Peak Oil is You

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Page added on September 29, 2007

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‘Murderer’s row’ of fund managers targets little firms that can

…”The questions you have to ask is: Is there going to be a recession, how long is it going to be and how severe is it going to be. If you think it’s going to be bad, get out of the market. If you’re wrong, though, there’s a huge opportunity to the upside that you’re going to miss.”

“If the U.S. can scrape by for a couple of years and everybody else keeps growing at the same rate, oil will go to $90 or $100. Oil in particular is telling you that the world isn’t slowing down as much as people think it is, or that there’s a supply problem and we’re at peak oil already.”

Hodson said companies are floating in cash.

“About 22 per cent of the market cap of S&P companies is actual cash. So they’re doing stock buybacks, they’re doing dividends, and they will continue to do takeovers, although they might be more disciplined, using stock instead of cash.”

Edmonton Journal

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