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Page added on June 18, 2017

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Current Yellowstone Quake-Swarm “Could Rip The Guts Out Of America”


U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seismology reports conclude that a massive swarm of earthquakes swept through the park on Friday triggering more than 60 separate events in which seismographs spiked to magnitudes of up to 5.0.

Experts fear that the supervolcano is long overdue for an eruption capable of wiping out a vast amount of human, animal, and plant life in the Continental United States.

Scientists currently believe that there’s a 10% chance that a “supervolcanic Category 7 eruption” could take place this century, as pointed out by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who appeared on a segment for Fox News.


The grey haired physicist told Shepard Smith that the “danger” we are now facing with the caldera is that it’s long overdue for an eruption which Kaku said could “rip the guts out of the USA.”

Kaku said that a “pocket of lava” located under the park has turned out to be twice as big as scientists originally thought.

Scientist concur that the last eruption of the caldera took place some 640,000 years ago.

The U.S. is currently under contract with at least 4 countries all of which have agreed to house displaced U.S. citizens in the unfortunate event the Yellowstone supervolcano were to erupt. Hundreds of billions of dollars were paid to foreign governments to facilitate the agreement which spans a ten year period from its signing, ending in 2024.

An excerpt from an article I authored in April of 2014 titled: “Report: Brazil, Argentina and Australia sign contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars to house displaced U.S. populace when Yellowstone supervolcano erupts” reads:

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

In fact, Praag, a Pakistani publication, recently reported:

It may take up to ten years for pressure in the magma chamber of the super volcano to build. According to Dr. Jean-Philippe Perrillat of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Grenoble, France, “it is the difference in density between the molten magma in the caldera and the surrounding rock big enough for the magma from the chamber to the surface to increase “.


“The effect is the same as the extra buoyancy of a soccer ball under water fill with air, after which it rises to the surface because the surrounding water poet,” said dr. Perrillat. “If the magma volume is large enough, it should go to the surface to rise and explode like a champagne bottle that ontkurk be.”


According to Dr. Sipho Mathetwe, the South African government “sympathy for the American challenge (challenge) to Yellowstone, but we have our own challenges in South Africa. There are 200 million white people in America, and if too many of them to South Africa flights, it is a big problem, even though there is enough housing and infrastructure available. It will destabilize the country and may even bring back apartheid. South Africa is not for sale.”

However, according to the report, “Brazil, Argentina and Australia” jumped on the bandwagon, accepting the request from Washington.

The calm before the storm started a few weeks back when researchers noticed a downtick in seismic activity before Friday’s swarm struck.

Earthquake expert “dutchsense” chimed on Yellowstone in a video posted to YouTube on June 15, one day before the swarm occurred, to warn of future activity in the region…

27 Comments on "Current Yellowstone Quake-Swarm “Could Rip The Guts Out Of America”"

  1. onlooker on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:20 pm 

    Bought to you by your friendly frackers. Oh and melting Glaciers

  2. Hello on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:38 pm 


    Too bad it’s zerohedge with quasi zero credibility.

  3. Sissyfuss on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:42 pm 

    Gaia, much like my first wife, can be a real bitch.

  4. MASTERMIND on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:55 pm 

    Mother Nature will take care of our overpopulation problem. Humans only pretend they have a choice. All animals breed to the limits of their environment and then die off until the environment can sustain the number. Humans are animals, subject to the same cycles.

  5. Cloggie on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:56 pm 

    They will blame it on Russia.

  6. Apneaman on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 2:56 pm 

    Typical MSM sensationalism. FOX has to get TV/media darling Michio Kaku who is a theoretical physicist and thus is equally qualified as a volcano “expert” as I am. Any time there is even a whiff or science they put Michio Kaku on. Guys a fucking retard. The left media does the same thing with physicist climate modeler Michael Mann. He is their go to rock star. Smart guy and an excellent scientist, but goes on about things that are well beyond his expertise. Like Kaka, it’s obvious he likes the camera.

  7. ____________________________________________ on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 3:56 pm 

    Is there a factory in china were these guys got their brains? Next week Hawking will predict that plasma aliens from the sun are going to trigger yellowstone to prevent global worming to save AI from extinction. I hope Elon musk starts a colony on the sun soon.

  8. Wm-scott on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 4:41 pm 

    Nothing to worry about, just a normal earthquake cluster for Yellowstone, no magma movement. One of the biggest bombs laying around, but it has a very long fuse. The Ice quakes in Greenland are far more alarming since they are increasing. I would bet Florida will be underwater long before Yellowstone ever goes off and it would still be less of a problem than massive sea-level rise. Ark building anyone?

  9. bobinget on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 4:42 pm 

    Everyone, flee to Mexico before Trump’s wall holds US back.

    Love it. Every few years Yellow Journals send up this Yellowstone scare the shit outta ya reprint.

    Filter By Magnitude Nearby Places
    United States has had: (M1.5 or greater)

    45 earthquakes in the past 24 hours
    453 earthquakes in the past 7 days
    1,601 earthquakes in the past 30 days
    19,577 earthquakes in the past 365 days

    The largest earthquake in United States:

    today: 3.5 in Idyllwild, California, United States
    this week: 4.4 in West Yellowstone, Montana, United States
    this month: 5.8 in Unalaska, Alaska, United States
    this year: 6.5 in Ferndale, California, United States

  10. bobinget on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 4:46 pm 

    No Teslas were harmed between two Ferndales.

  11. deadlykillerbeaz on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 6:03 pm 

    The Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska tell the story of what happens after a volcano erupts big time.

    The Ashfall Fossil Beds were uncovered in the early 1970s by Mike Voorhies, the current curator of paleontology at the University of Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln.

    In 1971 he found a skull of a rhino calf protruding from an eroding ravine. The skull turned out to be part of a complete skeleton embedded in volcanic ash.

    Voorhies led excavations of the site in 1978 and 1979, supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration. (National Geographic News is part of the National Geographic Society.)

    About 12 million years ago, a volcano in modern-day Idaho spread a blanket of ash over large parts of what is now the midwestern United States. A layer of this powdered glass one or two feet (one- to two-thirds of a meter) thick covered the grasslands of northeastern Nebraska.

    Most of the animals living in the area survived the actual ashfall, but as they continued to graze on the ash-covered grasses, their lungs began to fill with the deadly particles.

  12. makati1 on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 6:25 pm 

    I would suggest that a few of you deniers take time to go on YouTube and watch a few documentaries about the Yellowstone caldera. If you want a Hollywood version you can watch “Supervolcano” (2004)

    It is only a matter of time…

  13. rockman on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 8:39 pm 

    Actually this is just the latest phase of activity. And not nearly as dramatic/alarming as what started about 10+ years ago: one end of the caldera began to rise. A park ranger noticed a large lake flooding a forest on the south side (?) while the shoreline receded on the north side. Obviously the magma chamber was pushing upwards. The USGE set up laser monitors and kept an eye for more movement. If I recall correctly in a few years the uplift dropped back down.

    Just found this. From

    “Yellowstone and other caldera systems are well-known for their continual ups and downs (see our Fact Sheet Tracking Changes in Yellowstone’s Restless Volcanic System). The ground surface can rise for decades, and then switch to a period of subsidence. At Yellowstone, scientists measured over two feet of uplift during the period 1923-1985, followed by a shorter period of subsidence. Until the 1990s, it was thought that all the ups and downs occurred in the central part of the Yellowstone caldera, near its two resurgent domes (see second image in the Fact Sheet Tracking Changes in Yellowstone’s Restless Volcanic System).

    This March 2006, the journal Nature published a paper by YVO scientist Charles Wicks and colleagues about a period of uplift in the northern part of the Yellowstone caldera (Wicks, et al., 2006). It describes an uplift of 12 cm (~5 inches) that occurred between 1997 and 2003, at a time when other changes were occurring in the vicinity (see Notable Changes in Thermal Activity at Norris Geyser Basin Provide Opportunity to Study Hydrothermal System). Since that time, the area, including the Norris Geyser Basin, has stopped moving, while uplift has returned to the central part of the caldera and the resurgent domes (see the YVO activity update and the Yellowstone-Snake-River-Plain GPS Network page for the most recent information).

    This article discusses the 1997-2003 uplift, how we continue to monitor the ever-changing Yellowstone caldera, and what may have caused this and other uplifts.”

  14. sidzepp on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 8:51 pm 

    It might go tomorrow, or it might go in another 100,000 years. Sure thing is that anyone nearby will be toast. In the meantime keep an eye out for rented utility vehicles. I think another glass of wine is appropriate.

  15. Apneaman on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 9:14 pm 

    From the American documentary series ‘Naked Science’ – Super Volcano 2004.

    ‘National Geographic Naked Science presents “Super Volcano”, the inside documentary of what might happen if the Yellowstone Caldera were to erupt one day. This documentary includes a Yellowstone timeline of past eruptions, how Yellowstone would affect the world, and what impact will it be for the U.S.’

  16. Danlxyz on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 4:16 am 

    At least a good eruption and all that ash in the atmosphere would stop all this global warming. (for a time)

  17. bobinget on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:47 am

    W/O sunlight, survivors starve. Of course, this includes wild and domestic animals.

  18. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 11:06 am 

    Another cheery message of possible doom from zerohedge. At least this time it won’t be obvious they’re wrong in a week or a month.

    Given the near 100% liklihood of SERIOUS/MASSIVE global problems with AGW in the coming century, a 10% estimate of this happening is a big yawn, relatively speaking — even if the 10% estimate is credible. (Timeframe thousands of years is more credible).

    I say near 100% for the serious AGW problems just in case science manages to come up with some Star-Trek mitigation scheme to remove massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere AND humanity gets smart enough to actually prioritize it on a massive scale. Given our track record thus far, the odds of that would be long indeed.

  19. Ghung on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 12:31 pm 

    Gosh…. I just ordered a box of surgical masks from ebay, just in case (and some cheap dust masks for the in-laws). I already had a few left over from the Ebola epidemic. Can’t be too prepared, eh?

  20. dachs_dude on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 7:37 pm 

    The article writers forgot to state that this is all OUR fault for daring to live a 21st Century lifestyle in, well, the 21st Century.

    This can all be avoided, don’t ya know, by sending what’s left of our wealth, manufacturing, natural resources and Freedom to the Elites in the U.N.

    Then we can all live in a pre-industrial Eden, (except for the bicycles and Starbucks, of course), with no icky cars or people who may have more stuff than the envious losers who support global Socialism as a way to fight “Climate Change” tm.

  21. newfie on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 7:46 pm 

    makati is very excited about this. Laugh out loud.

  22. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:11 pm 

    newfie, you need a shrink. I am not excited, just stating facts. I have family downwind of Yellowstone, but, thankfully, on the East Coast.

    Can it happen? Yes. Will it happen? Yes again, sometime from this moment until humans are extinct in 2100. It is overdue by the time line of previous eruptions, as are the San Andreas fault or the New Madrid fault. Maybe one of these will set it off and cause a chain reaction. America is not prepared for a really big disaster that any one of those locations could cause.

  23. suzy wong on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:45 pm 

    Okay, Trump did this! Just blame him, why not? He’s blamed for everything else!

  24. terry on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:59 pm 

    so all I ever hear is how America is racist but here we have the African government saying they don’t want white people , wow and not one person says anything about it.

  25. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 9:17 pm 

    terry, would you want to invite people who have, in the past, made slaves of you and even now want to overthrow your government? That is not racism. That is called sovereignty.

  26. Jerry Hurley on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 11:45 pm 

    I am an “earthquake sensitive.” Been on Oprah, CBS, ABC, etc. Underground magma flows give me headaches and when I face a flow, my heart palpitates. Yellowstone is one underground flow that I detected a few years ago. Others are: 1. A few miles east of Willows, CA; 2. Mt. Shasta; 3. 30 miles west of Red Bluff; 4. 20 miles NE of Willow Creek; 5. Lassen Peak. If there is enough magma pressure, and, if there is enough stress on the fault, the shifting fault is the earthquake. I do not detect falling objects, landslides, blasting, mine collapses, collapses of cavities where water and/or oil have been removed. These are all shallow shakers, usually 0-5K depth. Fault earthquakes are usually 20-100 miles deep.

  27. Bellavirgo on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 8:30 am 

    As at today 20th june the northwest pacific 4.5 earthquake yesterday 19th june off NWP/canada /USA means Yellowstone will have some 3’s and 4s. This is due to earth quake pressure travelling across the USA from west coast to East coast ,according to Dutchsinse . Dutchsinse has never said there were going to be a volcanic eruption at all and in his latest video there will be more swarms in Yellowstone. You have to put this all in to perspective . a magnitude 3 is just about felt by people , animals can sense smaller magnitudes.

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