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Page added on December 6, 2016

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How Does US Shale Oil Respond to OPEC Cuts?

Pierre Andurand, founder and chief investment officer at Andurand Capital, examines the expected gains in U.S. shale oil production as prices rise in response to OPEC’s production cut. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”

3 Comments on "How Does US Shale Oil Respond to OPEC Cuts?"

  1. rockman on Tue, 6th Dec 2016 5:27 pm 

    Wouldn’t play for me. Did he say anything other then the obvious: the higher the oil price the more wells of any type will be drilled?

  2. dave thompson on Wed, 7th Dec 2016 1:17 pm 

    Oil prices need to rise a lot to ramp up shale oil production. As oil prices rise to accommodate the shale oil production the economy tanks. Sounds a lot like peak oil/ resource depletion built into the system of infinite growth on a finite planet. Wow hood-a thunk it?

  3. Boat on Wed, 7th Dec 2016 1:49 pm 


    Yea, that’s why OPEC is trying dump production to raise prices. Lol
    US production is on the rise with prices under $50 blowing away the myth the need for needing $80 as widely speculated. Drilling rig deployment is on the rise also. Production just set a new peak oil production record. None of this suggests a final peak anytime soon. None of this suggests depletion.

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