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Page added on October 29, 2009

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Report: Clean Coal More Costly

Clean coal would add 78 percent to the price of electricity, according to a report released Wednesday from the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute.

The institute, established by the Australian government, includes the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan among its members.

Without policies and legislation to assign a value to carbon dioxide, the report says, the energy sector has a “limited incentive” to install carbon capture and storage facilities.
What could make CCS work, it said, is the “field of dreams” or the “build it and they will come” option: governments “working in partnership with industry and the community to develop, finance and build common user transport and storage infrastructure.”

“A viable business case for commercial-scale, integrated projects has not been established at this time for coal-fired power generation and other large CO2-emitting industries,” the report states.

Government-subsidized CCS demonstration projects could “substantially” lower the costs of future CCS power stations, said the institute’s chief executive, Nick Otter.

There are 213 active or planned carbon capture projects worldwide for coal, gas and oil, the report found. But only seven projects are running now, all on gas processing plants.

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