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Page added on March 22, 2017

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Thousands of underground gas bulges, formed by thawing permafrost, set to ‘explode’ in Siberia

Thousands of underground gas bulges, formed by thawing permafrost, set to ‘explode’ in Siberia thumbnail

Local Siberian media has reported that the very ground that people stand on is moving under their feet in the arctic regions of Siberia. Scientists have discovered 7000 gas filled bubbles according to the Siberian Times.  These, bulges or ‘bulgunyakh’ in the local Yakut language, were originally discovered last year by researchers in Siberia’s remote Bely Island. At that time only 15 of these bubbles had been identified, but a survey in the wider region of the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas has revealed the massive number of 7000 which some scientists fear may explode at any time.

There is startling photo evidence in the Siberian Times article that is worth your time to see.

From the article:

The region has seen several recent examples of sudden ‘craters’ or funnels forming from pingos after what scientists believe are caused by eruptions from methane gas  released by the thawing of permafrost which is triggered by climate change.

‘We need to know which bumps are dangerous and which are not,’ said Titovsky. ‘Scientists are working on detecting and structuring signs of potential threat, like the maximum height of a bump and pressure that the earth can withstand.’


Our pictures and video of this remarkable gas release are seen here, although this phenomenon appears different to the exploding pingo events. These bubbles  – such as one seen in our video on Bely Island – have been called ‘trembling tundra’.

‘Their appearance at such high latitudes is most likely linked to thawing permafrost which in is in turn linked to overall rise of temperature on the north of Eurasia during last several decades,’ said a spokesman.

Science Alert has a chronology of these crater mysteries at their website.

Back in 2016, local environmental researchers Alexander Sokolov and Dorothee Ehrich decided to pull back the dirt and grass that had been blanketing these bulging bumps of earth, and found that the air escaping from them contained up to 1,000 times more methane than the surrounding air, and 25 times more carbon dioxide.

And things can get even weirder at the bottom of the biggest sinkholes – a 2014 investigation into a 30-metre-wide (98-foot) crater on the Yamal Peninsula found that air near the bottom of the crater contained unusually high concentrations of methane – up to 9.6 percent.

As Katia Moskvitch reported for Nature at the time, archaeologist Andrei Plekhanov from the Scientific Centre of Arctic Studies in Salekhard, Russia, told her that the surrounding air usually contains just 0.000179 percent methane.

Researchers have hypothesised that these methane bubbles are linked to a recent heatwave that had prompted the Siberian tundra’s permafrost to thaw.

News out of Australia on the Hell Mouth Crater, also in Siberia, which has exposed over 200,000 years of climate history. It is hoped that the stratified layers will open a window on what we can expect to see from climate change.

The Batgaika crater, known to the local Yakutian people as the ‘doorway to the underworld’, is one of the largest of a growing number of pits collapsing across the Siberian landscape as the ice beneath the surface turns to slush — and methane gas.

But this crater in particular offers some form of silver lining.

It’s revealing eons of climate change in the region, along with long-buried animal carcasses and petrified forests.

The 1km wide, 85m deep crater is growing at the rate of 10m to 30m a year as the ice about its edges gives way. Researchers say it’s also getting gradually deeper.

22 Comments on "Thousands of underground gas bulges, formed by thawing permafrost, set to ‘explode’ in Siberia"

  1. ________________________________________ on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 2:44 pm 

    This is beautifully awesome. Now if only methane hydrate started to sublime. Now I’m getting optimistic. all you libtards need to commit suicide cuz russia will be a no. 1 super power and your coastal piece of shit cities will be under water.

  2. Midnight Oil on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:06 pm 

    ______________________ Don’t be a HATER…
    The Methane bubbles have nothing to do with POLITICS…we are all in the same boat together, one liferaft Earth…I suppose, using your rationalization, Trump is adding Russia to get “libtards” to commit suicide.
    How bizzare.

  3. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:25 pm 

    Midnight Oil, “Shooting Blanks” is livid (all the deniers are) because he knows he has been exposed as a decades long retard denier and is now doing all his feeble mind can manage to distract. I have long predicted that when denial could no longer be maintained they would still not shut the fuck up. Funny huh? A group of the stupidest fuck heads in history still yammering away. What is there one could be more wrong about? It was like this going back a few decades, if y’all deniers are right then we have some cleaner air to breath, more oil for future generations and more energy choices, BUT if your wrong it means HUMAN EXTINCTION and there is only one chance to get it right. They were WRONG WRONG WRONG and within a century the humans and their stupid babies are going bye bye forever, but shit head no nothings like Shooting Blanks are still yakking away like they are so fucking smart. His own family and neighbours will scapegoat him one day. This will be the fate of the loudest of the denier retards. I’m not saying they deserve it or anything, I’m just pointing out that this is how the humans behave when the shit hits. Someone needs to pay right? It’s what the humans do and sorry, but this one will not be exclusivity dumped off on the Jews……although I’m sure they’re will be other reasons to think of to scapegoat them….again.

  4. Plantagenet on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:38 pm 

    Methane gas explosions from thawing Siberian permafrost are a bad thing.

    A very very bad thing.

  5. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:45 pm 

    We fed the Earrh too much junk food,
    and now the Earth has Zits.

  6. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:47 pm 

    There are no methane bubbles,
    because Trunp said there is no global warming.

  7. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:48 pm 

    Put a special detonator on each one.
    Right when the methane bursts, it also
    ignites it. Ka blammo, way better fireworks.

  8. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 5:58 pm 

    State of the Warming Climate in 2016: ‘Truly Uncharted Territory’

    World Meteorological Organization reveals extent of global warming’s impacts last year, including epic Arctic melting, drought and extreme weather.

    I still find the human’s ability to ignore and normalize what is happening and getting worse by the day quite fascinating. Morbidly fascinating and kinda hilarious too.

    “For now, let’s look at human modes of filtering. Here’s an incomplete list.

    Modes of Existential Threat Filtering

    rationalization (motivated reasoning or cognition, aka. bullshit)
    other adaptation (defense) mechanisms, including denial, dissociation, compartmentalization, intellectualization, sublimation and compensation
    optimism bias (obligatory hope as a filter)
    shift the blame (from the self or social group to another person or group)
    postponing (procrastination)
    omission (exclude threatening information)
    the ostrich effect (act as though the problem doesn’t exist)
    confirmation bias (ignore conflicting information)
    change the subject (misdirection, deflection, red herring)
    dismissal (discount the importance of something)
    downward comparison (“cheer up, things could be worse”)
    Rationalization leads the list because it is the most widely used filtering behavior. Now we understand more fully what motivates the bullshit in question—there is a threat to Live & Grow. A personal favorite of mine (and non-ironically of many others) is crazy Friedrich Nietzsche’s what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Tell that to traumatized Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Well, we are talking about the myriad forms of human bullshit here Smiley_glasses

    I fear the list above describes only a small (but still significant) subset of the animals in the human filtering zoo. As with instinctual Live & Grow behaviors, existential threat filtering is highly elaborated in humans. Consider this recent example from The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert. Scott Pruitt is Donald Trump’s climate-denier nominee for head of the EPA.”


  9. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:04 pm 

    Personally, I don’t put much stock in a methane clathrate “Bomb” – 50Gt in a year. Thing is it don’t matter/not needed. More methane is being released regardless along with a shit load of other positive self reinforcing feedback loops. Most can’t be stopped even if the humans tried.

    Alive and Well: Microbes Add to Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet

    “Scientists are investigating a new “positive feedback” in Greenland’s melting ice sheet – as climate warms, more microbial growth on the ice sheet is darkening ice, and hastening ice melt and sea level rise.”

  10. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:10 pm 

    “It opens the floodgate”

    Brazil is handing over the Amazon rainforest to mining companies and big agriculture

    Of course they are. They are just MPP puppets in the universal thermodynamic show like the rest of us. The show must go on until it can’t. Not really a choice.

  11. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:13 pm 

    The Arctic just set a grim new record for low levels of sea ice

    “Floating sea ice at the top of the world has set another troubling record for its low spatial extent, shattering a record set just two years ago for this key component of the planet’s climate system.

    According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the sheet of Arctic sea ice, which expands and contracts in an annual cycle, probably reached its maximum size this year on March 7, when it spanned 14.42 million square kilometers, or 5.57 million square miles, atop the Arctic ocean. That’s an enormous area, but it’s also the smallest winter maximum extent ever observed in records dating to 1979.

    A low ice extent at the peak of winter is troubling because from here on out, the ice will continue to shrink all the way into September, exposing ever more of the Arctic ocean to the sun’s warming rays and storing up heat in the system.”

  12. twocats on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 6:47 pm 

    good articles as usual ap. to me it seems environmental degradation and climate change are the apocalyptic horseman that have won the Preakness. I feel Peak oil won the Derby, slowing growth that spurred the GFC. Within about 10 years we will see who wins the Belmont. nuclear war? civil unrest in major western countries collapsing global economy? trade war? peak oil makes a come back? it’s really just too close to call. But thanks for calling the horse race.

  13. makati1 on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 7:20 pm 

    The demise of humanity is baked in the cake. The only question is how soon. If nuclear war doesn’t get you, climate change will. I doubt there will be any homo sapiens around to celebrate New Years 2100.

  14. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 8:02 pm 

    Hi Sleep Apneamam, liked your list, and
    it let out a mechanism for ignoring threats.
    It is the ‘Exception’ mechanism, which the
    human says, looks bad enough to mess up
    a lot of people. but not me.

    So I figure that I am not a polar bear, and
    I don’t own waterfront. I live in a northerly
    climate, so if it gets 10F hotter I will still be
    here. It won’t stop raining so I
    I still get food and water.
    I cross my fingers the oxygen won’t run out.
    So i figure lots of people will be drowned or starved
    by the global warming.
    But I should survive as the exception.
    Maybe my coping mechanism should be on
    the list?

  15. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 9:57 pm 

    twocats, nuke war? If I was betting….sooner or later some country with nothing left to lose is going to unleash them or somebody is going to preempt them with their nukes. So, I can’t prove it, but look at the history of humans and warfare. They have only had the nukes for just over 70 years (a few countries) and once WWII ended that just happened to be the most prosperous years for the species as a whole. Even now there is too much to lose. It’s down the road a piece, like after a big economic crash where none of the bail outs or other band aids will work. Water wars too. Asia – 3rd pole. No water is a death sentence so why not even if it’s only a slim chance?

    The Third Pole | Understanding Asia’s Water Crisis

    3.5-4 Billion Asians?

  16. Apneaman on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 10:05 pm 

    GSR, you might be surprised at how many folks really do think that, somehow, it’s the other guy who will be getting fucked by AGW.

    “Americans overwhelmingly believe that global warming is happening, and that carbon emissions should be scaled back. But fewer are sure that the changes will harm them personally. New data released by Yale researchers gives the most detailed view yet of public opinion on global warming.”

  17. Apneaman on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 12:18 am 

    Links of the Quarter: March 2017

    “The events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse.”

    ” How does one explain to one’s children that the idea of progress was a myth and that the future we are bequeathing to them is likely to be grim, desolate, unhealthy and, worst of all, completely unpredictable, as we swing from one wave of collapse, through temporary periods of stability, and then into the next even more bleak and bewildering wave?”

  18. Theedrich on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 6:03 am 

    The Demonic Party is monolithic, Repubs not so. Because the Demonics are paid by a unified syndicate of oligarchs/corps/unions, while the fractured Repubs, being mainly business-oriented, have varied sources, only a few oligarchs/corps, plus individual contributions and their own assets.  The former types of politicoes (Stalinists at heart) play on emotion and the generation of hatred against Whites, the latter (profit-seekers) on attempts at sedating the populace.  Neither party can afford to state the fact of the limits to growth.  The masses demand utopia and eternal youth via governmental health care and other entitlements, while various teachers’ unions and government unions make sure that no change is possible.

    Ongoing global dynamics require increasing intelligence and fewer demands on the environment, including a vastly reduced human population, but political forces militate against this.  The Demonics scream that if only Donald Trump can be assassinated, their utopia will eventuate.  They will, indications are, accomplish that by doubling the national debt from $20 to $40 trillion — and by building gulags for the White bourgeoisie.  The Repubs promise wonderland for everyone, even microcephalics, mutants and reformed Demonics.

    The specter of nuclear war, the invasion by the expanding Mohammedan cloud and ThirdWorld sludge, the increasing infantilism and Christianity-promoted genosuicidism of White civilization all indicate that collapse of the global system is fast approaching.  As if that were not enough, the unstoppable sickening of the biosphere makes that collapse absolutely certain, with only its timing in question.  What we need is a super-psychic who can predict the exact moment of the beginning of the Untergang.

  19. joe on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 6:27 am 

    no point in holding back now, no need to worry about globalisation and racial integration or cultural conflicts, cause we probably wont last another 100 years and certainly not 200 in our current form. Melting permafrost if it is on such a vast scale means a short sharp bust of global warming that could end us economically. the real problems we face are food production and medical care. if we can feed ourselves and die earlier its probably a global good, if we cant feed ourselves then all other questions are meaningless. IMHO the public has been lied to about how severe CC is and its impact. Every model published seems to have been conservative, so we could already be the walking dead guys, so keep calm and carry on. We are all in God’s hands, mortality is your only true certainty.

  20. Wildbourgman on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 12:10 pm 

    Can we just produce this methane? Can we get a rig in there and give it a shot?

    I bet we won’t even have to frac anything.

  21. HARM on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 6:52 pm 


    Exactly. Why all the negativity. This is a golden OPPORTUNITY for just the right oligarchs connected to just the right strongman. Lukoil can develop/tap these methane zits and corner the market on natural gas for decades, while the Putin-friendly U.S. State Department (with Exxon’s ex-CEO at its helm) can negotiate some sweetheart deals for Uh-murika! No more “scarcity” problems for the foreseeable future.

    Win-win b*tches! Amiright?

  22. Dooma on Thu, 23rd Mar 2017 11:34 pm 

    When mother nature farts she farts last. This is a massive neon sign that we are screwed but I am sure it will get little airplay on MSM.
    Surely there must be a singing show that is more important or the media could keep the wire tapping distraction going?

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