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Page added on August 9, 2017

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“Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S.

“Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S. thumbnail

Federal government agencies are preparing for the possibility of “widespread power outages” across the U.S. as a result of a “black sky” event that could “bring society to its knees”.

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks.

The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website.

“Black sky events” are defined as, “Catastrophic occurrences caused by man or nature that bring society to its knees.”

“Cars would have no fuel. Restaurants and grocery stores would be bare. Electricity could be out for months in such an event,” writes Mike Vasilinda.

Given the soaring tensions between the United States and North Korea, which has threatened to attack the U.S. territory of Guam, the timing of the EarthEX2017 exercise couldn’t be more appropriate.

According to former Florida Congresswoman Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, North Korea’s saber rattling is making top brass “anxious” about potential society-changing disasters.

“It’s not “if” but “when” a Black Sky event will occur,” writes Vasilinda, an alarming statement given that she discusses meeting with “members of the U.S. military, National Guard Adjutant Generals, officials from Homeland Security, Department of Energy, FEMA, NOAA, and experts from the utility, distribution and supply sectors,” at a private summit held in Washington DC.

The summit was attended by 200 experts from 24 countries and was hosted by Congresswoman Yvette Clark, D-NY, Congressman Trent Franks, R-Arizona, the Rt, Honorable Lord James Arbuthnot, Conservative and the Rt. Honorable Lord Toby Harris, Labour Party of the UK Parliament.

The summit convened to study the impact of a massive cataclysm that “severely disrupts the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures in multiple regions for long periods of time.”

Given that FEMA has been stockpiling ready-to-eat meals, blankets and body bags for years, perhaps it’s time to dust off those old generators and stock up on that storable food.


37 Comments on "“Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing For Widespread Power Outages Across U.S."

  1. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:14 pm 

    Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea

  2. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 7:31 pm 

    The plan could be to provoke North Korea to cover for the economic collapse. They could get them to drop a nuclear bomb on a major us city to cause chaos. The elites would hide in their silo’s while the public suffers. Economic problems solved, angry US population neutralized.

  3. Bob on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:02 pm 

    Let’s whip up a little fear, shall we? We have lived with nukes now for about 60 years and, believe it or not, they have kept the peace for us. Don’t forget that Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan, India, and others, have nukes along with North Korea. Why haven’t we nuked each other yet? Because the results are so horrible to contemplate that we just don’t want to go there. NK knows that with nukes it will never have to worry about invasions ever again. Just maybe that would be a good thing (?).

  4. Makati1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:33 pm 

    Bob, the past is not the present. The U$ is run by insane people that actually believe that they can survive a nuclear war. They don’t care r expect YOU to survive, just themselves and enough infrastructure to move on when it is over. With such beliefs, they ARE capable of anything.

  5. Plantagenet on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:36 pm 

    We’d be foolish to ignore the possibility of a North Korean attack on the US mainland, including an EMP attack


  6. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:39 pm 


  7. Makati1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 8:59 pm 

    MM, interesting clip. What makes it important to you?

  8. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 9:49 pm 


    Psychologists say your moral outrage against America is simply self-serving: Expressing your anger at a third party ‘makes you feel less guilty about injustices in the world’. Experts say expressing anger is trying to reinforce that you’re a “good person”. Those who state their outrage feel less personal guilt than those who don’t.

  9. MASTERMIND on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 9:52 pm 


    There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just things people do.

    -The Grapes of Wrath

  10. Makati1 on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 11:59 pm 

    MM, maybe, I just like to point out the hypocrisy of the U$? Maybe offset a bit of the propaganda that is killing the rest of the world and crippling America? Maybe opening a few eyes and making some think? Or, maybe just prodding a certain Missouri mule. lol

    BTW: Psychologists are NOT scientists. They are lazy leeches on humanity, trying to label simple emotions and varieties of thought. They will be among the millions who have no survival skills when the SHTF, like economists, politicians, or even electronic technicians. A carpenter, nurse, plumber or even a candle maker with no education will be more valuable and useful. What are YOUR survival skills?

  11. Anonymouse on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 1:36 am 

    Lol, the greatest ‘threats’ to the uS’s ramshackle power grids are many and varied. And include such high powered, sinsiter threats as….

    -Moderately high winds.
    -Moderately weak winds.
    -Cold weather
    -Hot weather
    -Simple neglect

    Oh yea, and Vladimir Putin. Cant forget him.

  12. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 5:10 am 

    Third world America:

    “Americans are hitting the bottle harder than ever, … Furthermore, rates of diagnosed alcoholism climbed 49% to roughly one in eight Americans.”

    “Police Seize Enough Fentanyl “To Kill Half Of NYC” In Recent Bust”

    “Whitehead Rages “Anything Goes When You’re A Cop In America””

    “This $5 Trillion Time Bomb Will Devastate Americans”

    Slip sliding away!

  13. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:46 am 


    Prepping is futile. The zombie hoards will just kill you! Try being a prepper in a place like Syria. you wouldn’t last a week.

  14. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 6:53 am 

    MM. maybe in the U$, but I live in a totally different culture. And, it is NOT Syria or even close. If you have never lived here, you cold not possibly understand. America has no culture or even a long history. Filipinos have thousands of years of history and culture to keep them going. They have survived the Chinese, the Spanish, the Japanese, and the Americans. I suspect they will do much better than Americans when the SHTF. So will I.

  15. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:05 am 

    Makt, forget your totally different culture. You are a third world country that will have a famine when shit hits the fan. That shit is in NK now and it is set to impact your Asia, makat. You are so stupid with “if you never lived here you would never understand”. What you are talking about is if we never lived in your fantasy world, no we can’t live in your mind nor would we want to. Number don’t lie makat, get a grip and do the math. The easiest part is 100MIL in a space roughly double my state. My state of Missouri has 6MIL people and a GDP roughly the same as the P’s. Your forests and fisheries are in decline and localized failure. You have a civil war in the south and a drug war in your city right under your feet.

  16. Darrell Cloud on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:14 am 

    Imagine living in a small neighborhood. Up the street, there is a motorcycle gang. This gang is involved in all kinds of criminal activates to include extortion, drug dealing and gun running. The way this gang operates, is they depend on external threats to keep the membership loyal. The need a perpetual state of conflict to stay organized. The moment the last foe is wiped out, they begin to demonize their next potential target. The gang leaders begin a narrative that a certain family down the street are thugs, they are baby rapers and they steal from old people. Once the membership buys this narrative, a new narrative starts. This new narrative argues that this evil family down the street is now planning on murdering the gang’s wives and children in their sleep. The next thing you know, the gang unites, rises up and wipes out the family down the street.
    Imagine that you live on that street and now the gang has started talking trash about you. What would you do?

  17. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:24 am 


    *Post-collapse Preparation Is the Answer*

    Myth: Well-prepared individuals, groups, and communities will survive our impending collapse and maintain healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives in its aftermath.

    Reality: Those who survive our collapse will be those who can obtain sufficient life sustaining essentials—especially clean water and food—on a continuous basis, both during and after collapse. Those who store large quantities of these essentials and those who attempt to produce food, either individually or in communities, will be easy targets for the vast majority who have neither the foresight to store nor the skills to produce. No matter how remote or secluded your sanctuary, somebody will know about it; and they will come to call when they become desperate; and they will be well armed and devoid of compassion. You can prepare for a last stand, but you cannot prepare for post-collapse survival. Post-collapse Life Will Be Preferable to Our Industrial Lifestyle Paradigm

    Myth: Industrialization has brought nothing but misery and degradation to the human race; our quality of life (and spiritual wellbeing) will improve substantially in a post-collapse world.

    Reality: The post-collapse lifestyle awaiting the few who survive will, under the best of circumstances, share many attributes with pre-Columbian America. Unfortunately, the realities associated with subsistence level existence bear little semblance to the Hollywood accounts.Those who anxiously await our post-collapse world will be disappointed, assuming they live to experience it. The fact that nobody is opting to jettison the amenities afforded by an industrialized way of life in favor of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle today should be sufficient proof that our future way of life is not something to be anticipated. Industrialism is not inherently “evil” or immoral; it is simply physically impossible going forward.

  18. Darrell Cloud on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:31 am 

    The EMP threat is real. The rocket scientists give us one chance in eight that a solar flare will take us out in the next decade. The book on an EMP strike is One Second After. It is the Alas Babylon or On the Beach for this generation. If the North Koreans do have nukes, then they do not need ICBM’s to deliver them. The Norks have had scuds for decades. An old freighter off either coast properly outfitted could deliver a knockout blow to the grid.
    I have always maintained that the Norks were China’s crazy uncle in the attic. Crazy uncles are always a deterrent in that anything might set them off. And, they are the perfect patsy should China deem it is in their best interest to shut the U.S. down. China may have decided that they no longer need American consumers to keep the game going. America is a huge consumer of resources. It just might be to China’s advantage to take us out of the game.

  19. Darrell Cloud on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:39 am 

    The EMP Commission warned that, given our current state of unpreparedness, within 12 months of a catastrophic EMP event, some two-thirds to 90 percent of the total U.S. population, more than 200 million Americans, would perish from starvation, disease and societal collapse.

  20. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 7:45 am 

    MM, maybe you are not ready to live with minimal comforts, but I am and probably will. I enjoy living in the wild. Having cobras as neighbors does not bother me. Living a 3rd world lifestyle is not a threat to me. I am stepping down every day to that level. I already gave up a lot of things and will give up most before I die. We ALL will die someday. It is my choice where and with whom I will spend my last years, whether they are one or 20+. I prefer to not spend them in a U$ police state gulag.

  21. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 8:28 am 


    Limits to growth are not “predictions” they are scientific models based on computer simulations. They are used in physics, astrophysics, climatology, chemistry, biology, economics, psychology, social science, and engineering. Simple really….when the World Economy Collapses everything shuts down…the end….we’re talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in short order…The collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like. I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once. I’m talking about people eating people. I’m talking about the Worst Catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind. Nothing has ever, or will ever come close.

    (MIT Smithsonian Meadows 1972)

  22. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:06 am 

    MM you assume too much. That the entire world will go down because the U$ does, is NOT a fact. It may be the wish of some, the propaganda of others, or just more of the exceptionalism of dumbed down Americans. But it is not a ‘fact’.

    Computer simulations are just that, fantasy playing with numbers. Techie porn. Not an accurate prediction of future events. Like rolling the dice or flipping coins. Percentages, and they are usually wrong.

    As for dropping like flies, yep! Americans and most Western countries and their wannabees are going to be in a world of hurt. But the guy who doesn’t even have electric and has to rustle up his dinner everyday will hardly notice. And, there are billions of those in many countries, including the Ps. My farm neighbors will hardly notice if the grid goes down as it is not a part of their lives. The fishing boats can still sail out and catch fish every day. The farmers will still raise their crops and animals. Babies will be born and old people will die. No change there. Life will go on as usual.

    Westerners are spoiled. They have no idea what missing a meal means as they never have. THEY will be the first to die. The poor miss many meals. They will not notice. Yes, millions will die, even in Asian countries, but many more will survive and continue, no matter what YOU believe. I plan to be one of them.

  23. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:09 am 

    MM, those of us who have been here a long time know your visions of collapse is possible but extreme. There is no reason a variable decline might not be the course of events. Computer similations can’t begin to model collapse. Collapse is too random and turbulent for good modeling. The limits of growth model is too vague. We can reasonably model aspects of collapse but it onset and the degree and duration is very difficult to pinpoint. Location is a big wild card and contagion pathways based on location.

  24. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:13 am 


    Wait and see!

  25. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:42 am 


    Wait and see!

  26. Makati1 on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:57 am 

    MM, wait and see. But if you live in a Western country, you should be giving that TOTAL collapse idea a lot of rational thought. There will be survivors everywhere. Being prepared means you may be one of them.

  27. bobinget on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 9:59 am 

    I predict darkness will fall over a wide band of the US beginning 10:30 Pacific, August 18.

    Twelve hours later, darkness will return.

  28. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 10:26 am 


    Don’t forget as they say ‘you can run but you can’t hide”

  29. MASTERMIND on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 10:32 am 

    Makati1 – you are as dumb as they come. only you and the hick hillbillies in America believe they can survive the collapse. Birds of a feather

  30. Antius on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 10:33 am 

    “MM. maybe in the U$, but I live in a totally different culture. And, it is NOT Syria or even close. If you have never lived here, you cold not possibly understand. America has no culture or even a long history. Filipinos have thousands of years of history and culture to keep them going. They have survived the Chinese, the Spanish, the Japanese, and the Americans. I suspect they will do much better than Americans when the SHTF. So will I.”


    That does kind of rest on the assumption that the Chinese aren’t going to invade your little country, plant it up with switchgrass, kill your population and then convert your dead bodies into soylent green. Or maybe they will do it for the sheer hell of it; because they like keeping you under their boot.

    Something not too different happened in Europe not too long ago. When people are hungry and desperate, bitter about being mistreated, are equipped with a powerful war machine and are lacking in compassion for a foreign people that they never liked much anyway; this sort of thing really could end up happening. Hell the Japanese did it in Manchuria in the 1930s and the Chinese have annexed Tibet and Uyghurs territories.

    Decline is not going to play out as a peaceful transition. It will not be about isolated groups of people stoically practicing enlightened self-sufficiency, or cooperative communalism in the face of more limited resources, whilst the political background remains the same. It will be the new age of imperialism and feudalism, as powerful nations attempt to maintain their lifestyles by feeding on the limited resources of poor and desperate people who cannot resist.

    You seem to be all too happy to see the end of US power. You seem to overlook, that in spite of their imperfections, these are the people that thwarted Japanese imperial ambitions not so long ago and have contained similar Chinese ambitions for over 60 years. They value personal liberty in ways the Asian nations have never understood and have exported those sorts of values to the rest of the world. The way I see it, you have been damn lucky to have these people watching your back for the past 70 years. Without them, you would be a subject of a Japanese or Chinese empire, probably being worked to death in a forced labour camp, not a free citizen of a free nation, with the ability to say what you want on the internet and do what you want with what is clearly an ample supply of free time. If I were in your position, the eclipse of US power is something I would fear and dread. You have never seen unchecked Asian power in your lifetime. If you had you would understand what a soulless, exploitive and ugly thing it is.

  31. Cloggie on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:05 am 

    You have a very British-centric outlook on history, Antius. Perhaps you can start a forum alliance with Davy and fence off all these darned

    You are a (civilized) rightwinger-ish person and sympathize with Wilders and le Pen. And although I actually voted for Wilders, I disagree on most issues with him and would not have voted for him if I knew in advance that he would become too big. It was a protest vote.

    Do you have any explanation as to why your country is going down the drain?

    Wouldn’t it be better if in hindsight Britain would have lost the war?

    After all, Dolfie admired you and would never have required you to give your capital away to the Muslims. Between 1922 and 1941 (Hess flight) he wanted nothing more than an alliance with you.

  32. bobinget on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:17 am 

    Apparently, US failed to contain Chinese (and Russian) ambitions in Ecuador and Venezuela.
    What’s even more astounding? No one seems to be paying attention. Why? Because, this time China and Russia pulled off the biggest oil patch capture
    in history right out in the open, without firing a shot, (of their own).

    When a stage illusionist distracts an audience , most folks realize it’s all in fun.

    When China and Russia offer distractions, like N.Korea, Russian hacking, it’s for serious self interest. Has anyone thought through why N. Korea
    suddenly decided to throw it’s missiles away,
    for WHAT? One more question? What single commodity does N. Korea desperately need?

    ONLY China & Russia are prepared to trade a nuclear misdirection mini crisis for it’s final almost unnoticed move on Venezuela’s 18% of the world’s oil. This ladies and germs is going to be the biggest
    WTF morning of your young lives.

    When someone writes, “It’s always about oil”, after this slow moving financial coup d’tat resolves,
    you may have another WTF moment.

  33. dave thompson on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:17 am 

    Assuming an EMP took down the US grid.
    We would all be dead in a short time due to the nukes all melting down because of no grid power and no fuel to run the back up generators.

  34. Davy on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:23 am 

    China and Russia project no military power in Venezuela bob, get a grip. If a civil war breaks out there they will not be welcomed. China has a big hair cut in store for them because of their reckless pursuit of profit. Russia is working on a haircut now too. What do you do in this situation, you brag about them. Clueless! Oh, go ahead a copy and note or whatever else you do when I have you face reality. LOL

  35. bigtard on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:27 am 

    dave you sounds like you’re ready for Larouche PAC. promise me you don’t pull a heaven gate on yourself.

  36. dave thompson on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 11:45 am 

    bigt; no promises however, I will swear to god I will quit swearing.

  37. Darrell Cloud on Fri, 11th Aug 2017 6:48 am 

    Dave as I recall there are still Japanese living in Japan. Life expectancies would shorten. Mutations and cancers would be on the increase. Wild life seems to have recovered in Chernobyl. I would pay attention to wind patterns and make my terminal decisions on what I observed not on what I imagined.

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