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Page added on February 10, 2010

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The Peak Oil Crisis: Government in Transition I

All it takes is a snowstorm or two to remind us how dependent we have become on government at all levels.

Sitting at home waiting for the plows should remind the more perceptive among us that we are no longer in the 18th century where nearly every family, equipped with an ax and a rifle, could provide for its own food, safety, shelter, and general well-being without the need for outside help. Today, when the lights go out, we rely on government to rush us to shelter where we are kept warm, fed, and even entertained until the lights come on again.

It is amazing how many among us still don’t grasp that we are an interdependent whole, needing many specialized skills and institutions to sustain life. In today’s America, only a miniscule percentage has the skills, knowledge, land, and lifestyle to survive without outside help. For most of us, it is the collective, in the form of government, that holds our civilization together – water, sewers, public health, roads, buses, and yes, even snow plows.

By now, most of us have figured out that in the U.S., government at all levels is in trouble. Revenues are dropping like bricks; the national debt is now $12.3 trillion and is increasing at $3.8 billion a day. Over the last 30 years, the American political system has morphed into such polarization, and government-supporting taxes have become so demonized, that few politicians can or even want to try stopping the decline. Economists with an historical bent tell us that when the ratio of government debt to GDP gets to 90 percent (we are now at 84), it is all over – fiscal collapse. Some are optimistic that this won’t happen in modern-day America – we should know shortly.

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