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Page added on August 18, 2010

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Green Blog: On Land, Air and Sea, a Retrofit Mission

Public Policy

Want to stimulate demand for renewable energy? Send in the Marines.

That was Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’s message when he outlined plans to slash the Navy and Marine Corps’ dependence on fossil fuels during an appearance on Monday evening at San Francisco’sCommonwealth Club.

“We use in the Navy and Marine Corps almost 1 percent of the energy that America uses,” Mr. Mabus said. “If we can get energy from different places and from different sources, you can flip the line from ‘Field of Dreams’ — ‘If the Navy comes, they will build it.’ If we provide the market, then I think you’ll begin to see the infrastructure being built.”

“Within 10 years, the United States Navy will get one half of all its energy needs, both afloat and onshore, from non-fossil fuel sources,” he added. “America and the Navy rely too much on fossil fuels. It makes the military, in this case our Navy and Marine Corps, far too vulnerable to some sort of disruption.”

Lots more at the NYT

One Comment on "Green Blog: On Land, Air and Sea, a Retrofit Mission"

  1. KenZ300 on Sat, 21st Aug 2010 10:49 am 

    Economic security and national security will demand that sustainable, alternative energy become a bigger part of our energy portfolio.

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