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Page added on April 24, 2017

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Resilience Bridge: A new course with Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker

Resilience Bridge: A new course with Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker thumbnail

We are living in a time like no other in human history.

We are living in a Post-Truth world in which telling the truth is an unsafe act.

Our individual and collective Shadows are wreaking havoc in our lives and running our world.

The cornerstones of our Earth and human systems are collapsing.

How we’ve gotten here is through disconnection from our sacred self, from each other and from Earth. This painful disconnection causes us to feel lost, confused and alone.

All economic, environmental and cultural indicators boldly point to our current predicament as the end of our business as usual paradigm.

While this may well be true, those in power appear committed to maintaining our familiar, yet destructive, business as usual ways until the last tipping point has been passed.

The denial in our leaders, and in ourselves, runs deep and is running scared. It seems that our current government, media and popular culture have woven a seamless web of control over our public discourse. This web threatens any thoughtful consideration of alternative ways of living within this human operating system – threats of suppression, marginalization, and shame.

These troubling times are calling us like never before. They are calling for us to reconnect with our inner wisdom, other people and with Earth herself.

The steps to healing ourselves, others and Earth

Paying Attention: Being willing to attend to the Sober Data of our global and local situation and the costs of our disconnection. Being willing to ‘see’ our world through a lens of our inter-relatedness with life vs constant consumption.

Presence: When we reconnect with the fullness of our being, we relate with the world around us with a vibrant, heartful presence that far surpasses our compressed personalities in business as usual mode.

Practices: The end of business as usual demands that we consciously shift our attention and intent toward our reconnection with the web of life. Far beyond the familiar lists of life hacks aimed at making us more productive or attractive, the calling of our times is for powerful practices that will not only expand our own abilities and capacities, but also give us the strength and endurance to serve others and Earth.

Our practices must be grounded in a core reconnection with our deeper, wiser selves, others and Earth. We will only reconnect with these profound sources of life and meaning by intentionally breaking our own hearts open and allowing ourselves to remember our most primal essence – that we are intimately woven into the web of life.

By breaking open our hearts to this truth we reunite with the love, core joy and grace that are, indeed, at the center of life itself.

So the choice is ours – to keep our singular focus on survival within a withering, collapsing world or to re-focus together on co-creating a new way of living on Earth, a way based on our full inter-relatedness with all other beings, with Earth, and with life itself.

Unfortunately our business as usual culture frowns on this type of reconnection. 75% of Americans report that they have no conversations about climate change with anyone in their family or circles of friends. Indeed any attempt to voice concern about many of our global and local challenges is often met with shrugging disinterest or even disdain and ridicule.

Part of the calling of our times is to find kindred spirits with whom a safe conversation can be had. Now, as never before, we truly need one another. We need strong communities. Ironically, this is the need – as we are deeply polarized and isolated from each other in political echo chambers.

Promises of the Work

  • A safe container in which to explore these topics. Our denial-filled world of business as usual demands that we never question the status quo and never dare to feel or share our grief, rage, or even our love for our miraculous home. In Resilience Bridge, we invite full expression of your truth.
  • A clear understanding of how we arrived at our current Predicament.
  • Within this intensive course, we will offer tools and practices to reconnect us with our inner wisdom, other people, and Earth.
  • A deepened understanding of the individual and cultural Shadow within and around us and specific tools for Shadow healing.
  • Access to advanced resources such as crafted online content, resilience coaching, and master classes.
  • Moving through our resistance to inhabiting our hearts by befriending all of our emotions. Expanding our emotional range far past the usual limits of our flat-line culture.
  • We will engage with this deep work using long standing rituals, processes and practices that honor our humanity, our compassion and our love of life.
  • An opportunity to completely reinvent our life purpose, mission and vision within a reconnected life.

Our business as usual culture has demanded that we disconnect from the vital sources of meaning in our lives. By disconnecting, we have forfeited our agency and ability to find our true purpose in living. Resilience Bridge is an opportunity to reclaim our agency and rediscover our core sense of purpose through our sincere intent to reconnect with life.

Living With a Foot in Two Worlds

Those of us who are awake enough to know that Earth and human systems are deeply threatened, know that to be effective now, is to have a foot firmly planted in each of two worlds. Of course we must stay as present, grounded and clear as possible in this fast – paced, collapsing world. We are all tasked with somehow keeping our lives moving forward against the many odds of our paradigm. And, we have the unique challenge of having a foot in a second world, a world that does not yet exist – a world we must co-create.

We must cross this bridge between the two worlds as we build it. We cannot build this bridge alone. We must find our tribe, find kindred spirits and engage in bridge building fueled by resilient practices for reconnection with meaningful life.

How to register for Resilience Bridge…

2017 Resilience Bridge Courses:
*  Ashland, Oregon. September 15,16,17:  To register, click here
*  Boulder, Colorado. October 13,14,15: To register, click here

Sliding Scale Tuition

Household Income Cost per Person
$25,000/yr or less $250
$25,000 to $35,000 $350
$35,000 and above $450

In the spirit of the Gift Economy, if you can afford to contribute a larger amount on behalf of someone who may not be able to afford full tuition, your additional contribution is welcome and deeply appreciated.

For additional information about the Resilience Bridge courses in Ashland and Boulder, 2017, contact:

Carolyn Baker –

Dean Walker –

We are very excited about offering these powerful courses and look forward to crossing this ‘bridge’ together with you.

Carolyn Baker

3 Comments on "Resilience Bridge: A new course with Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker"

  1. Sissyfuss on Mon, 24th Apr 2017 10:04 pm 

    It’s scary how close this narrative ties itself to the Trump agenda. We’re saved!

  2. GregT on Tue, 25th Apr 2017 12:43 am 

    “We are very excited about offering these powerful courses and look forward to crossing this ‘bridge’ together with you.”


    We are very excited about our prospects of making copious amounts of money. If your combined household income is $25,000 or less, and you are living well below the poverty line, we will only charge you about a months worth of food for your entire family, to blow smoke up your asses.

  3. Davy on Tue, 25th Apr 2017 4:52 am 

    It really is about you the individual. It is about living in two different worlds. It is about finding sanity from meaning that is rejecting false meaning. Finding meaning means embracing a horrible reality. Why is our reality horrible? It is horrible because it is set to end. We have been living far beyond our means with magical techno progress and that is set to end. I should acknowledge those who never experienced this wealth because much of the world’s population is living precariously near destitution. Yet, even many of them have been exposed to the possibility of lifting themselves out of poverty. The world is preaching sustainable development in a techno progressive drive of progress and development. What is horrible for us who are living in these wonders is the thought of losing it.

    The reality is many if not most of us have no skills to live without it. Our communities and networks have been delocalized by globalism and automation. We are now naked and exposed and cognitive dissonance is increasingly very near the surface. Denial is all pervasive in society today so if you have the strength and you lust for the truth you will have to have one foot in and one foot out. You have no choice but to live the status quo unless you want to become a bum or a monk. You can face this heroically and give something to those you love by embracing the dread and horrors that may be ahead.

    There are those who just can’t handle the truth. Only about 10% of us can go to these places and it is our responsibility to help those who can’t. Society can’t change from its status quo. Any deviation of the status quo now in its brittle and mature state will bring on cascading failures. I would like to see any of you change the global banking system to be more fair and sustainable. It is not going to happen. What is going to happen is one day it will stop and when it does we will have a die down. This is a process that could be abrupt or longer term but more likely a series of both.

    You the individual can embark on a journey of discovery of a new way of life that is both scary and rewarding. Embracing the collapse process means embracing poverty in self-sacrifice. This is more than morality of empathy for other humans and nature. This is about a way of life that conforms to the way of life. You decline in place and do it with dignity. There can find dignity through choice. There can be dignity with choosing your death. There are no guarantees of success. In a collapse process such as ours the best prepared are just as much at risk to fate.

    The key is the here and now. The key is meaning and truth now regardless of what tomorrow brings. If you embrace this alternative way of life for safety and survival then you will lose it. There is no existential transcendence there is only a yielding to a paradigm shift in a new way of finding meaning based on a truth anchored in reality. This is not about rejecting your current higher power this is about incorporating everything about you into a new reality.

    Life is shifting and we are in the vicinity of that shift. There is turbulence and chaos. Increasingly we are going to have dysfunction, the irrational, and abandonment. Embrace this as one swims with the current. Society is swimming against the current because it has no choice. It is its nature to fight entropy. If it stops fighting entropy it dies. Its structures and networks are set and cannot change. It is a growth based system entering decline which ensures its end.

    You on the other hand can change and you can start from within. Attitudes are the majority of what this is about. We want for it to be technical because we have become habituated to technical salvations. We have a market based system that has used techno optimism to substitute and innovate ourselves through our unfolding history. It is now that very attitude that is the problem. You can leave that at a certain level and then go forth within it. There is no transcendence only transformation. We will end with the rest of the sinking ship but you can end with some dignity and sanity instead of the horrors that accompany insanity.

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