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Page added on December 19, 2016

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Libya Halts Relaunch of Oil Production at Western Fields


Libya’s National Oil Co. has for now stopped the relaunch of production at oil fields in the country’s west, Libyan officials said Sunday, after a militia threatened to block the petroleum from reaching the market. The aborted restart is a blow for Libya’s oil industry, which has been counting on the country’s big western fields to kick-start its comeback. A pipeline that can transport over 400,000 barrels a day from two western fields had partly reopened on Wednesday , but efforts to send that oil to coastal ports are now off, oil officials said. Oil traders are closely watching Libyan output. The country is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, but it was exempted from the cartel’s recent deal to cut production because its output has been disrupted in […]

One Comment on "Libya Halts Relaunch of Oil Production at Western Fields"

  1. Sissyfuss on Mon, 19th Dec 2016 12:36 pm 

    OT but feel like sharing in the holiday tradition.
    From Daniels78 commenting in the Guardian.
    “The Dutch are the poison spreading through Europe, diluting climate policies such as the EU ETS as the while thing disintegrates under their spurious lies. It’ time to call out the Dutch for the scumbags that they are. I am sick of listening to some waffle from the Dutch via Europe about how they are helping with this or are starting an ‘initiative’. In 2014 the Netherlands were second only to the US in spending on new fossil fuel exploration.
    Per capita emissions in Holland are above Russia, the worst in Europe. They have the lowest amount of renewables after Malta. It’s 5.5%,mainly because they have plumped for new coal generation as it’s cheaper in 2015. They are notable GMO users in Europe and I doubt their soil conservation is very high. Notorious for tax evasion, the Dutch semmingly have it all and the big mouths to talk about it. Racist in the very trust sense of the word, they continue to exist in some kind of charmed state. And the poison they spread in not only infecting Europe but the entire world. What a loss.”
    I always knew there was more to Clog than meets the internet. Thanks Daniels78 for clarifying what Clognation is truly about.

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