Peak Oil is You

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Page added on May 1, 2008

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Planning Over a Cliff

Even four years ago, the evidence of peak oil was not as obscure as you may think. There were many books and energy experts warning the world that the current situation and consumption was not sustainable and very nearing a crisis situation.

The mainstream media and the status quo supporters did everything possible to ignore the subject, but the internet – the best thing to happen to democracy since Pericles – contained a wealth of information and a variety of studies from petroleum experts.
Raise the Hammer was born in part from the imminent Peak Oil crisis and the necessary paradigm shift in living and city planning to mitigate the crisis. The City of Hamilton was ‘planning’ for a future based on cheap oil/gasoline and to some extent still is.

Almost four years have passed and the denial of an energy crisis is still steering the city planning, even with surmounting evidence of present a $120 barrel of oil.

The City of Hamilton still believes that box retail centres with supply chains and business models based on cheap oil will be the employment opportunities that keep the next generation in the City.

Much of the status quo denial is finding blame in anything but the obvious – supply not keeping up with demand.

Raise the Hammer

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