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Page added on January 28, 2013

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Peak Oil Files – In High Demand

Peak oil is where oil production rates fall after hitting a peak. Supply will no longer be able to meet demand causing dramatic increases in oil price.
This will have a major impact on us and our economies in a world thoroughly dependent on oil. This is the first chapter in an in depth, multi part, info-graphic based series that attempts to explain all the ins and outs of peak oil, why it is inevitable and what is likely to happen in the coming years. It is intended to be much like a book with separate, complimentary chapters that help properly educate people on all the ideas and issues surrounding the topic so that whoever watches will have a good enough understanding to be able to make some sensible decisions/comments. The emphasis is on “properly educate”, I want to help create a definitive guide that people can turn to when they want to learn about this incredibly important issue. This particular chapter attempts to cover the last 150 years of oil consumption with the aim of discovering the main economic forces that have helped shape how and where oil is used today. By understanding these forces we can begin to understand how future oil demand will unfold. This video series is a part of a larger goal to communicate the science of the most important issues facing us today in the most efficient manner possible. Given that we all have various levels of prior knowledge and interest, it is important that there is relevant material available for each person. This is what I have tried to accomplish on my website with this video series filling a very absent gap at a higher level (I will try to create more simplified versions in the future). It is still a work in progress, so any constructive criticism is more than welcome. If you like what you have seen and want to help me achieve my overall goal, please visit where you can find out more, including contact details and an electronic tip jar (the less I have to work, the more time I can spend on this). Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Keynote, Final Cut Pro, Excel, Numbers. Data Sources: World Bank, IEA, EIA, UN, BP, ExxonMobil.

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