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Page added on June 19, 2017

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The Fall of the Western Empire: Collapse is Not a Bug, It is a Feature

The Fall of the Western Empire: Collapse is Not a Bug, It is a Feature thumbnail
Esset aliquod inbecillitatis nostrae solacium rerumque nostrarum si tam tarde perirent cuncta quam fiunt: nunc incrementa lente exeunt, festinatur in damnum.”  Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE)

In my book “The Seneca Effect”, the first chapter is titled “Collapse is not a bug, it is a feature“. The idea is that the evolution of complex systems is discontinuous, it goes on oscillating and collapsing. It is part of the way the universe works and if there were no collapses, nothing would ever change. It is a rule that applies to political systems and it is described with stark clarity by Alastair Crooke, as reported by Raoul Ilargi in “The Automatic Earth” in a post titled “Coming Apart: The Imperial City At The Brink.” Here is an excerpt

Alastair Crooke: David Stockman routinely refers to President Trump as the ‘Great Disrupter’. But this is not a bad quality, he insists. Rather, it is a necessary one: Stockman argues (my paraphrasing) that Trump represents the outside force, the externality, that tips a ‘world system’ over the brink: It has to tip over the brink, because systems become too ossified, too far out on their ‘branch’ to be able to reform themselves. It does not really matter so much, whether the agency of this tipping process (President Trump in this instance), fully comprehends his pivotal role, or plays it out in an intelligent and subtle way, or in a heavy-handed, and unsubtle manner. Either serve the purpose. And that purpose is to disrupt.

Why should disruption be somehow a ‘quality’? It is because, during a period when ‘a system’ is coming apart, (history tells us), one can reach a point at which there is no possibility of revival within the old, but still prevailing, system. An externality of some sort – maybe war, or some other calamity or a Trump – is necessary to tip the congealed system ‘over’: thus, the external intrusion can be the catalyst for (often traumatic) transformational change.

Stockman puts it starkly: “the single most important thing to know about the present risk environment [he is pointing here to both the political risk as well as financial risk environment], is that it is extreme, and unprecedented. In essence, the ruling elites and their mainstream media megaphones have arrogantly decided that the 2016 [US Presidential] election was a correctible error”.

But complacency simply is endemic: “The utter fragility of the latest and greatest Fed bubble could not be better proxied than in this astounding fact. To wit, during the last 5,000 trading days (20 years), the VIX (a measure of market volatility) has closed below 10 on just 11 occasions. And 7 of those have been during the last month! … That’s complacency begging to be monkey-hammered”, Stockman says.

 Cassandra’s legacy by Ugo Bardi 

27 Comments on "The Fall of the Western Empire: Collapse is Not a Bug, It is a Feature"

  1. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:06 pm 

    “… there is no possibility of revival within the old, but still prevailing, system…”

    Well said. Anyone not living in the chaotic zoo called America can see it plainly. Those trapped inside only see and hear what their handlers want them to see and hear and that is fluff and/or lies. There are so many red herrings being dragged thru the news that it smells like a fish market on a hot day. Most Americans are no longer able to think for themselves and see the obvious. Too bad. They will soon feel it when it hits them in the face.

  2. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:39 pm 

    “Like other empires before it, the US is now on the verge of relinquishing the crown of empire. If there’s any difference this time around, it’s that its collapse will very likely be far more spectacular than that of previous empires. However, just as in previous collapses, those who least understand that the collapse is around the corner are those who are closest to its centre. Clearly, the majority of Americans are worried about their future yet cannot conceive of their country as a second-rate power. And those who hold the reins of that power tend to be the most deluded, delving ever-deeper into debt at an ever-faster rate, whilst expanding welfare and warfare without any concept of how it might all be paid for.

    It’s understandable, therefore, that those of us who are on the outside looking in find it easier to observe objectively from afar and see the coming self-destruction of yet another empire.”

    Nuff said.

  3. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 8:53 pm 

    “It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. Earlier this year, America received her infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ and received a repulsive D+. The ASCE guesstimates the US would need to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 on infrastructure.”

    Here’s the breakdown of the report card:

    Aviation: D
    Bridges: C+
    Dams: D
    Drinking Water: D
    Energy: D+
    Hazardous Waste: D+
    Inland Waterways: D
    Levees: D
    Parks and Recreation: D+
    Ports: C+
    Rail: B
    Roads: D
    Schools: D
    Solid Waste: C+
    Transit: D-
    Wastewater: D+

    Signs of the crumbling empire…

  4. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 9:28 pm 

    Controlling the serfs … requirements to:

    1. Control healthcare and you control the people.
    2. Increase poverty as high as possible as the poor are easy to control.
    3. Increase debt to extreme levels to increase poverty.
    4. Remove guns and remove threat to the state.
    5. Take control of every aspect of their lives.
    6. Take control of schools and information sources.
    7. Remove god from government and schools.
    8. Divide the classes, the poor from the wealthy, etc.

    Does any of this sound like the U$? It is like a detailed description of life in America today.

  5. makati1 on Mon, 19th Jun 2017 10:02 pm 

    “Characterized as an effort to “to improve the prohibitions on money laundering, and for other purposes,” the bill severely curtails the right to travel freely, without undue hindrance, as travelers with more than $10,000 in assets — including those held digitally, like Bitcoin — must file a report with the U.S. government.”

    I have personal experience with this one when I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago. The airline announced that any American carrying more than $10,000.00 in any form of currency had to fill out a form and turn it in at immigration. I never carry more than I need for the trip, and a debit card for emergencies, but if I were wealthy or invested in “digital currency”, I would have had my privacy invaded. The U$ Police State is alive and growing.

  6. Cloggie on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 2:27 am 

    For apneaman, a reconstructed face of ancient Egyptian elite:

    What do you note?

  7. Cloggie on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 2:32 am 

    One of America’s wittiest columnist Fred Reed is basically distancing himself from America:

    Migration policies Will be the real reason For the coming downfall of the Western empire.

    Fortunately there is a plan B:

  8. anon on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 3:24 am 

    It’s quite a mistake to imagine that all these problems are specific to the US (indeed it’s actually one more expression of the general ignorance of things ouside the US which forms so many jokes and cracks about americans).. the decline of net energy is a global phenomenon, the collapse of a highly integrated global economy is a global phenomenon, and the empire itself is a global phenomenon. and here, calling america the western empire… might leave some false expectation for an eastern empire to continue trucking on and recall the glory of byzantium.. there will be no such thing this time around. it’s a long way down and everyone’s coming along.

  9. Theedrich on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 4:49 am 

    Homicidal maniacs love the Demoniac Party.  So do international drug lords, visa-overstaying Asiatics, humanities professors at taxpayer-funded universities and the snowflakes they preach at, and many other corrupt types.  Parasites do not need for the body to have become a corpse before they start feeding on it.  The mainstream media demonstrate that amply.

    Dean Baquet, top editor of The New York Times, eliminated every scintilla of fairness in his newspaper in the 2016 presidential campaign, since he wanted to be kingmaker and crown Hillary as president of the U.S.  But in doing so, he pushed the Humpty Dumpty of objectivity off the wall, shattering him irretrievably.  But following Baquet’s perversion, neither the Times nor its competitor in mendacity, the Washington Post, can ever return to the reputation of truth in reportage they once enjoyed.  That is gone forever.

    As Aeschylus said so long ago, the first casualty of war is truth.  And the Demonics have stated openly that they are now initiating “resistance”;  so lies, half-truths and innuendo will continue unceasingly to dominate the ether.  The Left has declared civil war, with all that entails.  The masses, whose aversion to reality leads them to believe in various myths and fables about religious prophets and gods, likewise swallow propagandistic snake oil from electronic and print media — the same media that urges White genosuicide.  Moreover, what can one expect from herd animals that purchase supermarket tabloids to feed their need for “information”?

    The recent shooting down of a Syrian plane by our military ratches up the international stakes by another notch.  Brinksmanship is a fun game for the Pentagon folks.  They haven’t won a true war against a real enemy since 1945, so maybe this is their chance to reglorify themselves.  And maybe we are slouching toward the final solution of all our problems.

  10. Davy on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 5:12 am 

    Yea, anon, the hypocrites here are amusing. They think because the US is falling apart this is their opportunity to shine. They think they will be the new superpower. It is a jealousy thing and a craving for empire. We are all going down together. The world constructed a globalism and this globalism process allowed the US Empire. Globalism is running its natural course and so is the US. The US is wagging the rest of the world into this collapse process.

    Asia has come on too late and without what it takes to become a superpower like the US enjoyed. Asia is becoming a super killer by attempting to be a superpower at the limits of growth. Asia has every right to kill the world because the west started this process but it is now Asia with a grotesque population in overshoot industrializing that spells the end of the planet. We are all in late term civilization because this is a common interconnected civilization. There is no decoupling and no hiding from the wrath coming. Afterwards who know which region will have made it through the worm hole in the best position. So many possible collapse scenarios make this an unknown.

  11. makati1 on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 6:49 am 

    Ah yes, it’s easy to pick out the ones that have soaked up the most propaganda from the U$ MSM Iron Curtain Brainwashing Department. They want to believe that they are so special that the rest of the world has to be pulled down with them as they collapse. Delusions are hard to shake.

    BTW: The U$ counted for less than 8% of total world trade last year. (CIA) Will it be missed? Nope. A high percentage was war materials that no one needed if the U$ was brought down.

  12. onlooker on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 8:13 am 

    Yes, my contention also is that because of environmental demise and how environmentally unsustainable the entire world is , our downfall will be universal. The poor South is way too populated and poor and the North too dependent on a high energy infrastructure and its population too ill equipped too survive without said infrastructure

  13. Apneaman on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 8:56 am 

    ‘Mass-Casualty Event’: Ohio County Now Tops U.S. in Overdose Deaths

    “Overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 — they now claim more lives than car crashes, gun deaths and the AIDS virus did at their peaks.”

    ” Coroner Kent Harshbarger estimates that 60 percent to 70 percent of the bodies he sees are those of overdose victims and that by the end of the year, he’ll have processed 2,000.

    Because his staff covers one-fifth of Ohio, he estimates that the state will see 10,000 overdoses by the end of 2017 — more than were recorded in the entire United States in 1990. ”

  14. ALCIADA-MOLE on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 9:08 am 

    @aptard how come the p*ssy grabber (i don’t like gun grabbers either) doesn’t do anything for Ohio? Oh remember Obomba didn’t do anything for Apalachia. I don’t expect the draft dodger will either.

    Because drugs problem is hard if not possible to solve. some say it’s created by gobmit.

    blowhard duterte started shootings. that didnt solve anything either. let’s hope he takes phils down with him because they like strong men. toxic masculinity.

  15. onlooker on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 9:15 am 

    Yes CIA mole, Your very own CIA helped create the Drug Epidemic, lots about that. But of course you already knew that

  16. Apneaman on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 10:17 am 

    MOLE ON MY ASS, the formerly entitled are no longer needed by their capitalist overlords, so they have created the conditions so the white man will off himself. The impoverished who lack the constitution to kill themselves get their anger redirected to immigrants and gays and other weak minorities. All it takes is a propaganda push to get the disgruntled to unload their fury on anyone except the ones who make the laws and have control. If the disgruntled were to challenge those most responsible then they would be putting themselves at risk. Much safer to blame and go after the weak and continue to vote in and worship the conniving cunts who at least tell them what they want to hear, even though they are the very same ones most responsible for the mess.

    US suicide rate surges, particularly among white people

  17. GregT on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 10:49 am 

    “What do you note?”

    I’ll bite.

    The forensic specialists painted his face white, just like they did with God and Jesus?

  18. Apneaman on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 12:22 pm 

    clog, here’s a good interview with your favorite gay-married, Israeli, military historian jew. He talks about fantasists like you.

    Interview | Yuval Harari
    A medieval historian leaps from the past into the future of mankind—and cyborgs.

    “It won’t help much if the U.S. forbids genetically engineering human babies but China allows it. Similarly, no nation can stop global warming by itself. Can the U.S. build a wall against rising oceans? Because nationalism has no answer to global warming, it tends to simply deny the problem. But the problem is real. Hence, I think the current wave of nationalism is a kind of escapism: people refusing to confront the unprecedented problems of the 21st century by closing their eyes and minds and by seeking refuge in the fold of traditional local identities. I hope that people will wake up in time.”

  19. bobinget on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 2:31 pm 

    Keep up the Good Fight, Apneaman

  20. makati1 on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 7:24 pm 

    BTW: Has anyone else noticed the subtle escalation in the U$ effort to start WW3? The collapse in the U$ is getting close and TPTB are starting to worry about keeping their heads attached to their bodies. A YUGE distraction is necessary or their will be a revolution.

    “US Jet Shoots Down Syrian Army Drone In “Dangerous Escalation””
    “Russia Halts Cooperation With US In Syria, Will “Intercept Any Aircraft” In Russian Areas Of Operation”
    “Russia Slams US Downing Of Syrian Jet As “Act Of Aggression” And “Support For Terrorists””
    “U.S-Led Coalition Shoots Down Syrian Warplane”
    “Massive (US) Government Preparations And Stockpiling Point To One Thing: “An Event Is Going To Happen””
    “More Evidence of US Support for ISIS”
    “No More Games: Russia Vows to Track and Target Any US Aircraft ‘West of the Euphrates’”

    And on and on…

  21. Davy on Tue, 20th Jun 2017 7:33 pm 

    got any links, lazy

  22. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 3:30 am 

    I’ll bite.
    The forensic specialists painted his face white, just like they did with God and Jesus?

    You keep hoping that somewhere in the wood work there are African noble savages able to create a high culture.

    Sorry Greg, they can’t. Chief Seattle can perhaps shoot a rabbit with his bow and arrow, but that’s it. And Africans can’t build pyramids (other than as slaves) or sustain Egyptian civilization.

    Entire Anglosphere will go under as a result of this mistaken belief in racial egalitarianism. And you know very well who created that insane belief.

    You can come in now apneanaman, our local miniature George Soros… lol

  23. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 3:35 am 

    Because nationalism has no answer to global warming

    Two completely unrelated topics. But EVERY Jew, including you and this Yuval Harakiri poofter, will fight nationalism because it opposes the Jewish communist schemes to get the world under control, their control.

    But it won’t work. Only Americans like bobinget of loosehound or boat still believe that the US empire will be able to absorb everything, but the rest of the world has moved on.

    But you can do us in Eurasia a last favor apneaman: keep promoting mass immigration to the US and promoting race-mixing and bring down the only tool you have to attempt global conquest. How smart is that?

  24. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 3:52 am 

    This was btw my last regular post here as posting is taking too much time and I need to concentrate 6-12 months to be able to finish my IT-career, now that the economy is fine (for how long?).

    Peak oil is no longer acute and if we can a void a major war (a big if) a gradual energy transition will be realized in a few decades time.

    As such peak oil is no longer interesting.

    Global warming and climate change are a derived subject. The completed energy transition could halt further global warming, so it makes sense to concentrate on getting the energy transition done, rather than whining how bad it all is.

    The real acute theme is the downfall of the West due to its insane immigration policies since 1965. America in its present shape has no future whatsoever and will fall apart.

    Economic communism didn’t work in the USSR, racial egalitarianism won’t work in the US, no matter how hard its supporters cry “racism!”.

    The future for Europe in in Eurasia:

    …with Russia adding enough gravitas to the EU for Europe to return to prominence.

    Russia is ready:

    This new confederation (not an empire as its detractors keep falsely insisting) will adopt a post-modern, anti-progressive stance and essentially a return to the 19th century in matters of race and gender relations.

    Interesting times.

    Anyway, good luck.

  25. Davy on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 6:14 am 

    Take care cloggie, I enjoyed your alternative energy contribution.

  26. ALCIADA-MOLE on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 4:19 pm 

    bye clog nazi. you’re a better Goebels but history won’t give you another chance.

    Your ceaseless propaganda necessitates one sided reporting.

    Keep ignoring dictatorship of Putin, his thirst for territorial conquests, and his repeated threatening maneuvers against US military and NATO’s. And his henchmen never cease to amaze by threatening America with nukes every other day.

    My hope is Europe get tired of it and America will clean up the mess again, then emerge more powerful than the rest.

    Plenty of oil in Siberia.

  27. J-Gav on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 3:17 pm 

    The “Writing on the wall” is indeed already there, for anyone who cares to look, as regards the present world hegemon.

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