so are you.

  31. theedrich on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 3:24 am 

    Well apeman, at least you provide material for comedy.  “Decadent mongrels” (given you as a prime example) the White race may be, but they are still the highest life form the planet has ever developed, regardless of your suicidal contempt.  Your ill-educated and psychotic ilk is clearly doing its best to encourage planeticide.  Spengler was writing about you when he wrote his Untergang des Abendlandes.  None of you twisted malcontents has a care in the world about the 4.65-billion year struggle Gaia has put into developing conscious fauna.  You have won your battle against what you call “evil,” so the death of the earth as a necessary consequence means nothing to you and your accomplices.  Oh, and “terrified little bitch?”  Are you looking in the mirror?

  32. makati1 on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 5:48 am 

    Ap, Bravo!!! We white apes deserve our future. We worked hard to get it and it is coming, but not what we envisioned.

    Too bad we had the advantages over the millenia and pushed our brown and black skinned cousins down every time they moved up. I wonder what the world would have been like if the Africans had had the advantages and the killer instinct of the white northerners and enslaved the whites for centuries, colonizing their countries by force and keeping them dumbed down and poor? It would make a great alternate history novel.

    But, in the end, we will prove that we were not so intelligent after all, as we cause our own extinction and that of the ecosystem we need to survive. Maybe the next intelligent species will someday, a billion years in the future, discover some of our remains and wonder what happened? Giant roaches, maybe? Or Rats?

  33. Davy on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 6:54 am 

    The color of skin today matters less and less with the impending die off. The west will see a die off for reasons of overpopulation within overconsumption. The non-whites of the world will see overpopulation with overconsumption kill them off. Die-offs are equal opportunity killers. You can scream per-capita and historic grievances but that is futile with a train wreck ahead for whites and non-whites alike. These issues have validity for historians but now are spilled milk for survival reasons. The system is locked to change and when it changes billions will die from a destroyed food chain and support networks.

    We know we are likely in abrupt climate change. We see economic descent ahead. Peak oil dynamics are the nail in the coffin of modern man. What we have to do now is hope for acceptance at global level of the impending end to modern industrial globalized man. Global acceptance could allow rational mitigation and adaptation policies. These may not be completely fair but they will be better than selfish competition and war. This is probably a long shot and it is not going to change the outcome much. We have the ability to lower pain and suffering some that is about it.

    Since a macro effort is unlikely we have to assist each other through the global web with issues of survival and the timing of a likely collapse for us individually. It is critical we have a road map of a possible collapse. I feel the cornucopians have been discredited. The cornucopains should not be dismissed because their world is still in charge. It is a cornucopian status quo. That world could limp on for some years in this cornucopian status quo. This fact is a vital issues for what kind of collapse shakes out.

    The degree and duration of the economic and social descent is profoundly vital especially per your local. All locals have been delocalized. All locals are in overshoot with population and consumption. There is a rounding error of locals that are not in this situation. I can absolutely say all locals face catastrophic climate change. The immediacy of climate change is another issues we cannot dismiss as doomers.

    It is increasingly likely that we are in a runaway methane event that could cap our very existence in 10 or 20 years if not sooner. The last thing we need now is the blame and complain game. We need to be instructing people on what to expect and how they can survive with some kind of quality of life a little longer. I think it is safe to say all of us here have a shortened lifespan future. We are going to be lucky if we get another 10-20 years especially us old guys.

  34. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 9:38 am 

    Davy, no one really gives a shit. There is an environmental disaster of monumental proportions going on right now; a holocaust, in Indonesia and no one cares. Just a few mentions in the media in between Trump and celeb-tard stories.

    Here’s what it means in the only language most apes care about, money speak…..

    “Estimates of how much the crisis will hurt Indonesia’s economy, as well as those of its affected neighbors, differ, but some say the regional damage could be in the tens of billions of dollars.

    Last month, Herry Purnomo, a scientist at the Center for International Forestry Research, a global scientific organization based in Bogor, Indonesia, estimated that the economic cost for Southeast Asia would be $14 billion. That included factors like lost agricultural production and health costs because of emissions, airport closings, the delayed transportation of goods and missed work days.”

  35. Davy on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 9:56 am 

    Ape Man, your link yesterday was the most troubling information I have seen to date. I challenge anyone here to read this and stay straight faced:

    Keep them coming Ape although you will struggle to find one more startling.

  36. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 10:51 am 

    Davy, you inland folks may be getting new neighbors/coastal refugees in the near future.

    More than 400 towns and cities in America will be lost to the sea, study finds
    Climate changes awareness has come too late for hundreds of towns and cities in the United States, environmental scientists have found

    “For millions of Americans, climate change has already passed the point of no return: no matter what action the world tries to take, their cities will be submerged by rising sea levels.
    Scientists have identified 414 towns and cities in the United States that are guaranteed to eventually be underwater, regardless of how much humans decrease their carbon emissions.”

  37. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 10:53 am 

    Greenland’s ice becoming ‘Swiss cheese’ due to global warming, New York Times says

  38. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 11:32 am 

    What, is the mighty NWO response to this? Praying?

    Indonesia’s peat fires make it the 4th-largest carbon emitter in the world

    “This promotion from the sixth-largest emitter to fourth-largest happened in just the span of six weeks, during which the country and surrounding nations in Southeast Asia were plunged into a haze crisis that is leading to untold premature deaths from respiratory ailments.”

    The positive feedbacks are speeding up – nothing is in our hands. The deniers were right; the computer models were inaccurate, only it was in the opposite direction. No worries they will still keep throwing out the 2100 date or some other date after our projected deaths in a futile attempt to pretend. Apes – the great pretenders.

  39. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 11:41 am 

    More massive carbon spewing.

    Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe
    The blaze, which has burned for two months on indigenous land and spread across 100km at its peak, is suspected to have been started by illegal loggers

  40. GregT on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 6:08 pm 


    “Ape Man, your link yesterday was the most troubling information I have seen to date.”

    What’s even more troubling about it Davy, is that it’s mostly old news that the vast majority are unaware of. There are very good reasons why the likes of Guy McPherson are calling for near term human extinction.

  41. GregT on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 6:18 pm 

    This is relevant Davy, and has been posted here before by both Apnea and myself.

    Not good news at all.

  42. onlooker on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 6:23 pm 

    “I believe that this behaviour will rapidly worsen as Arctic temperature amplification continues, leading our planet to a much warmer and unrecognizable climate over the next 5 to 10 years.” My heart practically stopped when I read this. Holy cow. 5 to 10 years. Hard to over exaggerate what this signifies. Speechless!

  43. apneaman on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 6:51 pm 

    Rare tropical cyclone to bring eight years of rain in two days in Arabia

  44. Davy on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 7:05 pm 

    Thanks Greg. Yea, onlooker, I am seeing climate change in the running for the big kahuna. Previously I felt economic collapse and or peak oil dynamics were the leaders. Now climate change is taking on immediacy. We need to remember it may not be the crazy weather that does us in. It will be weather that disturbs modern agriculture that starts the die off.

  45. Davy on Fri, 30th Oct 2015 7:07 pm 

    Cyclone in Yemen is craziness. We are seeing one weather event after another changing our understanding of climate.

  46. theedrich on Sat, 31st Oct 2015 3:26 am 

    There are those here who like to attribute all current evils on earth to Whitey.  That is to be expected from the historical inculcation of a guilt-syndrome in Christian societies.  Our dilemma today is precisely that White guilt is assisting the lower types in destroying the biome.  (There are far more of them than there are of us and, given our dwindling numbers, they will accelerate the destruction with or without us.)  Consider the fact that, if Africans had invented guns, they would have annihilated one another in short order, and, if they had had the intelligence to organize themselves, would have done the same to us and the Asiatics.  Ultimately, however, intelligence wins out, which is why the darkies are on the bottom and we are on the top.

    The problem, in any case, remains the Christian ideological legacy.  Christianity is based on guilt (the “original sin” myth), and it underpins the thinking and actions of all Western governments.  The hypocrisy used to mask every official insanity from FDR’s and Eisenhower’s “Crusade in Europe” to Clitoris Clinton’s demonization of White males (let alone Merkel’s German genosuicide) stems from this same ancient dementia.

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