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Page added on February 27, 2007

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The Oil Drum: Siberian Nights: The East Siberia-Pacific Ocean Oil Pipeline

As the 2008 Russian presidential election approaches, no one is more concerned about Russia’s future policy direction than those that stand to benefit from Russia’s energy largesse. In particular, China and Japan are very anxious about the final routing of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (VSTO – its Russian acronym), which is expected to be the world’s longest oil pipeline (2,500 miles), originating in East Siberia at Taishet and extending to a Pacific port at Kozmino Bay. VSTO is Russia’s first pipeline to East Asia, ultimately unlocking the supposedly vast oil reserves in East Siberia, an area that has been likened to the final frontier of hydrocarbons exploration. Whomever is elected (ie, appointed) president in 2008 will be the one who determines which country will benefit most from VSTO.
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