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Page added on July 30, 2007

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The ethanol ruse: Corny energy

The so-called green fuel “alternative” turns out to be not so green after all, a new study finds.

The problem is corn typically requires more fertilizer than other crops. More pollution, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, washes downstream and feeds algae blooms. That algae deprives fish and crustaceans of oxygen.
Government’s slapdash solution is more farm aid for buffers and “cover crops” to soak up pollution. Add that to the price of ethanol, which already is more expensive than gasoline.

Meanwhile the nation’s crucial need to increase its oil-refinery capacity has stagnated. Big Oil is stigmatized. And new domestic sources for oil and natural gas are being sidestepped in the ethanol stampede.

Yet the ethanol harvest still won’t meet this nation’s growing energy demand. And along with all those additional acres for corn, consumers are going to get plowed.

Pittsburg Tribune-Review

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