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Page added on April 30, 2006

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Sustainable Parallel Government Project

A sustainable parallel government is a location , or land, where a corporate organization owns all the means of production and is ideally self sufficient for all its needs including housing, energy, food, water, textiles, technology, employment, etc., creating an illusion of government.

The ultimate goal is to invest effort, time and money to create a state of abundance and freedom.

Sustainable parallel governments are different than communism as they are privately owned coorporations started by individuals sharing a vision within a country, but living on a private land.
Such corporation may also decide to stamp it’s own money, or “coupons” as a way to sell and purchase their locally produced goods, effectivaly creating an economy.

It could be best described as a self-sufficient system both economically and ecologically efficient ideology.

Various ideologists thruout the ages have dreamt about that possibility but it was technologically impossible until the era of information and powerful search engines, gathering information produced over the entire planet.


We are an emerging teck business association starting to collect funds in preparation to tackle this mega-project scheduled to aquire first land in 2007.

Using very intelligent design, the association will effectively create and maintain it’s own economy within private lands in a small and economy-less village.

Many people introduced to this ideology are becoming increasingly interested in the revolutionary concept.

Stay tuned on this blog for the official and sole source of updates to the project. As of today the 2006-04-29, the association does not own land. We estimate the time required for the startup funding at 12 months.

The association wants to create an economic nirvana within an already existing one, instead of following an unreal capitalist economy.

The people will have the choice between existing government and economy, in addition to a parallel, privatly owned government and economy, within private lands.

It could be seen as a Life 2.0 experience within an economic “disney land”.

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