Peak Oil is You

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Page added on January 29, 2010

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Oil Shortage 'Claim' Tip of the Iceburg

Few thought it was possible, but a surefire conspiracy seems to be brewing. Energy, the heartbeat of the world, is the cusp in the coming tide. The theory of Peak Oil is running rampant. Over 75% of the human population believe that he earth will soon run out of oil.

The US is producing less than 40% of the domestic crude it needs. It’s regulatory limitations have increased so much that a new oil refinery hasn’t been built in over 30 years. It’s environmental regulations have ‘built’ a wall around obtaining oil from the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), ANWR, and oil shales. That can mean only one thing.

The current administration seems to want a global governance. That governance would be controlled by one person–a ruler of sorts over everything. The UN would control energy, economies, and lives. But Obama has the power to put America first again.

Before one pooh-pooh’s this as another ‘conspiracy theory’, consider this. America is literally dependent on foreign oil now. But an estimated 31 billion barrels offshore, 117 billion barrels under land managed or owned by the goverment, and 139 billion barrels beneath privately held land exist in America. Even though the US is clearly well-positioned to declare energy independence, it is handcuffed by regulations from purported oil leaks from platforms, transport leaks, and increasing CO2 loads in the atmosphere.

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