Peak Oil is You

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Page added on October 28, 2012

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Peak Oil; Schwartz Cal Poly Physics

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5 Comments on "Peak Oil; Schwartz Cal Poly Physics"

  1. Arthur on Sun, 28th Oct 2012 1:14 pm 

    The already known, neatly summarized.

  2. Newfie on Sun, 28th Oct 2012 2:44 pm 

    Never ending growth is a fairy tale. It is the central myth of industrial civilization.

  3. SOS on Sun, 28th Oct 2012 2:52 pm 

    We have hundreds of yrs to answer the question “what are we going to do when we run out?”, that is if it turns out oil isn’t constantly produced by the earth through natural process unrelated to decaying vegetation, then of coursevwevwill never run out.

  4. BillT on Sun, 28th Oct 2012 3:25 pm 

    SOS, it is the agreed consensus of the world’s scientists that oil is the result of millions of years of processing by Mother Nature, not a self renewing resource on a time scale that humans can use. As always, there are a few crackpots who claim otherwise, but they are only trying to get a paycheck without honest work. The were always a few doctors on big tobacco’s payroll that claimed smoking didn’t cause cancer years after the rest of the world knew better.

    The Age of Petroleum is about over. Read “Renewable Energy: The Vision And A Dose Of Reality” presented above for the reasons. All the same things I have been telling you for months. It will not die because there is no oil left. It will die because the system to recover it will collapse.

  5. Arthur on Sun, 28th Oct 2012 7:04 pm 

    May I remind SOS that the atmosphere is thin to the extent that if temperature on earth was near zero Kelvin, we would be swimming in a pool of liquid O2 and N2 of merely ten meters depth. Unleashing unlimited amounts of CO2 in this tiny amount of matter is suicide.

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