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Page added on May 12, 2017

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Kunstler: Blood Sports

General Ideas

What you’re seeing in the political miasma of “RussiaGate” is an exercise in nostalgia. Apart from the symbolic feat of getting a “black” president freely elected in 2008 (remember, Mr. Obama is also half-white), the Democratic Party hasn’t enjoyed a political triumph in half a century to match the Watergate extravaganza of 1972-74, which ended in the departure of Mr. Nixon, the designated Prince of Darkness of those dear dead days. Watergate had had a more satisfying finale than The Brides of Dracula.

So, in its current sad state, devoid of useful political ideas, mired in the mostly manufactured conflicts of race and gender, psychologically crippled by the election loss of a miserable candidate to the Golden Golem of Greatness, the Democratic Party is returning full steam to a gambit that worked so well years ago: beating the devil by congressional inquiry.

In President Trump (uccchhh, the concept!), they’ve got a target much juicier even than Old Nixie. It wasn’t for nothing that they called him “Tricky Dick.” He came back from political near-death twice in his career. The first time, running as Dwight Eisenhower’s veep, he was accused of accepting the gift of a vicuna coat for his wife, Pat, and other secret cash emoluments. He overcame that with one of the first epic performances of the TV age, the “Checkers Speech” — Checkers being the family’s cocker spaniel, who Nixon invoked as a proxy for his own guileless innocence. It worked bigly.

The second near-death was his defeat in the California governor’s race of 1962, following his 1960 squeaker presidential election loss to John F. Kennedy. “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore…” he told the press. But he rose from the grave in 1968 — after fortifying his bank account in a Wall Street law practice — when the Vietnam War was tearing the country apart (and wrecking the Democratic Party of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey).

It is not unrecognized that in his first term Nixon functioned as a very capable executive, presiding over social and environmental legislation that would be considered progressive today — though he remained mired in the tarbaby of Vietnam. But then, in the reelection campaign of ’72, he got a little too cute — or, at least, his campaign show-runners did, hiring a klatch of bumbling ex-CIA errand boys to burgle the DNC offices, who were then caught red-handed at the scene, which was the basement of the Watergate apartment complex… and the rest is history.

What a fabulous inquisition Watergate was! What a colorful cast characters: the wily old “country lawyer” Senator Sam Ervin, the dashing chief staff inquisitor Professor Sam Dash, the fallen Republican knights, Elliot Richardson and Archibald Cox, the lonely and heroic bean-spiller, John Dean! And many more. The Watergate hearings on TV were more thrilling than Downtown Abby. Once Old Nixie went down the path of stonewalling and evasion — covering up an escapade he might not have even known about at the time — he was dead meat.

I remember that sweaty August day that he threw in the towel. (I was a young newspaper reporter when newspapers still mattered.) It was pretty much a national orgasm. “NIXON RESIGNS!” the headlines screamed. A moment later he was on the gangway into the helicopter for the last time. Enter, stage right, the genial Gerald Ford….

Forgive me for getting caught up in the very nostalgia I castigate. And now here we are in the mere early months of Trumptopia about to hit the replay button on a televised inquisition. In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is a far more troubling personality than Tricky Dick ever was, infantile, narcissistic, at times verging on psychotic, but the RussiaGate story looks pretty flimsy. At this point, after about ten months of NSA-FBI investigation, nothing conclusive has turned up about Trump’s people “colluding” with Russia to gain unfair advantage in the election against You-Know-Who. Former NSA chief James Clapper has publicly stated twice in no uncertain terms that there’s no evidence to support the allegations (so far).

And there remains the specter of the actual content of the “collusion” — conveniently ignored by the so-called “Resistance” and its water-carriers at The New York Times — the hacked emails that evince all kinds of actual misbehavior by Secretary of State HRC and the DNC. The General Mike Flynn episode seems especially squishy, since it is the routine duty of incoming foreign affairs officials to check in with the ambassador corps in Washington. Why do you think nations send ambassadors to other countries?

The upshot of all this will be a political circus for the rest of the year and the abandonment of any real business in government, at a moment in history when some very weighty black swans circle above the clouds waiting to crash land. Enjoy the histrionics if you dare, and pay no attention to collapsing economy as it all plays out


14 Comments on "Kunstler: Blood Sports"

  1. Sissyfuss on Fri, 12th May 2017 11:16 am 

    Forget the hacks hacking, Kuntski. I want the tax returns to see if they are unimpeachable.

  2. Revi on Fri, 12th May 2017 12:23 pm 

    I agree, who cares about the Trumpski? Meanwhile we are about to experience “a good shutdown” in September or October. To paraphrase Johnny Cash, There ain’t no good shut down! I don’t think we can do any shenanigans at this state in our aging empire.

  3. Dredd on Fri, 12th May 2017 2:37 pm 

    “Donald Trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’, say psychiatry experts at Yale conference” (Independent).

  4. Cloggie on Fri, 12th May 2017 2:44 pm 

    Can anybody explain why the Trump campaign can’t maintain contacts with the Russians? Is the US officially at war with Russia or what?

    after about ten months of NSA-FBI investigation

    What a non-event Watergate was. Today the NSA has endless files about all telephone conversations on earth, including all politicians.

    It is so freaking obvious that the Trump campaign had no extensive contacts with the Russians, otherwise we would have known. And even if they had, so what?

  5. Cloggie on Fri, 12th May 2017 2:50 pm 

    “Donald Trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’, say psychiatry experts at Yale conference” (Independent).

    Dreddful, do you have any other reference than from this Israel Firster John Gartner?
    (Note “Birthright Israel”).

    Who gave you this link… you Rabbi?

    The TalmudTurd tried to push that story before you:

  6. Boat on Fri, 12th May 2017 3:06 pm 


    Do you follow the Cheetos tweets and interviews? You don’t sense a problem?

  7. bobinget on Fri, 12th May 2017 4:08 pm 

    Just one point.
    How long would have a President Clinton survived
    with this Republican, male, dominated Congress?

    Just say she refused to submit her joint tax return as promised AFTER being sworn in.

    Nothing else. No other charges. No conflict of interests. No emollients clause ignored. No secret meetings to protect Russian investments, No charges of hiding/tampering with evidence.

  8. makati1 on Fri, 12th May 2017 5:53 pm 

    “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up to see the Greatest Show on Earth!”

    Those are the words of a famous circus owner. They are also perfect for the current red herring, the Trump Circus now playing in Washington DC. The freak tent off to the side has the Snowflake Chorus, the “I refuse to die” hag with the mental health problems who wants to be fuhrer, the Federal Reserve whore who wants to kill the economy, and on and on.

    Insanity rules in America and the serfs/slaves/sheeple tune in for the latest distraction instead of prepping for the flock of black swans about to land. National suicide by ignorance or…?

  9. Apneaman on Fri, 12th May 2017 7:41 pm 

    Security State BLOW BACK ba hahahahaha

    Criminals used leaked NSA cyberweapon in crippling ransomware attack, experts say The attackers exploited a software bug that was also used by U.S. spies, and patched by Microsoft in March

  10. DMyers on Fri, 12th May 2017 8:07 pm 

    I disagree that Trump is the clear winner over Nixon when it comes to “verging on psychotic”.

    Let’s remember Nixon at the height of his glory, the Spring of 1970. Nixon authorized and ordered the bombing of innocents in Cambodia, peripheral to Vietnam. He did that for a specific reason. That was to make the North Vietnamese and their patrons believe that he was literally crazy. No, I’m not making that up. It is an historical fact.

    At least a lot of Americans thought he was crazy, which led to the student demonstrations at Kent State in Ohio, where several more innocents died.

    Another major difference between Trump and Nixon is that Nixon was an accomplished insider. That was Trump’s main attraction, that he was not a political insider.

    K sums it up well in the final paragraph. The politicians will be arguing about contrived little nothings, while catastrophes of almost every description pose ready to snap like a trap.

  11. efarmer on Fri, 12th May 2017 9:41 pm 

    The war in Viet Nam was hung on Nixon like the economic meltdown and aftermath was hung on Obama, and so it goes with that job of being a President where you are elected to prove that you can’t ever lose militarily or economically based on large existing inertias of national policy either chosen or defaulted into, soley on being a rain maker and your campaign promises. It has always struck me as picking a Santa Claus in a fervor of election passion without ackknowledging that Santa Claus, while extremely popular and recurrent, is a contrived illusion that is emotionally rewarding and capable of a good lucrative marketing season. Nixon did the terrible stuff that all of our President’s do as the best choice of all the crap choices they had to pick from. This is where Santa Claus’ first mission is to fly to hell and put out the fires, and then come back and get the elves humping out the goodies for his big bag of individually tailored swag. Nixon came out for single payer Health Care in the early 1970’s, but being a villain, that was swept away easily, he also did something amazing, he opened with China, realizing they would arise, and be a main player on the world stage. We played ping pong and scratched our long haired heads, imagining how “groovy” it was we might play ping pong with the Chinese instead of nuclear war.

    I lived for decades of life with a Congress that took stock if growth was OK, and then did Punch and Judy cartoon bashing for elections and a see-saw game of conservative and liberal policy that could drop to serious and collaborate on big things, but reverted to the cartoon game for elections. I watched the emergence of cable media and then the internet, and it degraded to Punch and Judy with spiked collars on and media becoming more of a blood sport and sensation delivery mechanism than a source of information, since all the money is available with that feed. While most people are too strapped or unconscious or steeped in the faith that the correct Santa Claus will kiss Mrs. Claus (and ignore her Tweet about “youn oughta get a real job fat boy) and go out and deliver proof via sky drop (reindeer are going to be drones soon!) that the right delivery person fixes all of this crap and now let’s get ready for Valentines Day, and trade cards and chocolates for cuddles in the Winter chill.

    Our media is out of touch because the news we desire is what sells and does not require any deep thought or tough choices, and it is uniformly sensational and alarming, with advetorials reassuring a great outcome if you simply buy a product or subscribe to the learned folks who channel Santa Claus, know the route, the weather he faces, and also what he probably has in the bag to deliver.

    So the Russians and Trump are possibly connected? I really have no idea of all the innards of this, who can be destroyed or disclosed, or how far this can go to destroy or save a street fighter, media playing, Real Estate and Brand Name maven who rode up to the top in the vacuum of our system to provide a good Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus to pick instead.

    I do know the Russian mind is keen, and they would where they could give a hint to replace a known entity by simply stating that the working class, largely white, demographics, largely abandoned by both American Political Parties, were up for grabs and might just squeak out a win if a person did something simple.

    “Watch movie Napoleon Dynamite, observe person named Pedro, learn phrase that “Basically all of your dreams will come true, and bake chocolate cake, but not for love interest, but instead for Chinese President and eat in Florida at Mar-a-Lago.” Slim odds but best chance we see for you.

  12. DerHundistlos on Sat, 13th May 2017 12:15 am 

    Your Trumpopian Destiny Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Complete the sequence, Mr. President.

  13. Theedrich on Sat, 13th May 2017 5:56 am 

    Nixon was destroyed by a molehill inflated into a mountain by the Demonic Party.  Today’s Demonics believe they can do the same in Trump’s case.  But however bumbling and propagandistically inept the Trump machine may be, and however viciously the anti-White-gentile MSM may attack the president, he and his team are making slow progress toward eviscerating the Leftist squid which wants to bring 4.65 billion years of evolution to a halt.

    Unbeknownst to the masses, there are a host of dangers which are closing in on Disneyland.  They include inner cultural rot, massive bureaucratic corruption, international crime organizations invading the U.S., jihadist threats from Allahland, new, highly sophisticated economic and military techniques and tools (cybernetics, biological and chemical agents), diminishing returns menacing the global economy, electomagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks (never mind coronal mass ejections from the sun), a corroding national infrastructure, and on and on.  The American political system was made for a simpler time and place.  It is no longer equal to the task at hand.  That task is survival.

  14. joe on Sat, 13th May 2017 9:59 am 

    All empires are at war, its just that in the case of russia its somthing special.
    This ones for you Cloggie

    Not fake news. Yes sirs the war with Russia has been going on for a long time. Is there any wonder a cold war broke out when the west first tried to destroy russia, then failed, then tried again with Hitler (then they realised their horrible mistake when Hitler took all the resources for Germany instead of handing it over to the banksters) and they failed again cause the cure was worse than the disease. They failed finally when Russia rose from the ashes of soviet break up driven by Russians not westerners and from the chaos arose a new Russian system just as capable of taking over Europe as any before and Russia has lots of support in Europe too. There are lots of friends of Russia in Europe. So why cant Trump be friends with Russia? Because thats revolutionary, that goes against what the swamp wants, the swap dwellers want to see Russian blood everywhere because of the fact that no matter what they do the Russians arent quitting the oil bonanza that is Russia. Europe ran out of theirs long ago, now Britain is peaking, so they must leave the EU otherwise they will be forced to join the Euro and become a prison camp for Europes unwanted trash. Europe must deal with Russia because relying on Arabs and Turks for energy security is not ideal, Russia owns Europe because Russia owns its own oil. Unlike the Saudis who rely on the west to survive, Russia controls its destiny, and now China too is growing big and tall, soon its may not need its US globalist daddy anymore….

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