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Page added on November 30, 2015

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Dozens Killed in Air Strike on Marketplace

Dozens Killed in Air Strike on Marketplace thumbnail

Opposition activists in Syria claim a Russian air strike on a crowded marketplace in Idlib province has killed over 40 people.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed dozens were also wounded in the attack.

Images on social media purported to show the aftermath of the alleged attack in the town of Ariha in Idlib province, northwest Syria.

The footage showing bodies, including children, lying amid the ruins of blown out buildings, has not been independently verified.

Officials at the Russian defence ministry could not immediately be reached for comment, but the Russian air force has been conducting air strikes in support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Russia claims it is targeting Islamic State militants in Syria, but Idlib province is not a stronghold of the Islamic State group.

Rescue workers said the air strike in Ariha hit a marketplace, wounding dozens of people.

Mohamed Queissi, a rescue worker with the Civil Defence service which operates in rebel-held areas, said the bodies of 31 people had been identified, with 12 more awaiting identification.

“The vendors were shouting loudly as people were buying and selling and suddenly we heard the sound of the planes and in less than a second the jets struck and there was deadly silence.

“I saw people thrown in the street, strewn corpses and terrified children crying and shouting for their parents,” said Mohamed Amine Qurabi, a second Civil Defence worker.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reports on the war, gave an initial death toll of 18 people including four children and “a leading opposition” member.

It said the toll was likely to rise.

Ariha fell to rebels in May during an advance that resulted in the whole of Idlib province falling to the rebellion against president Bashar al-Assad.

Rebels in Idlib include the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, but not Islamic State.

EIN News

5 Comments on "Dozens Killed in Air Strike on Marketplace"

  1. penury on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 11:20 am 

    I wonder how many have died from coalition bombing or drone strikes lately? It seems that according to the media the only civilians or children dying are being killed by Russia.
    Rebels in Idlib include the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, but,but those are our terrorists. They are not extremists,

  2. Anonymous on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 1:58 pm 

    This ‘story’ has a distinctly fishy aroma about it. I am quite certain that the Russians are well aware that bombing a crowded market is not only going to not net any Mossad\CIA assets killed(aka ‘ISIS’), but would also be counterproductive. The Russians are nowhere near as stupid, barbaric or clumsy as americans. In reality, the Russians are bombing US controlled oil tanker fleets(sub-contracted to ‘ISIS’) fuel dumps, staging areas, ammo depots Turkish-backed terrorists,and so on. At no point, has it come up that the Russian air force has changed to random terror bombing of markets.

    This whole tale reeks of a false flag media op. I doubt even the lame-stream media, you know the ones in washington and tel-avivs back pocket will even bother to carry this.

    How can one tell? Its not that hard. The narrative it attempts to spin is this
    -Ordinary decent (rebel but not ‘ISIS’) folk were just living their ordinary(not ‘ISIS’) lives, when the evil* Russian air force shows up out of the blue, and then bombed and killed them indiscriminately
    -The so-called SOHR is quoted several times(lol). A one man ‘media org’ run out of a plain house in London,financed by western powers and whose credibility is very much in question. Yet he is constantly quoted by western media as a ‘reliable’ source of information without question.
    -The article goes out of its way to stress the ‘rebels’ in question are of the ‘good’ variety, but definitely are not ‘ISIS’ no way no how.
    -The witnesses cannot even verify it was a jet that caused the explosion, much less that it was Russian. The article claims this, but the witnesses can hardly verify this, even though the article clearly attempts to clumsily link the two together. Syria has a lot of jet traffic these days, mostly illegal un-invited Nato type jets.
    -The article at least, to its minimal credit uses the word ‘alleged’ and ‘not verified independently’, and then goes on to lay the blame squarely on Russia, and the Russian air-force in particular.

    The united states in the wake of its terror bombing of that afghan hospital and Russia’s official entry into the Syrian Proxy war, has been releasing a lot of these types of stories. None of which could be verified-at all. The US even went so far as to claim Russia had bombed numerous hospitals and when asked if they identify the locations and names of the facilities, flat out refused to do so.

    EIN ‘news’

    ‘Founded in 1995 by media industry professionals who had the vision that the future of news delivery will be a centralized hub where news from thousands of sources can be filtered into personalized news streams.’

    Thats about all you can learn. It is a us media corporation that seems to mine existing content(iow does not do actual reporting).And the us media certainly is centralized. Which one of the six US corporations that control what americans see and think, is not revealed on its website.

  3. Davy on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 2:37 pm 

    We have some typical anti-American BS going on here. “Something is fishy because the Russians have killed someone.” Something is fishy??? WTF, how many bombing sorties has there been? Are you guys trying to tell me the Russians are supper human and not prone to mistakes. What a joke.

    I have read many reports when the Russian’s bomb they are not worried about being smart they are worried about getting the job done. It is a classic case of agenda when people claim false flag and propaganda when it is Russia bombing by mistake but if it were the Americans it is a howling that it is a war crime. This is the focking ridiculous shit we hear on this board.

    The Russians and he American lead coalition are killing people that is what focking bombs do they kill. What a joke.

  4. Boat on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 3:16 pm 

    Don’t forget other bombing countries. Saudi, Canada, France, Israel etc. And Guess what we learned…Putin is the only smart bomber. LOL

  5. Newfie on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 4:32 pm 

    “The Russians are nowhere near as stupid, barbaric or clumsy as americans.” says Anonymous.

    The Russians are just as likely, perhaps more likely than the Americans to make mistakes, engage in hubris, cover up mistakes, etc. Collateral damage seems more likely to occur with the Russians in fact. It’s not as if events in Syria are going to influence Russian public opinion. There isn’t any Russian public opinion.

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