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Page added on July 4, 2017

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The Atlas for the end of the world

The Atlas for the end of the world thumbnail

Richard Weller has written “an atlas for the beginning of the anthropocene” – Atlas for the end of the world.

Coming almost 450 years after the world’s first Atlas, this Atlas for the End of the World audits the status of land use and urbanization in the most critically endangered bioregions on Earth. It does so, firstly, by measuring the quantity of protected area across the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots in comparison to United Nation’s 2020 targets; and secondly, by identifying where future urban growth in these territories is on a collision course with endangered species.By bringing urbanization and conservation together in the same study, the essays, maps, data, and artwork in this Atlas lay essential groundwork for the future planning and design of hotspot cities and regions as interdependent ecological and economic systems.

13 Comments on "The Atlas for the end of the world"

  1. Apneaman on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 1:44 pm 

    Geology & chemistry lesson for today.

    Methane Craters Created in Massive Explosions

    “Published on Jul 2, 2017

    No place on Earth is warming faster than the high Arctic, and Siberia is rapidly changing before our very eyes. Along with reports on Siberian locals having swimsuit skiing day, papers are headlining new crater formation from methane explosions.

    I tell the story of these blowholes, and what they mean in terms of methane release in the Arctic and rapid global climate change.”

  2. MASTERMIND on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 2:54 pm 

    Simple really….when the World Economy Collapses everything shuts down…the end….were
    talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in
    short order…The collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like. I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once.I’m talking about people eating people. I’m talking about the Worst Catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind. Nothing has ever, or will ever come close.

    (Meadows 1972) (Ehrlich 2013)
    (Motesharrei 2012) (Jefferson 2015) (Ebrahimi 2015) (Chapman,I 2013)
    (Korowicz 2012) (Tainter 1990)

  3. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:29 pm 

    It will be horrible.
    The only survivors will have stashed their
    own food supply in the basement.
    Only the mormons do this.

    Imagine a world in which the
    only survivors are the mormons.
    It will be horrible, a world not worth living in,
    an apocalypse beyond comprehension.
    The living will envy the dead.

  4. Sissyfuss on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:53 pm 

    They be no future planning for laying groundwork. Llke Tyson says, after that first punch in the mouth plans go flying away followed by your teeth. Endangered species are already on the menu the world over along with insects. That’s the essence of economic and environmental cooperation, what’s left to devour.

  5. Makati1 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 7:25 pm 

    Interesting article. Lots of pretty maps of guesses and bullshit. Oh yes, I said bullshit. Read the referenced study and you can see it clearly. When I get into a ‘scientific’ study and it starts referencing fiction (the bible) I stop reading.

    No one knows what tomorrow will bring and definitely not what 2100 will be like. Signs point to some events, but that too can change. Nuclear winter. Massive super volcanic eruption. Even an asteroid hitting the earth and ending it all. All are possible.

    I don’t see the world surviving the coming war. And, yes, it is coming. The insane U$ Jew powers that be are trying so hard (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea), I think they will get desperate and push the button, if they don’t cause Russia to push it firs, which I expect. This is one time I hope I am wrong for my family’s sake, but signs point to it happening in the near future.

  6. MASTERMIND on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 11:57 pm 

    Makati1: The globalized world economy will not accept another major World war. It would collapse the entire system. All the war insanity is just Trump posturing to his ignorant believers. All the world leaders know the system is going to collapse soon anyway. A world war would just speed up the process. The world economy is way to connected now to support a world war.

  7. Apneaman on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 11:15 am 

    Gaia Medea says – Puny humans look upon my works and despair.

    Warnings of new Arctic explosions at some 700-plus sites in Yamal due to thawing permafrost – 04 July 2017

    “Startling details have emerged of last week’s methane gas blowout on an Arctic riverbank: a sudden and deafening bang from a large explosion of the ground near a reindeer encampment, fire shooting into the sky and raging for several minutes from the eruption, huge chunks of charred permafrost blown out of the ground, and a deep, eerie crater forming, some 50 metres deep which immediately filled with water.

    Reindeer and dogs fled in fright. Sand and grass was blackened by the intense heat of the eruption which was described as ‘a flame of fire and then a rising pillar of smoke’.

    Scientists rushed to the scene on the Yamal Peninsula to examine the site in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, amid expert warnings that many can be expected as a warming climate leads to thawing permafrost and the release of potent methane gas which has lain frozen under the surface for thousands of years.”

    The Medea hypothesis is a term coined by paleontologist Peter Ward[1] for the anti-Gaian hypothesis that multicellular life, understood as a superorganism, is suicidal; in this view, microbial-triggered mass extinctions are attempts to return the Earth to the microbial-dominated state it has been for most of its history.[2][3][4] It is named after the mythological Medea, who killed her own children. Medea represents the Earth, and her children are multicellular life.

  8. Davy on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 11:33 am 

    Multicellular life is suicidal? Suicide is a product of self consciousness not a life force. Ape man is fascinated by suicide hypotheses. There is help for these tendencies Ape.

  9. DerHundistlos on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 1:14 pm 


    Clever humor- funny (non-snarky comment).

  10. bobinget on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 5:24 pm 

    Me thinks President of the US may soon play a war card (with N. Korea). Great distraction at cost of millions dead.

    I know, I know his advisors believe this will be a ‘small’, manageable, nuclear war.

    Watch for US troops stationed in S. Korea to be removed from DMZ to safer situations.

  11. Cloggie on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 5:47 am 

    Merkel and guests… to kiss or not to kiss:

    In the kissing league:

    Gentiloni (Italy)

    Not in the kissing league:

    Temer (Brasil)
    Modi (India)
    Salman (KSA, gets bow because king)
    Rajoy (Spain)
    Nieto (Mexico)
    Macri (Argentina)
    Moon Jae-in (Korea)

    What to do to be in the Merkel kissing league:

    Be a white guy, European (Canada can pass as former European colony), you need to be pro-open borders and pro-Paris Accords.

  12. Cloggie on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 6:08 am

    Trump situated between the two ladies.
    Jokes with Merkel at [0:42]

  13. Davy on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 6:54 am 

    “Donald Trump Meets Vladimir Putin: Here Is The Historic Handshake”

    “The highly anticipated first handshake happened in private earlier today much to the disappointment of the world’s press who were poised to capture the historic moment.”

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