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Page added on May 5, 2012

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Encircling Iran: US claims would win in 3 weeks

The war rhetoric from Washington towards Iran is again being ramped up – just ahead of the second round of high-level international talks on the country’s nuclear program. US military top brass claim they would need just three weeks to defeat Iran’s armed forces. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan looks at whether it’s just more tough talk – or preparation for real action.

14 Comments on "Encircling Iran: US claims would win in 3 weeks"

  1. John Kintree on Sat, 5th May 2012 1:17 pm 

    Do a google search on “plan for worldwide demilitarization.” You will find links to an article at WiserEarth. We may have already reached a global quorum, and could legitamately organize a global referendum to vote on such a plan. Much of the content in this early draft plan is based on Lester Brown’s “Plan B 4.0.”

  2. Hugh Culliton on Sat, 5th May 2012 1:49 pm 

    1: US land forces are burned out after 10 plus years of combat. They need an extensive period of rest and refit.
    2: As was seen in Iraq, if you go in too light in personel, you might win initial objectives, but at higher casualties and will have difficulty holding what you win.
    3: Such a conflict will so jack up oil as to shit-can the global economy.
    4: The US can’t afford it.
    5: It won’t work.
    6: Well motivated defensive forces, willing to accept casualties to defend their families, don’t need the same sophistication in training, tactics, and tech as assault forces to win (see Afghanistan)
    7: Russia and China
    8: The size and terrain of Iran allows for an excellent persistent defencive strategy.

  3. BillT on Sat, 5th May 2012 3:04 pm 

    Hmm…this sounds like and echo of Bush going into Iraq…10 years later, we are still there and $3 trillion more in debt and have actually lost power and control there.

    Three weeks is about the time it will take for the Empire to realize that it has screwed up again when oil goes to $200 and up and gas is rationed in the Empire That Was.

  4. Peak Oil Survival on Sat, 5th May 2012 4:02 pm 

    Pure comedy.

  5. DC on Sat, 5th May 2012 4:29 pm 

    The RTs reporter comments at the end are essentially correct, except for one not so minor detail. An attack by the US of Oil, would certainly produce instability, and a lot of it, buts that amerikas goal. Amerika does not want stabilty in the ME, its goal is the exact opposite. Instability serves the empires various goals and objectives much more thoroughly than ‘peace’ever would. Its a real shame, that we lack a truely global organization dedicated to peace and the rule of law and order. So far, no country, or group of countries has been willing to stand up to amerika and draw a line in sand against that rogue nation.

  6. Arthur on Sat, 5th May 2012 6:07 pm 

    Correction, after three weeks there will be ‘mission accomplished’ declarations. In reality, for the little sum of 3-5 trillion $, Iraq was effectively handed over to the Iranian sphere of influence. You cannot make this stuff up. Wonder what the US will ‘achieve’ this time. Probably economic catastrophe for itself as well as it’s remaining allies, who will be forced to flee from the prison called The West when things really start to heat up and start a love affair with Russia.

    Sure, after three weeks the US will run out of bombing targets and will be forced to use it’s strategic reserve’s, since no oil will be leaving the Gulf, until Iran decides otherwise.

  7. Arthur on Sat, 5th May 2012 6:08 pm 

    DC says: “So far, no country, or group of countries has been willing to stand up to amerika and draw a line in sand against that rogue nation.”

    I would see SCO as that group of countries (nuclear heavyweights) willing to draw a line in the sand.

  8. Arthur on Sat, 5th May 2012 7:50 pm 

    And again, Germany gets all of it’s oil from Russia, as well as a lot of gas. For this reason Germany will try to stay neutral as long as possible, until it will be forced to switch camps. Expect China to occupy Afghanistan.

  9. Rick on Sun, 6th May 2012 12:01 am 

    Pure BS / propaganda! No one will win, WTF! Lies, upon lies. Any attack on Iran will bring down the US, once and for all.
    Douche bags, who think they run the world.

    This is all about resources, nothing else. Stupid Americans!

  10. BillT on Sun, 6th May 2012 1:23 am 

    Iran is 3 things:
    1. Huge oil reserves
    2. Huge gas reserves
    3. A huge thorn in the side of the Empire because it is now selling oil for rupees,yuan, yen, and gold and sidestepping the Empires controls over the dollar.

  11. Plantagenet on Sun, 6th May 2012 2:28 am 

    Obama is highly unlikely to launch an attack on Iran…..unless he is falling behind in the polls and feels that another ME war will help him gain re-election.

  12. Arthur on Sun, 6th May 2012 7:50 am 

    The USSR empire came to an end peacefully. The reason was they had a Christian named Gorbatshev at the helm. The zionists ruling Washington today will not let go that easily. After all, they are The Chosen, destined to rule the world. And they are going to use American kids to achieve their aims. They are going to fail, just like they failed to use their USSR to create a red planet. But they likely will cause a lot more damage this time before they go.

  13. Arthur on Sun, 6th May 2012 10:39 am 

    Just read this article:

    From this it becomes obvious that the US has passed its zenith and is not going to rule the world. What you see happening is what I would call the ‘Ukrainization’ in its wake the balkanization of the US.

  14. MrEnergyCzar on Sun, 6th May 2012 6:53 pm 

    The Oil wars have barely begun. The people in the states will demand our military be used since the taxpayers have been paying for it and they don’t want to use less energy….


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