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Page added on March 4, 2017

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Deep State – OilEmpire.US

Public Policy

15 minutes

the full show (an hour) is at the link below, my interview starts 45 minutes into the show
Trump and the Deep State
Global Research News Hour Episode 167

By Michael Welch, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Mark Robinowitz, and Jack Rasmus
Global Research, January 22, 2017
Region: Asia, USA
In-depth Report: U.S. Elections

“You have to go back to Nixon to find a president with as strong negative views about the agency. But the agency did not get this kind of public disparagement from Nixon.”
– Paul Pillar, a former senior CIA official, in an interview with AlterNet. [1]



– Team Trump stole the swing states through minority voter suppression and faith based voting machines

– why did the Deep State let them steal the election?  probably because the next economic contraction is looming due in part to passing peak energy and Trump will get the blame and impose austerity and repression.

– Fracking for oil and gas has peaked due to debt and depletion. Trump’s promise to revive the coal industry is physically impossible, since coal peaked in the US in 1999 (in Pennsylvania, coal peaked in 1920).

– the appointment of the CEO of Exxon Mobil to the State Department is a clue about the role of grabbing global oil supplies for the Empire

– the Deep State has different factions, the Rockefeller Republicans / realists backed Obama and Clinton, they want the velvet glove over the iron fist

– Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to attack Iran a decade ago, part of the military and intelligence agencies blocked this because it would have massively worsened the Middle East wars and disrupt the oil supplies

– Trump’s cabinet:  “crazy people who understand we’re entering the downslope of energy supplies and it’s a mad scramble to grab what is left”

– Kremlinology: the US intelligence agencies tried to figure out decision making in the Soviet Union, their system was opaque, we need a similar approach to understand the National Security State of America, it’s like looking at a distant mountain on a rainy day, you can tell it is there but cannot describe it precisely

– Bush the Lesser was unpopular in his first few months, once 9/11 was allowed to happen his ratings went from the 40s percentage to 90 percent.  Let’s hope the people behind Trump are not similarly tempted to boost his popularity.

– suggestions:  chip through the frozen layer of denial over these problems, honest discussions about election fraud, limits to growth as the underlying factor in the economic crisis, transcend “Peak Blame” and scapegoating, recognize there are many flavors of disinformation (from right and left) that distract from clarity.

– the antidote would include moving beyond binary modes of thinking, the false choice of Trump vs. Clinton (neither is acceptable), practical relocalization logistics instead of politics are more important as the global economy breaks down.  Where does your food come from?  How can communities be more cooperative and resilient?


will Trump be the fifth President thwarted by the intelligence agencies?

1.  Kennedy – removed from office for trying to end the Cold War
2.  Nixon –
4.  Bush / Cheney – prevented from attacking

“oil we are saying is give impeachment a chance”

Donald Trump has finally taken his oath of office and assumed the role of President of theUnited States of America.

His inauguration on Friday, January 20th coincided with numerous protests both in Washington and in cities across the US and around the world.

Trump’s rise to power and his cabinet picks have provoked numerous questions. Will he indeed build a wall between Mexico and the US? Will he register Muslims? What will become of the Free trade agreements like NAFTA which he has vowed to scrap or renegotiate? If he is mending relations with Russia, what will that mean for current hot-spots Syria and Ukraine, and for foreign policy generally?

On this week’s Global Research News Hour we take a look behind the scenes to determine how political events such as the recent election, are being manipulated to achieve elite ends, and the consequences for US democracy, and perhaps the future of Humanity.

Dr. Jack Rasmus is a progressive journalist, radio host, former union organizer and local president, and author. Hs upcoming book, ‘Central Bankers on the Ropes: Monetary Policy and the Next Depression’ will be released in April.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, and Editor of Global Research.

Mark Robinowitz is a writer, political activist, ecological campaigner and permaculture practitioner and publisher of oilempire dot us, a political map to connect the dots.

The Global Research News Hour airs every Friday at 1pm CT on CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg. The programme is also podcast at . The show can be heard on the Progressive Radio Network at Listen in every Thursday at 6pm ET.


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14 Comments on "Deep State – OilEmpire.US"

  1. Cloggie on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 2:54 pm 

    If you zero in too much on the concept of “deep state”, chances are you are going to be accused of anti-cement-headism.

  2. onlooker on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 3:24 pm 

    The best thing about this article is it identifies internal fracturing within the Deep State plus it points out some current realities of the world we live in. However Trump and his administration (see cabinet picks) are part of the Deep State. Internal strife makes it look otherwise. The velvet gloves will come off because that is all US has left. Its military. Oh and as a certain poster says the Presidency is nothing a ceremonial position

  3. makati1 on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 6:04 pm 

    Another sign of U$ decline:

    “When it comes to passport desirability, America finds itself tied for 35th with Slovenia, both having visa-free travel to 174 nations. The U.S. earned low marks because of its taxation stance toward nonresidents and the world’s perception of America. This last measure was assigned a value based on how a country and its citizens are received around the world, as in when its passport holders are refused entry or “encounter substantial hostility.”

    The slippery slope is getting … well … even more slippery. lol

  4. Sissyfuss on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 7:17 pm 

    How many more articles like this do we need before the masses pay attention? Probably 7.4 billion.

  5. dooma on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 10:10 pm 

    The masses are NOT to be relied on. Many think a complete woman was made from a man’s rib….such a shame.

  6. joe on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 10:31 pm 

    That’s right Dooma, the left is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Trump cant stop millions more of misogynists and and creationists from entering America some of whom would do worse than bomb Boston marathon finish lines and shoot up nightclubs.

  7. makati1 on Sat, 4th Mar 2017 11:01 pm 

    Trump cannot do anything, as has been demonstrated. I suspect he will be curbed at every turn. Or put down.

    Misogynists may have a reason for their dislike. How many females do you know that act more like men than women? Who want equal rights but also cutesy and protection from the world? Who are bitches in their own right and hate men? Works both ways.

    As for creationists, look at the Ozarks and see that many millions are already here.

    The U$ circus is fun to watch … from here.

  8. joe on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 1:12 am 

    Mak you also forgot to mention that Islam wants to copy-replace the existing God-centric creationist Ozark system with exactly the same mecca-based one. A system which has demonstrated many times it cannot withstand either change or war, simply leeching a system and causing it to die anemically, bleeding it white.

  9. makati1 on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 2:18 am 

    joe, Islam will replace the current system IF there remains enough time before the SHTF and ends everything we know as ‘normal’. They will do it by procreation if no other way. Last stats I saw claim that they have 3.1 kids per mother VS 2.1 on average for the rest of us.

    I think it will not matter. When the SHTF, the world will change forever. Deaths will take many millions, maybe a billion humans extra, in the first year, all over the world. All religions will prove to be fake when they pray to their gods and all that happens is more deaths, famine, pain and suffering.

    I would never have guessed that the world would be in such chaos before I passed but it seems that I will get to see the end of the story. I can do nothing to change it. Nor can you. All we can do is observe.

  10. Cloggie on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 4:44 am 

    Well, well, well, I can imagine that folks with names like Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Mark Robinowitz, seconded by Canadian libtards are getting very nervous that the hoi polloi and their internet connections, bypassing traditional MSM, could be infected by “conspiracy theories” and get the wrong idea about “deep state” and begin to whisper things like the “Jew-knighted States”. Can’t have that.

    So Global Research endeavors to equate the Deep State with Evil Whitey and pretending that nobodies like Bush and Obama somehow represent the “deep state”. They don’t.

    What GR ignores is who owns the #1 political body in the US, the CFR. Or who owns America’s purse (FED). Or who dominates Wall Street. Or who owns the global brainwashing machine MSM-Hollywood.

  11. Davy on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 5:55 am 

    I would rather have my God centric Ozark neighbors than being Joe or makati on their overpopulated Islands. Those around me represent less of a threat than your heathen hordes. I actually feel very safe if there is a collapse. These God centric people pull together and make much greater sacrifices than your so-called enlightened ones living about you joe. Makati, you are going to be stew meat when all those hungry young Filipino’s get ahold of your scrawny old man body. Makati lives with 100MIL on an island the size of Arizona. DUH.

  12. Davy on Sun, 5th Mar 2017 6:02 am 

    While I don’t believe everything said by rationalwiki, they have a strong point on Globalresearch. It represents a makatiland publication and I treat anything from them as such.

    “Globalresearch is an anti-“Western” website that can’t distinguish between serious analysis and discreditable junk — and so publishes both. It’s basically the moonbat equivalent to Infowars or WND. While some of GlobalResearch’s articles discuss legitimate humanitarian concerns, its view of science, economics, and geopolitics is conspiracist — if something goes wrong, the Jews West didit! The site has long been a crank magnet: If you disagree with “Western” sources on 9/11, or HAARP, or vaccines, or H1N1, or climate change, or anything published by the “mainstream” media, then GlobalResearch is guaranteed to have a page you will love. The website (under the domain names, .org(link), and .com(link)) is run by the Montreal-based non-profit The Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG) founded by Michel Chossudovsky,[2][3] a former professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada.[4]”

    “Whenever someone makes a remarkable claim and cites GlobalResearch, they are almost certainly wrong. “”In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the “unspoken truth”. —True only if “unspoken” means “so embarassingly false that nobody else will say it”[3] Globalresearch describes itself as “one of the leading alternative news media in North America” and believes it is a repository for “news articles, in-depth reports and analysis on issues which are barely covered by the mainstream media”.[3] Its politico-economic stance is strongly anti-capitalist,[5][6] anti-“imperialist” (against US and European intervention),[7] and anti-globalization.[8]”

  13. Cloggie on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 10:49 am 

    Pat Buchanan – “The deep state targets Donald Trump”

    When Gen. Michael Flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser, Bill Kristol purred his satisfaction, “If it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”

    At least our kosher friend Bill Kristol does not pretend that Donald Trump represents the mysterious deep state (Bill Kristol does).

    But the deep state is after larger game than General Flynn. It is out to bring down President Trump and abort any move to effect the sort of rapprochement with Russia that Ronald Reagan achieved.

    The deep state has little choice but to “sit out” Trump and wait for the latter to disappear into the fog of time, hopefully as soon as possible (in the eyes of the deep state). After that the deep state will continue to attempt to undermine Putin via a color-coded revolution and add Russia to The West as a vassal, like between 1991-2000. When that has been accomplished, China will be the last item on the deep state todo list and China will be strong-armed into global governance.

    China knows the score.

    Russia knows the score.

    Marine le Pen knows the score:

    The German right knows the score:

    The US constitutionalists like Pat Buchanan and Alex Jones know the score.

    Only way out?

    The Fourth Turning. “Creative destruction”. The complete dismantlement of the deep state.

    Way to “drain the swamp”? Reopening a, this time really independent, 9/11 investigation.

    Trump-Bannon are working on it.

  14. Cloggie on Wed, 8th Mar 2017 1:33 am

    Lou Dobbs and Napolitano on Trump vs the Deep State.

    It is not good at all for the DS that the DS has become a topic of discussion at the Republican branch of the media.

    The DS loves to stay in the lime light and perpetuate the illussion that US demockkressie is for real.

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