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Page added on May 5, 2017

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American Democracy: A Dead Man Walking

Public Policy

Trump’s “sell-out,” as it is called, coming on top of Obama’s eight-year “sell-out,” is instructive. We have now had a Democratic president who sold out the people who elected him and a Republican president who has done the same thing. This is a very interesting point, the meaning of which most people miss.

But not Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. At the Valdai discussion club, Putin summed up Western democracy, which I paraphrase as follows:

In the West, voters cannot change policies through elections, because the ruling elites control whoever is elected. Elections give the appearance of democracy, but voting does not change the policies that favor war and the elites. Therefore, the will of the people is impotent.

People are experiencing that they and their votes have no influence on the conduct of affairs of the country. This makes them afraid, frusrated, and angry, a combination of emotions that is dangerous to the ruling elite, who in response organize the powers of the state against the people, while urging them with propaganda to support more wars.

Obama promised to get out of Afghanistan or Iraq or perhaps it was both. He promised to reverse the police state created by the George W. Bush regime. He promised to focus American resources on American domestic problems, such as health care.

But what did he do? He expanded the wars and launched new ones, destroyed Libya and attempted to destroy Syria, but was stopped by British non-participation and Russian objection. Obama overthrew democratic governments in Honduras and Ukraine. He expanded the police state. He began the demonization of Russia and Putin. He betrayed the American people again by allowing the private insurance industry to write his health care plan known as Obamacare. The private interests wrote a plan that diverts public monies from health care to their profits.

All of this is forgotten when the ruling elites and the presstitutes that serve only them refocused the demonization on Trump. Suddenly, it was the president-elect of the United States who was the main danger to the US and the American people. Trump was a Russian agent. He had conspired with Putin to steal the US election from Hillary Clinton and make the White House a partner of Putin’s alleged reconsruction of the Soviet Empire.

The nonsense was hot and furious, and it was effective. Trump succumbed to pressure and sacrificed his National Secuity Advisior, who was supportive of Trump’s promise to normalize relations with Russia. Trump replaced him with a Russophobic idiot who apparantly cannot wait to see mushroom clouds over cities all over the Western world.

Why did two presidents in succession completely sell out the people who voted for them?

The answer is that presidents are not as powerful as the interest groups who make the decisions.

Trump was going to get us out of Syria, so he committed an unambigious war crime by gratuitously attacking Syria with Tomahawk missiles.

Trump was going to normalize relations with Russia, so his Secretary of State announces that US economic sanctions will stay on Russia until Russia hands over to Ukraine the Russian Crimean naval base on the Black Sea.

It is impossible to normalize relations when the cost to the other party of the normalization is national suicide.

Despite Trump’s complete surrender to the powers that be, today (May 2) on NPR I heard raw propaganda dressed up as “expert opinion” that Trump is biased against the media, when what all of us have seen is massive media bias against Trump, including the program to which I was listening.

For example, NPR had accumulated “experts” who said that Trump had slandered Obama by accusing him of intercepting his comunications. NPR said nothing about the Obama regime’s charge that Trump conspired with Putin to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

If anything was slander, this was, but all the talk was about how Obama could sue Trump.

But, of course, both are public figures, and neither can sue the other.

I wonder why NPR’s “expert” didn’t get around to this point.

Why is the ruling oligarchy still using its presstitutes to campaign against a president who has surrendered to them?

Perhaps the answer is that the real powers that be are going to make an example out of Trump so that never again does a person running for elected office make a populist appeal to the electorate.

Paul Craig Roberts

24 Comments on "American Democracy: A Dead Man Walking"

  1. onlooker on Fri, 5th May 2017 8:27 am 

    American Democracy:At this point that is an oxymoron

  2. bobinget on Fri, 5th May 2017 8:55 am 

    Have you ever thrown a rock at a hornet’s nest?

  3. Davy on Fri, 5th May 2017 9:45 am 

    A less ideological and more honest way to put it is modernism is a dead man walking. Liberal democracy of individuals and their discretionary wants that drive a destructive market based capitalism and protected by a hijacked liberal democracy is now near its end. To focus on just the American aspects of this destructive process is anti-American agenda. Let’s acknowledge the whole picture when we realize globalism is interconnected and political ideology is subservient to economics. Markets are our gods and globalism is our covenant.

  4. Cloggie on Fri, 5th May 2017 11:08 am 

    What’s a real democracy? A government that the population in broad majority actually likes or even loves.

    If you apply this criterion, you can safely conclude that Hitler, who was adored by the masses until the very end, was more “democratic” than elected folks like say Obama or Hollande, who both ended with very low (Hollande single digit) approval ratings.

    Hitler btw was also elected democratically, but forgot to step down afterwards.

    The problem is that democracy in the West is fake, although in varying degrees. In many countries it is very difficult for outsiders to “break into the system”. In the US Trump finally succeeded thanks to his money. In France the le Pen nationalists are around for decades.

    It is very important to take into account the role of the western media, who promote leftist-globalist-liberal values 24/7, that is with far greater intensity that the good old vicar/priest of years gone by. These media are absolutely not neutral and wage war against System intruders like Trump and le Pen.

    Roberts refers the so-called “real powers that be”, suggesting that these evil doers are not entirely kosher. Or perhaps they are after all.

    Questions, questions, questions.

  5. Cloud9 on Fri, 5th May 2017 11:39 am 

    The propaganda never stops. Understand that the mime that we once had a democracy that is now lost is part of an ongoing effort to establish something that never was. The oligarchs want democracy because democracy is mob rule. Mobs are easily persuaded by propagandists and charismatics, puppets that they control.

    We never had a democracy. At best we had a republic that was separated into three realms of sovereignty. Federal sovereignty was concentrated in the realm of interstate commerce and national defense. State sovereignty focused on property rights, contracts and voting rights. The sovereignty of the individual was centered on personal liberty.

    Imagine some governmental figure trying to tell a sovereign citizen of the 18th century how to raise his children. If lucky such a bureaucrat would be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. What we have lost is the Republic. In the process we have lost our states’ rights and our personal freedoms. Any of us can now be summarily executed by King POTUS.

  6. efarmer on Fri, 5th May 2017 11:58 am 

    Cutting to the chase, the man who presides over the ruling oligarchs in Russia correctly observes that his American counterpart does not. In Russia the people know they have no vote to change the rule of oligarchs and they know the guy they have in power rules their oligarchs and they get to vote for him. Mr. Putin holds elections like we do to choose a figurehead for our respective oligarchies, so why the taunts? Perhaps oligarchy penis envy.

  7. dave thompson on Fri, 5th May 2017 11:59 am 

    A bunch of rich white males aka the founding fathers set up system to favor rich white males. So where are we today?

  8. John Kintree on Fri, 5th May 2017 12:57 pm 

    I like a quote attributed to Dorothy Day, “Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.”

    The problem is not the system. It’s our acceptance of it.

    One alternative would be to constitute ourselves as a global direct democracy, and ratification of the principles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Earth Charter through a global referendum would be one of the best ways to do that.

  9. peakyeast on Fri, 5th May 2017 5:23 pm 

    I feel that this documentary about North Korea – is also showing us to some extent what problems we face in the rest of the world with “our” governments…

    Standing up against the obscene abuses of power most “democratic” governments seems to be next to impossible. We can scream, shout, demonstrate, lay down work, but it doesnt help anymore. And picking up arms – well the government has quite an advantage there besides the close to 100% complete surveillance and active agents destructing organisations before they become too big.

  10. Kevin Cobley on Fri, 5th May 2017 10:40 pm 

    Take the war against democracy direct to the Corporate world that’s stealing the peoples democracy.
    Target 1) Rupert Murdoch and Fox (the Corporate worlds “newspeak” organisation where paid news is the only news.)
    Target 2) Big Oil and Coal
    Target 3) The Medical racketeers.
    Target 4) The Automotive industry.
    Target 5) The Chemical Industry.
    Target 6) The Real Estate Industry

  11. Cloggie on Sat, 6th May 2017 3:30 am

    The globalist NYC based kosher media preparing for an attempt to remove the president of European America from office.

    The true de facto owners of the system demonize democracy as “populism” and in reality despises its citizens, mocked at as “deplorables”.

    The US elite wants to ride America as a horse, a war horse, wants it to obey, in search for prey in the big wide world out their. In the forties it was Europe. Now it is Russia and after that China. But it is overplaying its hand. The battered president is with his back against the wall… but is still president and sought refuge with his white voter base, while his white and colored enemies were making fun of him at the media circus called Correspondents Dinner.

    Mobilize China, mobilize Russia, mobilize Iran and the rest of Muslim world, mobilize European nationalists, mobilize European America…

    This f*cker is going down and volunteers to star at the receiving end of the upcoming snuff movie.

    Happiness is a warm gun.

    In somewhat unrelated news, the French Rothschild candidate Macron and Washington’s darling has been hacked and 9 GB of data posted online and is being evaluated as we speak.

    Internet Today is Enemy #1 of the globalist media matrix.

    9 GB is a lot for 24 hours and probably won’t be decisive for the outcome of the election of tomorrow. But it is heating up the atmosphere and a necessary precursor for a regime change in the West. The post 1945-West is something that needs to be thoroughly destroyed. The ashes of modernity first, White Phoenix second.

    If the Arabs can return to the 7th century, we Europeans can be expected to be able to return to at least the 19th century. Or should we aim directly for 0 A.D. and roll back quint-essential leftie Jeezass altogether and start all over again? As one of my favorite Romans Pontius Pilate used to say in these cases: “you just nailed it”.

    Questions, questions, questions… questions that will be gradually answered in the upcoming maelstrom of global chaos and violence that will terminate modernity.

  12. Theedrich on Sat, 6th May 2017 4:27 am 

    On 2017 March 21, the John Batchelor Show held an interview with Professor Emeritus of Russian studies at NYU on the subject of the current demonization of Russia as an excuse for the Democratic loss of the 2016 presidential election.  The following is Batchelor’s summary of the interview:

    “Cohen emphasizes the unmistakable elements of McCarthy-like slurring of people associated with Trump but also implicitly many more who are not — even people who did not support Trump’s presidential candidacy.  During the House session, representative after representative, most of them Democrats, demanded the “unmasking” of people who had or who have “contacts” with Russia.  Under suspicion was anyone who had traveled frequently to Russia, married a Russian, written or spoken critically of US policy toward Russia, or, as another Democrat put it, otherwise done “Putin’s bidding,” referring to the new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, in his previous role as CEO of Exxon-Mobile.  All of this, Cohen points out, might implicate thousands of American business executives, scholars, journalists, diplomats, cultural figures, and others.  In the unfolding narrative, any “contact” or “connection” with Russia might again be construed as disloyalty if not worse.

    “The low point of the Hearing might have been the Democrats’ rehabilitation of the infamous “dossier” compiled against Trump by a for-hire British former intelligence agent.  Its new promoters sanctimoniously declined to mention its “X-rated” element — the charge that Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow and had them urinate on a hotel bed once used by President Obama — but it is precisely these preposterous aspects that go a long way toward discrediting the entire document.  It was, Cohen thinks, a shameful day in American political history and one that further chills discourse about Russia in several American professions, as the original McCarthyism did — and, also like that plague, ruins reputations and lives along the way.  Most astonishing perhaps was the spectacle of FBI Director James Comey emerging in J. Edgar Hoover’s role as a great authority on Russia — in this case, on the politics of Putin’s Russia and Putin himself, including his personal motives, plans, etc.  And of Schiff, in his opening statement about a Kremlin conspiracy against “our democracy” and, referring to “collusion,” about “one of the most shocking betrayals of our democracy in history” — morphing into McCarthy himself.

    “As usual, Congress was not acting in a political vacuum.  For months, Cohen continues, mainstream media, mostly associated with the Democratic Party — from The New York Times and The Washington Post to The New Yorker and Politico; from MSNBC and CNN to NPR — have zealously promoted the theme of a Trump-Putin conspiracy, even a “Trump-Putin regime” (the Times’ Paul Krugman, among others) in the White House.  Almost nightly for weeks, Rachel Maddow has been flinging unverified allegations against Trump and his “associates,” as have CNN panelists and anchors, always without unaffiliated skeptical, still less dissenting, voices.  But the hysteria is now politically correct and widespread.  Thus MSNBC’s Chris Matthews declared that loyal “Americans don’t go to Russia” (March 20).  The Atlantic’s David Frum proposed (in a tweet, dated March 14) that someone “should stake…out” a Russian Embassy concert in memory of the Red Army Choir that perished in a plane crash and “photograph who attends.”  More important political figures are making their weighty contributions to the plague.  For a disagreement in the senate, John McCain accused his fellow Republican Rand Paul of “working for Vladimir Putin.”  And the new US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, declared, “We should never trust Russia.”  This diplomatic axiom would invalidate decades of US arms-control agreements with Moscow.  (Had Haley a wit, or any qualification for her position, she might simply have quoted President Ronald Reagan: “Trust, but verify.”)

    “Cohen then moves to even larger, more ramifying issues.  The pivot, or foundational allegation, of the search for Russia’s American “puppets” is that Putin ordered the hacking of the DNC and dissemination of e-mails found there in order to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and abet Trump’s.  For this, not one single fact has yet been presented, still only “assessments” based on purported motivations in the Kremlin.  Nor is there any political or historical logic for this foundational allegation.  The historical interpretation of Putin’s thinking, motives, and policies over more than 25 years — from his shock over the end of the Soviet state, it is said, and his reaction to protests to Moscow in 2011, to his overweening “hatred of Hillary” — is worse than reductionist.  It deletes virtually every significant factor — personal, political, social, economic, international — in Putin’s leadership since 2000.  And yet, it is offered by an array of “respectable” media outlets, the Democratic Party, and by Comey himself, as an explanation of Putin’s “attack on our democracy,” and one he is now undertaking against “our allies.”  As bad as the history is — anti-history, really — the forensic evidence, Cohen repeats, is even worse: There is still none.  (If and when any is presented, we should, of course, evaluate it, but not before there is actually something verifiable to evaluate.)

    “Nonetheless, Putin — or his Russia — is widely accused of having committed an “act of war” against America, an attack, we also heard in Congress and from an array of establishment media, comparable to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  Lest anyone think the present danger is any less than was that of Soviet Russian Communism, we have The Washington Post’s formulation of “the red menace of Vladimir Putin’s Russia” and the assurance that “we were attacked by Russia” (Dana Milbank, March 21).  The logic inherent in this most reckless allegation seems clear.  At a minimum, the already dangerous US Cold War against Russia must become even harsher, and thus more perilous.  But this logic, as it ramifies, might also mean the necessity of actual war, conceivably nuclear war, against Russia.  (Such a possibility is certainly being pondered in high Moscow circles.)  Challenging this logic is already being decried as “pro-Russian” and “Putin apologetics.”  Cohen wonders how many influential Americans, if any, will now stand publicly against it.”

  13. Cloggie on Sat, 6th May 2017 5:00 am

    50 Years Ago: Charles De Gaulle Called for Russia and Europe to Dump the US

    The essence of Gaullism: Paris-Berlin-Moscow. In 1966 de Gaulle travelled to a Moscow that already had removed a certain minority from power and for that reasonn alone was embroiled in a Cold War with ZOG-USA.

    Already during WW2 was de Gaulle more at war with Roosevelt and Churchill than with the Germans, because de Gaulle understood very well that the Germans never had the intention of conquering France, despite the Nuremberg tales to the contrary. De Gaulle knew that WW2 was a war of colonization against Europe by the USA and USSR. And although de Gaulle wanted to rollback German occupation from France, an occupation totally provoked by the British and French governments declaration of war of September 3, 1939 and subsequent invasion attempt of Germany via Belgium and Holland in May 1940 and preempted by the Germans, de Gaulle was therefor was forced to cooperate with the Allies, he nevertheless tried to obstruct the Allies where he could and eventually could prevent a total American colonization of France.

    Read about this and for what really happened with the Gaulle in this biography, written by a Brit, sympathetic to de Gaulle, with the tellingly and intentionally ambiguous title “Allies at War”:

    De Gaulle didn’t show up in Yalta, he wasn’t invited and never was a real ally of the Anglos and Soviets during the war:

    [part 1]

  14. Cloggie on Sat, 6th May 2017 5:00 am 

    As early as 1949 he formulated his “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” vision, expressing zero resentment against Germany:

    Moi je dis qu’il faut faire l’Europe avec pour base un accord entre Français et Allemands. (…) Une fois l’Europe faite sur ces bases (…), alors, on pourra se tourner vers la Russie. Alors, on pourra essayer, une bonne fois pour toutes, de faire l’Europe tout entière avec la Russie aussi, dut-elle changer son régime. Voilà le programme des vrais Européens. Voilà le mien”.

    (Europe should be based on the French-German alliance. Once Europe has been established on this basis, it should turn towards Russia after is has changed its (communist) regime. Here is the program of the true Europeans. Here is my program.)

    We are rapidly approaching the moment that this vision will achieve implementation. The only real amendment of the vision of de Gaulle is that we can’t afford to let America escape, because as compared to 1966, the geopolitical situation has thoroughly changed. America, that is rapidly descending into third world status, no longer needs to be taken serious as a potential global hegemon of the 21st century, but China of 1.35 billion very much so. This implies that we in Europe need all the allies we can lay our hands on and that extra ally to complete Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation (not empire as Davy called it) can only be a considerable chunk of those Americans who no longer hold back and call themselves European Americans or European for short. Welcome to the club Richard:

    If the Gods in the Sky wants this emerging multi-polar world to happen, they surely made an important step in that direction by making Brexit happen. Brexit was the successful coup of the British anti-European population that wrong-footed its own elite. The British elite doesn’t like Europe either, but never would have chosen 2017 as the moment to break. Brexit from a Paris-Berlin-Moscow point of view could not have come at a more opportune moment as it creates the opportunity for an artificial conflict that can be used to blow up the West.

    The world is not entering a period of absolute chaos, that will go hand in hand with radical changes in geopolitical architecture.

    [part 2]

  15. Davy on Sat, 6th May 2017 6:41 am 

    “This implies that we in Europe need all the allies we can lay our hands on and that extra ally to complete Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation (not empire as Davy called it”

    Good luck with that clog. Your confederation will come apart like all the other European constructions in war and destruction. You’re the big history buff try reflecting on European history more and stop the blaming of others. You Europeans can’t get along and the only reason you are now for a short period is affluence. As soon as the world starts unraveling into poverty your Europe is going to be in civil war. The same is true for the US. It is the nature of decline and decay especially from a people who have reached such a high standard of living as the US and Europe. Europeans have oversized nationalistic pride just waiting to explode into violence. Your Moscow part of the confederation will never work. You can’t incorporate a mafia country into a confederation. They will take you over from within. You are a fruit cake historian dreaming of a new Eurotard era that will never happen. I love Europe. My daughter is Spanish in Madrid and my wife’s home is northern Italy. That does not mean I am going to talk the place up. It is a mess and just as bad in its own way as the US.

    part 1&2

  16. Cloggie on Sat, 6th May 2017 7:02 am 

    Your confederation will come apart like all the other European constructions in war and destruction… You Europeans can’t get along and the only reason you are now for a short period is affluence.

    You will have a hard time explaining away European cooperation that held since 1950.

    The West itself is a constellation that held since 1945. Alliances are the norm and if the old ones break, new ones will be formed.

  17. Cloggie on Sat, 6th May 2017 7:22 am 

    New entry in our ongoing carrier discussion (sitting ducks or not?)… Britain is building two new aircraft carriers, but has to admit, even before they are actually commissioned, that they have no defense against new Russian super sonic Zircon missiles:

    These missiles will come available next year. Perhaps they will find an interested buyer with the Spanish government, that could contemplate installing these sort of missiles near Gibraltar.

  18. Davy on Sat, 6th May 2017 7:28 am 

    “You will have a hard time explaining away European cooperation that held since 1950.”

    For a history buff I find that statement loaded. Clog, that cooperation is an ass pimple on modern man’s history. Just like PAX Americana is an enigma and does not reflect historical reality. Life cycles and so does human history. There are so many issues that have been forced and held static just waiting to explode into change and unfortunately the wrong kind of change for humans that have grown accustomed to stable affluent lives.

  19. Davy on Sat, 6th May 2017 7:37 am 

    Clog, you are failing to see the Russian supersonic missile is also obsolete just as NUK war is obsolete. If Russia attacks a carrier with these missiles you can be sure of escalation to a NUK exchange. It makes them obsolete as a conventional weapon. In the meantime carriers can project conventional military power. China is the best confirmation of this trend. The US has too many carriers this is hard to argue. We are spending too much on force projection in a changing multipolar world. This does not mean carriers are obsolete. This is like saying you can win a war with airpower alone. It takes multiple levels of force projection and the logistics to back them up that win wars. It also depends on the type of wars. In a fire fight it is fire superiority that matters. Fire superiority is achieved with multiple types of weapons and systems. Putting all your eggs in one basket does not win wars. The Russian missile is a good deterrence but it cannot be used without the risk of escalation.

  20. John Kintree on Sat, 6th May 2017 10:32 am 

    Even though I live in the United States, I would feel a stronger bond of citizenship with people in other parts of the world who want to live according to the principles of the UDHR and the Earth Charter than I feel with residents of the United States who want to maintain national sovereignty at the expense of those principles.

  21. dissident on Sat, 6th May 2017 12:17 pm 

    So RT broadcasts and alleged leaks of emails are an act of war? Hmm, then what is the actual instigation of sedition in Russia by US and NATO through the funding of tens of thousands of “NGOs” including mass media, routine defamation of electoral results even though they are consistent with polls (including by western polling companies)? The US has been hacking every Russian election since 1996 and the 1996 hack was the most successful (Yeltsin actually lost the vote).

    The anti-Trump protests organized by Soros are the US meddling chickens coming home to roost. The US can’t have democracy in the long term if it spends all its time undermining democracy (e.g. Iran in 1953, Chile in 1973, etc.) and propping up gross human rights abusing regimes such as Saudi Arabia? It is no wonder that Obummer set up an NSA surveillance regime on Americans.

  22. Cloggie on Sun, 7th May 2017 5:21 am

    In a recent poll Putin scored 50%, with all the other candidates 3% or less. In 2018 there will be presidential elections in Russia and Putin hopefully and probably will be candidate for a last time and probably will win for another 6 years until 2024, when Putin will be 72. I would not be surprised if Putin will even reinstall a (largely ceremonial) Czar in Russia, with himself as the first post-communist Czar and as such will still continue to have a decisive influence behind the scenes.

    In the period 2018-2024 vast geopolitical changes need to occur.

    Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

    Tonight Marine le Pen most likely will lose the elections, but with considerable better results than her father in 2002, who lost 82-18%. But in those days it was the System against le Pen. But meanwhile we are living in a different world, rapidly approaching the end of the West.

    Latest polls French elections:

    Results tonight will likely be something like 60-40%. Marine le Pen, who is 48 is guaranteed to win in 2022. And in the unlikely case she won’t run, her niece Marion will, who is even more right-wing than Marine. Today on election day, Jean-Marie le Pen, who has been fighting holo-superstition all his life, attacks his own daughter and promotes his granddaughter and goddess Marion (28) as the real deal and Marion will push aside Marine in 2022. Marion is much more like her grandfather than Marine, who likes to play nice a little to much.

    The American election of 2016 has shown that the outcome of an election is a function of changing demographics. Minorities are no longer minorities that can be ignored and/or paid to be silent, but have become a threat and from then on the subject of demographics will become and remain the focus of any election until “the break” (=war of segregation).

    Macron will win, will team up with Merkel and Juncker…×301.jpg

    …and will continue to promote the “open society”, on orders of Rothschild and Soros., further increasing ethnic-religeous tensions until the breaking point has been reached.

    In America the war of the ZOG-System against Trump and European America will continue, in Europe we will continue to have our weekly terrorist attack, sold to us by the System as “extremism” that has nothing to do with Islam. Erdogan is meanwhile pushing for a death penalty referendum. If he wins Turkey will finally disqualify for EU-membership, even in the eyes of the EU-loons. Brexit will turn very vicious soon, making it irreversible and continental Europe and Britain will become enemies. With the South and West flank hostile, for Europe there is only one way out and that is Russia, that impatiently is waiting to become accepted as a fully fledgefd European power and the European Right can’t wait to trade in Anglo-Zionism for Putinism.

    It is impossible to accurately predict how the US-led West will come to its end. The fighting (civil war) will likely either begin in America or France. Alternatively China could clash with the US in the South China Sea. France is likely to break away from NATO and the West in 2022 at the latest and turn to Russia before Germany will.

    It is going to be a rough ride.

  23. Cloggie on Sun, 7th May 2017 5:24 am

    Jean-Marie le Pen attacking his own daughter on election day and promoting Marion le Pen:

  24. Davy on Sun, 7th May 2017 6:40 am 

    Europe’s future is anything but orderly as the French election points to.

    “Why Charles Gave Expects “Total Mayhem” In France Even If Macron Is Elected”

    “Macron is a big, empty suit. That’s what he is. You did the right curriculum vitae, he went to the right schools. And you have the feeling that the guy never had an original idea in his life. He was always a good student. And moreover, there is a strong suspicion that he’s a kind of golem created by Hollande and all these guys. So since they knew they were going to lose the election, they created a guy in a hologram that would run for them and prevent them from losing power. So to a certain extent, the French political system has been captured by what you can call the Technocratic class.”

    “it’s going to be a total mayhem. Because you have four main different currents in France….So the fact that Macron is elected doesn’t reduce at all. Not at all. The political risk in France. It may reappear at the election time, big time. So anybody who buys on the idea that the problem is solved in France, let’s move to the next one will have to wait till the middle of June. If Le Pen wins, it’s pretty simple. The bond market in France, Italy, Spain cannot open on Monday morning. And I suppose the euro is dead in the following week. And then you have to buy Europe like crazy. Southern Europe.”

    “I made the point in the book that the euro is going to destroy Europe, the European institutions. And I said, we must get rid of the euro to save Europe. So name of the game, if we have some kind of a crisis like that, is to basically close the market for three weeks and organize an orderly dismembering of the euro. But to maintain what has been good so far, which is the kind of common market. And it’s a difficult call because the movement towards the euro was also a movement to create a European nation.”

    “And so the institutions today are basically federal in nature. But nobody in Europe has ever voted for them. So to a certain extent, the guys with power in Brussels have not been elected by anybody, and you cannot fire them. So it’s totally Technocratic. So we have a hell of a problem. We should not only destroy the euro, but should move back to what Europe was in 1988 or 1987 before they put all these Federalist legislations in. That is going to be a tall order. But if the euro disappears and Europe has a problem, then the negotiating between the UK and Europe is going to be amusing. Because UK is going to say, look, who are we going to negotiate with?”

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