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Page added on June 19, 2015

Bookmark and Share Mobile App Mobile App thumbnail is now available through tapatalk, the #1 forums app for iOS and Android.

Now you can:

-Follow posting timeline anywhere, any time.
-Easily keep track of all your forums in one place.
-Get alerts so you never miss replies.

Long-time member Autonomous has also published an open-source alternative to Tapatalk called “Forum Fiend 2”

Get it here ->

Just add to start.

Look out for more upgrades soon!

8 Comments on " Mobile App"

  1. paul on Sat, 20th Jun 2015 1:47 am 

    Can we have it for Microsoft store as well

  2. Makati1 on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 12:52 am 

    I use an 8 year old cell phone that only 10 people know the number. Why do I want to pollute my day with unasked for stuff on something else to carry/buy/replace? I don’t own any other I-junk, thank god!

    I access PO here on my desk top and that is at my leisure and choice. I hope the days of only wall attached land lines comes back soon. LOL.

  3. Davy on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 6:52 am 

    Mak, I love how righteous you love to believe yourself to be. It must be from your history as a Mormon priestess. Go climb back into your slum hole in the heart of your turd world Philippine city and leave us be here. We get tired of your slimy blather.

  4. Repent on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 2:35 pm 

    Great we’ve now got the mobile app! How about the essay’s only section next?

  5. Makati1 on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 7:58 pm 

    Davy, U R wasting yur time trying to insult me. It cannot be done. Better then you have tried and I just laugh. Must be boring/frustrating as a member of the 1% who cannot brag about it.

  6. Davy on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 8:23 pm 

    Obviously it is working Makster or you would ignore me. That made my day getting under your skin. Yee Haa doggy

  7. Makati1 on Sun, 21st Jun 2015 9:10 pm 

    Goodby Davy and good luck! ^_^

  8. BobInget on Mon, 22nd Jun 2015 11:13 am 

    System operator,

    This is a test.
    After many tries, two of my posts went unpublished. Am I being blocked?
    If so (or not) kindly email.
    Bob Inget

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